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Best Golf Shoes

In this article I’ll cover the best golf shoes currently on the market. We’re blessed with the range of golf shoes available these days, however the choice can be a little bewildering.

I’ve spent eight years fitting shoes, 21 years playing, practicing and living in golf shoes. Nothing is better than a great pair of golf shoes, nothing is worse than an ill-fitting

Here we’ll cover the best golf shoes on the market in 2020, provide a detailed review and discuss how they fit and perform. A great fitting pair of golf shoes won’t magically make a scratch player, but they sure will make playing golf a lot more fun.

Click on the categories below to jump to our top three. Or hit the FAQ button to find out more about golf shoe fit and buying golf shoes.

Best golf shoes are:

  1. FootJoy DryJoy Tours
  2. Under Armour HOVR
  3. Skechers Go Golf Max Rover
  4. Ecco Biom G 3 Golf Shoes
  5. Puma Ignite Nxt Solelace Golf Shoe

Best men’s golf shoes

DryJoys Tour

DryJoys Men's Tour Golf Shoes Spiked Saddle in Black / Black Croc Print Size 15 M {53678}

From the classical black shoes pictured above to a smooth white for summer golf – the DryJoy Tours offer you a perfect blend of traditional styling and performance.

Cushioned fit

The Fit-Bed® insole provides a high level of comfort and a snug fit, resulting in great stability and performance no matter where on the golf course you end up trying to hit from.

Performance outsole

The outsole features a fiberglass composite support bridge strategically positioned to provide tremendous mid-foot stability. This design creates one of the most flexible outsoles ever developed by Footjoy and ensures your foot maintains maximum contact with the ground as your feet naturally roll and flex during the golf swing.

Tour-proven traction

The soft-spike design hasn’t changed too much over the past 10-years, but then it didn’t need to. This modern day version of the DryJoy Tour sees the changeable Cyclone SoftSpikes® paired with some claw spikes attached direction to the sole. The result is great traction and grip all year round – even in the north of the UK.


FootJoy offers a two year guarantee in the US and UK (please do double check terms when you buy). This is a feature that is challenging to test with new golf shoes, however after 15-years of wearing DryJoy’s I’m yet to send a pair back. This is about as certain as I can be that these shoes will serve you well when it comes to waterproofness.

Fit for you

Where these shoes shine are the customisability they provide on top of their great performance. Men’s size 7 to 15 are available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide fittings. Which sealed their position and the best golf shoes in 2020.

Wait there’s more

The MyJoys option allows you to take this base shoe and make it your own. Begin by selecting from a wide range of colours, then fine tune the shoes’ material, selecting the colour of laces and even adding your own logo or initials.

The MyJoys creation option even allows you to buy your left and right golf shoes in different sizes! You may laugh, but most people have feet that are at least half a size different from one another.

Under Armour HOVR

best golf shoes for wide feet winner we have Under Armour HOVR pictured here in white.

“Instantly comfortable” were the words used when trying on these golf shoes. Under Armour are taking their presence in the golf shoe industry very seriously. The HOVR golf shoe takes all of the tech they’ve developed and places it into a comfy shoe for every day play.

Under Armour’s testing has led to a few bespoke features – their patented stud design helps the golfer stay glued to the ground whilst producing big forces during the down swing. The HOVR golf shoe also features two softer foam areas within the sole to further improve the golfer’s contact with the ground.

The HOVR has a little more padding than the Spieth golf shoe, particularly around the tongue. However, both feature an excellent lacing system that really keeps your golf shoes fitting snugly (a minor, but common issue we’ve experienced with other golf shoes is the lacing coming loose during a round).

The outer membrane is fully waterproof, but is still breathable making it ideal for all climates. The fit of this golf shoe is medium to wide, making it a great choice for many golfers who fit within this size range.

Skechers Go Golf Max Rover Spikeless

In third place we have Skecher’s Go Golf Max Rover. After testing these out for over a month I’m please to report they are a seriously good golf shoe!

Spikeless, trainer style golf shoes often perform great comfort but are let down by their unstructured design, resulting in reduced performance. However the Skechers Go Golf Max Rover has nailed it when it comes to providing comfort and performance.

The knit design makes this shoe high-breathable and although not waterproof, the Max Rover has some water repellent tech to ensure you foot stays dry when the grass is wet.

