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Best Budget Golf Rangefinders [2024]

In this guide we look at the best budget golf rangefinders on the market that show you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality device

Golf equipment costs add up fast. Whether it’s time for new wedges or a new set of irons, the wallet can take a hit every time our golf games need a slight change. Here we review the best budget rangefinders currently on the market.

If you are looking for an affordable rangefinder that still works well – don’t worry, we have you covered. These rangefinders are the best value golf rangefinders when shopping on a budget.

They all vary slightly, but they’re accurate, easy to use and won’t break the bank. 

The best budget golf rangefinders are:

  1. GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 – Best Overall 
  2. GolfBuddy Laser Lite – Best Budget Rangefinder with Slope
  3. TecTecTec KLYR – Most Compact
  4. GoGoGo Sport VPro – Best Value
  5. Shotscope L1 – Best For Usability
  6. Blue Tees Series 3 Max – Most Stylish
  7. GolfBuddy Quantum – Quickest Rangefinder
GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2


The most accurate budget rangefinder.

Simple to use.

Slope on/off function.


Sometimes picks up background (150+ yards).

Carry case is not the best quality.

We loved the first GolfBuddy Laser Lite because it was by far the most accurate and usable rangefinder in the cheaper price range. We’re delighted to report that the GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 is no different.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 golf rangefinder and pouch

If you are in the market for a new budget rangefinder this is the one that will give you more accurate yardages and lock onto the pin easier than other models out there at the same price.

It is super quick, allows you to turn the slope function on/off and has a punchy vibrate function when you lock onto your target.

Just like the original Laser Lite, it has good optics and clear visuals for your yardage and slope-adjusted yardage.

The new GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 is a little smaller than the original and has some nice new grippy elements on the top and bottom of the rangefinder.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 budget rangefinder and pouch

The one downside is that GolfBuddy have moved away from a nice zip and elasticated case, to more of a budget Velcro case. It is a minor drawback but one worth sharing.

Golf Insider Verdict 92.2

Average error 50 – 200 yards = 0.46 yards

Accuracy: 99.54/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 90/100
Visuals and Optics: 90/100
Usability: 93/100
Build Quality: 88/100
Value: 95/100

For the price, this is the best rangefinder on the market. It doesn’t do anything fancy but it is well-built, quick and most importantly gives you the best yardages out of the rangefinders on the cheaper end of the market.

Golf Insider readers can enjoy 10% off when buying directly with GolfBuddy. Use the code: ‘GOLFINSIDERUK’ at checkout.

GolfBuddy Laser rangefinder


The most accurate budget rangefinder.

Simple to use.

Great value!


A few more errors picking up the background (150+ yards).

Feel & build is more budget.

As we mentioned in our review above of the newer GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2, the original Laser Lite was the best on the market for accuracy in this price range. Even though there is a newer model out, the GolfBuddy Laser Lite is still available, and well worth the price.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite golf rangefinder and pouch

It is the best option on the market if you are after value, accuracy and a slope mode that can be toggled on/off.


In our testing the GolfBuddy Laser Lite was 99.5% accurate, meaning it was within a yard for all distances between 50 and 200 yards. You can check out our full review of the GB Laser Lite here.


This rangefinder is pretty quick, above the average we tested and is really responsive in both pin seeker and scan mode.


The GolfBuddy Laser Lite comes with slope function and the usual combination of pin seeker and scan mode. The one drawback is that the Pin seeker mode doesn’t always tell you it’s locked onto the target despite it showing you the correct distance.

Visuals & optics

The Laser Lite has 6x levels of magnification; meaning you can see far away targets in the distance. The visual display is super clear and doesn’t feel cluttered even with slope mode on.


GolfBuddy Laser Lite golf distance measuring device and pouch

This rangefinder is so simple to use, the battery seems to last an age (updating this almost 2 years later), and the carry case has a great elasticated pouch allowing you to quickly grab this before each shot.

Build quality

This is light (143g), small, and has a plastic casing but it feels surprisingly well-built. There are no fancy extras on this rangefinder but it has lasted very well over the course of time we’ve used it for testing and in play.

Golf Insider Verdict 90.8

Average error 50 – 200 yards = 0.43 yards

Accuracy: 99.8/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 90/100
Visuals and Optics: 88/100
Usability: 91/100
Build Quality: 82/100
Value: 95/100

If you are after an accurate, good-value rangefinder with slope mode, this is the best option out there for your money. Are there any drawbacks? Yes, the pin seeker mode doesn’t always buzz straight away, even though it has the correct yardage, but we can forgive this given the price. This was top of the best budget rangefinders last year before the Laser Lite 2 arrived.

Golf Insider readers can enjoy 10% off when buying directly with GolfBuddy. Use the code: ‘GOLFINSIDERUK’ at checkout.

