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Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane

The best golf training aids help you change your golf swing in a positive way. They also help you feel something that you can then bring to the golf course. When looking for a perfect golf training aid for swing plane changes you need to consider if you want to have feedback on the backswing, downswing, near impact or all of the above.

Here we round up the best options and help explain the trade-offs for each training aid.

Most golfers go through dozens of golf training aids before they find one that works for their swing. A major reason behind this is that they don’t understand how the tool works and, more importantly, how it works for them.

Recently I took a golf lesson, and I was working on feeling the weight centering on my right foot as the club moves back. It took three different drills and a training aid before something clicked. However, as soon as it clicked, it was all my brain needed to repeat this same motion over and over again.

We will try to help you have that feeling by narrowing down the best golf training aids for swing plane so you can find the one that works for your game.

Swing Plane Trainers

PlaneSwing Trainer

PlaneSwing Trainer with athlete posing at the end of a golf swing


The PlaneSwing Trainer is one of the most well known and longstanding golf swing plane trainers on the market. This swing plane training aid essentially shows you the perfect swing plane and then ensures that your club stays on track.

From a feedback perspective, this is going to be one of the best options that you can find, as it allows you to make one continuous on-plane swing from start to finish.

Another key feature is the Stance Alignment Mat, with the straight lines that are already in place for you. Swing plane will change based on your feet and ball position, the PlaneSwing addresses this and ensures you’re setup well before you start grooving in your swing plane.


Realism is a parameter we will use as we explain each of these training aids. The realism factor deals with how the swing plane training aid can help you convert what you have learned into your golf game. Does it feel like a regular swing so that it can convert to the golf course?

When it comes to realism, the PlaneSwing is quite impressive. As you stand inside, the long and light powerslides help move the club for you but will only allow you to stay on a perfect swing plane. However, you can’t hit actual shots using the PlaneSwing Trainer.

The thing that most players don’t realize is that for your swing to stay on this perfect plane, you are doing things with your arms, shoulders, hips, and timing that you have likely not done in the past. The time spent in the PlaneSwing will help to create muscle memory, but you will have to switch between the PlaneSwing and a real golf club to work on transferring the correct actions.

In addition, the PlaneSwing is adjustable to work for a wide range of player heights. An instructional video comes with the product to help you figure out how to use it and how to benefit from it the most.


From a portability standpoint, this tool weighs 75 pounds (34 kg). It can certainly be moved, but it’s not going to fit in the side pocket of your golf bag! With the way the tool works and the overall size, many find this a good option for golf range and golf courses, but you will need some room at home or garden if you’re buying this for personal use.


In addition, the overall pricing is relatively high for a single golfer to fix their swing plane. We get it, the swing plane is important, but unless you have a few people to go in on this together, the tool itself is a big purchase.

Golf Insider verdict

Golf schools and golf professionals should have this training aid around their facility. The ability to set the plane angle specifically for a student and then have them use their own golf club is a major benefit. However, cost issues and the large size make it a big purchase for an amateur golfer just training to get their golf swing on a plane.

This is a great tool, consider this if you feel you will get prolonged use from such a swing plane training aid.

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

PlaneSwing Trainer on a field outside
  • Feedback 9/10
  • Realism 8/10
  • Portability 10/10
  • Value 7/10

EyeLine golf has made a big splash in the golf training aid market over the last few years. If you are new to the game and have a lot to learn, check out what products this company offers. The new EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 is a new addition to the lineup, and it addresses some pain points that users had with the first EyeLine models.

This particular model helps you guide your swing using rod tethers that are built into the unit. You can use the Eyeline Golf speed trap on the grass or a mat, and the training aid has decent durability and longevity.


The tethers that are built in are what will guide the club head through the impact position. If you swing on the correct swing plane, expect the club to travel through impact with no disruptions. If your swing is off the plane, you will hit one of the tethers.

These tethers are soft, and they won’t damage the club or you. In the newest model, they are also tied to the unit, so even if you hit one, it’s not going to fly out into the range where it’s difficult for you to retrieve it.

The Eyeline allows you to work with any golf club in your bag, from your wedge all the way up to your driver. It’s highly adjustable to help work on takeaway and impact with any club. Of course, the tool does not give you any feedback in the backswing or downswing; it is only at impact.


