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Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Players 2024

One of the most complex parts of getting started in the game of golf is finding the proper equipment to work for your needs. Trust us when we tell you that the golf equipment options are endless. In this guide, we will give you an honest review of the top five best golf clubs sets for intermediates. Investing in a set of golf clubs is a bit decision; this information should help clear things up a bit. 

We’re going to class intermediates as players who have played on and off for a few years but are now looking to dive in and take the game more seriously.

Top tips for intermediates buying golf clubs

  • Complete sets will be cheaper than putting together a set on your own custom set. 
  • Some complete sets have more clubs than others, be sure to check more than just the price. 
  • Some beginner sets will perform very well up until you reach a teen handicap – this is where we’ve focused this list.
  • Beginner and intermediate sets have limited shaft selections, shafts ideally need to suit your swing speed and ball flight (if your miss is left or right).
  • It’s easy to add wedges, hybrids, and fairway woods to a set but much harder to match the irons that are currently part of your intermediate complete set.  
  • Don’t let the golf bag influence your decision all that much; the clubs are what matters. 

The best golf clubs sets for intermediates are:

  1. Cobra Fly XL (Best Overall)
  2. TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite (Best For Performance) 
  3. Hot Launch 4 To Go (Excellent For Faster Swing Speed) 
  4. Robin Golf The Essentials (Best Value) 
  5. Callaway Strata (Best Cheap Intermediate Set) 

Cobra Fly XL 

Cobra Baffler XL Combo Iron Set

Cobra has a reputation of being a fairly priced but higher quality golf manufacturer. With the Cobra golf clubs, players can expect long-distance, plenty of accuracy, forgiveness and higher ball flight. Although the Fly XL is not necessary as impressive as a Cobra premium iron or Driver, the equipment you get here and how it performs for the price makes it our top pick.


The set comes with a 460cc titanium driver with an oversized and slightly offset head. If you choose the regular shaft set, you will get 10.5 degrees of loft and 11.5 degrees in the senior set. The Driver does an excellent job of straightening out slices and ensures that golfers can get good distance off the tee.

There are two fairway woods in the Cobra Fly XL, a 3 wood (15º) and a 5 wood (18º). The fairway woods have a wide sole and are great clubs to hit for second shots are longer holes, or as an alternative to hitting driver off the tee. The woods are all heel-biased, so they help get rid of a pesky slice.

Irons & hybrids

The set comes with a 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6-PW, and SW. The hybrids are incredibly easy to hit and send the ball high into the air. The hybrids are a far more forgiving club than traditional longer irons and still blends quite well from the hybrids into the irons. Cobra is known for its Baffler technology that lets golfers get the ball out of the rough with ease. Although these hybrids aren’t quite the same as the Baffler technology, the low center of gravity helps improve usability. 

Cobra put together a great set of traditional cavity back irons. These are perimeter weighted, offering excellent forgiveness and plenty of distance. Similar to the woods, the irons are designed to encourage a soft draw – great news if you tend to slice the golf ball.

The rest of the set

Cobra completes this set with a blade-style putter that has a machined face. The putter is a pretty basic design, but it has a good feel and is a mark above what you’ll find in less expensive golf sets. 

The cart bag that comes along with the Cobra Fly XL is quite good. It has a 14 way top, valuables pocket, and seven zippered compartments. We also like the fact that the bag is not overly heavy or oversized; it’s the perfect size golf cart bag for an intermediate golfer to start with and keep for many years. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Cobra Fly XL is an excellent option for an intermediate golfer wanting a high-quality golf set. This is a set that makes the game of golf fun but also allows you to grow as you become a better player.

The clubs in this set are really all any golfer will need, this allows Cobra to offer high-performing gear at a great price. This will serve you very well, but allows you to add in a lob wedge or gap wedge later on as you develop as a golfer.

*American Golf are currently stocking a set with only 1 fairway wood and 1 hybrid. Take that into consideration when comparing prices.

TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite

TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite 13-Piece Club Set Golf Clubs

TaylorMade has made a few complete sets through the years, but they mainly focused on woman golfers. However, the introduction of the new RBZ Speedlite really shows that this company is there to help golfers at any stage in the game. This set is priced a bit higher than others on the market, but TaylorMade gives you some of their premium technology in exchange.


The Driver in the RBZ Speedlite set is a 460cc titanium driver that is very lightweight and built to get players’ distance. The shaft is also equally light at just 50g. If you are a player that struggles to get the club moving quickly, the Driver will be a good fit for your game. 

The set also comes with two fairway woods that have a 180cc clubhead. This is a relatively forgiving club head that helps get the ball off the ground. We did notice that the ball comes off this club face hot, and it has a high MOI. 

Remember that TaylorMade cares very much about distance in their products, and the same holds true for the Speedlite set. 

