The Best Golf Club Brands For Your Needs & Budget

When analyzing the best golf club brands, you have to break down what you are looking for. Callaway golf clubs may stand out in one category, whereas Titleist stands out in another. We’ve broken down the best brands for everything from complete sets to irons to golf shoes. Here, we’ll cover the best golf club brands in each category (and which ones you should also avoid).

The best Golf club brands are:

Best Brands for Complete Golf Club Sets

With a complete golf club set, you need to find a mix of forgiveness and value. Most of the clubs in these sets are going to be game-improvement in style, so a little bit of extra distance coming from the golf club head is a good thing.

You’ve got multiple great brands to choose from, and a few to avoid.

Cobra golf are one of the top brands for beginner golfers and the Cobra Fly XL complete set is still our favourite complete golf club set for new golfers.

Cobra Fly XL complete set header

The best golf brands for complete golf club sets also have a good amount of quality that can give you 5 or more years with a set.

Callaway Complete Set Golf Clubs

Although Callaway may be better known for some of their clubs, like the Paradym or Big Bertha series, it also makes complete golf set options that work for a variety of players. What you can expect from Callaway complete sets is options for both men’s golf clubs and women’s golf clubs, a focus on value and quality, and options for a variety of club set makeups.

Callaway Edge Golf Complete Set

The Callaway Edge set has a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, five irons, a sand wedge, and a putter. This is a set designed for beginner golfers looking for forgiveness. The irons are the real stars of the Edge set, with the driver and hybrids being slightly less functional. The key here is the value of those looking to build a golf game.

Callaway Edge Golf Club Set

Check out our full review of the Callaway Edge here.

Callaway Strata Golf Complete Set

The Callaway Strata is a complete set that keeps value in mind. For high handicappers and golfers with slower swing speeds looking to get into the game, the Strata offers several options to choose from. Across the golf industry, the Strata is known to be one of the top complete sets for new players; as your swing speed increases and your game improves, you will need something a little more extensive.

Callaway strata complete set

Check out our full review of the Callaway Strata here.


Robin is an independent brand that focuses on game improvement irons and woods sold as a complete set at a discounted price. The Robin complete sets seem to be a better option for mid and high-handicappers who care a bit more about the look and feel of a club than just the forgiveness.

Check out our full review of the Robin Complete Set.

Golf club brands to avoid in complete sets

As you search for complete sets to head to the golf course, it’s best to stay away from a few of the complete sets that we see commonly sold online. These aren’t a complete rip-off and are fine if you are only going to play 2-5 times a year, but they are poorer quality, making learning the game a little harder. We’d prefer golfers to start the game with the best gear possible.

Complete golf clubs sets brands to avoid currently are:

  • Precise
  • Fazer
  • Nitro
  • ProSimmon


We could create a seriously long list in this category, but our favorite brands for golf drivers include Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway. Each of these brands focuses on incredibly long distances, with several models to accommodate golfers of all abilities and built-in forgiveness.

Ping Drivers

Ping golf clubs are known for having great feel, and if you don’t think feel matters in a driver, think again. The Ping drivers, both the G425 and the G430, were consistently rated as among the top drivers for mid-handicappers. The Ping G430 features an internal rib structure to improve feel, and some models even have a 25-gram tungsten weight to change draw and fade bias.

We did an in-depth review of the Ping G430 driver here.

Titleist Drivers

One of the things that make the Titleist drivers stand out is the lower dispersion rates. For years, Titleist led the way when it came to players’ golf clubs, but golfers who struggle with distance lagged behind. In the latest TSi series, that is no longer a problem. The TSi2 is incredibly forgiving, whereas the TSi3 is used by players on professional golf tours looking for workability and precision.

TaylorMade Drivers

TaylorMade has to earn a spot on the best golf brands for drivers list. TaylorMade golf clubs stand out because of the incredible speeds they can offer the golf world. Ball speed is a bit of a race in golf, and TaylorMade is trying to win it. With the Stealth golf drivers, a carbon face has brought a new player experience. Golfers noticed more consistent ball flight, higher speeds, and a unique feel coming from the face of the driver.

Callaway Drivers

If you have been playing golf long enough, you likely remember the forgiving and easy-to-hit drivers under the Big Bertha name when Callaway first released them. At the time, these innovative golf clubs helped players get the ball in the air and achieve those first drives over 200 yards. Today, the newest Callaway Paradym drivers feature AI technology, a carbon chassis, and more speed and stability than any Callaway driver in the past.

Here is a link to our full Callaway Paradym driver review.

Golf Club Brands to Avoid in Drivers

It’s important to do your own testing of drivers to see what really works for you, but here are a few drivers that have not performed as well and left golfers wishing they hadn’t purchased them.

