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16 Best Golf Gifts – By Golfers For Golfers

Golfers can be hard to buy for. However, there are thousands of golf gifts to choose from. Our guide focuses on the best golf gifts for those the golfer in your life, the ones that can’t get enough of the game. We picked products from $20 to $20,000, so you have a wide range of options. In price order, here are the best golf gifts of 2022.

  1. Mile High Life Towel and Club Cleaner (Under $20)
  2. Golf Insider Performance Diary (Under $20)
  3. GoSports Golf Alignment Sticks (Under $20)
  4. StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel (Under $30)
  5. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer (Best Under $30)
  6. Golf Balls (Under $40 / $60)
  7. Golf 1/4 Zip top (Under $100)
  8. Budget Rangefinder (Best under $150)
  9. Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Under $200)
  10. Club fitting/Gapping session (under $200)
  11. Premium Rangefinder (Under $350)
  12. ExPutt Golf Simulator (Under $500)
  13. Playing Lesson With Local Pro (under $500)
  14. Flightscope Mevo (Best under $500)
  15. Flightscope Mevo+ (Best for extravagant gifters – under $5k)
  16. TrackMan (The Ultimate, Money isn’t a factor gift)

Mile High Life Towel and Club Cleaner

Mile High Life Towel and Club Cleaner

The Mile High Life Towel and Club Cleaner is our favorite club cleaner. It comes with a Tri Fold Microfiber waffle design towel, a powerful brush with a retractable zip line, and a few different color options to match any golf bag.

Why They’ll Love It

The major reason we love this club cleaner is that it comes with the towel as well. It’s essential to keep both golf balls and golf clubs clean on the golf course, but some of these club cleaning kits scratch up the high-end clubs.

Microfiber cloths are the best way to take care of golf irons and keep them clean properly. Regardless of the type of player, you are buying for, the Mile Life Towel and Club Cleaner are worth the money.

Who Is This Best For

Any golfer will like a towel and club cleaner; regardless of a player’s ability on the golf course. Most established golfers will already have these in place, but all will appreciate a new towel and newer golfers will appreciate all of the above.

Golf Insider Performance Diary

Golf Insider Performance Diary

Well here’s a little self-promotion. The Golf Insider Performance Diary isn’t for everyone, but if you know a golf-obsessed friend who loves to practice this might be the little gift that is ideal for them.

Why They’ll Love It

All golfers want to get better, but many just don’t know how or what to practice. The Golf Insider Performance Diary provides a 21-week plan that slowly introduces skills games and challenges. Golfers can log their basic stats, top scores and skills games as they work through, but most importantly, they gain an understanding of how to practice well.

Who Is This Best For

Beginners, club golfers and more advanced golfers have all benefited from this diary, but the key is that they must spend time practicing as well as playing.

Go Sports Golf Alignment Sticks

Go Sport Alignment Sticks

Golf alignment sticks allow golfers to practice things like alignment, swing plane, posture, and more. These are very simple golf practice tools, but they can really make a difference when it comes to effectively practicing your golf game.

Why They’ll Love It

The Go Sports Golf Alignment sticks are 48 inches long, and they come in a pack of three. Having more than one alignment stick means you can setup tracks on the ground that help on the putting green, with alignment or even swing path.

Another great feature of the Go Sports Alignment Sticks is that they fold in half. This is a small but really useful detail, as alignment sticks poking out of your golf bag often make them a pain to transport around with you.

With these you can store them in a side pocket of the golf bag to make it easier to break them out for the next practice session.

Who Is This Best For

The alignment sticks are best for beginners that are trying to learn the basics or golfers that are serious about putting time in on the driving range. The alignment sticks make practice much more effective, and they don’t just fix one swing flaw; they can work for a wide range of issues and help golfers practice more effectively.

StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel

Stickit golf towel in grey

A magnetic golf towel may seem like a simple gift, but this is something that we have enjoyed using this year. Towels that are clipped to golf bags don’t have much use if you are playing golf on a cart and your bag is parked on the cart path. This gift is convenient, it holds up well, and it will be the envy of everyone else in the golf group.

Why They’ll Love It

The StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel has a very strong hold magnet built into the towel itself. This means that it will stick to your golf clubs. There is no need to even bend down and pick up your towel the club will grab it for you. In addition, you don’t need to attach it to the golf bag, as it will stick to the golf cart.

