Golf practice routine – 3 practice routines to lower your scores

The key to improving your golf is to practice and to practice well. However, having enough time to practice and knowing what to practice is tricky. In this article I will give you three weekly golf practice routines based on your ability and how much time you have you have to invest into your golf game. We’ll also look at how to practice if you are a college player or pro (or if you want to practice like one).

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5 week golf practice plan

In this article we’ll give you a golf practice plan to help you lower your scores. The plan includes three skills games that you can implement into your golf practice schedule straight away. I suggest carrying out this golf practice plan for 5 weeks, by then you will see the results on the golf course.

All of these practice games are extracts from the The Golf Insider Performance Diary. If you want to further develop your golf practice plan check the performance diary out with the link above, or by clicking on the image below.

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Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this

Golf training aids range from the wacky to the wonderful. In my time as a golf professional I’ve come across a wide range of golf training aids that I’ve used personally and some that my students have rocked up to lessons with.

The key question is: are they worth it? Or are you better off heading to the range without a pink flamingo lodged under your arm. After a little searching I couldn’t find a decent piece written on when and why to use golf training aids. Therefore I wanted to create a proper guide for golf training aids that focuses on what swing faults they will and will not help with.

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