Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2022

Golf swing analyzers don’t magically make you a better player, but they do give you feedback that can be crucial in determining what is wrong in your golf swing. Furthermore, practicing with a swing analyzer can give you great feedback on your golf swing and ball flight.

Here, we’ll run through the top swing analyzers on the market. As a golf coach and lecturer in biomechanics I’ll guide you through each device, explain how it will be of use to you and warn you of any shortcomings in its performance.

If you would like any products reviewed that aren’t on the list leave me a comment at the bottom of the article.

Arccos Caddie Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos is the closest you can get to having PGA Tour level stats for your own golf game. This system breaks down your game into each area, provides strokes gained, proximity and directional information. It then uses this information to tell you how to improve.

How does it work?

Smart sensors screw into the grip end of your golf clubs. Paired with an app and a GPS tracking system the Arccos system then tracks which club you hit from a given location and where the shot finishes – providing a detailed tee off to hole out analysis of your golf game.

What does it measure?

I’ll keep this brief – pretty much any stat you wished to know about your performance. This includes directional information about each club, performance relative to your peers from approach distances, short game stats and putting information such as strokes gained putting and % make rates.

How is it useful for you golf game?

Super useful! If you are happy to buy the Arccos system and put in a few extra minutes each round pressing some buttons you will be rewarded with some great data.

You can get lost in the data so my advice would be to decide which 3-6 stats are going to be your focus. Then track these over time and see if you can improve them. As detailed as the data is just remember that if you hit 9 greens and get up and down 50% of the time, you’ll become a pretty good golfer. My other tip is to use the direction of your misses to help structure your practice and coaching.

How accurate is it?

GPS has an accuracy of ±1 to 3 yards depending on your signal quality. There are options with Arccos that allow you to tweak data points and add greater accuracy when if comes down to putt length.

It is accurate enough for everything outside 50 yards and inside 50 yards is great with a bit of tweaking.

Who is this analyzer best for?

This is for the golfer that really wants to get better. From my own performance coaching I’ve realised that golfers are very bad at understanding how they build their score and what areas they should focus on to get better.

The Arccos system is great for 20-handicappers and +2 handicappers alike, and will help you make sense of your golf game.

SkyTrack Launch Monitor

SkyTack is an innovative, ‘affordable‘ launch monitor. We’ll use the word affordable in quotations, as we’re still talking four figures, but 10% the price of a Trackman launch monitor. SkyTrack measures your golf shots, gives you instant feedback on your performance and can be linked up to a screen to create a relatively ‘low-cost’ swing studio / simulator.

How does it work?

SkyTrack uses high-speed cameras to take images of the golf ball milliseconds after impact. Extrapolating the change in positions, rotation etc. it can work out your ball flight, ball speed, ball spin and so on.

What does it measure?

Features include Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin, Side Angle, Spin Axis and Total Spin. SkyTrack also comes with a host of famous courses and practice games for you to play. Unlike TrackMan it doesn’t try to calculate club impact – face angle, swing path etc.

However, you get an awful lot packed into this swing analyzer.

How is it useful for you golf game?

Golf is about getting your ball to your target, many of us don’t have enough time to live on the golf course and range. You may also live somewhere covered in snow for half the year.

SkyTrack is great for getting in extra practice away from the golf course and keeping your skills sharp. It also gives you some great data on launch direction and spin, which can help you work on your swing mechanics.

How accurate is it?

Surprisingly good! Ball speed, carry and launch data are all quite robust. Funky strikes, back and side spin have a little more error and do through up the odd strange shot. But this is well beyond what is required for working on your game and getting some great indoor practice away from the course.

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

If you want a home swing studio or want to work on your game at home the SkyTrack is a great buy. You can also bring this out to the range to get a better idea on carry distances, shot dispersion and to play some fun games.


Image coming soon.

The HackMotion swing analyzer system really is unique and something that can be of great use to players. HackMotion sensors provide real-time biofeedback on wrist action during your golf swing, chipping and putting. How your wrists move during your swing has a critical impact on your speed, accuracy and consistency.

How does it work?

The HackMotion system has two sensors, one straps to your wrist, the second across the back of your hand. The system measures the change in position between these two sensors to create a 3D picture of your wrist action throughout your golf swing.

What does it measure?

For the first time we can get an accurate picture of wrist: flexion/extension, pronation/supination and radial/ulnar deviation during the swing. These three ranges of motion play a big part in why some players are so much more consistent than others, even when their golf swings can look similar.

How is it useful for you golf game?

A a golf coach, I see so many performance issues caused by badly behaving hands–wrist mechanics. This isn’t for beginner golfers, but better players will benefit from getting great feedback on their wrist mechanics when putting and chipping, and trying to emulate the great release patterns that we see many pros use.

No, this won’t take you from 10 to scratch overnight, but it will really inform your practice and help you build an effective swing, putting and chipping action.

How accurate is it?

Surprisingly so, HackMotion’s testing indicates ±5º error in testing, as long as the system has been recently calibrated.

Who is this swing analyzer best for?

This is for the better golfer, a keen teen handicap with a specific need for this device may want to splash some cash, but I would see this mainly for single figure, scratch and plus golfers who are serious about their game and performance.

FlightScope Mevo Plus

Click here to read a full review of the FlightScope Mevo Plus.

GCQuad Launch Monitor

How does it work?

What does it measure?

How is it useful for you golf game?

How accurate is it?

Who is this swing analyzer best for?


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