Best clubs for beginners – A golf pro’s guide

As a golf pro I’ve had the pleasure of getting many golfers to hit their first golf shot up in the air and flying forwards. A common question players have is – what are the best golf clubs for beginners?

There are also a host of questions around buying golf clubs as a beginner, and as golf clubs are quite expensive, you want to make a wise decision.

To help you I’ve put this guide together with all you need to know about buying golf clubs as a beginner. If you have any questions that aren’t covered, just leave me a comment at the bottom of the post and I’ll get back to you.

Best beginner clubs full-set – Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Best affordable beginner clubs full-set – Tour Edge – Bazooka 260

Best golf clubs for senior beginners full-set – Cobra Golf Men’s XL

Best looking beginner irons – TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

best affordable irons for beginners – Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Iron Set

I’ve only included clubs in this review, that I would be happy selling to a beginner that I was personally coaching.

Click on the links to jump to that review. Or keep scrolling down to find out the answers to frequently asked questions around buying golf clubs as a beginner. Enjoy.

FAQ when buying beginner golf clubs

Beginner golfers tend to have many questions when buying golf clubs. In this section I have put together some answers to some common questions. Feel free to leave a comment with your

Best clubs for beginners: Should I buy left or right-handed golf clubs?

Let’s start simple – if you’re right-handed, best to buy right-handed irons. Left-handed irons are best for those who are left-handed, but this isn’t always the case. There are a few great players who have a dominant left hand, but play right-handed. If you’re not sure stick to the hand you use to play other sports – Throwing, Tennis, Baseball.

What do the different clubs do for a beginner?

Your Driver is a big, low-lofted club that you hit off longer holes. Unless you’re Tiger Woods it’s probably best to only hit a Driver off a Tee. Drivers tend to hit the ball a long way, and are forgiving if you miss-hit them (if you have the ball on a Tee)

Your irons are used to hit shots off the ground towards the green. They don’t go as far as your Driver but have more control. They are numbered 3 – 9, PW, SW, or sometimes 5 – 9, PW, GW (see below).

The number of the iron tells you the loft on the golf club – the higher the number the more loft a golf club has.

  • 3-iron (21degrees loft) goes low and will travels a long way
  • 7-iron (34-degrees loft) goes mid height, doesn’t roll as much on landing.
  • Sand Wedge (56 degrees loft) Goes high, not very far, stops quickly.

Here is a example set of clubs and their loft

The idea is to make roughly the same golf swing with each golf club and automatically the ball will go varying trajectories and distances.

Best clubs for beginners: Do I need to buy a 3 or 4-iron?

No, is the short answer. Most golfers find these clubs tough to use, and actually only require them one or two times a round. These days you’ll find 5-woods, 7-woods and Hybrids as better replacements, as they are easier to hit.

Your Woods and Hybrids don’t have to match your irons or other woods, so feel free to mix and match these into your golf set at a later date.

Best clubs for beginners: What is a Hybrid?

The clue here is in the name – it is a cross-over of an iron and a wood. It has the face and loft of a long iron (generally a 3 or 4-iron), but has a chunky wood shape on the back.

This design allows more of the mass to distributed low down and place further back away from the club face. All this means they get the ball up in the air and twist less for off-centre hits. 

Here is an example of one to replace a 3 or 4-iron. Beginner golfers tend to hit them one club (around 10-yards) further than their iron equivalent. 

Best clubs for beginners: What is the difference between mens, women and senior clubs?

Women’s clubs are 1/2 inch shorter and have slightly lighter shafts. They suit most women, but are also a great option for juniors in their teens and seniors.

Senior clubs are the same length as mens, but have a lighter shaft, similar to women. These too are a great option for taller juniors, who are not strong enough for mens clubs. They are also a great option for taller women (see next section).

Best clubs for beginners: I’m tall/short do I need custom golf clubs?

When you’re buying a beginner set of golf clubs, you’ll nearly always be best with standard length clubs.

The key measure is not height, but rather wrist distance to the ground. If you are tall (6’2″+), but have long arms you may be best with standard, or even shorter golf clubs. 

Here is a bit of a long video, but has lots of detail for you.

What are the best golf club brands for beginners?

There isn’t one perfect brand for beginners. Below a certain price threshold you get poor quality equipment. Specifically, cheap metal alloys used to cast heads and low quality graphite shafts. Both of these lead to a golf club that just doesn’t feel great when you hit golf balls. It will also lead to slightly more inaccurate shots.

Wilson and Tour Edge are two brands mentioned in this review that spend far less than the main brands on advertising. This means they can offer a high-quality product at a lower price. I’ve only included clubs in this review, that I would be happy selling to a beginner that I was personally coaching.

