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Best Golf Balls for Seniors 2024

Choosing the best golf balls for seniors can be a lot of work. There is some confusing marketing material out there that makes it seem like seniors can only use a select few golf balls on the market. Luckily we have tested and compared and found some really impressive golf ball options for the senior player. Here are the best golf balls for seniors in 2023. 

Best golf balls for seniors

Vice Pro Plus  – Best all-around ball for seniors

Vice Pro Plus dozen box voted best all around golf ball for seniors

Senior golfers need to give up on the idea that a two piece distance golf ball is all they need for their game. We understand it is frustrating to lose distance, but those distance golf balls will not give you better overall performance on the course. The Vice Pro Plus is a 4 piece ball with a cast urethane cover capable of helping any senior player. 


Distance from Vice Pro Plus was great; we noticed that from the tee and on iron shots, the Vice Pro Plus competed with the longest golf balls in the game. The dual casing technology keeps the ball flight just a little lower for that extra roll. 


Since the Vice Pro Plus is a 4 piece golf ball, we expected a bit of extra spin, and the ball delivered. The S2TG Technology produces excellent feel and spin rates. If you still can’t get a sand wedge to stop on the green, clean your grooves, put a Vice Pro Plus in play, and then hit down and through your golf shot. 


The feel of the Vice Pro Plus is good, it may not be quite as good as a Pro V1 as it feels slightly more firm, but overall it is an excellent overall option for seniors. 


The 336 dimple design is durable. If you bounce one of the cart paths, you will see a scuff, but bunker shots and a few miss-hits still had the Vice Pro Plus in great shape. 


With the Vice direct-to-consumer sales model, you will almost always find these golf balls to be a great price compared to other similar golf balls on the market. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Vice Pro Plus checked all the boxes for us when looking for the best golf balls for seniors. Finding a four-piece golf ball with average compression, lower launch, plenty of distance, and spin around the greens is the perfect fit for seniors wanting a new ball to max out their game. 

Titleist AVX – Best for driving distance

Titleist AVX dozen balls rated senior golf balls for distance.

When the Titleist AVX first came to the market, it was in the same price range as the Pro V1 and had many of the same characteristics. Golfer wondered what the benefit of the AVX golf ball was, but that is starting to become clear.


The Titleist AVX was one of the longest golf balls we tested for seniors, and most swing speeds for that matter. The AVX has many of the same characteristics that you will find in the Pro V1, except that it is a lower spinning golf ball. When you hit a drive with the AVX, it will fly and roll a long way. 


The spin from the AVX is really low in the long game. With fairway woods, hybrids, and the driver expect a straighter ball flight with plenty of roll. Greenside spin is good, not the best on the market, but the soft feel will help you control your greenside shots. 


The feel of the AVX golf ball is impressive; after all, it’s a premium golf ball from Titleist puts a lot of research and time into the feel of their golf ball, and it shows. 


The AVX is a premium golf ball that will hold up well over time. If you can keep the ball straight and in play, expect to get several rounds out of your Titleist AVX golf balls. 


The pricing on the Titleist AVX is a little high. For the distance benefits and overall feel, the pricing was worth it. However, if you don’t have the budget, another great ball for distance (and value) are the Vice Pro Plus. 

Golf Insider verdict

Overall the Titleist AVX golf ball has an impressive feel and incredibly low long game spin. For golfers that have played the Pro V1 or Pro V1x their entire golfing lives, this is an excellent option for seniors in search of distance.

Bridgestone Tour B RX  – Best for iron carry distance 

Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls votes best senior balls for iron carry

Carry distance becomes increasingly difficult as golfers get older, but an extra yard or two can really help on par 3s and longer par 4s. The Bridgestone Tour B RX offers the perfect mix of performance for the golfer with average or slightly slower swing speeds. 


Distance technology from Bridgestone is impressive overall. However, iron carry distance is where we noticed the most benefit. This golf ball has a compression of 66 and is designed to maximize performance for those with swing speeds less than 105 mph with driver.

Swing speed reduces further with all golfers with their Long and mid irons and here the low compression core adds a small, but useful 2-3 yards for most golfers compared to the average golf ball on the market.  


The spin on the Bridgestone Tour B RX is low from the tee but allows for good iron and wedge stoppage on the green. The Bridgestone Tour B RX is a 3 piece golf ball, and we did notice that it released a bit more with wedges than some of the 4 piece golf balls do, but it still offers all-around good performance. 


Bridgestone golf balls in this Tour series are known for having a soft feel with just the right amount of firmness. We liked how the Bridgestone Tour B RX felt around the green, even when going head to head with a 4 piece ball. 


The Bridgestone Tour B RX held up well over several rounds of golf. You will find that most of the golf balls in the premium category have good longevity for senior golfers.


If you are serious about iron carry distance and have noticed a significant decline in your game, this golf ball will be worth the money. They are a little expensive compared to some other senior golf balls, but in the end, the Tour B RX does what it is designed to do. 

Golf Insider verdict

Senior golfers need to be specific about what areas of their game need the most attention. If your weak spot right now is your irons, and you’d love a little extra carry, the Tour B RX can help. 

Wilson Staff Model – Best for spin

Many golfers associate the Wilson brand with value golf balls. However, Wilson Staff is entirely different and focuses on high-end impressive performance. 