The trainer-like design and light weight sole make this shoes very light to walk in. Yet, the heel support and lacing system gives this shoe great stability. The result is a shoe that is comfy but allows you to swing as hard as you like without losing any contact with the ground.

Are there any downsides?

The knit design makes these shoes breathable, but does require a little more scrubbing to keep clean compared to a leather shoe. Also, these shouldn’t be your first choice of golf shoe if you will frequently be playing in the rain.

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Go Golf Max Rover. Well worth buying is you are looking for a high-performance, light weight, comfortable golf shoe.

ECCO Biom G 3 Golf Shoes

Ecco make a lot of great golf shoes. Yes, they are a little pricey in comparison to other brands, but after selling Ecco shoes for eight years in a pro shop I can tell you that few other golf shoe brands create such loyal customers.

The Ecco Biom G 3 are a top choice within Ecco’s latest lineup of golf shoes. The Biom G 3’s tumbled, Yak leather outer is super soft and yet brilliantly waterproof. To further their waterproof design a gore-tex membrane has been fitted under the leather outer, ensuring feet stay dry in the wettest of conditions.

The shape of the Biom G 3 provide width where most golfers need it with a snugly designed shape around your arc to provide mamixum support. The padded tongue and heel rim are combined with a removable Ortholite® inlay provide optimal in-shoe comfort and optional extra width when taken out.

If you’re looking for a golf shoe that provides exceptional comfort and waterproofness then this is the shoe for you. The only reason they aren’t higher in this review – price and the limited range of width fittings.

The Ecco Biom G 3 come in one versatile fit that will suit golfers looking for a medium to wide golf shoe.

Puma Ignite Nxt Solelace Golf Shoe

The Puma Ignite series has secured Puma’s place as a big player in the golf shoe business. The Puma Ignite Nxt Solelace is their latest development within the Ignite range. As the name suggests Puma have been tinkering in the lab and created a shoe where the laces attach directly to the sole of the shoe.

The rationale is a design which maximises contact between your feet and the ground, resulting in better traction and performance. This golf shoe keeps with Puma’s Ignite Foam sole which provides super comfort and a trainer-like fit. What is the verdict?

The pros are that this shoe continues to offer great comfort in a light weight spikeless golf shoe. Does the new lacing system provide a noticeable improve traction and performance? I’m not sold, but this doesn’t stop them from being a seriously good golf shoe which continues to perform brilliantly, just like previous editions in the Ignite series.

Another benefit is that these shoes are fully waterproof and come with a 1-year guarantee. Which makes the Ignite Solelace shoes a great option for golfers wanting an all-year round spikeless golf shoe.

The fit of Puma golf shoes is a litter narrower around the heel and arch, which creates a snug-fitting shoe for most golfers, particularly for those looking for a medium to narrow golf shoe.

Under Armour Spieth 4

Performance wise, Under Armour’s previous model, the Spieth 3 performed as good as any golf shoe on the market. The Speith 3’s had some minor styling issues and were a pain to keep clean but otherwise there was little to fault.

The Spieth 4 resolve the issues above and further push the performance limits of the golf shoe market.

The Spieth 4’s feature a new gore-tex lining to further increase breathability and the waterproofing of this shoe, whilst further reducing the overall weight. Each shoe comes in under 400g, which trust me is light.

The Spieth 4’s also have upgraded the heel design, adding a new heel support. This is paired with their data-driven design for the sole and spiking system which aims to create maximum traction with the ground throughout your golf swing.

Under Armour have invested heavily in biomechanics and the tech within their golf shoes (trust me, I had an hour conversion with their marketing department). The results of are impressive, the Spieth 4 packs all of their tech into a performance shoe.

Don’t expect another 15 yards on your drive, but do expect a golf shoes that will provide exceptional traction and stability where and whenever you play.

In summary, the Spieth 4’s are still at the front of the pack for performance, hence why they have made this list. I would argue that there is some tradeoff in comfort for this performance gain, which is the only reason they don’t place higher.

Grab a pair of these if you want maximum performance from your golf shoe.

FootJoy Men’s DryJoys Tour

best golf shoes for wide feet. in second place we have FootJoy DryJoy Tours pictured here in black.