Here the Eyeline Speed Trap really does gain on other products. The ability to hit actual golf shots off turf or mats and use every club in your bag is a big bonus for transferring your skill onto the golf course.


For some golfers, this is more than enough to make the changes to their game that gets the club back on the plane. There is a carry bag included with a zippered pouch so you can keep the pieces together as you head to your next training session.


This is a very different proposition to the giant PlaneSwing and comes in at a much lower cost. This is a solid training aid that we have used, and we can tell you that it saves a lot of hassle trying to make a similar DIY setup to work on your swing plane/path.

Golf Insider verdict

The Eyeline golf speed trap can be used by both left-handed golfers and right-handed golfers, it’s portable, easy to move, and it does help guide your swing plane.

We love this option for the player learning to manipulate their swing plane and needing feedback on specifically what is happening through the hitting zone. However, if you want more feedback during your backswing and start of the downswing look elsewhere.

Tour Striker Plane Station

Swing plane trainer with a man stood with equipment in a swing stance
  • Feedback 9/10
  • Realism 9/10
  • Portability 9/10
  • Value 8/10

The Tour Striker brand is another strong golf training aid company that continues to expand its product offerings year after year. With the Tour Strike Plane Station, you can finally feel as though you know what a golf alignment stick or alignment rod is supposed to be used for.


The Tour Striker Plane Station gives you feedback along the majority of your backswing and downswing, depending on how you choose to set it up. It does give you more freedom towards the top of your backswing, but this isn’t a bad thing.

The Tour Striker makes training swing plane easy by giving you the sticks and a bar that will hold them all in place at the proper angles. We mentioned early on in our review of the best golf training aids that setup is so important to find the right plane, and the Plane Station will ensure that your setup is correct as well and comes with a good set of instructional videos.


The big reason this training aid made our list is versatility. The Plane Station can be placed inside or outside your desired swing plane. It can be flattened or steepened and you can hit shots with any club in your bag, or make practice swings at home.


The first time setup will take 10 minutes to learn and get pieces configured, but from there this is quick and simple to take down and move around.


You’re right to think this is a fair chunk of change for some sticks and pipes, but if you like your practice this will not only save you time but give you far more accurate feedback and adaptability than shoving your alignment sticks into the ground. We back this as a very worthwhile purchase for those grinding on their swing plane.

Golf Insider verdict

Six alignment rods, three connectors, and a host of videos from Martin Chuck leave you well prepared to finally look like you know what you are doing on the driving range. This is one of the best golf training aids from a versatility standpoint and will only help ensure that your swing plane gets worked out, whichever way you need that to happen.

If you’re stuck between options, but know you want feedback on swing plane, this is the option we’d point you towards.

Tour Striker Plane Mate 2.0

Tour Striker PlaneMate
  • Feedback 10/10
  • Realism 7/10
  • Portability 10/10
  • Value 7/10

The Tour Striker Plane Mate 2.0 is more of a swing constraint than a swing training aid. In the past, we might have told you to stay clear of something like this to avoid confusion, but the way the Tour Striker is designed, it can work as a feedback tool for those who need it on the backswing.


The PlaneMate is a great tool if you tend to get too steep and find your arms separate way from your body, it is less ideal if you are too ‘flat’ around your body. This model teaches players about swing plane but also encourages a good transition and body rotation through your golf shots.

The Swing Plane Mate comes with an adjustable belt that will work for women, children, and men of all sizes. However, the thing that really sets the Swing Plane Mate apart is the training program and guide that is included with the product. There are interchangeable resistance bands to help you take your game to the next level and an exact training program to work through on your way there.


The ability to hit golf shots makes this one of the top products for creating the right swing feels during practice. The bands are a little restrictive and won’t allow you to make a full swing, but rather a 3/4 iron swing. However, we like to interchangeable bands to increase the tension as you improve.


This is highly portable, but a bit of a pain to set up and attach around your golf club and waist. Once you’re in it is worth the work, but we’d suggest leaving this attached to a practice 7-iron if you want to save time each time you head to the golf range.

