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Best Budget Putters in 2024

The idea of what a budget putter is will vary from one golfer to another. For some, a budget putter may be under $100, others under $200. We understand that every golfer’s budget is a bit different, so we put together some of the best putters on the market that we found to be both affordable and effective.

Remember that with cheap putters, sometimes the weighting and the feel are good enough that they respond no differently under pressure than a premium putter. In fact, this is an area of your game where confidence matters more than anything, and you can’t really buy confidence.

So, if you are on a budget and looking for golf putters that won’t break the bank. Here are the best options to try.

The best budget putters are:

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M1 Blade


The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M1 Blade is our favorite budget friendly putter. It hasn’t got the feel or forgiveness of putter 5-6 times its price, but at this pricepoint it stands out as a really good option.

Although the mallet style putter is becoming more and more popular, there is still a place in the market for the classic blade style.

A classic blade style wedge or a blade style putter like this is where Wilson can shine and show what they are capable of. This particular model has an easy alignment design making it much easier for players to line up their putts and get a better feel for the greens and how they are rolling.

We like the addition of the face insert on the Wilson Harmonized to try and get a bit of a softer feel, something the premium companies like Odyssey rely on quite often.

Wilson paid attention to details on this putter throughout and included a midsize Harmonized putter grip – a good thing if you use your wrists too much in your putting stroke. There is also a vertical seam on the back end of the grip that helps with a better feel and hand placement. The combination of the insert with this grip and the weighting helped this particular model stand out from other cheap putters on the market.

Golf Insider verdict

Any golfer shopping on a budget who is looking for a good feeling putter with an oversized grip and will benefit from the Wilson Harmonized. We’ll be honest, if you are planning on improving or playing often, we’d urge you to spend more, but in this price range, the Wilson Staff Harmonized putter beats its competition hands down.

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

  • Feel 7/10
  • Forgiveness 9/10
  • Alignment 9/10
  • Value 8/10
  • Longevity 7/10

The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 is a golf putter that looks a bit like the TaylorMade Spider, but it is offered at a fraction of the price. This is one of our favorite options for golfers shopping with a budget of less than $100.

One of the great things about the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 is the history in the industry and the way that this company has developed through the years. Many of these cheap or budget golf putters that you see on the market are from manufacturers that have only been in the industry for a few years.

However, the original M1 putter from Ray Cook golf has been around since 1963. Of course, this company never really took their product to the premium level and focused more on value mallet putters and blade style putters.

This particular model did a great job with stability at impact. For golfers with a straight back and straight-through putting stroke, this is a perfect model to consider using. In addition, the fact that you can get the Ray Cook in several different color choices helps some players that are interested in customization.

Each putter comes with a paddle style putting grip that will be a bit more comfortable in the hands. You will notice too that it is thicker than standard. Golfers that are worried about cheap putters having poor feel or inconsistent results will find this to be a good option under $100.

Golf Insider verdict

We won’t tell you this feels or looks exactly like the TaylorMade Spider. However, if you are looking for a mallet putter that offers forgiveness, some of the trends of higher MOI, and a more solid roll, you may like the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500. The results we had with these putters surprised us from a value standpoint.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX XL Putter

  • Feel 7/10
  • Forgiveness 8/10
  • Alignment 8/10
  • Value 10/10
  • Longevity 7/10

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX looks almost exactly like the Odyssey Two Ball putter head design, but it comes in at a considerably lower price. If you are worried about alignment lines and the ability to get the putter head setup directly to your target, this is a great putter to have.

In addition, we have always found the Pinemeadow Golf putters to be some of the best golf putters for forgiveness. There is a bit of firm feel coming off the clubface, and it provides some impressive roll. The ball easily turns end over end the second is released from the club head.

Although the color patterns are a little funky on the top of the Pinemeadow golf PGX, we like the contrast and the way this stands out. Add in the offset that the putter has in place, and you will be more likely to keep the ball on the path you originally intended.

The putter grip is slightly larger than the standard but certainly not a jumbo grip. There is a face insert, and it is a bit firmer than some of the other best putters in the game, but it’s high quality and a good option for a lot of golfers to consider. We noticed very little skipping of the ball off the putter head.

Of course, there is no substitute for a great putting stroke, so you will still need to work on consistency in your golf stroke. Golf clubs can fill in the gaps, but they can’t necessarily fix us.

