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12 Best Golf Gifts For Women – By Golfers For Golfers

Buying gifts for golfers can be a challenge. The best golf gifts always seem to be something that the golfer already has. Luckily there are some new releases to the market this year, making the options for women golfers even more extensive than in the past. We have pulled together our favorite golf gifts for women. We chose something for every budget and every level of player.

  1. StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel (Under $30)
  2. Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer (Best under $30)
  3. OCOPA Hand Warmers (Under $30)
  4. Golf Balls (Under $50)
  5. Golf Accessory Organizer (Under $50)
  6. Golf Pullover (Under $100)
  7. Budget Rangefinder (Under $150)
  8. Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Under $200)
  9. Club fitting/Gapping session (under $200)
  10. Premium Rangefinder (Under $400)
  11. Golf Subscription Box (Under $500)
  12. Playing Lesson With Local Pro (Under $500)

StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel

Stickit golf towel in grey

Whether we like it or not, golf balls, golf clubs, and hands will get dirty during the course of a round. Although a towel may seem like a simple gift for a lady golfer, this particular option makes it so much easier to enjoy a round of golf with clean clubs and hands.

Why They’ll Love It

The StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel has a strong hold magnet built into the towel. With technology like this, you simply have to over your wedge or putter over it, and the towel will come along for the ride. Less bending down to pick things up and much less walking back and forth the cart to grab your towel with a clip that traditionally attaches to golf bags.

Many women golfers want to ensure that their accessories match their golf bags. That should not be too much of a problem with the StickIt; there are plenty of colors available.

Perhaps our favorite part of this great golf gift is that you can be a 2 handicap or a 29 handicap and still have to deal with dirt, sand, and debris on your clubs that need to be wiped off.

Who Is This Best For

Women golfers that play quite a bit understand the constant challenge of keeping clubs clean and hands dry; any avid golfer will love what this has to offer.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut pressure trainer

Putting practice is not the most exciting thing to work on. However, this can be a perfect gift for those looking to eliminate golf strokes. An golf-loving lady can tell you that making more putts would improve their score; the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer will make this happen.

Why They’ll Love It

The Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer is a collapsible putting tool that you can take out and put on any putting green. In fact, we used this at home on our carpet, and it worked really well.

We will warn you that the Pressure Putt Trainer is a bit difficult to use initially, so you may want to warn your lady friend. However, once you get it going, it’s rather easy to use and becomes almost addicting to practice with.

If you make a great putt, it will sit in the training aid perfectly; if you make a bad putt, the ball gets rejected and sent back to you. She’ll love the consistency and instant feedback of this tool.

Who Is This Best For

Although you could purchase this tool for a high handicapper or beginner, we find the mid to low handicapper to be a better fit. It’s a practical gift and allows players to take their game to the next level.

Golf Subscription Box

Golf subscription box picture

Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular, and it’s a great gift for any woman that loves to be fashionable on the course. One of the great things about subscription boxes is that they often combine both accessories and clothing.

Why They’ll Love It

The Short Par 4 subscription box comes in a version that is specifically made for the woman golfer. You can find a mix of clothing from various brands and even a water bottle or a score counter bracelet mixed in from time to time.

We noticed that the gear that was placed in the Short Par 4 box was always high end and the customer service was really easy to work with.

Who Is This Best For

There are several different budgets that you can work with to get the best golf subscription box option for your needs. Female golfers that like to be trendy and unique will love this gift.

OCOOPA Hand Warmers

Ocoopa hand warmers in pink

If you have a friend that likes to play golf in any weather condition, the OCOOPA Hand warmers make a good golfing gift. There are some days that a golf glove just doesn’t cut it, but these hand warmers do a great job of providing that extra heat.

Why They’ll Love It

The OCOOPA is a hand warmer made of high-grade aluminum and ABS material. You can recharge this unit and get three different temperature levels ranging from 95 to 131 degrees.

