Best Golf Balls For Women 2024

If you are still haphazardly choosing a golf ball for your game from the sale rack in the golf shop, it’s time to make a change. We will say this several times throughout our review of the best golf balls for women; the golf ball you play with matters. 

Although it may be a few yards of carry distance, or roll, or decreased side spin, choosing the right golf ball can end up helping you save several strokes on your game. We have done some testing and in-depth research to develop the five best golf balls for women golfers. 

Best golf balls for Women: Top picks

Mizuno RB Tour – Best for beginners

Mizuno RB Tour dozen ball pack voted best balls for beginner ladies

The golf balls on our list may not be the typical options that you see for women golfers. However, with our product testing and research, we have found that these golf balls gave us the actual results that women golfers need on the course. The Mizuno RB Tour are the best golf balls for women beginners. They have the perfect combination of greenside and tee performance, for a fair price.


The Mizuno RB Tour features a new C Dimple technology allowing for reduced drag. This means that even when you miss your shot a little, it will do what it needs to cut through the air. In addition, the high energy Ionomer mantle ensures that energy from the clubhead is fully transferred into the golf ball. 


The Mizuno RB Tour is a four piece golf ball. The four layers allow for added performance around the greens. In addition, the Urethane cover allows for a slightly softer feel around the greens, even for the slower swing speed player. 


Mizuno RB Tour golf balls fall right in the middle of a hard and soft golf ball. The dual core design has probably helped this to be the case. With the C dimple design, you almost feel as though you make contact with the ball for a longer time, resulting in more distance and a better overall feel. 


The Mizuno RB Tour had no cuts or scuffs on the ball, even after a few bunker shots. It is safe to assume you can get several rounds out of this golf ball. 


There are not too many four piece golf balls in this price range. Although many women beginners will be tempted to purchase a cheap golf ball that is marketed to them, the Mizuno RB Tour can give small but useful performance benefits (2-4 yards on drives, quicker stopping chips) on the golf course.

Golf Insider verdict

As a beginner woman golfer, chances are you are going to struggle with things like distance and getting the ball to stop on the green. Playing with a high quality (yet affordable) four piece golf ball that can give your game a bit of a boost along the way will only increase your chances of sticking with golf. The Mizuno RB Tour is a unique but smart selection for a woman beginner. 

Vice Pro Soft – Best for women seniors

Vice golf balls voted best for senior women

Senior women golfers often start to struggle with a lack of club head sped. As we age and our bodies slow down, so does the distance we can get from the shots we hit. Women senior golfers will benefit significantly from a golf ball that has a tremendous feel, increased distance, and better visibility. The Vice Pro Soft has all of these features. 


The Vice Pro Soft is a three piece golf ball with a very thin cover. You will get better than average distance with the Vice Pro Soft, but do not expect this to be the longest golf ball on the market. Senior women golfers can’t win in the distance game. However, where senior women can compete is around the greens. 


The Vice Pro Soft is one of the best spin balls for the woman golfer. The high short game spin is there to help the mid to lower swing speed players get the ball to stop and perform around the greens. From our experience, it works really well. 


Feel around the greens is so important when trying to create extra spin. The Vice Pro Soft has a very soft feel coming off the golf club. You will be the one in control of what this ball does around the green. 


Even though the cover of the Vice Pro Soft is relatively soft, we found that it could hold up throughout an entire round of play. If you hit the cart path with one of these, expect it to cut the ball pretty good. 


The entire line of Vice Golf balls was designed to help players who want high-quality performance without breaking the bank. The Vice Pro Soft offers tremendous value for senior women golfers that are interested in higher quality performance around the green. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

The Vice Pro Soft is the perfect golf ball for a woman who doesn’t mind giving up a yard or two to gain the feel and control they need around the greens. 

Titleist Pro V1 – Best for spin and shot making 

Dozen Titleist Pro V1 box of balls in white

For women golfers that have been around the game for quite some time, it should come as no surprise that the Titleist Pro V1 makes the list of the best golf balls for women. Many women players believe that they don’t have the swing speed for the Titleist Pro V1, but that is not necessarily the case. 


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are longer than most golf balls on the market (1-2 yards on drives), even for golfers with low and mid swing speeds. The distance is created through a very low spin on the long game, a unique dimple design, and a urethane elastomer cover system. Even though the Titleist Pro V1 is our best golf ball for spin and shot making, you will probably pick up a few yards by using it. 


The Titleist Pro V1 has some of the highest greenside spin rates on the market. At the same time, the long game spin is extremely low. This is essentially why the Pro V1 is such a premium golf ball.


Every few years, Titleist gives the Pro V1 a little facelift and helps to ensure that the technology is continually improving. The new cover technology and tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design help ensure that the feel of the Pro V1 is unmatched. 


We have always found the Pro V1 to be more durable than the Pro V1x. If you are worried about cutting the Pro V1, you can rest assured that you will have several rounds of play with this golf ball being in excellent condition. 


