Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2024

Golf swing analyzers don’t magically make you a better player, but they can help you diagnose issues and offer clear feedback as you practice. Here, we’ll run through the best swing analyzers on the market.

We’ll guide you through each device, explain how it will be of use, and warn you of any shortcomings in its performance. Finally, we’ll discuss who this is for and who should pass in each golf swing analyzer.

A quick note, in this article we focus on hardware and tools. If you want to find the best golf swing analyzer apps, check out this article.

The best golf swing analyzers are:

FlightScope Mevo Plus

Flightscope Mevo Plus

The FlightScope Mevo Plus was a real game-changer in the golf simulator market. For the first time, golfers can buy a launch monitor that gives club head data as well as ball data, at a fraction of the cost of a TrackMan or GC Quad.

A FlighScope Mevo Plus allows you to run a home golf simulator, track your swing mechanics and even take a launch monitor to the range with you. It’s a very cool piece of tech if you are in the market for a swing analyzer.

How does it work?

The Mevo uses radar to track the club head and golf ball. From this launch data it calculates the entire ball flight and estimates how the golf club struck the golf ball. Click here to read a full review of the FlightScope Mevo Plus where we dive deeper into the details.

What does it measure?

The Flightscope Mevo+ records 16 data parameters. These include carry distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, spin loft, angle of attack, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, lateral landing, shot shape, total distance, roll, and flight time, and height.

You can also upgrade your software to the pro version that adds on that adds another 11 club parameters (see below). These aren’t necessary if you want to run a home golf simulator, but we’d recommend them if you are planning a long winter working on your golf swing.

  • Club Path
  • Face to Path/ Target
  • Vertical/Horizontal Swing Plane 
  • Low Point
  • Dynamic Loft 
  • Vertical Descent Angle 
  • Curve 
  • Speed Profile 
  • Acceleration Profile 

The one piece of information the Mevo Plus doesn’t measure, that the top-of-the-range launch monitors do, is your impact location. The Mevo Plus will give you a smash factor, which gives you a good estimation of how well you stuck each shot, but you’ll have to use old fashion feel to know if it was a toe, heel or thin strike.

How is it useful for your golf game?

If you have regular golf lessons, or are self-coaching this is the ultimate tool for long game analysis. It is also superb for working on your gapping and dialling in your long game in practice modes or on the simulator’s courses.

How accurate is it?

Outdoors, this analyzer is superb, indoors 95-98% of the shots are incredibly accurate. However, you’ll find 1 in 20 to 50 shots fly too far as the Mevo doesn’t always pick up the correct spin rate of your shot.

This isn’t a big issue but is worth knowing upfront. The Mevo Plus still offered incredible value compared to the top-of-the-range launch monitors.

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

If you want to build a home golf simulator, want to track your swing mechanics, or just want to take your practice to the next level then the Flight Scope Mevo Plus is a great choice. The one caveat is that you should have a coach, or know what numbers you’re looking to improve if you’re planning some detailed swing work with the Pro add-on package.

HackMotion Swing Analyzer

Wrist mechanics play a vital role in hitting your shots straight and generating club head speed. As a golf coach, it was very challenging to properly analyze a player’s wrist mechanics, but now we have HackMotion.

How does it work?

This sensor is placed across the lead or trail wrist joint and provides feedback on how the wrists move throughout the golf swing. The sensors themselves contain accelerometers and gyroscopes that calculate their position relative to each other during your swing and calculate your wrist angles.

HackMotion sensor on lead wrist

What does it measure?

The HackMotion Pro sensor measures flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation and pronation/supination during your full swing, short game and putting. It can be used on your lead wrist or trail wrist.

It even allows you to set up feedback to chime when you are in or out of a certain range of movement in their training mode. For a deeper dive into all of HackMotion’s features and modes you can read our full HackMotion review here.

HackMotion Golf graph for golf swing

How accurate is it?

HackMotion is reliable within 3º and valid within 5º, this is very impressive for the problem they are trying to solve. If you want to read a geeky piece on how accurate HackMotion is and our full testing dataset check out this link.