  • InTech
  • Ram
  • Powerbilt

Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Fairway woods and Hybrids tend to go hand in hand when it comes to the best brands in golf. You will find that the technology used in fairway woods and hybrids can be similar, and the look and feel often blend in quite well with each other. We have had luck with Cleveland clubs for higher handicap players, TaylorMade for the speed seekers, and Callaway for overall forgiveness on these fairway shots.

Callaway Fairway Woods

We know that Callaway makes some of the best golf clubs in the game. Take a look across the PGA Tour, and you can see the impact this brand has. When it comes to the fairway woods and hybrids, AI technology has helped Callaway really expand its reach. The new Paradym line of fairway woods is great for faster swing speed players looking for consistency and plenty of distance; the Big Bertha Reva is a popular option for women golfers. If you want to save a little money, the Callaway Epic Speed Fairway woods are still a great choice, even if they have been out for a year or more.

TaylorMade Fairway Woods

The TaylorMade fairway woods don’t feature the same carbon face that you find in the drivers. However, we know that as far as golf club manufacturers are concerned, TaylorMade will do everything possible to increase ball speed. The Stealth fairway woods and hybrids are great mid-handicap clubs that feature Speed Pocket technology and an impressive overall feel.

Cleveland Fairway Woods

Cleveland golf clubs are mostly designed for golfers with extra forgiveness needs. This golf club brand has some wedges that work for any player, but the majority of their product releases are for mid to high handicappers. The Cleveland XL Halo fairway woods feature Action Mass CB technology for a counterbalanced feel and more control, tons of flexibility in the clubhead, and the Gliderail structure to get you through any lie.

Fairway Wood and Hybrid Brands to Avoid

Finding the right fairway woods and hybrids has a lot to do with loft gapping. Finding the right loft gap between your fairway, hybrids, and irons will give you more consistency on the course. However, there are a few golf brand names out there that make less-than-perfect fairways and hybrids. They include:

  • Alien Golf
  • Pinemeadow
  • Warrior

Irons Sets

The irons take up the majority of the golf bag; if you don’t love your irons, you should be exploring other brands out there and the options they have. Mizuno golf clubs have long stood out as some of the best feeling and performing golf irons on the market. However, we couldn’t leave Titleist and Srixon out in this category.


The manufacturing process at Mizuno is detail-oriented and intense. The forgiving process and commitment to only the best materials really set Mizuno apart. We tested the JPX 923 Tour irons and found an impressive feel, beautiful looks, and fair pricing. In the past, Mizuno was known for being expensive, but with Miura golf clubs and XXIO golf clubs on the market, Mizuno is now recognized as a premium club at a fair price

Take a look at our full Mizuno JPX 923 Tour Iron here.


Titleist golf clubs, the irons especially, are not just for better players. With additions like the T300 irons to the lineup, you can benefit from the impressive TItleist feel even when your handicap is a bit higher. The players who have Titleist in the bag are continually impressed with the precision these clubs offer. If your accuracy on the course struggles, think about a Titleist iron.


Srixon flies under the radar still, but they are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Buying Srixon irons is easy with the way they have separated the functionality for mid and high handicappers, high handicappers, and low handicappers. The ZX7 MKii irons have a clean and compact head with plenty of distance capability. If you need an iron that performs and looks great, give this one a try.

Golf Iron Brands To Avoid

When it comes to golf club brands to avoid, keep materials and manufacturing g at the forefront of your mind. Not all cheaper golf irons are bad. Tour Edge golf clubs and Wilson Golf Clubs make some lower priced iron sets that still have a good feel and stability through impact. However, these three brands are not known for their impressive performance:

  • Lazrus
  • Bombtech
  • Mazel


The best golf brands for wedges are always looking to improve their groove structure, the feel of the wedges, and the overall spin that the clubs can produce. Where Cleveland sometimes struggles in creating the best golf clubs for better players, when it comes to wedges, their ZipCore line has a lot to offer.


Cleveland incorporates a HydraZip face with the UltiZip grooves to increase overall spin. They have also played around with center of gravity location in the last few years, making it easier to hit golf balls close to the pin, regardless of your lie. I like the Cleveland wedges for the mid to high handicappers who have found the importance of precision in the short game.


The Titleist Vokey SM9 is often considered the best wedge in golf, and we won’t argue with anyone who believes this. The Spin Milled grooves just really help to stop the ball where you want it. Vokey offers a ton of lofts and grind options; you may need to take a quick class to understand which wedges are best for you.


The Callaway Mack Daddy wedges were well known and even used on the PGA Tour. However, the new Jaws Raw series is getting a lot of attention because of its impressive spin rates on both long and short shots. Callaway Jaws wedges are for the better player, as they don’t offer a ton of forgiveness, but mid-handicappers will benefit from them as well.

Golf Wedge Brands to Avoid

When you choose the wrong brand of wedges, expect to have a hard time spinning them, and the feel will not be nearly as good.