TecTecTec rangefinder


Accurate within 1 yard.

Simple to use.

Cool design.

Compact w/magnet & belt clip.


A few errors picking up the background from +150 yards.

Isn’t as accurate as our top picks.

The TecTecTec KLYR is exactly what you may expect from a no-frills, budget-friendly golf rangefinder. It’s small and made from. However, it works well and TecTecTec have added some cool little features into the compact rangefinder.

TecTecTec rangefinder and carry case

First off, let’s cover accuracy, the TecTecTec KLYR scored well and has just under 1-yard of error from 50 to 200 yards. This isn’t as impressive as the GolfBuddy options but is good enough for most folk.

You can switch between scan and pin-seeker mode and it gives you a nice buzz when you lock onto the target. Slope mode can also be toggled on and off with the ‘TecTecTec’ logo button.

Where this product shines is in the design. Despite being made from plastic, it has a fun, happy feel and is great to use.

TecTecTec KLYR laser rangefinder and carry case

The carry case, with bungee cords and a built-in magnet, allowing you to attach this to a bag or cart adds to the usability and makes this super quick and easy to use. Just to make sure everyone is covered, this also comes with a magnetic belt clip.

This is also one of the smallest rangefinders out there, meaning it is a great pick if you want to keep this in your pocket, or attached to your belt in between shots.

Golf Insider verdict 88.8

Average error 50 – 200 yards = 0.90 yards

Accuracy: 99.3/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 95/100
Visuals and Optics: 85/100
Usability: 88/100
Build Quality: 79/100
Value: 85/100

If you are after a great value, compact laser rangefinder that still offers solid accuracy then this is a great pick. If it was a little more accurate it would push for the top of our list, but it has still earned its way into the top three.

Gogogo Sport Vpro in white


Accurate within 1 yard.

Incredible value.

Comes with magnet.


A few errors picking up the background from +150 yards.

Isn’t as accurate as our top picks.

There are good value rangefinders and then there are those that are amazing for the price. Normally rangefinders that are less than $150 are not worth it. However, the Gogogo is a rare exception.

The Gogogo Sport VPro is about 99.24% accurate, with an average yardage error of just 0.89 yards of error between 50 and 200 yards.

Gogogo Vpro affordable rangefinder in white

It also has a slope mode that can be toggled on/off, a carry case and a magnet. The price of this rangefinder at the time of writing is $120, but there are also discounts from time to time.

There are a few unnecessary modes, like the speed mode (you can read more in our full review here). However, we can’t fault it given the price.

This is a rechargeable rangefinder but, we are yet to wear the battery down since our first charge 6 weeks ago. So, you can expect this to last you a good few rounds of golf between charges.

GoGoGo VPRO Rangefinder on charge

The Gogogo Sport Vpro is lightweight, nicely finished, and feels more expensive than its price tag would suggest. The slope button may not be as easy to click into place as other rangefinders, but for the price, the build feels very impressive.

The build quality won’t keep you from being satisfied with this device.

Gogogo Vpro affordable laser golf rangefinder in white

If you had asked us during testing we’d guess this would be a $199 – $299 rangefinder. We were amazed by how cost-effective this rangefinder is; it has tremendous value when looking at the overall functionality.

Golf Insider Verdict 86.7

Accuracy: 99.24/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 91/100
Visuals and Optics: 78/100
Usability: 75/100
Build Quality: 79/100
Value: 95/100

If you want a low-cost rangefinder that gives you a really solid idea of distances and slope mode, the Gogogo Sport Vpro is well worth your money. You are going to get an obscure reading from time to time; to avoid that you’ll need to spend $200+ on a rangefinder. However, if you can live with that, the overall pricing, usability and accuracy make this rangefinder one of the best options on the market.

A great buy for beginner golfers, infrequent golfers and golfers that like a no-frills laser rangefinder at a great price.

ShotScope Pro L1 Rangefinder review header


Simple to use.

Well built.


More error than most in this round-up.

With the Shot Scope L1, you will get great Target Lock technology, slope function, great usability and some water resistance. If you are switching from a GPS to a budget-friendly golf rangefinder, this model will quickly help you get accustomed to zeroing in on your targets.  


Shot Scope claims the Pro L1 accuracy within one yard and displays all yardages to 0.1 yards! This gives the impression of some serious precision. In our testing of the Shot Scope L1, we found that the ShotScope Pro L1 was accurate within a yard up to 150 yards away, but that figure rose to ±2 yards outside that range, not bad but a smidge behind the GolfBuddy options in terms of performance.

The Target Lock Technology helps golfers find flags, hazards, and even trees or bunker edges quite easily. We found that even for a golfer with a shaky hand, the Shot Scope L1 can be a good selection. 

