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Best Budget Golf Clubs 2024

Golf is expensive, here we cover the best budget golf clubs on the market and explain what you’ll give up versus spending more. Hopefully, this honest approach allows you to make an informed decision when buying your next set of golf clubs.

We won’t tell you that the performance and feel will be the same as you get from premium golf clubs, but if you set your expectations properly, there are some good products on this list. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the best budget golf clubs. 

  1. Callaway Strata (Best overall on a budget) 
  2. Callaway Edge (Best for better quality) 
  3. Tour Edge (Best feel) 
  4. Wilson Profile SGI (Best for custom fit) 
  5. Cobra Fly XL (Best for the avid golfer) 

Callaway Strata 

Callaway Strata 2019 12-Piece Club Set Golf Clubs

Callaway Strata are known for being the best budget golf club set on the market. Although these clubs are geared a bit more toward the beginner golfer, those that play occasionally or need an extra set for a vacation home can find some good performance from the Callaway Strata. 

Woods & hybrids

There are a few different options for Callaway Strata sets, including the 12, 14, and 16 piece sets. The 16 piece set, although priced slightly higher, is still the best overall choice for budget clubs. This set comes with a Driver, 3 wood, 4, and 5 hybrid that are lightweight and easy to hit. We like the fact that you get two hybrids to replace the long irons. 

The performance of the driver is not quite up with the Callaway Edge set, but it still performs very well considering the price.

Irons & wedges

The irons are standard cavity back golf irons with steel shafts. You will get the 6-9 iron and a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Be careful with the 12 piece Strata set as it leaves out the sand wedge, one of the more important clubs in the bag. 


The putter in the Strata set is a mallet style putter with a visual alignment aid to help with increased accuracy. Overall the feel of the putter is a little harsh, and it’s a bit light for some players. This may be a putter you end up replacing. 

Rest of the set

With the Callaway Strata set, you also get a stand bag and a few headcovers for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrids. For more experienced players, the Tour Set from Strata has a bit better feel and slightly less forgiveness. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Strata golf set is manufactured by Callaway, and that helps to give it a bit more quality and durability than other budget golf clubs. The Strata don’t feel like a $1,000 set of Callaway Apex or Callaway Rogue, but they are an excellent choice if you are new to the game.

The Strata has a unique feel of its own, offering tremendous forgiveness, solid distance, and overall good value. 

Callaway Edge 

Callaway Edge golf set

Many budget golf clubs are geared towards beginners. This can get frustrating for the beginner and high handicapper looking for a good mix of value and performance. The Callaway Edge is a great option for better quality clubs at a fair price. 

Woods & hybrids

The Callaway Edge set features a driver, 3 wood, and 5 hybrid. All three of these golf clubs have plenty of forgiveness and minimal offset. The overall look, feel, and performance will be similar to the Callaway Rogue or Callaway XR golf clubs from a few years back. The sweet spot is large, but you still get rewarded with great feedback when you make a good shot. 

Given the whole set comes in less than a premium set of irons the performance of the Callaway Edge woods are outstanding.

Irons & wedges

When it comes to irons, expect a 6-9 iron, pitching wedge, and sand wedge. Although this is the same set makeup as the Callaway Strata set, you will notice a different feel and workability with the Callaway Edge. The irons are cavity back, and higher launching, but even slightly higher swing speeds can hit these while still feeling stability at impact. 


The putter is our favorite of any of the budget golf club sets. The Odyssey White Hot Pro putter is one of the better putters that Odyssey has made when it comes to consistency and overall distance control. Putters are often overlooked in the best budget golf club sets, but they shouldn’t be. 

Rest of the set

The Callaway Edge does not come with a golf bag, although it does come with three headcovers. Some golfers find it disappointing that there is no bag, but this should not be a deal-breaker. It’s really easy to find a golf bag for yourself, and you get higher quality clubs here because you aren’t paying for the bag. 

Golf Insider verdict

Although the Callaway Edge is priced a bit higher, it is still not nearly as much as it would be to put a complete set together. If you want to save money but also want golf clubs that you can play with for years to come, the Callaway Edge makes the most sense. 

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Club Set Golf Clubs

Tour Edge make some great golf clubs; they just don’t spend nearly as much money promoting them as other large golf manufacturers do. Whether you’re looking for individual clubs from Tour Edge or complete sets, you can expect a pretty good feel and great performance for the price you pay. 

Woods & hybrids

The set comes with a 460cc driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and a 4 hybrid. The driver and three wood are both oversized and offer plenty of overall forgiveness. The 4 hybrid works and like all other woods is fitted with a graphite shaft.

The graphite shafts throughout the woods, make these clubs lighter, allowing you to swing the club quicker and generate more distance. Or swing smoother than you would have to with steel shafts and still generate the same speed and distance.