Keeping this in the golf cart while you play a cool morning round of golf is a great way to ensure you can still shoot low. Women golfers often want to play in the cooler temperatures but avoid it. The OCOOPA will make all the difference for any female golfer.

Who Is This Best For

With fast heating levels and a rechargeable design, any woman golfer will enjoy having these in their golf bag. This solution is much better than the throw away Hot Hands and makes a much better gift choice.

Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Speed golf ball dozen pack

Almost all women golfers will be pleased to get new golf balls as a gift. Let’s face it regardless of how great of a player you are; there are times when you will lose golf balls. Luckily there are some great options out there for women players.

Why They’ll Love It

Women golfers tend to best suit lower compression golf balls. This is because of the slightly slower swing speeds that women golfers have. However, you will find that many of the golf ball choices for women are two piece distance balls, and this is not always the best gift.

The best golf gift ideas give players something that they may not otherwise buy for themselves. Choose something like the Titleist Velocity, Titleist Tour Speed, or the Vice Pro Soft. These golf balls can give women golfers a mix of feel around the green and distance off the tee.

Who Is This Best For

Any golfer, we all lose golf balls from time to time. although golf balls are not the most unique golf gifts, they are tremendously practical.

Golf Pullover

It can be hard to buy women golfers clothes as they are often a bit particular about what they wear on the course. However, a golf pullover is something that almost any will find of use.

Why They’ll Love It

A golf pullover is perfect to have in the bag for those transition months from spring to summer or fall to winter. You may not need to have this on during the entire round, but it’s a really practical piece of clothing.

We like the Under Armour Women’s 1/2 zip pullover because it comes in so many colors and can be worn both on and off the golf course. Golf shirts, skirts, and pants are tricky when it comes to the proper fit, but pullovers are simple.

Who Is This Best For

We love this gift for the woman golfer that is new to the game and is still building up their golf wardrobe. It can take some time to feel like you are fully prepared for a golf outing, but this pullover is a step in the right direction.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a putting training aid that allows golfers to practice putting anywhere they go. Clear alignment lines and a material that feels just like a real putting green make this a great gift idea for any golfer.

Why They’ll Love It

Golfers will love the Perfect Practice Putting Mat because it’s portable and practical. All golfers can benefit from practicing their putting, but women golfers need to make putts to make up their scores. Women can’t always hit the ball as far as men, but there is nothing stopping them from making a 15 foot putt for birdie!

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat can be rolled up and put away when you are finished using it, making it much easier to gift a person that may not have a lot of space to use it.

Who Is This Best For

All women golfers should be practicing their putting more than they do. Therefore we love this gift for any layer. As a scratch golfer, I would use this tool, and I would recommend it to someone that is brand new to the game as well.

Clip On Golf Accessory Pouch

Sydney Love clip on golf pouch

Even golfers who have a brand new golf bag will want a way to organize things like a golf ball marker, golf gloves, tees, and more. An accessory pouch is a fun and affordable gift for a golfer with a cart golf bag or stand bag.

Why They’ll Love It

Sydney Love has started making some unique golf gifts for women. There are several different patterns to choose from and different levels of practicality. We like this gift as it can be something that you can fill with more golf balls or ball markers to increase the value of the gift.

The quality here is quite good and can be left on the outside of the bag without causing any damage.

Who Is This Best For

Most golfers will like this bag to keep their golf equipment organized in the bag without all of the smaller accessories getting in the way. If you want to get creative with a gift like this, it’s very easy to do so.

Golf Buddy Laser Lite

Laser rangefinder review

We have done a lot of golf rangefinder testing. The accuracy, value, stability, and more results were all over the place. However, the Golf Buddy Laser Lite continued to rank in the top 5 regardless of what we tested it for. It’s fairly priced, has good technology, and makes a great gift.

Why They’ll Love It

The Laser Lite is a compact and speedy rangefinder with 6X magnification and slope compensation. Unlike other cheap rangefinders, the slope can be turned on and off to allow for fair play during a tournament.