The Wilson Staff Model golf balls have good distance technology; the 362 dimple pattern helps the ball cut through the air quite effortlessly, landing it just above average for distance. However, it won’t compete with the Titleist AVX or Bridgestone Tour B RX.


Spin is where the Wilson Staff model ball really stands out. The four-layer golf ball has a very high spin. If you want to stop the ball on the greens, the Wilson Staff Model allows you to do this with your mid-irons and when pitching and chipping.


We liked the feel for the Wilson Staff golf ball it feels firmer than most, similar to a Pro V1x.


Wilson Staff has a seamless urethane cover that ensures it stays in great shape after several rounds. You will not notice any trouble using a ball for a few rounds, as long as you avoid trees, rocks and cart paths. 


The Wilson Staff golf balls offer tremendous spin for the money. If you have never been able to stop your wedge shots around the green, the Wilson Staff Model will be your best chance and still comes in far lower value than other premium golf balls designed for spin. 

Golf Insider verdict

They say you can’t buy a golf game, but, you can buy more spin. If shot-stopping control is one of those things that is important for your golf game, then the Wilson Staff model is well worth a go. 

Titleist Pro V1  – Best for feel

The Titleist Pro V1 is a golf ball that many seniors assume is no longer a good fit for their game. This is untrue. In testing, there are slightly longer balls and balls that spin more, but the Titleist Pro V1s are only marginally behind for most senior players.


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls have good distance off the tee. We like to think of this golf ball as one of the best all-around solutions for the game. When it comes to distance, you won’t lose much going with the Pro V1, but you also won’t gain a ton either. The AVX was longer when we did our testing. 


Titleist Pro v1s create some of the best spin around the greens, particularly with short chips. The Pro V1 will stop and spin where you want it to. Of course, you will still need to make good contact, but the Pro V1 can be a short game saver. 


Seniors that are tired of playing with two piece golf balls marketed for senior distance and spin will be refreshed when putting the Pro V1 into play. The Pro V1 helps you feel like you have a firm golf ball that will jump off the club face and then do what you need it to do when it hits the green. 


Even though Pro V1 golf balls are expensive, they last a long time. You can get four to six rounds in with one golf ball if you take care of it. 


The Titleist Pro V1 has kind of always set the bar for premium golf balls and their pricing. This is not a cheap golf ball, but it has a lot of positive attributes. 

Golf Insider verdict

If you care about feel, spin, and overall reasonable distance performance, the Titleist Pro V1 makes a great choice. Senior golfers should consider where they need the performance in their game and make sure that the Pro V1 is the best overall golf ball. 

Frequently asked questions when buying golf balls for seniors

Now that you have our favorite picks on the market, you may still have a few questions about golf balls for seniors and what they are capable of. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase. 

Should senior men and women use different golf balls?

Senior men and women should use different golf balls if they are looking for different performance benefits. However, many senior men and senior women are looking for a longer distance from the tee and a soft feel around the green. This can sometimes be found in the same golf ball. 

What is the difference between senior and women’s golf balls?

Senior golf balls and women’s golf balls may both be lower in compression, but each golf ball on the market features unique spin characteristics, dimple patterns, and overall feel. The feel of one senior golf ball and a women’s golf ball may feel entirely different, even if they have the same compression. 

What type of golf ball should a senior use?

A senior golfer with a slower swing speed tends to be better off with a lower compression golf ball that allows for low spin from the tee. Senior golfers with slightly higher swing speeds should look for at least a 3 piece golf ball with extra spin and feel characteristics around the green. Remember, even as we age and lose distance, there is no excuse for the short game to lose effectiveness and precision. 

Are Callaway chrome soft golf balls good for seniors?

​​We tested the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls and found that they have impressive spin and distance for the senior player. It wasn’t the longest golf ball that we tested, but it had both driver and iron distance benefits and excellent iron spin. 

Do soft golf balls go further?

A soft golf ball can go further for golfers with slower swing speeds. If your swing speed is not high enough to compress a golf ball all that well, the softer ball can go further. For golfers with higher swing speeds, a firmer ball will provide better distance benefits. 

Are Pro V1 golf balls good for seniors?

A Pro V1 golf ball can be an excellent choice for a senior that needs low spin and long distance from the tee and spin technology that helps a ball stop on the greens. The only issue with the Pro V1 for seniors is that it can take a slightly higher swing speed to compress. As long as you are still going after the ball and have average swing speed, Pro V1 is a good choice. 

What golf ball gives the most distance?

We found the Titleist AVX to give seniors the most overall distance. The AVX is similar to the Pro V1 in many ways, yet it has a lower spin from the tee. 

Summary – Best golf balls for seniors

We hope you now have a better understanding as to which golf balls are the best for seniors. There is a lot of marketing done towards the senior golfers, and not all of this information is good information. Try to consider the performance benefits of each ball and how they will impact your game. If you have not yet tried the Vice Pro Plus golf balls, we highly recommend seeing how this could impact your game.

That wraps up the golf insider review of the best golf ball for seniors. Hopefully, you’ve found it of use, for more on golf balls check out our detailed guide on low compression golf balls, the best value golf balls. If you would like to read more about equipment check out our best golf irons for seniors article.

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