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Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2024

As a beginner, the equipment and accessories needed for a game of golf may feel a bit overwhelming. Everything from golf shoes to, rangefinders to divot repair tools, learning to play golf can be a big undertaking. 

The simplest yet perhaps most important piece of golf equipment that beginners should be looking into is the golf ball. Not to spoil any surprises, the golf ball you play with will make a difference in your game. If you want to know why and find out which golf ball could be the best fit for you, we have all the answers you need. 

Best golf balls for beginners: Top picks

TaylorMade Tour Response – Best value beginner golf ball 

TaylorMade Tour Response dozen ball pack rated best value golf balls for beginners

The TaylorMade Tour Response is the best value golf ball for beginners. We are entirely aware of the fact that as a beginner, you are going to lose quite a few golf balls. This is common, and finding a golf ball that doesn’t hurt your wallet to lose is a wise decision for many golfers. 


The TaylorMade Tour Response is actually one of the longest distance golf balls on the market. The yardages you see with TaylorMade Tour Response will be right up there with the Maxfli Tour CG. Part of this has to do with the TaylorMade pursuit for speed that we see across all of their products. 


The TaylorMade Tour Response is a three-piece golf ball that can generate a good amount of greenside spin. If you have any experience with the TP5 golf ball, the Tour Response will not spin nearly as much. Remember that sometimes a higher level of spin is hard to achieve with a value golf ball. 


Overall we found the feel of the Tour Response to be very soft. The material feels as though it moves fluidly with the shot that you hit. Sometimes a soft golf ball can feel kind of dull on the putting green, but the Tour Response had just the right amount of firmness. 


TaylorMade incorporated a new crosslink chemical reaction formula when they put this golf ball on the market. The idea is that the golf ball will hold up better after a bad bunker shot, but it also happens to fly through the air quite a bit easier as well. 


TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls offer excellent value. The TP5 golf balls are the premium balls from TaylorMade, and the Tour Response feels like the less expensive junior version of the TP5. 

Golf Insider verdict

When you have to choose between another round of golf or another box of golf balls, choose the TaylorMade Tour Response and play an extra round. This golf ball’s distance and feel technology are plenty good enough for any golfer. 

Maxfli Tour CG – Best beginner golf ball for distance

Maxfli Tour golf balls dozen box in white, rated best beginner golf balls for distance

Maxfli has changed owners several times in the last twenty years, but they have always been known for having a decent feel and good distance technology. The old Maxfli balata balls were popular with lower handicap players that wanted a break from Titleist. The Maxfli Tour CG golf balls are a new addition to the market, yet they bring some impressive distance benefits for the beginner golfer. 


Have you heard of the technology that optimizes your golf shaft to work for your needs? Everything in golf is now optimized, and this includes the golf ball. Beginner golfers will be encouraged to line the Maxfli Tour CG up with the alignment line aimed directly at the target; this helps ensure that golf balls get longer distances and straighter flights.

Does this work? The truth is that not all golf balls are perfectly balanced (even the top brands).
Maxfli are keen to market their procedure where they find the true centre of mass and align this with the alignment line. Will this help? You may gain a yard or two, but it won’t be a game changer.


Beginner golf balls that can reduce side spin are a smart idea. The aligned center of mass and aerodynamic 318 dimple pattern will also slightly help reduce unwanted side spin on drives.  It’s hard to hit a golf ball straight initially, so we’ll happily take any small gains we can find.


The cast urethane cover allows for increased greenside performance and decent feel. We can’t tell you that this is the best feeling golf ball on the market. The feel of the Titleist Tour Speed and Vice Pro Plus was a little more favorable. But it is hard to get long distances while still maintaining all greenside feel. 


Maxfli has a long history in the game. They use premium materials and ensure that your golf ball will last for more than one round. In addition, this golf ball comes in a few different colors, so you can find it when you miss a fairway. 


The Maxfli Tour CG has average pricing. We know that pricing is a significant reason why golfers will choose one ball over another. If you are a new player that still sprays the golf ball a bit, maybe hold off on this ball until you can get things straightened out.  

Golf Insider verdict

If you want to be the golfer that hits the ball the longest off the tee, the Maxfli Tour CG can give you an extra 5-7 yards over most golf balls on the market. If you are a beginner that still slices the ball considerably, the low spin will also help straighten things out by a yard or two.

Mizuno RB Tour X – Best beginner golf ball for spin

Mizuno RB Tour X golf balls in dozen pack rated best for spin

If you have played with Mizuno irons and wedges, you likely understand how good the Mizuno spin technology is. With the Mizuno RB Tour X, you can now combine the best spin golf ball for beginners with high-performing irons and wedges for optimized spin performance. 


The Mizuno RB Tour X is a four piece golf ball with a high-energy core. The fact that this golf ball is four pieces helps to ensure that a player can get multiple levels of performance from both the tee and the green. This won’t be as long as the Maxfli Tour CG, but it should only cost you a few yards. 


Spin is where the Mizuno RB Tour X shines. With some of the highest spin rates on the market and a soft urethane cover, you can learn to get this golf ball to do it what you tell it to. So many players work on hitting the golf ball far but practicing how to control a ball around the green is a much shorter path to success. 


Mizuno makes both the RB Tour and the RB Tour X. The RB Tour X has a mildly soft feel whereas the RB Tour has a very soft feel. To be honest, we liked the soft feel of the RB Tour X a bit better than the RB Tour. The RB Tour feels just a bit mushy at times. 