With a 25lb pull industrial strength magnet, this is a pretty heavy duty towel and a great tool on the course. However, it’s also easy to clean and comes in several colors.

The towel itself has deep waffle pockets to keep the grooves cleaner and trap more dirt and debris. A the end of your round, throw this in the washing machine, and you will be ready for your next round of golf. It’s hard to find a gadget like this that will work for so many players, but this is a great choice.

Who Is This Best For

Whether you are playing your first round or your 1000th rough, having a towel to keep the clubs and the golf ball clean is important. This particular towel makes it much easier to enjoy a neat and clean round of golf.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut pressure trainer

Putting practice can be boring. However, if you want to be great, you must do it. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer makes it much easier to make a perfect putt, and also enjoy practicing putting at home.

Why They’ll Love It

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a simple-looking design with some detailed engineering hidden within – the shape of the ramp reflects if a putt would have dropped or not. If the ball would have lipped out, it will jump over the side of the ramp, dead centre and a quick putt will roll up the ramp and back down. This small but useful practice aid encourages golfers to want to practice their putting.

This is a collapsible putting tool that you can take out and put on any putting green. In addition, you will want to ensure you practice with this at home on the carpet. The putting tool is accurate, affordable, and something that your golf loving friend may not have yet.

Trust us on this one, when you start using the Pressure Putt Trainer, it becomes addicting.

Who Is This Best For

Mid handicappers to low handicappers seem to get the best experience with these putting trainers it can be a little hard to use in the beginning, but eventually, you will feel much more capable on the golf course.

Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Speed Dozen Golf Balls

No golf gift list is complete without golf balls. Honestly, golf balls are still a great gift because everybody needs them, and everybody uses them. Even great players need to replace their golf ball after a few rounds, even if it hasn’t made it into the pond!

Why They’ll Love It

One thing to keep in mind about buying a golf ball for the golfer in your life is that you are better off sticking with brand-name golf balls that players will know as premium golf balls. Although we hate to be this picky if you’re not sure just buy the Titleist golf balls.

Even golfers that use Bridgestone, Vice, or Callaway golf balls can respect the fact that Titleist makes some of the best golf balls in the game.

If you have the money in your budget, go with the Pro V1. If you want to drop the price down a bit, the Titleist Tour Speed is a good choice to consider. The bottom line is that buying someone a box of Pinnacles or Top Flites just doesn’t have the same feel as a box of Titleists.

Who Is This Best For

Any golfer likes golf balls, as long as you are investing in a high-quality ball. Ask the golfer, if you can, if not the choices above should result in a very happy golfer.

Golf 1/4 Zip Pullover

Calvin Klein 1/4 zip in Navy

Golfers have enough golf shirts and golf sweaters. You can put a hold on those for this upcoming gift-giving season. However, the 1/4 zip is such a versatile piece, and it’s something that can be used the entire year.

Why They’ll Love It

There are a variety of great 1/4 zip pullovers available on the market, and they can be for a more modern golf style or something that is classic. However, these are great golf gifts because they can be worn both on and off the golf course.

Chances are you know the wardrobe of your favorite golfer quite well, but you may have less of a handle on the golf equipment that they need. The 1/4 zip is a great solution. They are comfortable to play golf in and will be a great look in the spring, winter, and fall.

Who Is This Best For

Any golfer will love these 1/4 zip pullovers that they can easily take on and off as the temperature changes on the golf course. Don’t keep buying the same golf shirts over and over again when you can switch it up with something unique like this.

You’ll have to match your pick to the golfer in question, but Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein & Under Armour are some great brands to check out.

Golf Buddy Laser Lite

Laser rangefinder review

We have done a ton of golf rangefinder testing. The results were interesting, and some golf rangefinders that claim to be incredibly accurate are not all that accurate on the course, but the Golf Buddy Laser Lite is and it comes in at a great price.

Why They’ll Love It

The Laser Lite is a compact and speedy rangefinder with 6X magnification and slope compensation that you can turn on and off. Golfers will find that this can be used in tournament play as well as in practice rounds because the slope can be turned on and off.

When using the Laser Lite, you will get a vibration alert letting you know that you have found the pin. This is incredibly helpful, even for those with a bit of a shaky hand.