In second place in the best golf shoes for men category we have the Men’s DryJoys Tour. FootJoy have earned this second place for two reasons – the DryJoys Tour golf shoe offers a great blend of comfort and performance along with a brilliant selection of sizes (widths and fits). In terms of the fitting options they offer, they far outperform all other golf shoe manufactures on the market.

The sole offers twist flex technology, which, similar to the Under Armour tech, keeps your foot fully in contact with the ground during your swing. The fit provides more heel and arch support than most shoes in this review, providing a snugger feel when you put them on.

The inner and outers are made up of waterproofed leather. The piping around the top of the shoe and tongue provide great structure that enables the DryJoys Tour golf shoe to keep its shape for round after round of golf. The downside of this structured design is that some golfers find the tongue and heel rub a little to begin with and take a some wearing in before they feel really comfortable.

In third place in the best golf shoes for men with wider feet category, we have Truelinks Originals. This third place was tight a decision between Adidas Boost 3 and the Truelinks originals. However, the Truelinks original do in fact offer an original fit for golfers with wide feet.

Truelinks design their shoes with a box-toe, which allows for increased width towards the toe end of the shoe. This shoe also has a zero-drop heel design, which aims to replicate walking in bare feet.

This thoughtful design runs throughout the shoe – a thin sole offers a good feel of the ground below and a very soft leather upper really makes this a comfortable golf shoe with a difference.

If you want a golf shoe which fits more like a casual trainer, grab a pair of these. There are only two minor reasons these golf shoes aren’t higher up the list. The leather is incredibly soft, and still waterproof (with a 2 year guarantee), however it does mark a little easier than other golf shoes in this review. And whilst the design oozes comfort, the thin sole and lack a structure does impact a little on performance. When you really try to rip a drive these shoes don’t quite allow you to generate the force you can in the Under Armour and FootJoy offerings. In testing, the base of the shoe bowed a little.

All in all a great golf shoe if you have wide feet and need room around your toes. In our opinion their raving fan base will continue to grow with good reason.

Best men’s golf shoes for narrow feet

If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel this topic doesn’t get much exposure. It seems as though every golfer has wide feet, apart from me (and you if you’re reading this). If your golf shoes are too wide, your foot will slide from side to side. Golf shoes which are too wide will mean you’ll wear out the shoes quicker, end up with blisters and never feel a shoe was made to fit. Therefore, I felt it only right to cover the best golf shoes for medium to narrow feet.

#1 FootJoy DryJoys

best mens golf shoes for narrow feet winner. FootJoy DryJoys in white

After many years of trying on different golf shoes I always come back to these. In first place we have the FootJoy DryJoys as the best golf shoe for men with narrow feet. The standard width fits much snugger than competing brands such as Ecco and Under Armour, but FootJoy also offer a narrow fit, which really will provide a snug fit for golfers with narrow feet.

The golf shoe itself is fantastic. A range of colours, fully waterproof leather outers, inners and an insole system that will provide great comfort round after round.

The sole offers twist flex technology, which aims to keep your foot fully in contact with the ground during your swing and a spike set up that provides great traction – even in the muddy north of the UK through Winter months.

As mentioned in best golf shoes for wider feet section, the piping around the top of the shoe and tongue provides great structure that enables the DryJoys to keep their shape for round after round of golf. The downside of this structured design is that some golfers find the tongue and heel take some wearing in before they feel truly comfortable. I personally didn’t find this problem, but if this is a concern check out the shoe below in the number two spot for instant comfort.

# 3 PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion

best mens golf shoe for narrow feet the Puma Grip fusions in grey and yellow

In third place in the best golf shoes for men in the med/narrow category, we have the Puma Grip Fusion golf shoes. If you want to feel like you’re playing golf in trainers and have feet that err on the narrow side, then this is the great golf shoe to consider.

The rubber sole and foam insole provide great comfort, and despite their trainer-ish appearance these golf shoes still come with a waterproof guarantee. The Puma Grip Fusions provide a snug fit around your heel and arch, and broaden out slightly as they move towards the toes.

Puma have coined their spikeless sole as ‘organic traction’. Not sure about the name, but on the positive side this sole is unlikely to clog with grass and mud as your stride around the course making birdie after birdie.

If you play golf mostly in warmer climates with little rain these shoes will serve you very well. If you are playing in mud and puddles for half of the year I would opt for the FootJoy DryJoys instead (in black to reduce cleaning).

