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Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers 2024

Every golf balls seems to promise you extra yards, optimised short game spin and help in holing more putts. But what is the truth? Here we look at data and help you find the best golf balls for a mid handicap golfers, based on your needs.

If you are a mid handicapper ready to make a decision about the best golf ball for your game, here is some honest and unbiased information about which one would truly be the best. 

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers: Top picks

Bridgestone Tour B RX – Best all-around golf ball for Mid Handicapper

Bridgestone RX golf balls voted best all around for mid handicapper

The Bridgestone Tour B RX are our top choice for the best all-around golf ball for a mid handicapper. If we are being honest the Bridgestone golf ball names, “B” “BRX” “BX” “BXS” etc. get a bit confusing. Enough to keep an average golfer away. Trust us on this one the Bridgestone B RX is the one you will want to remember. 


All of the Tour B golf balls have the Reactive Urethane Cover and a premium fast core. When it comes to distance we found the Tour B RX to have some of the best on the market. It’s really the combination of the low spin combined with the jump you get off the clubface that helped us feel as though we could really hit this one. 


Spin and control around the greens is better with the Reactiv Urethane cover. If you have played a Bridgestone value ball like the e6 or e12 you will notice a major difference when switching to the B RX. 


The Tour B RX has soft feel, maybe a little softer than some faster swing speed players will like. However, we still felt that around the greens there was enough firmness to keep the ball on the line. This is a premium ball with a 75 compression, feel is going to be pretty good. 


The Bridgestone company knows how to make long lasting golf balls. We found that three rounds of golf with the Bridgestone Tour B RX still allowed for the same distance and spin as the first round. 


The Bridgestone Tour B RX is a premium ball priced in the same range as other top golf balls from Titleist and Callaway. It’s worth the price because of the performance that you will find from the tee and the green. If you have not yet tried a Bridgestone golf ball this is something worth putting in your bag for a few rounds. 

Golf Insider verdict

For the mid handicapper with a swing speed under 105 looking for both greenside and tee performance, the Bridgestone Tour B RX is the perfect choice. This is a maximum distance ball that has incredible greenside feel and performance. If you get confused with the Bridgestone golf ball names and choices, gravitate towards the Tour B RX and you will be fine. 

Titleist Pro V1 x – Best distance ball for Mid Handicapper 

Titleist Pro V1X Dozen box voted best distance ball for mid handicap golfers

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are some of the most popular golf balls in the game. Some players hate the attention these golf balls get, and others realize that the attention is for a reason. 


Although we love the spin technology from the Titleist Pro V1x the distance is where mid handicappers really will notice the difference. If you are looking to get some long distance off the tee, without changing your golf game around much, the Pro V1x is the way to go. Just be careful putting too much side spin on a ball, as the Pro V1x is not the lowest spinning golf ball on the market. 


Where you want the Pro V1x to stop, it will stop. The spin created with the Pro V1x can be the key to a mid handicapper learning to control the ball around the green. 


Feel from the Pro V1x is impressive. You will find that from the tee it has a nice firm feel that allows you to really get that extra jump off the clubface you need. Around the greens the Pro V1x helps us feel like we are the ones in control. In the game of golf this feeling can be rare!


The Pro V1x golf ball is designed using premium materials, yet we find that this golf ball cuts a bit more than we would like. If you are a golfer that struggles with cutting the ball, you may have to buy a couple extra balls to make it through your season.


The Pro V1x kind of sets the bar as a premium ball. Since you can also cut this ball fairly easily, the overall value is really not that great. We certainly aren’t knocking the performance that you get, but this is for the players that can afford it. 

Golf Insider verdict

If you have the money to pay for a few extra yards and some drop and stop performance around the greens, the Pro V1x will deliver. Slower swing speeds can try the Titleist Pro V1 and see some similar benefits. 

Mizuno RB Tour X – Best for Spin and Shot Stopping

Mizuno RB Tour X golf balls voted best for mid handicap golfers wanting more spin

If you are surprised to see a Mizuno golf ball make the list of the best golf balls for mid handicappers, you are not alone. However, when we tested the Mizuno RB Tour X around the greens and with our iron approaches, there was no debating the fact that this ball can perform. 


With the driver in our hands, the Mizuno RB Tour X was not our favorite golf ball. Although we saw no decrease in the distance on the iron shots into the greens, the RB Tour X cost us three to five yards from the tee. Not enough to count this ball out, but worth mentioning. 


Spin is where the Mizuno RB Tour X shines. The golf ball is made of four pieces, including a Urethane cover that is very responsive around the greens. The spin from the Mizuno RB Tour X was not just impressive for chips and pitches but also when hitting approach shots onto the green. When determining yardages into the green, we had no trouble with the RB Tour X in play as the ball stopped where it was supposed to. 


The overall feel is soft but not too soft that it feels mushy. For a high spin ball, you will want a little bit of firmness, and the Mizuno RB Tour X has that. 


Overall we noticed no major issues with the longevity of the Mizuno RB Tour X. The Urethane cover balls will scuff when they hit cart paths and sometimes coming out of a bunker, but other than that, the ball could easily hold up for several rounds. 


It is hard to find a four-piece golf ball for less than $40. The Mizuno RB Tour X is one of the best values on the market. 

Golf Insider verdict

For mid handicappers that want really great performance for a very fair price, give the Mizuno RB Tour X golf ball a try. We were impressed with the performance in almost all areas of the game.