Irons & hybrids

There are two hybrids and then the 6-PW, SW included with the RBZ Speedlite. The hybrids, or TaylorMade calls them “Rescues,” are forgiving and have a very low center of gravity. The result is that the clubs are easy to hit out of the rough and give you some room for error. Many golfers that invest in this set will admit that the rescues are their favorite. 

The TaylorMade RBZ irons are rather basic in design. They are standard cavity back irons with a low center of gravity. They have a thick top-down look that helps promote confidence and consistency. This club won’t feel anything like the new Stealth or a TaylorMade P790, but it’s good enough to hit straight shots that land near the hole. 

The rest of the set

The set comes with the pitching wedge and the sand wedge; you may want to fill in a gap or lob wedge at some point. However, the wedges included in the set of the C grind sole help make them quite versatile. The putter is a mallet-style with a Pure Roll insert. The putter is actually very similar to some of the more premium designs on the market. 

Golf Insider verdict

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite is without a doubt, one of the best-looking complete golf sets for beginners to intermediate golfers. The colour scheme and overall look of the bags and the clubs will stand out. In addition, these golf clubs can perform. Don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars on this set if you think you will play for more than just one season. 

Hot Launch 4 To Go 

If you stay away from the big name manufacturers, you can sometimes save quite a bit of money but still, get good technology. The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 To Go is a budget-friendly set that includes a good mix of feel and performance for beginner to intermediate players. 


The Driver is a 10.5 degree HL4 driver with Cup Face technology. One of the things we love about the Tour Edge complete sets is that if you want to add to them, it is effortless to do so. The clubs put in these sets are also sold individually through Tour Edge. 

There are also two fairway woods included with the HL4; one is a 3 wood and the other a 5 wood. These are clubs with a low center of gravity and a higher launch than some other options on the market. 

Irons & hybrids

The set has the same set makeup as our top two sets, 4 & 5 hybrid with the 6-9, PW, and SW. Again, you may end up adding in a gap wedge or a lob wedge, but that is very simple to do with the technology that you get from Tour Edge. 

Overall the hybrids and irons have a low center of gravity and high MOI. The feel is not bad, but the distance won’t be quite as effortless as it is with the TaylorMade set. As a company, Tour Edge focuses a bit more on accuracy and playability than distance. 

The rest of the set

Notice that the HL4 set comes in both the straight and the offset model. For golfers who tend to slice the ball, the offset model can be really helpful. The wedges that are included are the Tour Edge Super Spin, and they do a good job of stopping the ball on the green. This is another set with a mallet-style putter. Our favorite part of this putter was the easy alignment. 

Golf Insider verdict

Tour Edge is a brand that flies under the radar. They don’t have the same presence on the PGA Tour, so you won’t hear quite as much about them, but these beginner sets are really a smart value. In addition, if you like the set, it is very easy to add in some other irons or wedges if needed. If you have the choice between this and a really cheap knock-off set, spend the extra money and get some technology that is well worth it. 

Robin Golf The Essentials 

Robin golf clubs complete set in black bag

For golfers that are not sold on the fact that golf is going to be their new passion, a value type set of golf clubs can be a great choice. If you are looking for something that is more affordable but can still help you enjoy a great round of golf, the Robin Golf set is a good option. 


Since this is just the essential set, there are only a total of nine clubs. The Driver and the fairway wood are the only woods in the bag. The fairway wood has 15 degrees of loft and is not adjustable. It will play very similar to a 3 wood. 

You may have noticed that these sets all of the black club head design. Some golfers find that this helps them have more visibility and better control while on the course. 

Irons & hybrids

There is just one hybrid included with the set, and it plays similar to a 4 hybrid. The hybrid has a very wide sole but is surprisingly good at launching the ball from the rough. The irons are the 5, 7, 9, and pitching wedge. There is also a sand wedge included. 

The fact that you are missing the 6 and the 8 iron shouldn’t be too big of a deal for a beginner player or those that think they will play four or five times a year. If you plan on really trying to score, it will eventually help to have more of a complete set. 

Sometimes golfers that learn the game with fewer clubs will actually be better at feel and accuracy in the long run. 

The rest of the set

The bag is a simple stand bag that only comes in the pure black color. The bag is lightweight and works perfectly for those that like to walk the course. In addition, you get a very standard blade style putter and a few leather headcovers. 

Golf Insider verdict

Robin Golf did a great job of putting together a sleek-looking set of beginner golf clubs, ready for any golfer that thinks it’s time to get a bit more serious on the golf course. The only issue we really have with these is that they make it look a little better than they perform. Over time you will see that consistency, performance, and overall distance are stronger than some of the other options on the list. 

Callaway Strata 

The Callaway Strata is perhaps the most popular beginner golf set on the market. Unfortunately, it is often called the best beginner golf set, and there are some issues with calling it that. 