This putter comes with a custom headcover; we highly recommend using it as the putter head tends to have some issues with paint chipping if it’s exposed to moisture or hit against other clubs in the bag. Something to be expected in this price range.

Golf Insider verdict

The Pinemeadow PGX Putters are great for those that need forgiveness for a fair price. These are, without a doubt, cheap putters and may not have the feel and precision milled face that a lower handicapper would expect, but in the end, the Pinemeadow PGX Putter is an option that will work to save money.

Odyssey DFX 7 Putter

  • Feel 8/10
  • Forgiveness 9/10
  • Alignment 10/10
  • Value 9/10
  • Longevity 7/10

The Odyssey DFX 7 Putter is an option for golfers that are looking for a smoother feel and roll for a fair price. The DFX line is a bit more of a value branded option from Odyssey that won’t quite have the same performance that we see with some of the STroke Lab or White Hot putters. However, with the DFX, you still get a very soft insert and a putter that produces a consistent performance on the greens.

One of the things we like about the Odyssey DFX 7 Putter is the premium black finish. With this darker finish, you will not notice any glare coming from the club head, and it has a nice contrasting color with the alignment lines and the putting green itself to make it easier to see what you are doing.

There are two grip choices for the DFX putter a pistol style and an oversized grip. The oversized grip is best for golfers looking to keep their hands out of it and improve overall consistency in the putts.

We putt with the Odyssey DFX 7 putter; it feels a little softer than some of the current options on the market from Odyssey. This is not a bad thing, but it does create more of a unique feel that players should be aware of. If you are a golfer that tends to blow it past the hole from time to time, DFX 7 could be a great option to consider.

Golf Insider verdict

If you care about the brand name and want a budget golf putter from one of the best companies in the game, these mallet putters from Odyssey are a great option to consider. In addition, the alignment of mallet putters like this is considerably easier than other blade putters on the market.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3
  • Feel 9/10
  • Forgiveness 8/10
  • Alignment 9/10
  • Value 7/10
  • Longevity 9/10

The TaylorMade Spider putter is not typically considered to be cheap. However, if you have $200 to spend, you may want to take a look at this TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3. With many new mallet putter options coming to market for closer to $500, some golfers find this $200 range to be quite affordable.

Spider putters from TaylorMade are highly discussed because they have an impressive feel and are known for being high quality. In fact, these putters are tour proven as we have watched players like Dustin Johnson win some big tournaments with a Spider in his hand.

The reason why golfers love these Spider putters: stability.

With the Spider putter head, you can count on a ton of stability at impact leading to this being a more forgiving putter, capable of rolling the golf ball on a pure line toward the hole. High MOI in a putter is a positive, regardless of your playing ability.

Although this is a large and heavy looking mallet style putter, it is made with a lightweight 6061 aluminum core. The core is then combined with a heavy 304 Stainless Steel frame. Combining the two materials will help keep the face square to the path throughout the putting stroke.

As this is a more premium budget golf putter, don’t be surprised that the feel is also quite good. A vibration damping PU foam was installed between the body and the frame. There is no “ting” type noise when hitting this putter. The sound is pleasing, and golfers will enjoy the overall feel.

In addition, you will get the Super Stroke GTR 1.0 grip to finish off the positive features of the TaylorMade Spider Black #3.

Golf Insider verdict

If you are on a budget but want a golf putter that is going to have greater capabilities than other golf putters on the market, the TaylorMade Spider Black #3 is a great solution. This forgiving putter head has a really great feel and will help you keep the putter head stable at impact.

What To Look For In The Best Budget Putters

It’s pretty easy to do a search for golf putters and then search by the price. However, once they are all sorted from the least expensive to the most expensive, how do you know which one is the right one for your game?

The good news is this is pretty easy to figure out based on a few quick decisions you can make. Here are some things we recommend using to help you narrow down which of the best cheap putters are for your game.

Putter Grip Style and Size

Affordable putters typically don’t leave you many options for customization. If you choose a traditional blade putter, chances are it will have a standard size grip with no options for a jumbo putter grip.

However, when you buy yourself a cheaper putter, it does make sense to leave room in the budget for a custom golf grip. The thicker grips can give you a soft feel and sometimes eliminate a bit of the excess hand motion in the swing.

Putter Length

The putter length typically ranges from 33 to 35 inches. However, the best cheap putter should work for your height and your arm length as well. The average putter length on the PGA Tour is 34 inches, and this is where the majority of golfers will fall.