Who is this analyzer best for?

This is a brilliant tool, as long as you know wrist mechanics are an area you specifically need to work on for better golf. The following are some common use cases:

  • Excessive wrists movement during putting and chipping
  • Improving a cupped or bowed wrist during your swing
  • Improving your release pattern through impact
  • Improving your wrist hinge or set

The key with Hackmotion is that it allows you to diagnose and benchmark, but then offers brilliant feedback during your practice sessions. As a coach, I only use this with 1 in 20-30 students, but when I do it is a game-changer.

Golf Insider verdict

HackMotion is a tool that allows coaches and players to get a deeper insight into their swing mechanics and performance. This high-tech swing analyzer isn’t for everyone, but when it is relevant HackMotion is super useful. The app that comes with the sensor is full of features to help golfers on their journey to better golf.

Golf Insider readers can get a saving when buying direct with HackMotion with the coupon code: GolfInsiderUK

ExPutt Putting Simulator

ExPutt Golf Simulator review header

The ExPutt putting simulator was a product that really impressed us during our testing. On the surface, it is a fun, family toy to keep everyone entertained – and it will entertain everyone! However, it is much more than that – during side-by-side testing with TrackMan, we realised this is a highly accurate piece of tech that can help many golfers.

How does it work?

ExPutt has a high-speed camera that tracks the golf ball and putter head. The putting mat is only 4 feet long, but the data calculated turns your TV into a home putting simulator. There is a practice mode, a challenge mode and a wide range of real-life putting greens where you can play, compete and take on friends.

For a full breakdown of the modes and features, check out our full ExPutt review here.

What does it measure?

The ExPutt putting simulator measures ball speed, distance and start direction of your putts. It also measures swing path and face angle at impact, along with giving a cool graphic of your entire putting arc (see below).

ExPutt visual display on TV screen

How accurate is it?

In side-by-side testing with TrackMan, the ExPutt was within 0.5º for start direction, swing path and face angle – this is seriously impressive for a swing analyzer that is 1/40th the price of Trackman.

Who is this analyzer best for?

This is a great analyzer for golfers who want to work on their putting mechanics, and/or want some winter golf at home when their golf course is closed. ExPutt’s marketing is more focused on its ability to play on real-life green and improve green reading.

However, we feel for golfers of all levels this is more suited to improving stroke mechanics. Alongside this technical work, the wider putting modes are just great fun!

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer

Blast Golf Review Header

The Blast Motion Golf analyzer is what most golfers imagine when thinking of a golf swing analyzer – it’s a small disc that you can attach to the top of any golf club to bring you a wealth of data. But the key question is will this data make you any better?

How does it work?

The Blast Motion Golf analyzer contains an accelerometer and gyroscope that generate information on your golf club’s acceleration and orientation. It then feeds this information to a very cool phone app via Bluetooth.

You can charge the device via a wireless charging station. All in all, this is a very cool-looking and feeling swing aid.

Blast Motion Golf charing station

What does it measure?

You can get a whole host of metrics on your golf swing, chipping and putting stroke. The Blast Motion Golf analyzer measures the following metrics:

Long game

  • Swing speed
  • Peak hand speed
  • Tempo
  • Backswing, downswing & total swing time
  • Attack angle (down/level/up)


As above.


As above with the following additions:

  • Loft change (from setup to impact)
  • Lie angle change (from setup to impact)
  • Face angle at impact
  • Backswing and forward swing rotation
  • Backswing length

How is it useful for your golf game?

Most people will be buying this for the long-game data. However, the most important metrics for your long game performance are your impact location, swing path and face angle – these aren’t covered with the analyzer.

Where this product really shines is with its putting analysis. Here it provides really useful data on the face angle, swing length and tempo. Making it a great tool for both improving your putting accuracy and distance control.

The second great use case is if you are working on increasing your swing speed and driving distance. In that case, the tempo, swing speed and hand speed are very useful metrics in your journey to longer drives.

