Best golf range finder – A golf pro’s review

In this guide I’ve complied a quick overview of the best golf range finders on the market today. Deciding what is the best golf range finder depends on who you are and how to you plan to use a golf range finder. To help you I’ve put together a quick guide of the main uses for golf range finders and my top picks, based on your needs.

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Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this

Golf training aids range from the wacky to the wonderful. In my time as a golf professional I’ve come across a wide range of golf training aids that I’ve used personally and some that my students have rocked up to lessons with.

The key question is: are they worth it? Or are you better off heading to the range without a pink flamingo lodged under your arm. After a little searching I couldn’t find a decent piece written on when and why to use golf training aids. Therefore I wanted to create a proper guide for golf training aids that focuses on what swing faults they will and will not help with. Continue reading “Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this”

Is there a proper putting grip ?

After many years coaching golf I can whole-heartedly say that improving your putting grip is possibly one of the easiest things you can do to improve your golf – it’s almost like cheating! However, many golfers ask me if there is such a thing as a proper putting grip?

The short answer is no – there is no definitive way to hold the putter. However, all great putters do have commonalities in how they hold a putter.

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How to get better at golf – Golf Insider challenge 2/12

After many years coaching, playing and studying I have some sad news for you – There are no true secrets. To get better at golf you do need to invest time.

However, the good news is 99.9% of the golfers I come across are not getting better at golf as quickly as they could. They waste time, practice the wrong things and try to make unnecessary changes. All of these things lead to frustration and them not getting better at golf.

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Single figure golfer to scratch – How to make it happen

golf practice difficult

How do you become great at golf or even a scratch golfer? If you are reading this and are currently a single figure golfer (or close) then congratulations. Swinging a lump of metal around your body to hit a tiny white ball across a field into a hole is tough. You’re already better than most people will ever be.

However, you’re here for the next step. How do you go from good, to becoming a seriously epic scratch golfer? Many have that dream of becoming a scratch golfer. In this post I’ll talk through my experience of doing it (the hard way) and the great time I’ve had helping the players I’ve coached achieve this goal. Grab a pad and pen, I hope this helps.

“One small step in scoring, one giant leap in golfing ability”

Mindset to become a scratch golfer

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