Golf Insider verdict

The Plane Mate is used by some of the top players in the world. Their use case often has more to do with keeping their body and arms in sync during their swing. However, this is a valuable swing plane tool for those who struggle with a steep backswing, downswing or arms coming away from their body.

Do Golf Swing Plane Training Aids Work?

Now that you have a better idea as to how a golf swing plane training aid works and which are the best on the market, the big question is whether or not this is worth your money. We know there are quite a few ways to spend money in the game of golf, and you should be looking for a tool that has excellent value as well. Here are things to look for to ensure your swing plane training aid will work.

Know What Kind of Learner You Are

I was recently teaching my eight year old son a few things about his golf game, and I tried a drill with him that had worked very well for me in the past. It was a feel type drill and he was struggling to get the golf club and his body to respond the way he wanted.

Quickly I told him to stop the drill as it wasn’t working. Then I thought about how much of a visual learner he is, and this is how he retains most of the information he receives. So instead of this drill or telling him to “feel” something, I simply said, “watch this.”

I demonstrated what his swing looks like and what it should look like, and he said, “oh, ok, I can do that.” And he did.

This kind of knowledge can help you from having a garage full of training aids that aren’t the right fit for your game. Try to determine how you learn the game of golf and what actually impacts your game. Did you have a really excellent golf lesson once? Or a tip from a friend that genuinely worked? Use this information to guide you towards the best training aid, and you will find much more success.

The Information Must Transfer

I’ve always thought that the main job of a training aid was to be the link or connector between what a player needs to feel to improve and how to get that to happen without the training aid in place. It’s easy to have a perfect swing plane when you are using the trainer, but what happens to your game when you are done?

Stay away from certain swing plane training aids that seem difficult to convert information to the golf course. It’s great to practice on the driving range and get really good but you need to be able to visualize and feel what is happening when you get out on the course.

Ability To Test

Those that are skeptical about whether or not golf swing trainers work are in luck. It has never been easier to see whether or not your golf swing plane trainer is working. With video technology and personal or portable launch monitors for golfers, you can record your performance before, during, and after using your swing plane training aid.

Take a look at things like total distance, spin rates, and clubface angle at impact. With more advanced technology, you may be able to look at the swing path as well.

Area of Focus

As you saw from our review of the best golf training aids for swing plane, some of these products focus on the backswing, others the impact position. There is really no right or wrong answer here, and both are working on getting you the feedback you need.

However, try to think about what part of your swing is needing the most work. Do you know you get off the plane right from the takeaway? Or do you struggle in the transition from the backswing to the downswing? Narrowing down on what part of the swing needs the most work is critical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about golf swing trainers and how they can help your game.

Can a swing plane training aid help my swing?

Swing plane training aids have proven to be very successful for the golfer that is using them correctly. Understanding what the swing plane is and how it is going to impact your ability to contact the golf ball consistently and squarely will only help take your game to the next level. If you have struggled with the swing plane in the past, a training aid is a smart solution.

Does Orange Whip help with swing plane?

The Orange Whip can help golfers with swing plane, but it is not one of the direct impacts of using this tool. The swing plane is helped by improving tempo training, flattening the swing, and giving players more of a feel of the proper sequence of their swing.

What swing trainers do pros use?

There is always some mixed information about which training aids professionals like to use, but the Superspeed Golf Training System seems to be popular for gaining some extra yardage. Truth be told, most professionals have pretty good swing plane.

How do you get the perfect swing plane?

Most great golfers will tell you that the perfect swing plane comes from years of work. The golf swing plane is a key element of hitting a straight golf shot and in order to get a proper swing plane, other factors like rotation, setup, and even grip need to first be in place. A training aid, video, help from a professional, and the development of muscle memory will help you get a much better golf swing plane.

Final thoughts – Best golf training aid for swing plane

Hopefully, you now feel a bit more knowledgeable about the best golf swing plane training aids on the market. We know there are a lot of options out there, but start with where in the golf swing you most need feedback – backswing, downswing or through impact?

From there find the tool that caters for the above and meets your budget and where you plan to practice your golf game. There are many avenues to getting the perfect swing plane; it just takes a bit of time and dedication.

Happy golfing.

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