The Callaway Strata sets provide great value for the new golfer. The clubs are easy to hit, and the fact that they are made by Callaway ensures pretty good quality. The Strata sets are a long way from the latest Callaway golf releases like the Apex or the Rogue. However, for a beginner to intermediate on a budget, they can work. 

Callaway Starta golf clubs come in a range of options including 12, 14 and 16 piece sets. Depending on which set you to get, you will get a driver and a three wood. The titanium technology provides a large sweet spot, plenty of forgiveness, and aerodynamic shaping. You can still hit some really long drives with these clubs, but they aren’t as powerful as the Cobra Fly XL or TaylorMade RBZ drivers in the sets above.

Irons & hybrids

The hybrids are confidence-inducing but don’t have the best feel. They are a little flat looking and are kind of a mix between a hybrid and a fairway. Without a doubt, these clubs can get you out of the rough or put you close on a long par 4. The bottom line is that at some point, you will likely want to upgrade. 

The irons and wedges are basic cavity back-style that have a very high launch and a lightweight golf shaft. Again, for the beginner that is still struggling to get a decent ball flight, this is a club that can make all the difference in your game. However, they lack the extra edge intermediate golfers are often looking for.

The rest of the set

One of our favorite things about the Callaway Strata set is the lightweight stand bag that it comes with. This bag is an excellent choice for those that want to learn the game while walking the course. 

Golf Insider verdict

Overall the Callaway Strata clubs are forgiving, reliable and offer great value. They aren’t in our list for their outright performance. But for intermediate golfers shopping on a budget, they still offer great value. Do yourself a favor and at take a look at the 16 piece set; the 12 and 14 are limited in the clubs they provide and will leave too many gaps for the intermediate player. 

Frequently asked questions when buying intermediate golf clubs

In the following section, we will give you some of our best information about choosing intermediate golf clubs. Remember that the sets we chose are not just starter sets; these are intended to last you a few years as you move through the first few stages of becoming a golfer. 

Can I use beginner golf clubs even though I’m an intermediate?

Golfers can use beginner clubs for their entire golf career if they choose. There are some great features to a beginner club, but there are also some areas where these clubs lack. The main issue that you will see with beginner golf clubs is the lack of workability and feel. 

If you are in the intermediate stage where you can appreciate a golf shot that was hit pure, or you like to manipulate your stance and clubface to hit a draw, you may have a hard time doing it with the beginner clubs in your hand. 

What is a good set of golf clubs for intermediate?

Intermediate golfers tend to do really well with the Cobra complete set options. The latest release from Cobra is the Cobra Fly XL. The clubs included in the set are forgiving and long, but they also have some excellent feel. As an intermediate player becomes a better ball striker, the Cobra clubs can help the golfer develop more feel and lower their handicaps. 

Should I buy a complete set or separate woods, irons, and wedges?

The decision to buy a complete set typically comes down to the budget. Without a doubt, buying a complete set of golf clubs is a much cheaper way to go about equipping yourself to become a great golfer. However, when you buy a complete beginner set, there are a few tradeoffs that you will make. 

For starters, the clubs are typically not as high quality as they are made with cheaper materials to try and help keep pricing down. In addition, the golf clubs may not be custom-made to fit your needs as a player. 

Purchasing separate woods, irons and wedges allows golfers to get a perfect setup specifically tailored to their game. The problem with this is that it will be more money, and it will require a lot more time, effort, and research. 

Piecing together the perfect set of golf clubs is a major project, one that most beginners are not quite ready for. 

What are the most forgiving irons?

The most forgiving irons on the market right now are the TaylorMade Stealth irons. Although there is plenty of great choice from TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, and more, the stealth irons stand out among the best. 

The reason we had to put these irons at the top of the forgiving irons list is because of the premium feel and performance they give while not sacrificing the forgiveness. Even when you miss the center of the clubface, they will be longer than other irons on the market when hit squarely. 

The thing to remember about forgiveness is that not all golfers need the same forgiveness. Some players need an offset iron to help with a slice; others need a lower center of gravity to increase launch. Whatever it is you need for your game, you must try and find in the set of irons you choose. 

What are the best beginner sets?

The best beginner golf sets are those that have a great mix of clubs, high launch, a large sweet spot, and plenty of distance technology. Check the ink above for the latest run down and detailed review.


Hopefully, you now feel more prepared to pick the best golf clubs to suit your game. The Cobra Fly XL stands out as the best overall option for the beginner to intermediate golfer when considering performance and price.

Those with a bigger budget should also consider the TaylorMade RBZ complete set, with the Strata options a good option for those shopping on a budget, just be aware you may outgrow the Strata sets as you improve quicker than the other two.

Happy golfing.

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