Best Golf Clubs For Beginners [2024]

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Last updated 11th June 2024

Looking for the best golf clubs for beginners? In this review, we cover the top picks for 2024 to help you find the right set to improve your game. We’ll also cover some common pitfalls to avoid when buying your first complete golf set, and provide professional insight into which clubs to pick based on your golfing needs.

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Best Putting Mats 2024

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Want to work on your putting at home? A good putting mat is a great solution. Here are our favorites. Are you looking to improve your putting skills without leaving the comfort of your home? Finding the right putting mat can be challenging with so many options available. The key to selecting the best putting … Read more

Front 9 vs Back 9 Scoring Performance [Data Study]

Many golfers say they struggle to play a full 18 holes of solid golf. A common complaint is a poor back 9 performance, but what does the data say? Here we look at front 9 vs back 9 scoring for golfers by handicap. We then look at how to analyse your own performance and share … Read more

PuttOut Putting Mat Review & Alternatives

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PuttOut sparked a new era of putting mats, but can this original putting mat still compete with the new options available?

In this PuttOut putting mat review we cover the medium PuttOut mat and share our thoughts on the slim putting mat and large mat from PuttOut. We cover trueness, speed, how good it is technical development along with alternatives you may want to consider.

The PuttOut mat provides a high-quality putting mat for golfers looking to improve their putting at home. It is small, compact and packed with some great features to improve your putting performance.

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Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder Review

The Shot Scope ZR aims to offer golfers a premium user experience without the price tag. Here we test out those claims

The Shot Scope Pro ZR is a brand-new release to the rangefinder market. We got our hands on one of these and tested it on the course for a few weeks.

The Shot Scope Pro ZR comes in with a price tag of £299, at the lower end of the premium rangefinder market. It offers slope functionality, a distance range of up to 1500 yards, a cart magnet, dual optic modes all cased in a robust body.

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What Does Great Practice Feel Like?

How to practice at the driving range

Many golfers spend hours a week trying to get better, but we know from our recent study that more practice time doesn’t guarantee you will actually improve. In this article, we dive into what great practice feels like. We look at this concept during a practice session and over a period of time.

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Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder Review

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The search for a rangefinder under £200 can be challenging. However, Shot Scope has just made things a lot easier.

The Shot Scope Pro L2 is Shot Scope’s ‘budget’ rangefinder however, that’s not what we found when we tested it. In fact, the slope technology, accuracy, and optics were just as good as many of the top rangefinders on the market. Here we share how we tested the Shot Scope Pro L2 to its limits (quite literally) and what you need to know before buying it.

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