The Shot Scope L1 gives you the option to choose either red or black numbers displayed in your rangefinder. Depending on the lighting or your vision, one or the other may be easier to see. 

The Shot Scope Pro L1 is a slope rangefinder and has a slope mode that can be easily turned on and off. This helps ensure that your rangefinder is ready for any type of round that you may have. 


Similar to the other models on our list, the Shot Scope Pro L1 is rather compact in size and allows you to operate with just one hand.

The view through the rangefinder device is clear and the diopter is adjustable and provides up to 6x magnification. Another cool feature is the ability to change the display graphics from black to red, making this function well on the golf course and at night on the golf range.

visual black and red display on the Shot Scope range finder

To top things off the Shot Scope comes in a sturdy carry case with a zip and an easy access elasticated hook. Overall, the Shot Scope scores near-perfect marks for usability – better than many top-of-the-range products.

Golf Insider verdict 85.2

Accuracy: 98.12/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 90/100
Visuals and Optics: 88/100
Usability: 90/100
Build Quality: 85/100
Value: 89/100

We love the usability and overall look of the Shot Scope Pro L1 – it is as good or better than most on the market, but the extra yard of error in accuracy compared to most rangefinders has dropped it a few places.

Golf Insider readers can enjoy a discount when buying directly with Shot Scope. Use the code: ‘GOLFINSIDER’ at checkout.

Blue Tees Series 3 Max rangefinder


Looks super stylish.

Great build quality.

Nice case design.

Has magnet.


Has 1-3 yards of error.

Slope mode numbers are slightly out.

The case doesn’t open wide enough.

Blue Tees are one of the new kids in the golf rangefinder market. Their branding is really solid and they’ve created a lot of interest so we had to test them out. They’ve made on onto our ‘best of’ list because it is an excellent product…apart from one aspect. We’ll let you decide if this is the one for you.

Blue Tees laser rangefinder in blue


In testing the Blue Tees Series 3 Max had 1-3 yards of error on average from 50 to 200-yards. This isn’t criminal levels of error and might be okay for you, but it just feels too much compared to other rangefinders in this price range. The Gogogo VPro rangefinder is more accurate for half the price.

There was also a slight discrepancy in slope mode when we compared this to our two most accurate rangefinders on the golf course. Again, this was only 2 yards difference on a 124-yard wedge shot that was 5 yards downhill, but we’d expect better from a product that shines in every other category.


When it comes to speed the Blue Tees is mid-range, with no speed issues but isn’t the quickest in class.


The Series 3 Max rangefinders all come with slope function and by hitting the mode button you can quickly toggle between scan and pin seeker mode. There is also a nifty switch on the side to help you switch slope mode on/off to make this tournament legal.

Visuals & optics

The optics are really clear and the visuals are great! The auto ambient display changes based on your light conditions and the bright red graphics are easy to see in all conditions. This is one of the nicest rangefinders to use across a range of conditions.


Blue Tees laser rangefinder with blue rangefinder pouch

The carry pouch is well built, with elasticated straps allowing you to keep this open, but it doesn’t quite open wide enough, meaning it’s a bit of pain to wrestle the rangefinder from the case when you want to zap the flag.

The Blue Tees rangefinder does have a magnetic strip that allows you to store this against the bar of your golf cart if that’s how you roll around a golf course.

Build quality

The Series 3 Max feels like a really premium product, from the cool case to the nice rubber grips on the rangefinder. This feeling of class extends further to the packaging and the 3 branded batteries that come with the Series 3 in the box.

Golf Insider Verdict 88.1

Average error 50 – 200 yards = 0.84 yards

Accuracy: 99.4/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 90/100
Visuals and Optics: 82/100
Usability: 82/100
Build Quality: 88/100
Value: 85/100

This is almost so good! If it was more accurate it would top our list as the best golf rangefinder out there, but we just can’t justify that when we have a tool designed to measure distance. If you’re happy with a couple of yards error now and again there should be no reason not to buy this, it is great to use, but if you are after more accuracy look elsewhere.

GolfBuddy Aim Quantum Review


The quickest rangefinder on the market.

Small enough to keep in your pocket.

Good price.


Too many errors picking up the background.

Needs recharging every few rounds.

GolfBuddy have established themselves as a solid go-to option for rangefinders. The GolfBuddy Quantum is a niche product. It’s at a mid-price point between their initial budget range of products and the top-of-the-range Bushnell and Colbalt rangefinders. However, the GB Quantum offers two unique features – it’s very small, designed to live in your pocket when playing golf and it is super quick (hence the name).


The GolfBuddy Quantum rangefinder had an accuracy score of 99.3% in testing, meaning, on average, it was within a yard from 50 to 200 yards. All rangefinders do pick up the background now and again on the golf course, and the Quantum rangefinder does pick up the background from time to time.