The magnetic case allows you to store your Laser Lite directly on the cart as you make your way through the round. For a budget rangefinder, this just checks all the boxes.

Who Is This Best For

Although any golfer can benefit from this rangefinder, the average player seems to be the best fit. If a golfer who needs quick and accurate yardage to the pin gets their hands on this, it’s a good fit.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a putting training aid that allows golfers to practice putting anywhere they go. With the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, you get clear alignment lines, an impressive feel, and even a ball return feature; it’s a really nice golf gift.

Why They’ll Love It

Golfers will love the Perfect Practice Putting Mat because it’s portable and practical. You can set this up at work or at home in a matter of seconds, it has the feel of a real putting green, and it actually helps you translate your putting practice out to the golf course.

Not all putting mats have the best quality when it comes to the surface area, but the Perfect Practice really does. In addition, the ball return feature makes this great for the lazy golfer, or those who want to cramp a good amount of putting practice into their practice time.

Who Is This Best For

Golfers that like to practice and want to get better will love the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. In addition, any player that has to deal with a winter season where golf is not played as often will love what this mat can do.

Club Fitting/Gapping Session

golf gapping in golf simualtor

Buying golf clubs for someone can be challenging. However, a great golf gift can be for a complete custom fitting so players can learn about what golf clubs they should be playing with. Or just a simple gapping session so they can understand how far they hit each club.

Why They’ll Love It

Custom fittings are fun. You can test out all of the new equipment on the market and see what golf clubs and golf accessories are the best fit for your game. It’s completely at the discretion of the golfer if they plan on investing in this equipment after the fitting is over.

This is one of those things that golfers don’t often buy, but they know they need it. Therefore purchasing this as a gift makes it all that much more enjoyable for a player to receive.

Who Is It Best For

A club-fitting session can work for a golfer that has not played in a long time, a golf geek who loves to get on a high-end launch monitor or the average golfer that has had the same equipment for more than five years.

To book this session ring/contact your local pro and find out if they offer a gapping or custom-fitting session.

Bushnell V5 Rangefinder

Bushnell V5 rangefinder

The Bushnell V5 rangefinder is a highly regarded rangefinder used by the best players in the game. If the golfer in your life has a cheap rangefinder or even a GPS unit that they are not a big fan of, think about something like the Bushnell V5.

Why They’ll Love It

When Bushnell combined their Pinseeker technology with Visual JOLT, they put together a tool that is about as accurate as it gets. Hence, why it is the favourite on the PGA Tour.

When you purchase the V5, you also get access to the Bushnell Golf App. This has all the features and functionality of a golf GPS unit, so it’s really like getting two tools for the price of one.

Who Is This Best For

The Bushnell V5 is for the more serious golfer. If you have a friend or family member that can play with great accuracy but needs a bit of upgrade in technology, this is the gift.

Playing Lesson With Local Pro

Play lesson with pro gift idea

Playing lessons with a local pro is one of the best golf gifts when you are a member of a golf club with the person you are buying the gift for. Chances are you know that this player has all the latest golf gear, and to get them a thoughtful gift; you have to think outside the box.

Why They’ll Love It

Playing lessons are different from average golf lessons on the driving range. Many players are particular about their golf swing and don’t really want to change it all that much. Therefore a golf gift that basically says the golf swing needs help may not go over all that well.

However, a playing lesson is different. This lesson is about playing golf more than it is about the swing. Everyone can use some tips as to where to aim, how to pick a strategy, a pre-shot routine, or even some mental tips.

In addition, pros love teaching playing lessons, so they will make this a memorable experience and one of the best golf gift options out there.

Who Is This Best For

A playing lesson is a perfect option for a beginner, but it also works for golf enthusiasts and single-figure golfers. The only real requirement here is that the person who you are buying this for loves golf.

To book this experience ring/contact your local golf pro and enquire about a playing lesson voucher.

ExPutt Golf Simulator

ExPutt Golf Simulator review header

The ExPutt Golf Simulator is a putting simulator for golf enthusiasts. Golfers that are serious about the game will find this product to be unique and really helpful. If a true golf simulator is a bit too expensive, the ExPutt Golf Simulator may be a good alternative.

Why They’ll Love It

ExPutt allows you to roll out a golf putting mat that is also attached to a camera. The camera records your putting stroke and displays on television the putts that you are making. However, the really cool thing about the ExPutt is that the golf courses where you make the putts can be the ones that you play.