How accurate is it?

Timing, tempo and attack angle data are all very solid. We were particularly impressed with the sensitivity of putting face angle and lie angle data. We estimate club head data is the one metric that may have a little more error, as this is estimated from hand speed (where the accelerometer is positioned).

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

This is a great choice for golfers wanting to work on their swing speed, and tempo. Or those who want a great tool to work on their putting accuracy or distance control. For the price, this is a great golf swing analyzer for players wanting to improve their putting.

Arccos Caddie Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos caddie golf stats system

Arccos is the closest you can get to having PGA Tour-level stats for your own golf game. This system breaks down your game into each area, and provides strokes gained, proximity and directional information. It then uses this information to tell you how to improve.

How does it work?

Smart sensors screw into the grip end of your golf clubs. These are paired with an app and a GPS tracking system. The Arccos system then tracks which club you hit from a given location and where the shot finishes – providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your golf game.

What does it measure?

I’ll keep this brief – pretty much any stat you wished to know about your performance. This includes directional information about each club, performance relative to your peers from approach distances, short game stats and putting information such as strokes gained putting and percentage make rates.

Showing strokes gained data from Arccos golf

How is it useful for your golf game?

Super useful! If you are happy to buy the Arccos system and put in a few extra minutes each round pressing some buttons you will be rewarded with some great data.

You can get lost in the data so my advice would be to decide which 3-6 stats are going to be your focus. Then track these over time and see if you can improve them. As detailed as the data is, just remember that if you hit 9 greens and get up and down 50% of the time, you’ll become a pretty good golfer.

Another tip is to use the direction of your misses to help structure your practice and coaching.

How accurate is it?

GPS has an accuracy of ±1 to 3 yards depending on your signal quality. There are options with Arccos that allow you to tweak data points and add greater accuracy when it comes to reviewing your data.

The Arccos data is accurate enough for everything outside 50 yards and inside 50 yards is great with a bit of tweaking.

Who is this analyzer best for?

This is for the golfer that really wants to get better. From my own performance coaching I’ve realised that golfers are generally quite bad at understanding how they build their scores and what areas they should focus on to get better.

The Arccos system is great for 20 handicappers and +2 handicappers alike – it will help you make sense of your golf game and help you shoot lower scores.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak launch monitor with app

SkyTrak is an innovative, ‘affordable’ launch monitor. We’ll use the word affordable in quotations, as we’re still talking four figures, but SkyTrak is a sizable amount less than a Trackman launch monitor. SkyTrak measures your golf shots, gives you instant feedback on your performance and can be linked up to a screen to create a relatively ‘low-cost’ swing studio/simulator.

How does it work?

SkyTrak uses high-speed cameras to take images of the golf ball milliseconds after impact. Extrapolating the change in positions, and rotation SkyTrak can work out your ball flight, ball speed, ball spin and so on.

What does it measure?

Features include Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin, Side Angle, Spin Axis and Total Spin. SkyTrak also comes with a host of famous courses and practice games for you to play. Unlike TrackMan or FlightScope Mevo Pro Plus, it doesn’t try to calculate club impact – face angle, swing path. However, you get an awful lot packed into this swing analyzer.

How is it useful for your golf game?

Golf is about getting your ball to your target, many of us don’t have enough time to live on the golf course and range. You may also live somewhere covered in snow for half the year.

SkyTrak is great for getting in extra practice away from the golf course and keeping your skills sharp. It also gives you some great data on launch direction and spin, that can help you work on your swing mechanics in between rounds.

How accurate is it?

Surprisingly good! Ball speed, carry and launch data are all quite robust. Funky strikes and spin data have a little more error but this is well beyond what is required for working on your game and getting some great indoor practice away from the course.

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

If you want a home swing studio or want to work on your game at home the SkyTrak is a great buy. You can also bring this out to the range to get a better idea of carry distances, and shot dispersion.

OnForm Golf App

OnForm Golf app header

OnForm is a golf app that makes recording and analyzing your swing a breeze. Their AI helps automate the capture progress and can even create a 2D model of your golf swing.