Titleist Tour Speed  – Best For High Swing Speed Mid Handicapper

Titleist Tour Speed Dozen Golf Balls best for mid handicap golfers with a high swing speed

Mid handicappers come with all different swing speeds. Those that are lucky enough to have the swing speed need to find a golf ball that helps you capitalize on it. The Titleist Tour Speed gives high swing speed players the distance and spin performance they need. You can read our full Titleist Tour Speed review here.


Distance is really where the Titleist Tour Speed shines. If you want very high ball speed levels, exceptional launch, and plenty of roll, the Titleist Tour Speed is a great golf ball. The distance from this ball will rival the Pro V1x and Pro V1, and it is not in the same price range as the premium balls. 


The Titleist Tour Speed does well with low spin from the tee. However, when it comes to spin on the wedges, it won’t be a golf ball that is going to back up and run off the green. The spin is about average for wedges and iron approach shots. The good news here is that many high swing speed players already generate plenty of spin naturally. 


Titleist claims that the Tour Speed is a soft feel golf ball. When we played it, the ball feels just a little firm. The jump that it gets in the short clubs is not our favorite, but something that you can adjust to for the extra distance that you get from the tee. 


Titleist Tour Speed golf balls hold up well over time. With a distance and speed type golf ball like this, the cover must be strong. The thermoplastic urethane cover does an excellent job of protecting the golf ball. 


Overall we are impressed with the value that you get from the Tour Speed. Golf balls from Titleist are not known for being cheap, but the Titleist Tour Speed gives you some excellent performance for the money you pay. 

Golf Insider verdict

Players looking for incredible distance and very high ball speeds will like the Tour Speed. If you are a mid handicapper with a lot of swing speed, put it to good use by using a golf ball built for your skillset. 

Vice Pro Plus – Best for Low Swing Speed Mid Handicapper 

Vice Pro Plus golf balls are the best golf balls for mid handicappers with a low swing speed

Low swing speed golfers often need a little extra help when it comes to both distance and spin. The Vice Pro Plus is an excellent alternative to something like the Titleist Pro V1x, requiring slightly higher swing speeds to capitalize on the performance. 


The Vice Pro Plus offers impressive distance technology. We found that the golf ball not only had distance that rivalled the best distance balls in the game, but it had low spin from the tee as well. Whether the low spin helps you keep the ball straight or get those few extra yards of roll, it is a good thing to have. 


Spin on the Vice Pro Plus is quite good. Around the greens, you will have no trouble stopping the ball where you want it to. Low swing speed golfers often struggle with creating short game spin. If you pair this ball with a great wedge and the right technique, you can spin it. 


Overall the feel of the Vice Pro Plus is a little hard, but not hard enough for it to lose its greenside workability. The firm feel likely has to do with the slightly higher compression. However, when we tested this ball at the low swing speed level, golfers will still be able to get the performance they needed. 


After several rounds, the Vice Pro Plus was still in good shape. This ball comes in several different color options for the mid handicapper that wants to change things up. The white ball did seem to hold up the best. 


Vice Pro Plus offers a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the middle man. This has been a tremendous help in ensuring the golf balls stay affordable. For the technology you get from the Vice Pro Plus, this is a great deal.

Golf Insider verdict

Lower swing speed players that still want performance from a golf ball should consider the Vice Pro Plus. So many low swing speed players are guided towards an ultra low compression two-piece ball, and that leaves way too much performance on the table.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf balls for mid handicappers. With the way golf companies market to mid handicappers, it is no surprise that you have questions and even concerns about which golf ball is the best on the market. 

What golf balls are good for mid handicappers?

Mid handicappers do well with at least a three-piece ball with some low spin from the tee and a soft feel for control around the greens. By the time golfers reach the mid handicap range, playing with a golf ball that can help assist performance makes sense. You are past the point of playing with cheap golf balls just to save some money. 

What is considered a mid handicap?

A mid handicapper is a golfer that typically has between a 9 and a 20 handicap. Most of the time mid handicappers will shoot between 80 and 95. 

What golf ball should a 15 handicap use?

A 15 handicap golfer will benefit from using a Bridgestone Tour B RX. With the Tour B RX, the 15 handicap player can get impressive distance from the tee, accuracy on the iron shot approaches to the green, and enough spin to stop the ball around the green. The Tour B RX is a premium ball that works best for swing speeds less than 105mph. 

What golf ball should a 10 handicap use?

A ten handicapper should play with a Pro V1 golf ball. The Titleist Pro V1 offers a ten handicapper the perfect mix of performance from the tee and the green. Even though Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are typically a little higher in price than other balls on the market, it’s worth the investment when you reach the 10 handicap range. 

Do more expensive golf balls go further?

More expensive golf balls go further if they are a match for your golf game. Many expensive golf balls are designed to mix performance from both the tee and the green. The more expensive a golf ball is will not always directly impact the distance that it travels. Think of the more expensive golf balls as a complete solution to the needs of your golf game. 

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We hope you can now choose a mid handicapper golf ball that fits perfectly with your game. The Bridgestone Tour B RX stands out as the best overall because of the impressive performance it offers from all areas of the game.

However, the right golf ball is all about matching the type of performance you would like to have in your game. If you are a high swing speed player, the Titleist Tour Speed could be better. Give your game a good analysis, and then dive into some golf ball technology that will actually make a difference in the way you play.

For more specific mid handicap guides check out out round up of the best irons for mid handicappers.

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