The Best Golf Bags – A Golf Pro’s & Assistant Pro’s review

There are so many golf bags out there online today and quite frankly it’s so confusing to know what is the best golf bag to suit your – game, situation or travel needs.

Between us (Myself & Ali) we have accumulated 16 years selling golf bags to avid golfers. I’d like to think we know a thing or two about the best golf bags. In this review we will highlight the best golf bags, in our opinion. We’ll cover the best stand bag, best cart bag, best golf bag for travel and the best bag for a Sunday afternoon stroll with a few clubs.

Your bag-choosing problems are nearly over…Click on the links below to jump to a specific review. Or scroll down for a few FAQ when trying to choose the best golf bag. Enjoy.

Best golf stand bag – Sun Mountain Golf 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag

Best (affordable) stand bag – Tour Edge Golf- Exotics Extreme 3 

Best golf cart bag- Sun Mountain 2018 Sync Cart Bag

Best golf bag for walking – Titleist Golf Sunday Carry Bag

Best golf bag for travel – Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Best golf bags – FAQ

Best golf bag to carry?

If you’re looking for the best golf bag to carry you need to consider how much room you need (for clubs and gear), bag weight and bag size.

For outright lightness check out the Sun Mountain Golf 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag, for a few extra pockets the Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag comes in at 5lb, but gives you a lot of pocket room. Best golf bag on a budget – check out the Tour Edge Golf- Exotics Extreme 3.

Best golf bag to carry and use on a trolley

I’m not going to lie, this bag doesn’t exist – yet. There isn’t really a cart bag that is easy to carry round for 18 holes. Therefore, you’re looking for the best stand bag that can go onto a trolley.

You will find that due to the shape of carry bags, and their soft design, they will slip round a little when you use them on a trolley. If you’re still keen your best bet is to find a carry bag with a firm structure around the top of the bag and its base. The Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag is one of the best we’ve found for this, so feel free to check out the review.

How much does weight matter for a carry bag?

The carry bags in this review range from 2.8 to 6lbs. This sounds like a large range, but in fact this is less than most clubs you’ll end up carrying in said bag. Instead you want to consider how the straps fit and where you put extra mass into your bag.

If you can get the bag fitting snugly to your back, you’ll create less torque (load) on your spine. Also, weight put furthest away from your body centre (loading 3 sets of water-proofs into the main pocket) will considerably effect how heavy the carry bag feels to carry.

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Best golf bags – The review

Best golf stand bag – Sun Mountain Golf 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag

Best golf stand bag – Sun Mountain Golf 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag

Will & Ali’s pick – The Sun Mountain’s stand bag was deemed the best stand bag on the market for a few reasons; it’s very comfortable, lightweight and yet sturdy at the same time.

It may sound simple but first of all the stands really work. I can’t tell you how many stand bags I’ve bought over the years and after a few rounds the stands either stop folding out properly when you put the golf bag down or just completely break. As soon as you place the bag on the ground the stands pop out effortlessly and it makes the world of difference.

The lightweight material of the bag doesn’t compromise its sturdiness either. This bag, as with previous Sun Mountain carry bags will stand the test of time. The bag weights 2.5lbs (2.8lbs with the straps). But, we’ll let Sun Mountain off this minor detail, seeing it’s far lighter than most stand bag on the market.

The high-density foam straps are ridiculously comfortable as well. Easily adjustable, they make carrying the bag a joy as opposed to a pain as you can sort the weight distribution out in seconds. No more fiddling for ages on the course trying to find the perfect balance!

The pockets also have more than enough room for waterproofs and all your golfing extras. The zips are well made as well you could to stuff the pockets full and be sure that your mars bar wouldn’t burst out on the course.

Buy if: You want a light and comfortable golf stand bag that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Don’t buy if: You want a golf bag on a budget. You pay for what you get in this case.

Best (affordable) stand bag – Tour Edge Golf- Exotics Extreme 3 Stand Bag 

Best affordable stand bag Tour Edge exotic

Will’s pick – I’m a big fan of Tour Edge, I still play with their Exotics irons from 2012. You may not of heard of Tour Edge, as they don’t spend much on marketing. Instead they try to produce the best possible gear for the lowest possible price.

This bag offers a great dual-strap carry bag with a lot of space. Two side-pockets, insulated water bottle-holder and a Velour-lined waterproof valuables pocket. 

The top has a 7-way divider, but do note these are not lined down the inside of the golf bag. Is this a problem? Not really, if you over-fill your bag you may find your clubs snag, but in my opinion no full-length divider is far better than a cheap full-length, fabric divider the degrades over time.

Great bag, great price, available in many jazzy colours too.