How does it work?

This golf swing analyzer app just needs to be set up from where you want to record. Then just swing…OnForm will detect each shot, crop the video and store it for you.

Once you play the videos back you can have great control of the analysis with slow motion and frame-by-frame analysis.

What does it measure?

The analysis mode in OnForm allows you to draw the classic lines, circles and markers to check your technique, but it can also create a wireframe of your golf swing.

How is it useful for your golf game?

If you’re regularly recording and analyzing your golf swing OnForm is a great golf swing analyzer app that will speed up your recording and help you analyze your golf swing frame by frame.

Personally, I’m less of a fan of the wireframe analysis. The wireframes are very cool, but the link to ball flight and performance is missing, unless you know what you are looking for.

How accurate is it?

Video analysis is as accurate as the user makes it. Be sure to use a tripod and set up your phone in line with the grip of your golf club each time (down the target line and face on). If you use this setup every time you’ll minimise the perspective error in your analysis and be able to check your progress over time.

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

OnForm is a great choice for golfers who often video their swing. The same application is just as useful for videoing your putting and short game too. Currently, there is only an iOS app, but we’re hoping an android app will follow.

Are golf swing analyzers worth it?

Golf swing analyzers are worth it, as long as the analysis you are focused on will make a difference to your golfing performance. For example, changing your backswing position because it doesn’t look right won’t lower your scores. Whereas, if you have a slice, using a launch monitor to help square your club face and swing path will really accelerate your progress, as it is highly related to your shot shape and outcome.

Golf swing analyzers can provide clesr and simple numbers and useful feedback is the magic ingredient that will speed up your progress to lower scores.

What is the best golf swing analyzer for beginners?

Golf can seem complex enough when you first start playing and nothing replaces time on the golf course, hitting balls and some good, simple coaching.

The same rules as above apply to beginners looking for a golf swing analyzer – have you got a good reason to need a specific number or metric? Unless your golf coach specifically recommends you buy one, I would say you’re better off putting that money towards lessons and green fees.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer – Summary

I hope that’s provided you with a useful round-up of the most useful swing analyzers on the market. For more golf equipment reviews check out our guides on the best golf training aids and golf launch monitors.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

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Will is a PGA golf professional, with a PhD in Biomedical Science and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology. He spent 10 years lecturing part-time at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds in Biomechanics and Motor Control before becoming the Head of Golf for the University of Exeter. He currently runs Golf Insider UK, Sport Science Insider around wider consulting and academic roles in sport performance and motor control.

2 thoughts on “Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2024”

  1. Hi Will

    Some real life feedback on Arccos and Blast. I restarted playing 2 months ago and have 30 hcp.

    Arccos is great overall. I’ve played 7x 18 hole rounds with it over the last 2 months, using the Link.

    Good for checking your stroke count
    Good info e.g. distance by club
    The strokes gained stats are good but need some effort to understand

    Not so good
    Some shots are missed – e.g. three hacks to get out of rough were logged as one
    Sometimes the hole does not change (a specific hole on my local course) and the move shot function is not great
    Need to make sure the Link is not covered by your tshirt

    Blast Motion is good for direction but TBC on specifics. I’ve used it for 2 months with ~550 shots in November. I learned about tempo through Blast and really wanted this to work.

    Must do
    Get the “man” to face you so head is pointed towards toe of the club
    Make sure you have space on your phone

    App in general
    Auto video clipping

    I used Blast and Trackman for the same shots; they did not match
    Clubhead speed – I’m not hitting my 6 iron at 106 mph
    Angle of attack – I’m not at -12 degrees (range from -18 to -8)

    Tempo – I compared a video showing 2.4:1 to the tour tempo frame counter which gave 21/7 and is what I was aiming for

    • Hi Mike,

      Apologies for the delayed response to this one, but just to say thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback. This is super useful and will really help golfers searching for answers on this topic.

      I hope the golf is going well.



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