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Best Golf Handicap App

The best golf handicap apps make tracking and maintaining a golf handicap incredibly simple. Here we review the best free, paid and ‘freemium’ handicap apps on the market. We cover app that offer a simple handicap tracking feature and some that offer a whole host of other features.

Here are the best golf handicap app options on the market in 2023:

Best For Score Tracking: TheGrint

The Grint Golf App logo

TheGrint is a highly-rated golf app for score tracking with close to 5 stores in the Apple store. With the features in this app, you can tap right into the USGA handicap index system to ensure that your handicap is consistent across all of your tracking.

As I already mentioned, the Grint is undoubtedly more than just a handicap tracker app. In fact, it has a score tracker, GPS, and full game tracking. In addition, there is a large community of golfers, so there is a social connection and benefit to TheGrint app as well.

Some golfers like that community feel and share some of their accomplishments on the golf course. However, if you like to connect with just the golfers in your own group, you can do this too. Simply connect with them and share pictures and scores from the day.

Although this is not a must-have, TheGrint also allows you to run tournaments and events with your group of friends; my favorite one is, of course, the Ryder Cup. If you have a group of golfing friends that like to play in events, a Ryder Cup format is incredibly fun and well worth the $39.99 a year that TheGrint charges for access. 

The free version of TheGrint allows you to organize tee times and even get push notifications about what your friends may be doing out on the golf course. The pro membership allows you to take pictures of your scorecard and have it transcribed into stats. In addition, all advanced stats are only included in the premium version. 

With the free version, you will have access to the GPS, but it is not considered their advanced GPS and will be a bit more limited in the data that it provides. 

Golf Insider Verdict

TheGrint makes golf scoring more fun, and it’s much more than a golf handicap calculator app. When you can be more interactive about your scoring and even share it with friends, it may motivate you to practice and work on your golf game a bit.

Transferring everything into the USGA handicap system seals it for many US-based golfers as the best golf handicap tracking app out there. Whether you are starting to play in tournaments or just want a reliable handicap tracker, TheGrint should be on your list. 

Best To Get Organized: Golf GPS SwingU

SwingU Golf app

Golf GPS SwingU is a very popular app with almost 100,000 ratings in the app store. In addition to scoring, you can access a GPS rangefinder, stats, and even coaching if you want it. 

The Golf GPS SwingU app has several different price points, so you won’t be tied into an expensive monthly payment if you are not looking for that. 

The layout and user experience of SwingU are better than other golf apps that I have tried. Although there are a lot of different options and features here, the handicap posting is entirely free. Daily instructional tips from top golfers are also included in the free version, which really can be helpful. 

For the more advanced versions of the Golf GPS SwingU, expect to get better stats and even some recommendations as to what clubs to use. 

When researching golf apps, you will often find that the more expensive versions will allow you to track your golf game with more detail. However, for basic handicapping ability, SwingU has what you need. 

The premium version of SwingU is where you find strokes gained technology and the green maps for golf courses. Strokes gained is an incredibly beneficial way to practice and work on your golf game, but it does take a bit more of a time commitment. In addition, you have to commit yourself to using the app throughout the round of golf or remembering locations and distances afterwards. That may or may not be of interest to you, but if you are serious about improving it can be very useful. 

Golf Insider Verdict

Tracking handicaps is great, but tracking everything from tee times to yardages to strokes gained is even better. I wouldn’t necessarily invest in all that SwingU has right from the start; use the free version for a while until you determine if it’s a good fit for you. 

GHIN Handicap App

GHIN Golf app

If you are UA-based and simply looking to track your handicap, why not go right to the start? The official golf handicap calculator from the United States Golf Association is GHIN, and they have an app to make it easier for any golfer to keep track of their scores. 

The great thing about using GHIN is that you never have to worry about it being accepted as an official handicap. With GHIN setting the bar for golf handicapping, it’s easy to ensure you are always in compliance when playing a match or an event. 

For golfers that are a member of a club and already have a GHIN computer setup, all of your scores will combine and be part of the one GHIN system. In other words, easy syncing means fewer errors for later on. 

One of my favorite features of the GHIN app is the handicap lookup. When playing in a match with golf buddies and standing on the first tee, it’s easy to look at where everyone stands. 

Greens in regulation is something you can plug in as you go about your round, but this is not required while you play; you can also just put in your total score. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

The GHIN app is kind of no-frills, but I like that about it. I don’t find the need to have more than one golf handicap going, so the GHIN thing lets you go right to the source. 

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker Logo

Diablo is fully integrated with Facebook, making it one of the more social golf apps for tracking your handicap. If you like to keep your scoring to yourself and want to just keep your rounds tracked, then something like the GHIN app is likely a better choice. 