Ps  – You can click on the titles or pictures to see products prices. These are affiliate links. If you click and purchase the product via these links it does not cost you any extra, but as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please feel free not to use the links if you wish. Thanks and happy golfing, Will.

Best clubs for beginners review

Best clubs for beginners – Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

best clubs for beginners are the callaway strata set. This image shows the full set of irons in their stand bag.

If money isn’t an issue and you want everything possible to get golfing then the Callaway Strata sets are great buys. Callaway make top-end clubs and this Strata range is their beginner golf club starter set. This means you get high-quality equipment with everything you’ll need in a set of golf clubs.

They offer 9, 11* and 12** club options (a Sand Wedge*, extra Hybrid* and 5-wood**  are the additional clubs). However, I would really suggest the 9-club option is best for beginners. This 9-club option gives you a Driver, for whacking it off the Tee, a whole host of hybrids and irons, a pitching wedge for when you get close to the green and a putter. These all come complete with a stand-bag for carrying your clubs. You can buy the other options mentioned above, but these 9 clubs are more than enough to get your started with.

This set of golf clubs should take you from your journey as a beginner golf, all the way through to being a solid club player. The only club you may wish to add at some point is a Sand-wedge like this one.

These clubs are available in left handed, and women’s length and flex 

Best affordable golf clubs for beginners – Tour Edge Golf- Bazooka 260 Complete Set

best affordable beginner clubs are the tour edge bazooka set. This image shows the full set of clubs in their stand bag.

Tour Edge golf clubs never get the attention they deserve. They refuse to shell out millions on sponsoring players (hence why they are less well known). This allows them to produce high-quality, affordable golf clubs. Even better – their clubs come with a lifetime warranty!

This set comes with a driver, 3-wood, hybrid, seven irons and a putter, all wrapped up in a stand-bag. If you’re generating a lot of club head speed you might find you need to replace the driver at some point (it has a uni-flex shaft which has a little more whip that usual). However, the irons are top-notch, I’d rate them above any other iron in this review. 

The Tour Edge Golf- Bazooka 260 are ideal for someone who wants a great set of clubs but is on a budget. 

Best clubs for senior beginners – Cobra Golf Men’s XL Complete Set

best clubs for beginners who are senior are the cobra golf means XL set. This picture shows the golf clubs in their cart-bag.

This set of beginner golf clubs is the most expensive in the review. The reasons why – all of the club shafts are graphite (except the putter).

Unfortunately that does hike up the price. However, the graphite shaft make these clubs lighter. This means they’re easier to swing and you can generally generate a higher club head speed to hit your shots further.

The quality of these clubs is excellent, and the two fairway woods and two hybrids give you a great selection for hitting longer shots off the ground – this is commonly an area where beginners struggle.

These are ideal for a beginner who finds steel golf clubs too heavy. They will also be great for any player who struggles hitting longer irons off the fairway.

Best irons for beginners – TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

best beginner iron are the Taylor Made M4's. This image shows the best beginner six iron's cavity back.

Some people just want swanky looking golf clubs. If you want to look like a tour pro and still have a set of irons that will perform well, then the Taylor Made M4’s are the choice for you.

The Taylor Made M4 irons look like a tour players club (tour players do use them), but the club head design distributes a lot of weight at the base of the club. This means they offer high levels of forgiveness and a great feel.

Although the the cost of these irons far outweigh others in this review, you are paid back with exceptional quality. Beginning with the club head design, selection of shafts and finishing with the grips. 

There are many configurations to choose from. I would suggest the 5 – PW & AW, or the 4 – PW options. You will still need to buy a Sand-wedge to complete your  beginner set, but if you want to do it properly grab this wedge in 56 degrees and high-bounce option.

Best affordable irons for beginners – Wilson Staff Men’s D200/D250 Golf Iron Set

affordable golf irons from beginners

Wilson irons have fallen out of favour with top golfers recently, gone are the glory days of sponsoring Arnold Palmer. Despite their lesser well-known name they make great golf clubs. 

These irons provide a solid golf club, with a big cavity back, as is shown in the image above. The result is a very forgiving golf club. The way the mass in placed in the club head means that off-centre hits will result in less twist, straight and longer shots.

A great buy if you’re looking for a solid set of golf clubs with high levels of forgiveness. If you would like more tips on how to strike great iron shots check out this post.

Best clubs for beginners: Summary

In summary, there are many great options when buying beginner irons. I would whole-heartedly recommend any of the golf clubs and sets covered in this list. 

I would base your choice on cost and adaptability. If you want a full set and no further worries grab the Tour edge or Strata full sets. If you want to grab some irons and consider what woods and hybrids you want as you progress then begin with one of the iron sets featured. 

I hope you’ve found this article of use. If you have any further question please comment below. And if you would like a free weekly golf article sent to your inbox, come join the golf insiders.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

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