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are expensive. If you are a woman golfer that cares about stopping the ball, shot-making, and spin, the price of the Pro V1 will be well worth it. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

Although the Pro V1 is a premium ball, priced a little higher than others on the market, most women golfers can easily justify the extra money based on the performance of this golf ball. 

TaylorMade Tour Response – Best for distance

Dozen box of TaylorMade Tour Response best women's golf ball for distance

Women golfers need distance from the tee, and even with the iron and hybrid approach shots to the green. With the TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball, you can get the distance and durability you need from the tee, but some surprisingly good performance around the greens as well.  


The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is a three piece ball with very low compression. The compression rating is around 40, making it quite easy for even the low swing speed players to compress their golf balls. With the Tour Response, you get plenty of carry as well as roll. 


The Tour Response has a urethane cover, similar to the premium TaylorMade TP5. The urethane cover makes it easier to generate greenside back spin and control the ball on those pitches and chips. 


The overall feel of the TaylorMade Tour Response is quite soft. Players will notice that the elastic like components will make the Tour Response feel as though it is workable, and the player is in control. 


TaylorMade takes longevity quite seriously. They included a new crosslinking chemical reaction to ensure that even high swing speed players won’t cut the ball easily. 


When you look at the technology in the Tour Response compared to the technology of the TP5, you will quickly see why this golf ball ranks so high. Women golfers that care about pricing in addition to performance will be pleasantly surprised with the Tour Response. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

The TaylorMade Tour Response allows for plenty of distance, but you won’t sacrifice feel around the greens. Unless you have a really fast swing speed, save yourself the money and purchase the Tour REsponse as opposed to the TP5 golf balls. 

Titleist AVX – Best for high swing speed

Titleist AVX dozen golf balls are the best for women with high swing speeds

Although most women golfers are mid to low swing speed, there is an entire category of players that can go after the ball. When these women golfers try to play with something that is lower compression and designed for the low swing speeds, they will lose performance. The Titleist AVX has everything that a faster swinging female needs. 


The Titleist AVX golf ball is designed for both distance and greenside performance. However, it really appeals to the golfers that have a great game and high swing speed but still have trouble capitalizing on distance. The AVX has some of the lowest driver spin in the game and a thin cast urethane cover system. 


The AVX has a very high greenside spin. This is created due to the Catenary Aerodynamic Dimples and the cast urethane cover system. The ball’s cover has plenty of flex in it, allowing for some give and better overall spin characteristics. 


The Titleist AVX feels a bit like a Pro V1; however, it is softer. The softer feel allows women golfers to have control over the ball around the greens. 


Similar to the Pro V1, we had no issues with scuffs and scratches on the AVX. If you are making great swings, expect to have this ball in place for many rounds. 


The Titleist AVX is a premium-priced golf ball in the same category as the Pro V1. However, if you have a higher swing speed as a woman golfer, you may as well be using it to help you perform on the course. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

Although the Titleist AVX is a premium golf ball that is priced a bit high, we found it to have some better overall performance than the Pro V1 for a higher swing speed player. 

Frequently asked questions when buying women’s golf ball

There are a lot of golf balls on the market for women players to choose from. Finding something that specifically fits the needs of your game can be a bit challenging. Here are a few of the questions to ask before making your final purchase. 

What’s a good golf ball for a woman?

The Vice Pro Soft is a great golf ball for women. With fair pricing, a soft feel around the greens, and plenty of distance, women golfers will get their money’s worth with the Vice Pro Soft. Women golfers should try and stay away from the cheap distance balls as they won’t give a well-rounded overall performance on the course. 

Should I choose hard or soft golf balls?

Women golfers are better off choosing a softer golf ball. Soft golf balls increase the feel around the greens, improve overall spin and help players with mid to low swing speeds have more control of their golf game. 

​​What golf ball should a beginner ladies use?

Beginners should use a lower compression golf ball with a soft feel and greenside performance. The Mizuno RB Tour is a four piece design that offers tremendous performance for a beginner woman golfer. 

Do softer golf balls go further?

Softer golf balls with low compression can go further for a mid to low swing speed player. IF you have a fast swing speed, don’t focus so much on a low compression golf ball. 

What is the most forgiving golf ball?

A forgiving golf ball will be the one that most closely matches the characteristics of your golf game. However, typically speaking, a low spin, low compression golf ball like the Callaway Supersoft will be the best overall choice for forgiveness. 

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Summary – Best golf ball for women

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose a golf ball that is well suited for the needs of your golf game. Women golfers are often sold on a low compression pink golf ball, thinking it was designed specifically for them. We encourage you to think outside the box and look at real performance data when choosing a golf ball.

Once you find a great golf ball, it will be easy to understand the importance of golf ball technology and why it matters to your game. For more equipment guides check out this article on the best women’s golf clubs and here for a rundown of the best women’s irons.

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