The aspect that really surprised up when testing the ExPutt is just how accurate it is with measuring putts and a golfer’s putting mechanics. As a golf gift, this will be something your friends or family never even knew they needed!

Who Is This Best For

We like the ExPutt Golf Simulator for those that really love the game. This is easy to set up and use, but you have to be motivated enough to use it. In addition, for those that have a family, the ExPutt has options for games and challenges to get everyone involved.

Flightscope Mevo

FlightScope with iPhone app

The Flightscope Mevo is a portable launch monitor that measures more than 8 different parameters in the golf swing. This is a great option for a golf geek that can’t get enough information about their game.

Why They’ll Love It

The Flightscope Mevo isn’t just a really fun toy for the golfer in your life. It’s a highly accurate portable launch monitor, incredibly easy to work with, and allows golfers to easily capture data and video on their swing.

We love that with the Mevo, you can use a real golf ball, and it allows you to check on progress and track it as you improve. Each session that you have with the Mevo can also be shared with a golf coach.

The Mevo measures carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height, and flight time. Meaning it can help golfers work on their strike, and distance control or increase how far they hit drives, but it is less useful for accuracy (see the Mevo Plus below).

Who Is It Best For

The Mevo by Flightscope is best for golf lovers that enjoy practicing and will be a game-changer if they have an indoor net for winter golf. This is best used on the driving range, and it will help with analyzing the golf swing and encouraging golfers to get better, but you have to put in the time to use it. Handicap doesn’t matter here; high handicappers and beginners will love seeing the progress they make with a tool like this.

Flightscope Mevo+

Flightscope Mevo plus in hand

The Flightscope Mevo+ takes things a bit further than the Mevo. If you have a bit more money to spend but want golf gift ideas that bring that wow factor, the Mevo + could do it. This is more than just a launch monitor; it’s a really good start at a full golf simulator.

Why They’ll Love It

The Flightscope Mevo+ comes with the iOS E6 Connect technology. This allows for a simulator golf experience, different practice ranges, games, and more. In addition, the Mevo+ measures 16 different data parameters, essentially double what the Mevo measures.

Since the Mevo + is able to measure so much more data about the golf game, it can work as a perfect solution for a golf simulator. We love the overlays that you can set up with the Mevo+, and being able to record your swing at different points and compare it to Tiger Woods is certainly an added benefit.

The Mevo+ is a tool that works both indoors and outdoors, and the technology is updated often to ensure that it will stay relevant for years to come.

Who Is It Best For

This is a serious gift for a serious golfer, but it can really help players who are looking to improve in their abilities on the course. Mid to low-handicappers are probably your target for a gift like this. Or anyone who wants to build a home golf simulator, or take their home practice net to a whole new level.


TrackMan setup with golf ball

The Trackman is a big-time gift. In fact, if you purchase a Trackman for the golfer in your life, you may want to video the reaction. However, this one certainly costs a bit more than a golf tee and ball marker set, so prepare yourself for a bit of sticker shock.

Why They’ll Love It

The good news is that there is nothing not to love about the Trackman. The technology that this launch monitor offers is the best of the best. In fact, when you look at any other golf launch monitor on the market, they all compare themselves to the Trackman.

Accuracy, data, and reliability are about as good as they can get with the Trackman. However, this tool does take a bit of time for the golfer in your life to learn to use. Regardless of your handicap, there is a lot of science and math that goes into the numbers the Trackman puts out, so expect a bit of a learning curve.

However, along with the techy data your golfer gets ~500 golf courses to play from Pebble Beach to St Andrews, a wide array of skills games and endless hours grinding on their swing in their home golf simulator or at their local range.

Who Is It Best For

The Trackman is a gift we would recommend buying for the serious golfer. Newer players or those who are remotely interested in getting more data about their swing will do just fine with something like the Mevo or Mevo+ for now.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best golf gifts on the market in 2022. As golfers, we’ve made sure these are gifts we personally would love to receive and would give to others.

There are some great choices out there, from the playing lessons to the best golf launch monitor. A lot of this is going to come down to your budget. However, we tried to choose some unique ideas to help you get the golfers in your life exactly what they want and need.

Happy gifting.

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