Best golf ball for seniors

Best golf ball for distanceSrixon AD333 Tour
Best golf ball for feelCallaway Chrome Soft
Best value golf ballSrixon AD333
Best all-round golf ballTitleist Velocity

If I had a penny for every time a senior golfer came into my Pro Shop and desperately asked for some advice on the best golf ball to fit his game, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now.

I class a senior golfer as one over 50 years of age and your golf ball can make a big difference to your game whether you’re a 52 year old scratch golfer or a 78 year old off 24. 

In this review Will and I will give you the absolute best golf ball suited to your every need; the best ball for distance, feel around the green, best value & best all-rounder.

Below are the results – click on any to jump to the review section:

Best Golf Ball for Distance – Srixon AD333 Tour
Best golf ball for feel around the green – Callaway Chrome Soft
Best value golf ball – Srixon AD333
Best All-round golf ball – Titleist Velocity

You. Are. Welcome!

Best Ball for Distance – Srixon AD333 Tour

Srixon have developed a transitional core for the AD333 tour ball meaning it is soft in the middle and gradually becomes harder towards the outer edge of the core. This is important for the following two reasons…

1) The resulting reduction in compression leads to a lower driver spin and this gives you the added distance. The impressive part is that this happens at a moderate swing speed

All the other top-of-the-range golf balls need a high swing speed to reap the rewards of the technology in the ball. With the AD333 Tour however, senior golfers who can’t hit it like McIlroy anymore can enjoy watching their ball travel further than they’ve ever experienced.

2) Since the centre of the core is still incredibly soft, on impact you don’t get that horrible stinger that sends vibrations up your arm on a cold day as you do with the other rock hard long distance balls on the market. I’m not naming and shaming any particular golf brand here but let’s just say it rhymes with Sinnacle. 

The last thing that confirmed this choice as the best distance golf ball for seniors was the cover. They’ve redesigned this ball with 338 dimples (more than ever before) and a new urethane cover, which is the material that all the golf balls used on Tour are covered in. These aerodynamic alterations contribute to yet more distance and help solidify this as my best distance golf ball for seniors.

If you can spare 1 minute and 18 seconds then give this informative, albeit cheesy video a watch as it explains it all a lot better than me.

Buy if: You want an extremely good value golf ball that will maximise your distance. You don’t want your distance golf ball to feel like a stone on impact.

Don’t buy if: You want to play with a yellow ball as this only comes in white.

Best golf ball for feel around the green – Callaway Chrome Soft

Feel around the green is so key, particularly for seniors who may find themselves needing to get up and down more often to save par. I’ve chosen the Callaway Chrome Soft as the best golf ball for feel because it has a couple of awesome, unique features which pip the other ‘feel-balls’ on the market in my opinion.

Graphene is one of the hardest materials on the planet (quite literally) and Callaway have incorporated this material into their Dual Soft Fast Core. The use of this incredibly strong yet light material has created the softest, highest spinning core ever seen in a golf ball (See graph below). 

The core, combined with the tour-standard urethane cover, mean your control around the greens will be second to none. Callaway is also unique in the way they design their golf ball with HEX aerodynamic technology. It’s the only golf ball that has an outer cover, which is completely covered in dimples, as it’s comprised of a series of pentagons and hexagons. 

The combination of the aerodynamic design and high-tech graphene core mean that this has got my vote for the best golf ball for seniors. Especially those who prioritise exceptional feel around the greens and a soft feeling off the face and would benefit from the miss-hit forgiveness the ball offers. 

Here’s what Callaway have to say on the matter…

Buy if: You want the ball to land on the green like a butterfly with sore feet. You want forgiveness with your shots and ultimate feel around the green. You want to play with a golf ball that looks like a football – Callaway do all sorts of colours & designs.

Don’t buy if: You’re buying on a budget. The technology in this golf ball takes its toll on the price.

Best value golf ball – Srixon AD333

In Norfolk (U.K.) where I play golf this golf ball is known as “Old faithful”. I really wanted another golf ball to beat the AD333 and to recommend something else to you, but it’s just the best value golf ball in the world. Every year in the pro shop we sell hundreds of these golf balls because they perform incredibly well for what you pay for them.