This is where the premium rangefinders really separate themselves from the rest and if you are used to a Bushnell rangefinder you will find the Quantum does throw up a few more errors than you are used to.


The GolfBuddy Quantum is rapid when it comes to getting a yardage and locking onto the pin. We hypothesise this is why there are a few more errors in picking up the background. If you are fed up with a slow, sluggish rangefinder then this will be a dream pick for you.


Similar to most rangefinders on this list, you’ll find a scan and pin-seeker mode on the GolfBuddy Quantum. Both can be switched between with a press of a button. You also have a button at the front to toggle between slope and non-slope mode making this tournament legal.

Visuals and optics

The clarity of the lens is superb and as good as a Bushnell. This is also paired with clean visuals that make this a nice rangefinder to use on the golf course, whatever the conditions. 


If you dream of having a compact rangefinder you can keep in your pocket then this is the rangefinder made for you. It is a slightly different shape, but not far off carrying a mobile phone in your pocket. The GolfBuddy Quantum has an in-built rechargeable Lithium battery, meaning no need for new batteries, but you will need to charge this every 5-10 rounds (depending on your use and how long it is left between rounds).

Build quality

The compact GolfBuddy Quantum is housed in a sleek metal case, only weighing 143g (5 oz), but still offering a premium feel and finish. GolfBuddy states that this is water-resistant, not fully waterproof, but after a round out in the great British weather, I’m happy to report no issues with the GB Quantum playing in some solid rain for 4 hours.

What else do you need to know?

This comes with its own charging cable, with a USB adapter, meaning you’ll need an iPhone plug, laptop or USB socket to charge this.

Golf Insider Verdict 89.3

Average error 50 – 200 yards = 0.59 yards

Accuracy: 99.3/100
Features: 85/100
Speed: 98/100
Visuals and Optics: 86/100
Usability: 85/100
Build Quality: 88/100
Value: 84/100

This is one of the more unique rangefinders we’ve tested. It sits in between the more budget and premium rangefinders. It is the smallest rangefinder we’ve come across, making it great to carry in your pocket and offers super-speedy yardages.

Frequently asked questions when buying a budget rangefinder

We evaluate the above and the price to share the value we feel each rangefinder offers. Price doesn’t always align with value. 

What we look for in affordable rangefinders

golf rangefinder accuracy


We test every rangefinder to measure how accurate they are between 50 to 200 yards.

rangefinder speed


We share how quickly rangefinders respond to show a yardage and comment on how well they lock onto the pin.

rangefinder optics


We discuss how clear the lens in each rangefinder is and how clean or cluttered the displays look.

rangefinder usability


We test each rangefinder in practice and for multiple rounds on the golf course to find out how easy it is to use.

rangefinder build quality


We test the rangefinder itself and the case and accessories to share how robust each rangefinder is.

rangefinder value


We evaluate the above and the price to share the value we feel each rangefinder offers. Price doesn’t always align with value. 

What is the best budget golf rangefinder with slope?

The best budget golf rangefinder for money with slope is the GolfBuddy Laser Lite. The slope functionality can be turned on and off, and the accuracy of this rangefinder is unparalleled within this price range.

Although some cheaper laser rangefinders will have slope, this slope cannot be turned on and off and accuracy levels tend to drop.

What is the best cheap golf rangefinder that works well?

One of the cheapest rangefinders that will also work well is the Gogogo Sport Vpro. If you do spend a little more you will gain some extra accuracy and pick up the flag rather than the background more frequently, but for close to $100 this is the best we’ve tested.

What am I losing out on when buying a cheaper rangefinder?

When buying a cheaper rangefinder, you mostly miss out on pin-locking features and slope functionality. In addition, the usability and speed of pin locking tend to suffer in cheaper models. With very cheap models there can be some issues with accuracy.

Do budget rangefinders last just as long?

It is tough to test the build quality of rangefinders over a long time period. The budget rangefinders we tested 3 years ago still work well when we do comparisons.

Many golfers have premium rangefinders in place from eight or nine years ago. Technology has changed slightly, and the newer units from budget rangefinder manufacturers should last just as long and have slightly improved accuracy. The bottom line is that laser technology, scopes, and visual accuracy have gotten less expensive to manufacture and more advanced, especially in the last few years. 

Best affordable rangefinders – Summary

The best budget golf rangefinder does not need to feel or act cheap. Instead, you can get all the functionality you get from a premium rangefinder and just give up on some fancy branding.

What we like about the GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 is that there is not much that you will have to give up on; the product has everything the average golfer and even lower handicapper needs to perform on the course and is super accurate!

Happy Golfing.

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