Some women golfers avoid a laser rangefinder because they are worried about accuracy. When using the Laser Lite, you will get a vibration alert to let you know you have locked in on the pin. We also love the functionality of the magnetic case to ensure the golf rangefinder is properly attached to the golf cart at all times.

Who Is This Best For

Average golfers to high handicappers should be getting more accurate yardages when out on the course. The Golf Buddy Laser Lite is a tool you can trust and will give you some great value for the money you pay. This is a gift your golf loving friend will understand and appreciate.

Bushnell V5 Rangefinder

Bushnell V5 rangefinder

The Bushnell V5 is one of the most well known rangefinders in the game. It’s trusted by professionals and will be a slightly more expensive purchase, but many agree it is well worth the price.

Why They’ll Love It

The Bushnell V5 is one of the most feature-rich golf rangefinders on the market. One of the features that stands out as the best is the BITE Magnetic Cart Mount. Without having to use a bracket or a case, the rangefinder will just stick to the cart.

Most of the time, the accuracy from the Bushnell is less than one yard from the pin. You can truly trust the information this rangefinder gives. For those that are active and involved in the game of golf, the Bushnell name is well-known and respected.

Women golfers that like technology can also load the Bushnell app on their phone and use that in conjunction with the V5 for even more information about the course they are playing.

Who Is This Best For

This Bushnell V5 is certainly not the cheapest gift n our list, but it’s something that is well worth considering because of its accuracy and functionality. This is a gift for a special lady golfer in your life.

Playing Lesson With Local Pro

Play lesson with pro gift idea

Golf lessons are not cheap; however, most golfers would love to take more of them if they could afford them. With this gift, you can step in and make dreams come true. The best thing about golf lessons is that they are the gift that keeps on giving. The ultimate result here is better golf and lower scores, and that’s a hard thing to compete against when it comes to the best golf gifts for women.

Why They’ll Love It

Playing lessons are different than average golf lessons on the driving range. Many players are particular about their golf swing and don’t want to change it all that much. Therefore a golf gift that says the golf swing needs help may not be all that well received.

A playing lesson is different, and that is what makes it one of the best golf gifts for women. The playing lesson talks more about the strategy to play the golf course. It’s not about the fundamentals of the swing quite a much. Playing lessons may even focus on the mental game and giving new strategies.

Who Is This Best For

Any golfer will love a playing lesson. The key here is to find a local pro that makes playing golf fun and entertaining. The experience will be much better with a professional that really loves to teach. To book this experience ring/contact your local golf pro and enquire about a playing lesson voucher.

Club Fitting/Gapping Session

golf gapping in golf simualtor

Buying golf clubs for someone can be really difficult. There are so many factors that go into custom golf clubs at this point that purchasing a club fitting session is a much better option. If this doesn’t feel like enough of a gift, you could always do a club fitting session with a gift certificate to purchase the clubs that the club fitter recommends.

Why They’ll Love It

One of the best things about golf club fitting is they often result in a golfer getting more information about their game than they could have ever imagined. Some people have no idea why they have a slice or a hook, and the club fitting can actually point to issues in equipment that can cause it.

In addition, with modern technology, a great club fitting can almost always get a woman golfer a few more yards of distance in their game. This is a huge benefit and something that golfers will remember and be really grateful for.

Who Is It Best For

A club-fitting session can work for a golfer that has not played in a long time, a golf geek who loves to get on a high-end launch monitor or the average golfer that has had the same equipment for much too long. Keep in mind that these fittings don’t always require players to purchase brand-new clubs. Sometimes they can simply purchase new shafts, new grips, or just change the lie angle on a club.

To book this contact your local pro and enquire about prices.


Hopefully, you now have some unique ideas for the best golf gifts for women. There is no gift out there that will be the top choice or perfect option. However, the gifts above come from golfers, with golfers in mind.

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Britt Olizarowicz is a former teaching and Class A PGA professional with more than 25 years spent with a golf club in her hand. Britt is a small business owner, author, and freelance golf expert that knows this game inside and out. She lives in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children.

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