  • GoSports
  • Majek
  • MacGregor


Putter selection can be a bit of a personal preference decision. The great thing about a putter is that you can keep it in the bag for a really long time. Making an investment in a higher-quality putter will help you from having to find a replacement within the next few years. Scotty Cameron, Ping, and Odyssey are known for having great putter technology and plenty of options to choose from.

Scotty Cameron

When you hear the brand name, Scotty Cameron mentions, you probably think of quality. Golfers like Tiger Woods have won dozens of major championships using Scotty Cameron putters. The putter technology is cutting edge, the feel is probably the best around, and consistency is never a problem with a Scotty in your hand. If you need some direction in choosing your first Scotty Cameron, the Newport is always a classic blade style.


Ping does an incredible job with customization in their irons, and as you may imagine, customization in putters is even more important. From the start of Ping putters with the Anser to the modern mallet-style models, you can always expect a pure feel from Ping. In the last few years, Ping has tried to incorporate higher MOI into their putter models, and it pays off for golfers of all handicaps.


Odyssey golf clubs are a division of Callaway, and they make the famous White Hot putters. The Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball is one of the best-selling putters the game of golf has ever seen. In fact, there are more than 5 million of these out there, almost as many as the Ping Anser. If you are a mid to high handicapper looking to take your putting game to the next level, this is one to try.

Putter Brands to Avoid

I won’t say that it’s impossible to have a great round of golf with a junky putter. However, you may as well give yourself the best possible chance. Here are a few of the golf putters on the market to avoid:

  • Kirkland
  • PGM Golf
  • PowerBilt

Premium Golf Equipment

In addition to these individual categories of golf equipment, there are some companies that are known for their premium golf clubs. If you want to know some of the best golf club brands for quality (without considering price), here are a few to look at.

  • Miura Golf Club: Miura is a small brand with clubs that are hand-forged in Japan. Expect the Miura irons to have an impressive feel and great longevity, along with a big price tag. The Miura KM700 irons are known for bringing the pure forged blade like technology into a game improvement style iron.
  • XXIO Golf Clubs: XXIO is a growing brand, especially for women golfers. These clubs are made with premium carbon and titanium materials to help improve the overall feel and make the clubs even lighter than competitors.
  • Bettinardi Putters: Bettinardi gives Scotty Cameron a run for their money when it comes to premium putter technology. With the Bettinardi putters, spend some time getting custom-fitted to make sure you end up with the right fit. The 2023 Studio Stock line from Bettinardi features high MOI, impressive face milling and blade, and mallet models. 

Value Golf Equipment

We didn’t want you to get the wrong idea about some of these top picks and the pricing of the individual clubs. We are all for a great deal in golf, and just because a club is expensive does not mean it’s a great club. Here are a few of our favorite value-priced brands.

  • Tour Edge Golf Clubs: Tour Edge offers some of the best value-priced equipment for new players, higher handicappers, and average golfers on a budget. If you want to make customizations to a club on a budget, the Tour Edge are a great option to consider.
  • Wilson Clubs: Wilson beginner sets are a great value, but things like the Wilson Infinite line of putters also stand out among some of the best.

Golf shoes

Finding the right golf shoes can make balance, stability, and traction on the course all that much better. Pay close attention to the warranty of each brand you consider, and stay away from any shoes that are not designed with a good traction pattern or waterproof protection.

  • FootJoy: FootJoy has a tremendous reputation after being established in 1857. FootJoy has a wide selection of shoes and fits. FootJoy has a great warranty on their shoes, and they are well-represented on the PGA Tour.
  • Sqairz: Sqairz creates a unique square-toed shoe to allow for better stability and balance in the golf swing. If you struggle to stay stable or find shoes with the right amount of traction, the Sqairz would be one to look into.
  • Adidas: Adidas makes shoes for athletes, and the golf shoes are no different. The Adidas shoes have a modern and sporty look to them. If you walk the course, Adidas has some great options to keep your foot comfortable and dry.

Golf Bags

Whether you carry your bag, take a cart, or want to head out of town for the weekend with your clubs, the right golf bag will ensure that your equipment stays well-protected. Here are a few of the golf bags that we have found to be among the best.

  • Sun Mountain: Sun Mountain makes some of the best premium bags in the industry. The C130 is one of the most feature-rich cart bags on the market. Sun Mountain also has a new Mid Stripe Stand Bag that looks great and has all the functionality a great player needs.
  • Bag Boy: Bag Boy is a company under the Dynamic Brands name, which includes Datrek and Burton. The Chiller Cart Bag and ZTF Stand Bag are two top models from Bag Boy, and they come in 8-10 different colors.
  • Ping: If you like to walk the course, the Ping Hoofer is a great choice. It’s been the go-to choice for college golfers for years because of the lightweight feel and numerous pockets for organization.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything there is to know about the best golf club brands in the industry, use this information to set yourself up with the perfect set of clubs. Great golf brands have strong warranties and impressive customer service, and they take care of their customers. Investing in equipment from great golf brands helps you keep equipment for years to come.

Happy golfing.

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