Buy if – You want all of the features of other stand-bags, with a nice chunk of money left over to spend elsewhere on your golfing game.

Don’t buy if – You want full-length dividers. Or to play 5 round of golf a week and want a bag to last you for many years. In that case it’s probably best to spend a little more money to gain some durability.

Best golf cart bag- Sun Mountain 2018 Sync Cart Bag

Best golf cart bag Sun mountain Sync

Will’s pick – My dad loves his golf, and this year he upgraded to this cart bag. I’m not going to lie, it is pricey, but it is worth it. It’s tricky to describe build quality of a golf bag online, but everything just works.

This bag has a solid deign, that stops it rotating on a trolley. All the pockets are all easily accessible, and it has all the features you’ll ever need – umbrella holder, rain hood, putter compartment that caters for an over-sized grip and a snazzy, velour valuables pocket.  

It feels impressively light for a golf cart bag and the handles at the based and top of the bag make it easy to lift on and off a trolley. (My dad is not the athlete he once was – I hope he reads this 😉 )

The bag cylinder is divided up in to 15 slots, each with full-length dividers. Your clubs will slide in and out a dream, and the build quality will ensure this stays the case for many years.

Buy if – You want the best cart bag on the market for week in, week out golf. If you currently own an average/budget cart bag and you want to upgrade, this bag will make you a very happy golfer.

Don’t buy it – You’re shopping on a budget, this bag is top-end. Or you want a 100% water-proof bag. This bag is water resistant, but not water-proof.

Best golf bag for walking – Titleist Golf Sunday Carry Bag

Best golf bag for walking – Titleist Golf Sunday Carry Bag

Ali’s pick – Every golfer loves to go out for a round now and again where they don’t really care whether or not they lose their foursomes match on a Sunday afternoon, it’s about being out there on a beautiful golf course and enjoying the walk with good company.

This Titleist Golf Sunday Carry Bag was made to match this description and is the ideal golf bag for walking the course with a reduced set of clubs. 

First of all it has a double shoulder strap. A lot of people think the single strap is the cooler, more traditional look for a pencil bag and since it should only hold 7-10 clubs, one strap is more than enough right? Wrong. The double strap offers so much more comfort with the even weight distribution and can really help fight fatigue over a full round.

Secondly, despite being a minimalist bag, there are four pockets. The valuables pocket even has a soft velour lining. So you can still fit those gloves, balls, tees and even waterproof jacket into the bag just in case your lovely stroll on the course gets a bit wet. It even features StaDry™ waterproof material on bottom and underside of the bag.

The material of the bag is strong and well made as well so if you take care of it you’ll have it for years – mine (older version) is on its 8th year currently. It does exactly what it says on the tin and you won’t regret buying one.

Buy if: You want a lightweight, comfortable bag to fit your reduced set into. You don’t mind bending down to pick up your golf bag.

Don’t buy if: You want to play with all 14 clubs; the top cuff that separates the top compartment will wear out very quickly. You like to take a lot of ‘extras’ with you on the course – the pockets can fit the essentials but not a full set of waterproofs. You want to keep your bag clean, the bag rests on the ground and can get muddy pretty quickly.

Best golf bag for travel – Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Best golf bag for travel – Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Ali’s pick – When you’re travelling, you want your bag to be light, sturdy and able to carry every bit of your golfing gear. We’ve all seen that golfer in the airport who’s either struggling to haul his travel bag onto the oversized baggage scales due to his ludicrously heavy bag or the golfer whose tiny carry bag is concealed in what appears to be an oversized travel case.

Both people look and most probably feel ridiculous.

The Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag genuinely meets every requirement of a good golf travel bag. Its five pockets easily enable you to fit everything from extra balls and gloves to your set of waterproofs (essential if you’re heading to the U.K. on your golfing holiday).

The plastic rim at the top of the bag is really handy for manoeuvring it short distances unlike other bags where you can really struggle to get the bag into the travel case without breaking a sweat. The bag is a great size to fill any travel case perfectly and the base is designed to allow the bag to balance upright even without its stands. 

Buy if: You want a light but sturdy bag that will protect all your golf equipment. You need a few compartments for your clubs to enable even weight distribution. You want a hassle free travelling experience with a well designed and proportioned golf bag.

Don’t buy if: You like slightly thicker material on your golf bag – it’s very light and thin.  You want the bag to last for years and years – it’s perfect for travelling/golfing holidays but may wear if used everyday.

Best golf bag – Summary

That bring our best golf bag round up to an end. However, if you have any questions you would like answers, or golf bags you want reviewing just leave a comment below.

Happy golfing – Will & Ali