Overall we did not experience any major scuffs or imperfections in the cover of the Mizuno RB Tour X. The C dimple pattern almost seems to protect the golf ball a little and keep it from getting quite as damaged on a poor swing. 


To find a four piece golf ball in this price range is quite good. Most of the time, when a golf manufacturing adds a layer, they add to the price. 

Golf Insider verdict

So many beginners choose a two-piece golf ball because of the pricing. However, if you can spend a few dollars more and benefit from the spin and feel characteristics of a ball like the Mizuno RB Tour X, you will see the difference in your game. 

Titleist Tour Speed – Best beginner golf ball for high swing speed

Titleist Tour Speed golf balls winning best ball for beginners with high swing speed

The Titleist Tour Speed golf balls are the best for the high swing speed beginner. Golfers with a higher swing speed need a durable cover, distance technology to help take advantage of speed, and scoring control around the greens. The Tour Speed has all of the above. 


Golfers with a high swing speed, you will need a golf ball that lets you take advantage of it. Too many golfers grab a two piece beginner golf ball and end up leaving too much distance out on the course. The Technology Driven Core helps golfers get maximum distance not just off the tee but on approaches to the green as well. 


Typically speaking, it can be hard for a long distance golf ball to also have a good greenside spin. The Tour Speed has a TPU cover that helps players generate more spin. If you want a high spin ball for a beginner golfer with a high swing speed, the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is a better option. 


Titleist golf balls have some of the best feel in the game. The feel of the Tour Speed is a bit more firm than the Pro V1. However, the Tour Speed is a much more affordable model than the Pro V1. 


The new proprietary TPU Cover seems to hold up quite well, even with a missed shot. You should have no trouble getting in a few extra rounds of golf with the same golf ball. 


The Tour Speed are priced just above the value golf balls but lower than the premium golf balls. If you want to make an investment in your golf game but aren’t quite ready for a premium ball, this is a great choice. 

Golf Insider verdict

As a beginner, you are going to hear a lot about the Titleist Pro V1 being the best ball in the game. Although at some point that will be a difficult point to argue, try playing with the Titleist Tour Speed in the beginner stage and see what it can do for your game. 

Vice Pro Plus – Best beginner golf ball for slow swing speed

Vice Pro Plus golf ball dozen pack winner of best ball for slow swing speed

The Vice Pro Plus is the best golf ball for the low swing speed beginner golfer. Having a lower swing speed as a beginner is not uncommon. While you increase your confidence and swing speed, let the Vice Pro Plus help you get the performance you need. 


The Vice Pro Plus is a 4 piece golf ball with a cast urethane cover. It is a distance golf ball primarily with yardages that will rival the Pro V1. The dual casing design allows beginners to get the roll and carry they are looking for in their game. 


The spin from the Vice Pro Plus is a little lower than some other beginner golf balls. However, this low spin can help you off the tee. We felt like the Urethane cover was a bit sticky and helped us get some control around the green, but nothing quite like a Mizuno Tour RB X that will have much higher spin rates. 


The Vice Pro Plus has an excellent feel, just between the firm and soft. You’ll get a far superior feel compared to cheaper golf balls, but this isn’t as a soft feeling as a Pro V1.


Truly we have played round after round with the Vice Pro Plus and have not noticed it to cut. The Urethane cover seems to protect the ball exceptionally well. 


Vice prides itself on the ability to make a golf ball both high performing and affordable. They are one of the leaders when it comes to value. You can read more in our full Vice golf ball review here.

Golf Insider verdict

The Vice Pro Plus is a long-distance golf ball with a mid-level spin around the greens. If you are new to the game and need that extra roll from the tee because of your slower swing speed, the Vice Pro Plus can do the trick. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf balls for beginners. With all the options on the market, you may go through a few different brands before finding your ideal fit. 

Do golf balls matter for beginners?

Golf balls do not matter for beginners as much as they do elite players, but they can still make a small difference. All new golf balls will travel straight, but certain types of golf balls feel softer, spin more and can make a few yards difference when driving.

What kind of golf balls should a beginner use?

A beginner should look for a golf ball they enjoy playing with, that they can afford. Playing with the same type of golf ball over time makes it easier to gauge distances and feel when chipping and putting.

Should beginner golfers use hard or soft balls?

A beginner should choose their golf ball compression based on personal preference as the real difference between hard and soft golf balls is only 2-6 yards on a 250-yard drive. Beginners need to learn to hit the ball consistently before this will make a difference.

What is the most forgiving golf ball for beginners?

Low spin golf balls tend to be the most forgiving for beginners. In addition, a dimple pattern that will help a golfer to increase launch is quite a bit more forgiving as well. The high spin golf balls can turn to the left or right a bit too much when they connect with a golf club that has sidespin. 

Should beginners use hard or soft golf balls?

Beginners should consider their swing speed and performance preferences when deciding between a hard or soft golf ball. Most golf balls optimized for beginners will have a medium to soft feel. 

Can a beginner use Pro V1?

A beginner can use Pro V1 but the price difference between these golf balls and regular golf balls is not likely to be worth it if you are expecting to see noticeable performance gains.

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We hope you now feel like you can choose a beginner golf ball with confidence. There are dozens of options out there, but many of these will not be optimized for the needs of a beginner player. Instead of choosing a golf ball based on price alone, get a much better value and take advantage of the benefits that these golf balls can bring to your game.

You get one chance to be a beginner golfer; give yourself the best advantage you can! For more beginner equipment guides check out our best golf sets for beginners article here.

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