When I started using Diablo, I was impressed with all of the features it offers. You can post golf scores, track how your friends are playing, and meet new people that you may want to play golf with. 

The Diablo app is free to start out, and you can eventually upgrade, but handicap tracking won’t cost you anything. There is also a GPS that comes along with the app. 

One of the golfers’ complaints about the Diablo app is that it is rarely updated. People often have some issues with the data on the app being different than the numbers on the website. Despite this, it still is used by thousands of golfers who seem to love the social aspects of the app alongside handicap tracking functionality. 

Golf Insider Verdict

If you are mostly concerned with the social aspect of having a golf handicap in place, then Diablo is a great option to use. I would look elsewhere if you are looking for accuracy, top-of-the-line stats, and a true full-service app for a great player. 

Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap app logo

I’ve been called “old fashioned” when it comes to golf. Maybe I’m just getting old. However, some of the newer apps with hundreds of features are more than I want to deal with. 

Simple Handicap is as simple as it sounds. It uses the World Handicap System, it’s a free download, and all you need is your 18-hole score, and you can keep track of your handicap. 

With Simple Handicap, you won’t have to pay for any handicap system, it’s not a GHIN or USGA handicap, but you still get a good idea of what you are shooting based on the World Handicap System. 

If you are someone who is deleting pictures on your phone just to install a new app, then Simple Handicap is also a good fit for your game. This is a light app that takes up almost no space. 

Golf Insider Verdict 

Simple handicap is incredibly simple but in a good way. Also, don’t try to complain too much about the simplicity of this app; it’s free. 

My Online Golf Club

My Online Golf Club App logo

My Online Golf Club offers golf handicap tracking, scorecard, stats, achievements, live scoring, and a GPS Rangefinder. The My Online Golf Club app offers an official world handicap scoring handicap index, so you will be able to use it as you travel across the world. 

The free app has a really long freemium model. They allow you to use the app completely free until you get to the point of submitting 30 scorecards. At this point, they ask for $99 a year to help continue to improve and maintain the system. 

For all that My Online Golf Club has to offer, the pricing is fair. 

I was really impressed with the stat tracking from My Online Golf Club. Some of the stats include the following: 

  • Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 stats
  • Rough statistics
  • Average scores 
  • Weather stats
  • Putting Stats
  • Scrambling
  • Sand saves and more 

In addition, you will get trophies and achievements for different accomplishments that you obtain on the golf course. If you like getting notified when you shoot your lowest back nine or have the fewest putts in a round, My Online Golf Club will let you know. 

The major downside of this app? 

When you get tied into using it you’ll feel the need to stick with them. Like all stats apps, there is no easy way to export and move your data.

Golf Insider Verdict

The My Online Golf Club app can do a lot, and it does it all for free (at least in the beginning). This is one of those apps that’s good for people that have some time on their hands. You will be kept quite busy looking through all the features and functionality that the app has. 

Do I need to track my golf handicap? 

If you want to play in tournaments, events, or competitions, you will need to track your handicap. Also, some golf courses require you to have a handicap to play a round. This is to make sure golfers who play are good enough to make it round in a reasonable timeframe.

Handicap tracking also allows you to play a fair match of golf against another player, regardless of your playing ability. 

In fact, part of what makes golf as great as it is is the fact that handicaps allow for fair matches. When you don’t have a handicap or don’t actively record your rounds of golf, there is no way to truly estimate what your golf handicap is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a golf handicap app doesn’t need to be complicated. I recommend going with something free to start with and then upgrading from there if necessary. 

Is there a free app for golf handicap? 

There are several free apps for golf handicaps; one of the best to use is Simple Handicap. You won’t have to worry about learning the ins and outs of the app; it’s all very straightforward. 

Is there a USGA Handicap app? 

Yes, the USGA handicap app can help players tap into the USGA system and even look up a player they may be having a match against. The USGA handicap app is free to use, although there is sometimes a registration fee for the handicap itself. 

Are golf handicap apps worth it? 

A golf handicap app can help you understand whether your scores are trending up or down and if it makes sense to make changes in your golf game. In addition, there are plenty of free golf handicap tracking apps, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money. 

What does GHIN stand for?

GHIN stands for golf handicap information network, and it helps ensure that you have a handicap index and a course handicap for any golf round that you play. In addition, GHIN allows for golfer lookup so you can verify the handicap of other players.

Final Thoughts 

If you are new to the game of golf, download one of our best golf handicap apps and get started tracking your scores today. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much it helps your game to be aware of what you are shooting. 

Happy golfing.

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