Overall the Puma Grip Fusion is a great golf shoe, providing great comfort and a medium to narrow fit at a great price.

Best spikeless golf shoes

In the best spikeless golf shoe category we had a seriously close 3 horse (shoe) race. All three shoes are great, so feel free to check out the benefits of each. #1 wins on performance, #2 wins on style and #3 wins on price. Enjoy.

1 # FootJoy SL

best spikeless golf shoes Winner FootJoy SL

The FootJoy SL’s provide you with a leather, fully waterproof, comfortable, spikeless golf shoe . That’s a packed feature list so let’s break it down.

The trainer-like design makes the FootJoy SL far more comfortable to slip on than some of the other golf shoes in this review. In my opinion, the structure of this golf shoe provides the best blend of comfort and performance in the spikless golf shoe category.

Despite the spikeless design, these golf shoes still offer great grip, even in the midsts of an English Winter. A caveat though – spikeless shoes will never fully compete with the performance offered by the spiked equivalents (UnderArmour HOVR or FootJoy DryJoys). However, if you require an all year round spikeless golf shoe these will serve you well.

The FootJoy SL’s come in a range of colours and medium, wide and extra-wide fittings, making them accessible and comfortable no matter what your size.

In second place for this category we have the Truelinks Originals. These win style points left, right and centre – even the packaging makes you feel as though you’ve bought something special. This golf shoe that looks and feels more like a trainer.

The no-heel drop and minimal arch design offers something different on the golfing market. It isn’t for everyone, but if you have wide feet and like the fit of a less-structured trainer, then you will love wearing these golf shoes.

The box toe offers a great solution for golfers with wide feet, and more importantly feet that broaden out into your toes. The thin sole offers maximum feel of the course below. Albeit a nice idea, and useful in some circumstances, I personally felt this partially hindered performance, when trying to rip a drive. The sole’s limited structure led to a slight bowing as you drive through a shot.

Comfort – these shoes win hands down. However, overall I have placed these shoes just below the FootJoy SL’s as I feel they are a notch below in terms of golfing performance.

All being considered, cool golf shoes, really comfortable and, unless you’re making it onto tour in the next year, these will perform as well as you ever need.

FAQ when buying golf shoes

Why does the heel of my golf shoe wear out?

Most golfers don’t know much about their foot shape. They know the length of their foot, but tend to disregard width and shape. Based on 7 years worth of experience of selling golf shoes, most golfers tend to buy a golf shoe that is one or two sizes too big (long), in order to fit their wide foot.

This means the shoe fits, but as you walk there is excess room meaning your foot slides forwards or back and up and down. It is this incorrect fit that causes the heel of most golf shoes to wear out and frequently causes heel blisters.

Should I buy spikeless or spiked golf shoes?

For most golfers this is just a point of preference. Spikeless golf shoes offer a greater level of comfort, however you may lose a little grip. 95% of the time there will be little difference between the two designs. However, if you play golf frequently on wet, boggy ground, spiked golf shoes will give you noticeably more traction.

I live and play golf in the North of England – spikless golf shoes are great for 10 months of the year, but between January to March I’m not able to play in spikeless shoes.

How waterproof are water resistant golf shoes?

In actual fact, even waterproof golf shoes are not 100% sure to keep water out. To claim that they are waterproof, golf shoes must withstand a certain pressure of water, for a given period of time.

As time and pressure increases, all shoes will begin to let in water. This resilience degrades over time, particularly if shoes are not cared for. A water resistant shoe stil keeps water out, but falls below this threshold.

If you play in places where the ground gets damp and soft, opt for waterproof shoes, rather than water resistant. With good care waterproof shoes will remain waterproof for many years. If you neglect to clean and polish golf shoes, the level of waterproofing will commonly degrade after 18 months to 2 years use.

Best golf shoes – conclusion

So there we have a round up of the best golf shoes on the market in 2019. After many years of fitting and selling golf shoes I am of the opinion that fit (wide long the foot) is a key factor in ensuring a pair of golf shoes feel great. I hope this review has helped you in your quest to find a suitable pair.

I will be reviewing more shoes, so if you have a pair you’d like me to test just leave a comment below.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider.

Head back to golf equipment.

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