Irons & wedges

The irons are a cavity back style with a 5-SW in a lightweight steel shaft (110g). The lightweight steel shaft makes the clubs a good choice for the slower swing speed players that need higher launch from their irons. The irons and wedges are also slightly offset to decrease the chance of a slice or a fade. 


A traditional anser-blade style putter that has high MOI and is heel to toe weighted will round out the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set. There is nothing overly impressive about the performance of the putter, but we were happy that it was slightly heavier than other blade putter options in budget golf club sets. 

Rest of the set

The dual strap stand bag is a great option for golfers that like to walk the golf course. A six-way top with full-length dividers makes it considerably easier to keep the clubs in good condition long term. These are also available in a cart bag option if you prefer to use a trolley or golf buggy when you play. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set has great value, an impressive feel for the price, and a good range of golf clubs. Yes, they are not as well known as the big players in golf manufacturing, but there is no doubting the quality of their golf clubs and beginner golf sets.

Wilson Profile SGI

Wilson Profile SGI Club Set Golf Clubs

More and more golfers are looking for custom golf clubs to help them get a great match for their game. However, the terms custom and budget rarely end up in the same sentence. The good news for players is that the Wilson Profile SGI has options for tall players, seniors, and even left-handed golfers. 

Woods & hybrids

The SGI set comes with a large 460cc driver, a 3 wood, and hybrid, both with lightweight graphite shafts. The Wilson Profile SGI provides surprisingly good distance and gives golfers plenty of stability at impact. We like this set, even for those with a bit more clubhead speed. 

Irons & wedges

The irons are a perimeter weighted stainless steel with a very low center of gravity. Overall the forgiveness factor is quite high, and you can get plenty of distance and overall feel with the Wilson Profile SGI. The pitching wedge and sand wedge look a bit more like a blade style, and we love that feature of this set. If you are a player that wants more accuracy in the short game, these irons and wedges can do the trick. 


The putter included in the Wilson Profile SGI is a heel-toe weighted putter that gives players good feedback. It is a blade-style, and it doesn’t have the softest feel at impact, but it rounds out the set. 

Rest of the set

The Wilson Profile SGI comes with a carry bag that has adjustable shoulder straps and plenty of pockets. If you like to walk the course, the bag will be a good option to consider. 

Golf Insider verdict

It’s important to keep in mind that these are budget golf clubs, and the distance and feel will not be the same as a premium club. However, for the taller golfer, senior player, or left-handed golfer that may be looking at a custom set priced at over $1500, the Wilson Profile SGI fills a void in the market. 

Cobra Fly XL 

Cobra Fly-XL complete set

For golfers that play a lot of golf but still don’t want to invest in the latest releases on the market, the Cobra Fly XL can be a perfect choice. With the Cobra Fly XL, expect a solid set makeup, plenty of distance, and a premium cart bag. 

Woods & hybrids

The Cobra Fly XL is a higher-quality budget golf set. Essentially the difference between these golf clubs and the premium Cobra will be smaller than the difference between the Strata and the premium golf clubs. The set includes a driver, 3 wood, and a 4 & 5 hybrid. 

Irons & wedges

Irons will come in the 6-SW; these all feature a deep cavity back design to maximize forgiveness, a thin face to optimize ball speed and distance. These irons are superb and will suit all beginner golfers. The offset and heel weighting also make them a great choice if you slice the golf ball.


The putter is a blade putter, but it will feel more premium than something that you would find in the Tour Edge set. This putter has a machined face and a great feel and control. Whether you are trying to work on shorter putts are long ones across the green, expect this putter to be a great choice. 

Rest of the set

The Cobra Fly XL comes with a premium cart bag that has a 14-way top, a velour valuables pocket, great coloring and design, and 7 zippered compartments. If you are a player that cares about the accessories and the extra, this is an option you will like. 

Although we don’t dislike the bag, it doesn’t make a great choice for those that are planning to walk the golf course. Try to keep that in mind as you shop. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Cobra Fly XL is our favorite golf set on this list because of the performance it offers, but it is not the most budget-friendly. If you have a little extra money to spend and want the extra forgiveness and feel that the Cobra Fly XL can provide, it’s worth the money. These clubs are just a half a step down from the premium Cobra technology. 

Frequently asked questions

For some golfers, the best budget golf clubs are $300, and for others, they are $1000. Depending on what your budget is, the availability and the club set make up the options for budget golf clubs can vary considerably. Here are a few questions you should consider when purchasing budget golf clubs. 

What are the best budget golf clubs for beginners?

The best budget golf clubs for beginners are those that offer forgiveness, distance, and easy-to-hit features. These can include cavity-back irons, game improvement hybrids, and forgiving drivers.

What are the best budget golf clubs for mid-handicap golfers?

