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The 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps

A great golf swing analyzer app can be a super useful tool for golfers that are working on their golf swing and trying to work out their technique. Here we look at the golf swing analyzer apps that help you refine and improve your practice.

Key features we look for are great slow-mo playback, storage and tagging of your golf swings, visual guides and side-by-side comparisons with pros’ swings.

A quick note, in this article we cover software & app, if you’re looking for hardware & tools, you can check out our best golf swing analyzers article here where you’ll find tools that collect data on your golf swing, ball flight and even create VR practice environments.

Here is a look at a few of our favorites.

Best Overall Golf Swing Analyzer App: V1 Golf Swing Analysis and Coaching


The V1 analyzer app offers you great slow-mo, visual tools, and a wealth of pros swings.

I’ve been using V1 software for more than 10 years. As a golf coach and teaching professional, at one point, the V1 golf training app and software were really your only choice for instant feedback for your students.

As the years have gone on and the technology has improved, so has V1. The program is incredibly less expensive than it once was and has better swing capture features than we had in the past. In addition, working within the app to compare swings and share videos has become incredibly simple.

With V1, you can record everything from your full swing to the short game to your putting stroke.

The real benefit of V1 comes from the comparison. Being able to compare a golf swing with a professional is one of my favorite features. Sometimes when doing independent golf training, you have no idea what the correct positioning is or where the club plane should be.

However, when you use something like the swing comparison tool, it’s much more clear.

Another great feature of the V1 golf app is the tips and drills. The videos are curated specifically for V1 users to help them become the best swing analyzer on the market.

Finally, if you start to get frustrated with your self-coaching abilities, you can simply connect with a V1 golf swing coach and get feedback and help about the videos you have already captured within the app.

Some of the best features of the V1 Golf Swing analysis and coaching app include the following:

  • Overlay two videos to compare
  • Import current videos you have of your swing
  • Trim, playback, and accelerate options within each video
  • Extensive library of tips and drills
  • Drawing tools and the ability to flip for right hand or left hand
  • New videos are continually being added
  • Connect with certified coaches to receive video lessons with voiceover
  • Long history in the industry with impressive support

Golf Insider Verdict

New golf swing analysis apps come out all the time. Especially now that launch monitors are in players’ hands. However, if you really want to look at your swing and analyze it against those that are the best in the game, the V1 app is the way to go.

Best For Frame By Frame Analysis: OnForm

OnForm Golf app header

OnForm is a highly-rated video analysis tool for golf instructors and individuals that are looking to make some major changes in their swing. Although there are some quirks to the OnForm app, the basics of this tool have helped it be one of the best options.

Our favorite feature of the OnForm app is the frame-by-frame playback. If you’ve tried to analyze your swing in a basic phone camera app, you’ll know how difficult it is to stop and scroll in the right places. The OnForm app has nailed this functionality and it even tweaks your camera settings to get the highest framerate with great lighting and minimal blur.

OnForm also features voice-over recording, markup tools and a free AI model of your golf swing. You can look at a swing capture, analyze it and even make marks on the video to investigate areas further. OnForm plans to use these AI model to help you improve your performance, we’re skeptical about how this will work with the current data they capture, but we’ll happily be proven wrong.

A video of OnForm's AI golf swing model

In addition, OnForm allows you to compare two videos side by side. You can also put the videos on top of each other if that helps to show progression in certain areas of the game. You can also play the videos back in slow motion and then organize them by adding titles and tags.

I love this feature when you are working with a specific swing change. Tag the video that you are testing the new club path, and then compare it to the baseline to see if you are actually making strides towards changing your golf swing.

The OnForm app offers a free package that lets you keep a total of 10 videos in the files at any time. However, if you want to upgrade to 500 videos, the pricing increases slightly. Still, the overall cost of this tool for your mobile device is very fair for an individual user.

Coach pricing goes up quite a bit, but at that point, it is considered a business tool.

Some of our favorite features of the OnForm app are:

  • Option for a free plan
  • Voice-over recording and markup tools
  • Organize videos and save them for future use
  • Slow motion capabilities
  • Simple file-sharing abilities
  • A great option for coaches and teachers in addition to amateur golfers

Golf Insider Verdict

Although the OnForm target market is the golf coach, there are plenty of features here in the free version to help you automatically capture video and take your individual game to the next level. If you want a free app to start with to see if you like the DIY method of golf swing analysis, then this is a perfect golf app to consider using.

Best For Quick Golf Swing Analysis: Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

Swing Profile Golf Analyzer app

Some golfers love to spend hours on the range analyzing their game and taking a look at every angle. Others just want a quick and simple look at what can help them get better during that driving range session.

The Swing Profile Golf Analyzer is not as in-depth as some other golf apps, but it does a great job of giving you real time performance data. This app automatically captures and players back your golf swing; you don’t need to touch your phone.