Similar to its slightly more expensive, slightly higher quality cousin mentioned above (the Srixon AD333 Tour), the AD333 also has a transitional core and improved 338 dimple design for a better aerodynamic performance in the air.

(a comment on low compression due to the core necessary?)

The elastic cover produces a low spin count off the tee as well and together with the transitional soft to hard core, promotes a higher ball flight leading to greater distance. This ball specialises in distance but the design of the cover and core has meant that there is still a decent amount of feel to the golf ball. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like hitting a cushion but it’s by no means similar to hitting a rock. 

I love the fact the cover won’t wear out after one round either and at just $1.56 a ball this is my best bang for your buck golf ball out there by a mile. 

Srixon have put together a very short video explaining all of the above should you need more convincing.

Buy if: You want a durable, long-distance golf ball that doesn’t feel like a rock on impact. You want the option of playing a yellow ball.

Don’t buy if: You have a faster swing speed – you’d benefit from more tour-spec golf balls.

Best all-round golf ball – Titleist Velocity

My last recommendation is for the best overall golf ball and after much deliberation; I’ve decided that the Titleist Velocity is the best all-round golf ball for seniors.

The technology in this ball and the way it’s been designed lends itself to performing for the greatest range of handicaps, weather conditions and for the most reasonable price.

The Velocity golf ball gets its name from its initial speed off the clubface. This is down to its LSX core and light cover, which together produce very little spin and promote a high ball flight. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that these two factors equate to greater carrying distance. 

I found this ball incredibly soft considering it prides itself on distance and for around $2.25 a ball, it has secured its position as best all-round golf ball for seniors in my eyes. 

Speaking of eyes, it’ll be virtually impossible to lose these balls with the range of vibrant colours that they come in.

Check out what Titleist had to say about the Velocity golf ball.

Buy if: You want to maximize every aspect of your game through your golf ball without breaking your bank. You want a range of high-visibility colours to play with.

Don’t buy if: You’re a purist like me and don’t like orange numbers. You play a lot of golf in very windy conditions – the high ball flight may be an annoyance.

Difference Between Senior And Regular Golf Balls

Senior golfers on average have a lower club head speed than their younger counterparts. This obvious, isn’t always true, but with this in mind the best golf ball for senior golfers are those that react best to a slightly lower swing speed. The golf balls chosen in this review are balls that are designed to be optimised with a slower speed.

Distance & Golf balls

A golf ball that is best suited to your swing speed will optimise the ball speed off the face. This means longer drivers and short distances into the greens for your second shots.

Distance isn’t everything in golf. However, if you can keep all else equal and gain an extra 5-yards on average just by changing your golf ball why wouldn’t you?

Spin and core compression

The golf balls featured in this review are optimised to generate spin with lower club head speeds. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball wins this competition. However, all golf balls featured in this review perform well for spin on wedge and chip shots.

Material (Golf Ball Cover)

Spin and ‘feel’ are two factors that separate good golf balls for seniors to cheap golf balls. The spin and feel in mainly down to the golf ball’s cover and outer layers. 

Generally this is the factor that drives up cost. Softer covers are a little less durable. This is something you may want to bear in mind if you’re looking for a golf ball to last you for 10 rounds or more (I’d happily take 10 rounds with the same ball!)

Other factors to consider when buying golf balls

New golf balls should all fly quite straight (unfortunately we can’t blame them for everything). However, there is a little variance in how each make of golf ball flies through the air and reacts around the green.

With this in mind it is a good idea to pick a make and model of golf ball and stick with it for a period of time. This will give you the best possible chance to hone your distance control for chips and putts.

It may sound daft, but just changing from a Callaway Chrome soft to a Pinnacle could make as much as 5-6 feet difference in terms of release for a 20-yard chip shot.

Playing with a consistent type of golf ball allows you to dial in and learn how the golf ball will react when it hits the green.

Best golf ball for seniors – Conclusion

That wraps up the golf insider review of the best golf ball for seniors. Hopefully you’ve found it of use. If you would like us to review any more golf balls just leave a comment below.

Happy golfing – Will & Ali @ Golf Insider