Mid-handicap golfers should look for budget golf clubs that offer a good balance between forgiveness and feel. This can include game improvement irons, hybrids, and fairway woods that offer consistent performance and ample distance.

What are the best budget golf clubs for seniors?

Seniors should look for budget golf clubs that offer lightweight construction, easy-to-hit features, and forgiveness. Senior-specific golf clubs can be a good option, as they are designed to help older golfers maintain their distance and accuracy.

What should I look for when buying budget golf clubs?

When buying budget golf clubs, it’s important to look for features that match your skill level and playing style. This can include forgiveness, distance, feel, and custom fitting options. You should also consider the brand reputation, customer reviews, and value for money.

How do budget golf clubs compare to more expensive options?

Budget golf clubs can offer similar features and performance to more expensive options, but may not have the same premium materials or customization options. However, with careful research and selection, budget golf clubs can be a great option for golfers on a budget.

Are there any specific brands that offer good budget golf clubs?

There are many brands that offer good budget golf clubs, including Wilson, Pinemeadow, Callaway, and Tour Edge. However, it’s important to research and read reviews to ensure that the clubs match your needs and preferences.

What is the difference between game improvement and players’ golf clubs? Game improvement golf clubs are designed to offer more forgiveness, distance, and ease of use, while players’ golf clubs are designed for more skilled golfers who prefer more workability and feel. Game improvement clubs often have larger clubheads, wider soles, and more perimeter weighting, while players’ clubs have smaller heads and less perimeter weighting.

Can I get custom-fitted budget golf clubs?

Some budget golf club brands may offer custom fitting options, but this is less common than with more expensive brands. However, it’s important to ensure that the clubs you choose match your height, swing speed, and other personal factors, to ensure optimal performance.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when buying budget golf clubs?

Some common mistakes to avoid when buying budget golf clubs include not considering your skill level and playing style, not researching the brand or product thoroughly, and not getting properly fitted for the clubs.

How often should I replace my budget golf clubs?

The frequency of replacing your budget golf clubs depends on how often you play and how well you maintain them. Generally, golf clubs can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years, but it’s important to replace them when they start to show signs of wear and tear or when they no longer perform optimally.

What are good cheap golf clubs?

Some of the better cheap golf clubs on the market are the Wilson Profile SGI and the Callaway Strata. The great thing about both of these sets is that they offer you quite a few clubs for a very fair overall price. It can be frustrating when golf club sets for those on a budget only give five for six golf clubs to choose from. In the end, to play a great round of golf, most players will need at least 10 golf clubs. 

Are budget golf clubs worth it?

Budget golf clubs are worth the money for beginner golfers and for those that do not play golf often. If you play golf week in and week out, you will get a much better value by purchasing a better set of golf clubs. 

Budget golf clubs can sometimes lack in the department of feel and precision. In addition, budget golf clubs are not always the most effective for premium distance technology. Sometimes, it makes more sense to purchase a sued set of golf clubs than it does to purchase budget or cheap clubs. 

What golf clubs should I avoid when shopping on a budget?

When golfers are shopping on a budget, the biggest mistake they make is the shaft of the golf club. If you choose a shaft that is much too flexible for your swing speed, there is not much you can do about it. 

Many fast swinging beginners or great athletes that play golf for fun every few weeks will purchase a beginner-type budget set that has lightweight and flexible golf shafts. This is not going to work out long term. 

If you are on a budget, make sure to pay close attention to the shaft that you are getting in the clubs you choose, and your overall results will be considerably better. 

How much should you spend on beginner golf clubs?

Beginners set of golf clubs with the bag, several clubs, and headcovers can typically be purchased for under $500. This may not be the most impressive set of golf clubs you have ever used, but it should be enough to get any player started in the game. For more details on the best golf sets for beginners, check out our main article.

If you are serious about golf, purchase something slightly more expensive that will get you through the beginner and intermediate stages of the game. The set may last seven years instead of two, and the money spent up front will be well worth it. 

What are the benefits of buying more expensive golf clubs?

When buying more expensive golf clubs, you will get premium materials and technology that can help improve the overall performance and functionality of the club. The more expensive golf clubs tend to have technology that stays relevant longer. However, there are still some budget golf irons with great technology.

This means that three or four years from now, you will still be out driving your friends even though your golf clubs are getting older. When you invest in the more expensive golf clubs upfront, it will pay off in the end. 


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more knowledgeable about the best budget golf clubs on the market. When it comes to budget golf clubs, your options will be limited. There are a few sets that still have quality equipment but keep the price in check, and then a slew of others that will just not be worth buying. 

The Callaway Strata stands out as a good option for the beginner player, and the Callaway Edge can be a good choice for those with a bit more experience. Keep in mind that used golf clubs can also be a good choice for those looking for a budget set of golf clubs.

Happy golfing.

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