The Auto Swing Detection is my favorite feature of the app. I’m not big into using my phone much on the golf course, and the app makes it, so I barely have to. You can also create a swing sequence snapshot that shows you all the most important spots of the swing.

Although this may not be known as one of the most popular golf swing analyzer apps, it has more than enough technology to get you the information you need to play your best golf.

Some of the key features of the Swing Profile Golf Analyzer include the following:

  • Auto trim videos to a 2 second swing, uses less space in the app and on your phone
  • Auto draw swing plane
  • Auto create swing sequence
  • Auto swing detection
  • Auto replay golf training
  • Opportunities for both coach and player subscriptions

Golf Insider Verdict

As you can see from the key features of the Swing Profile golf analyzer, most of its functionality is automatic. If you are practicing with a golf glove on and struggle to take it off and mess with a golf swing analysis app, you will enjoy what the Swing Profile has to offer. This app has been around for more than 10 years and can work for both individual players and coaches.

Easiest To Work With SlowMo Video Analysis

SlowMo is a very easy to work with app that is not built specifically for golfers; instead, it’s great for athletes needing to see frame-by-frame images of their sporting events.

If you don’t want an app that has all the features like GPS golf app, golf analysis and management, then the SloMo app is for you. Drawing tools are available, and my favorite feature is putting more than one video next to the other.

If you like to share videos of your golf swing with friends or a coach, it’s really easy to send them once they are uploaded into the app. In addition, scrolling back and forth is easy.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you really want to narrow down the issues in your game, it’s hard to do with a simple video taken on your Apple or Android devices. However, with the help of SlowMo, the process becomes much easier and allows for clear and easy-to-read results. For multiple sports athletes, this one is a

Best For Real Time Swing Analysis: Mirror Vision Golf Coaching

Mirror Vision is not our favorite golf swing analyzer app, as there are some issues with waiting for previous swings to download and having to play back video at a slightly slower pace. However, this is one of the best golf apps for players that are trying to see and visualize what they are doing in real time.

Many driving ranges will have a mirror and a launch monitor that golfers can use. Sometimes being about to see exactly what you are doing in a mirror is easier to relate and adjust to than looking at multiple videos after the practice session.

Mirror Vision Golf Coaching allows you to look at your own golf swing while you are setting up and practicing. The great news is you don’t even need wifi to make this work!

The real-time stream lets you use your iPhone to see your golf swings mirrored on another device. Some golfers use this with an IPad or similar device, and others will use a full TV.

You will have the ability to draw reference lines, look at two golf swings at the same time, and analyze your golf swing form.

I love the use of the Mirro Vision when working on something like takeaway or even setup, as you can see the adjustments as you are making them. The problem is that it does not allow you to work hands-free on your golf swing. There are still times when you have to start and stop the golf shots and their recording.

Some of the best features of the Mirror Vision golf coaching app include the following:

  • Import and export videos to other swing analyzers
  • Video editing tools
  • Name and organize videos
  • No wifi necessary to make it work
  • Feel and real can be easier for golfers to understand when using this swing analyzer app

Golf Insider Verdict

Lots of apps have issues and bugs in them, and Mirror Vision has some things that could be improved. Hopefully, in time this can also be updated to include tools to help golfers measure ball speed or club head speed in addition to just mirroring and recording golf swings. Overall for a fair-priced swing analyzer, this is an option to seriously consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf swing analyzer apps on the market.

Do AI golf swing analysis apps work?

Some apps not featured on our list will record your swing and then analyze it for you using the AI systems they have in place. I can tell you that most of these systems can identify changes in movement, but they can’t identify how this relates to your ball flight and performance.

AI is making incredible advancements, but it is only as good as the data inputted. Currently, video analysis can’t capture rotations of body movements accurately enough (particularly forearm rotation and wrist angles), they also can’t track ball flight well enough to know if a shot started 0, 1 or 3º offline and how much it curves through the air.

Enjoy the AI, but don’t rely on it until the challenges above are solved.

Is there an app that analyzes golf swing?

One of the best apps for golfers looking to analyze their swing a little better is the V1 golf coaching app. With V1, you can compare your golf swing to others or to professionals. The overall system from V1 works for both individuals and coaches.

What is the best free golf swing app?

The best free golf swing app is OnForm. At some point, if you want to store extra videos, you will have to upgrade the app to the paid version, but in the meantime, there is quite a bit to offer for a very fair price.

Is there an app that does GPS and swing analysis?

Yes, there is an app called 18 birdies that offers AI generated swing tips. For more information on this and other golf GPS apps, please click here.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now better understand some of the fun tools you can use to take your golf game to the next level. If you spend time working on your golf game on the driving range, I highly recommend investing in some kind of golf swing analysis app. They won’t turn you into a scratch golfer overnight, but getting clear feedback on the right parts of your technique can really speed up your progress.

Happy golfing.

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