You can have a putter head in an affordable putter that works well for your needs, but if it’s the wrong length, distance control and consistency become an issue.

Cutting a putter down to size can be an option, but it sometimes causes a weight change and should often be done by a professional.

Mallet Vs. Blade Putters

One thing to keep in mind about mallet and blade putters is that there is no clear winner when you look at these two putter styles. As much as you may love your Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Blade putter, there is someone that loves the style equally. In the end, the putting stroke and player preferences will play into this part of the decision considerably.

However, we can tell you that the technology found in a blade style putter still tends to suit the needs of a golfer with an arc style putting stroke a bit better than the golfer with a straight back and straight through style.

Mallet putters can be really great for distance control and forgiveness, but even blade putters are manufactured with more forgiveness than they have had in the past.

In the past few years, as mallet style putters have become more popular, some golfers look at the blade as dated or ineffective. Try not to get into this mindset. You can trust us on this one; Odyssey Golf and Ping would not have full lineups of blade style putters if they were not effective and if players weren’t purchasing them.

As far as whether the blade or the mallet is a more expensive putter, they are typically around the same price.

Putter Face

The putter face will either be milled from a single piece of steel or have an insert. The insert allows for a soft feel and, some would argue, better performance. Others find that the insert gives more vibration than they would like, and a milled design is better.

Many cheap golf putters have an insert, and there is a bit of variation in the way that these inserts feel. The best cheap golf putters will be made with a material that is cost effective but also has a consistent feel; for many, this ends up being an insert.


The brand of your golf putter selection may be limited when you are on a budget. The names we find often in this budget category include Cleveland, PGX, Wilson, Ray Cook, and a few others. Names like Scotty Cameron and Ping will not be in the budget category.

With higher end brands, you will find more expensive materials, some impressive features in the putter head, and sometimes adjustability. The best cheap putters use more standard materials and have slightly shorter longevity but can get the job done for many players for quite some time.

Don’t get too hung up on the brand, but if you happen to see an Odyssey or a TaylorMade that is within your budget, it is certainly worth looking at. Sometimes premium materials in putter heads can lead to more confidence in your stroke and a better on-course experience.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few most commonly asked questions about the best budget golf putters on the market. Keeping your budget intact while finding a golf putter you love is possible. If you are new to the game you may wish to check out our guide on the best putters for beginner golfers.

How much does a good putter cost?

Expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a good putter. For a high end putter, the pricing will be closer to $300 and sometimes even above that mark. Try not to choose a putter specifically by what it costs and instead look at the overall performance and what it can do for your game.

What makes some putters so expensive?

Some golf putters are very expensive because of the materials used during production in addition to the manufacturing process. If you have a putter that is hand milled from a single piece of metal, expect that it took quite a bit longer to perfect than something with an insert. However, then you can look at putters like the Odyssey with the Micro Injection Face Insert, and this insert is created with only the best materials, therefore, increasing the price.

What is the minimum I need to spend on a putter?

For new players starting out in the game, a putter priced from $100 to $150 should be fine. If you truly just need a putter to add to your bag and you don’t worry so much about performance, there are options on the market between $40 and $80. These may not remain in your bag for years to come, but they can certainly fill the void for a golf putter so that you can get out on the course.

Are second-hand putters worth it?

Second hand putters can make a lot of sense. In fact, sometimes I find that second-hand putters make more sense to purchase than second hand drivers or fairway woods. It is much easier to check the general condition of a putter than it is to check a fairway wood or even some irons. If you can find a great brand name putter second hand, it’s worth considering.

How long with a putter last me?

The great thing about golf putters is that they can last forever. In fact, there are some players that will pay thousands of dollars for an old Scotty Cameron or a Ping Anser. It depends on how you take care of the putter and if it was a good fit for your game. Putter technology goes through some significant changes about every five years, so this is the window you should be looking if you are interested in experimenting with other technology.


Hopefully, you now feel more confident in your ability to choose some of the best budget putters on the market. We had some good options from Wilson and Odyssey, and there was even a TaylorMade Spider that fit within the budget category.

The key here is to figure out what your budget is and what your issues are in your putting stroke and then find the putter that can check both of these boxes for you. Chances are there are several options; you just may have to think outside the box a bit when you are on a budget. It’s also worth mentioning that unless you are making noticeable mistakes in your putting stroke, or see some significant room for improvement, don’t feel in a rush to change the putter right this instant.

Happy golfing.

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