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Best Golf Club Sets For Kids 2024

Getting kids out on the golf course is truly one of the best things you can do for them. However, buying the right gear for them is a challenge, particularly when you know it won’t last them forever. Here we review the best junior golf club sets on the market.

  1. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set (Best Premium)
  2. Wilson Profile JGI (Best Junior Golf Clubs 5-8)
  3. Tour Edge HLJ (Best Junior Golf Clubs 9-12)
  4. Alien Junior Golf Set (Best Junior Golf Clubs 3-5)
  5. Ram Golf Junior G-Force (Best Left Handed Juniors)
  6. PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 (Best Value)

Junior golf club sets are available for kids as young as two years old, they move all the way up to 12-15 years old before they will eventually transition into adult clubs. If you have been looking for the best junior golf clubs, these are the ones we found to stand out from others.

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set in golf bag

The Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set is a premium option for junior players. If your kid is really into this game and you have the money, there are some performance benefits worth considering from the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf set.

What’s Included

  • Driver
  • Fairway wood
  • Hybrid
  • 7 Iron
  • 8 Iron
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Premium golf stand bag


Callaway Golf XJ Junior fiarway wood and iron

The performance of the Callaway XJ set is quite impressive. In fact, if you have ever hit a golf ball with these sets just to test them out, you can see how they became one of the best-known for the junior golfer. The feel, forgiveness, and overall distance that you can get from the Callaway XJ is really great.

These sets come in three different sizes, the XJ1, XJ2, and XJ3. Our “what’s included” section features the XJ3 junior golf club set. Most young players find that the clubs included make up the perfect club selection for junior players.

Callaway didn’t hold back on their technology in the XJ junior sets; In fact, they used some of their premium titanium as well as distance technology throughout the golf club set. Whether you are dealing with beginner junior golfers or those that are serious about it, the club performs well.

The Callaway XJ is very often compared to the US Kids golf clubs as being a good option for advanced junior golfers.


In my years of teaching junior golf, the Callaway XJ junior golf clubs were passed down between siblings more than any other kids club. If you purchase a set of these and take care of them, expect them to be passed down from one kid to another. Golf clubs for kids are not always made with enough quality to allow for this.

Remember that each of the Callaway XJ golf club sets come with different clubs, and you may have to fill in things like other fairway woods or an additional wedge.


The Callaway XJ set is expensive. If you are purchasing junior clubs for several of your kids, get ready for a large bill. The only good thing about the value is that these golf clubs are most likely to be worth something when your child is done with them. Expect a decent resale value.

Golf Insider Verdict

We love this golf club set, especially the one with the seven clubs. However, it is a lot of money to spend on kids’ clubs if your child is simply signed up for a single golf lesson. Try to gauge the level of interest in the game and choose golf clubs accordingly. Regardless of your decision, we are glad Callaway has this option for a more premium choice for kids clubs.

Wilson Profile JGI

Wilson Profile kids golf club set in red and black stand bag

Not only is the Wilson Profile JGI our favorite set for the 5-8 year old range, but it’s also an excellent set for any young golfer. In fact, both of my kids use the Wilson Profile JGI and play with it several days a week. We have been happy with all aspects of this set.

What’s Included

  • Driver
  • Short Iron
  • Wedge
  • Blade Putter
  • Stand Bag


Wilson Profile JGI is another kid’s golf club option that your child can grow with through the years. As they get older, Wilson adds more clubs to the set and helps to continue to improve upon player development. This set for the 5-8 year old child is everything a kid needs to succeed on the course, except it would benefit from a hybrid or fairway wood.

The entire set is manufactured with Super Game Improvement technology to make it easier for kids to enjoy the game. The success rate is quite high in the 5-8 range, especially for the kids that have a bit more strength.

These are not the lightest clubs which does help with increasing accuracy. The heavy sole wedge has got some weight to it, but it helps kids produce a strong wedge shot and even allows for success from the bunkers.


The Wilson JGI sets hold up well. The paint on the driver’s head starts to chip after a while, but it does not impact the overall feel of the driver’s face or the distance of the shot.


Overall this set is fairly priced, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. Both of my kids needed new golf clubs at the same time, and some junior sets that were $300 or more each were out of the question.

The only thing that could make this set for the 5-8 year old junior a bit better is the addition of a fairway wood or hybrid. There is a large gap between the short iron and the driver. Luckily some companies sell individual clubs, and we filled in with an affordable hybrid.

Golf Insider Verdict

Overall, Wilson does a great job of helping make golf club purchasing an easier task for parents. As your child outgrows one set, there will be another option available. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you should check the player height requirements. They are a bit wide, so when your young child reaches the minimum height requirement, the clubs will still be a little longer, and they will have to choke up on them.

Tour Edge HLJ

Tour Edge HLJ golf set in black, grey and red stand bag

Tour Edge is a brand that makes several different sets of junior golf clubs depending on the child’s height. With Tour Edge, you can always count on a decent feel, even when the golf clubs are not all that expensive.

What’s Included

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • 7/8 iron
  • 9/PW
  • SW
  • Putter
  • Golf Stand Bag


Tour Edge makes this HL J set in a few different sizes, but the 9-12 stands out as one of the best for us. With the Tour Edge HLJ, all clubs have a high launch, impressive distance, and great feel. You will find that the set makeup is also perfectly appropriate for this age group.

As kids start to get older, they need a few more clubs included in their bags, and the Tour Edge does an excellent job with its club selection. The 350cc high MOI driver makes it easier for kids in this age group to start seeing some true distance.

In addition, the hybrid club is a good addition as it can teach a bit more about club selection and course management. We also love the inclusion of a sand wedge and the unique mallet head putter. Getting kids in this age group to work on their short game skills is very important.


The Tour Edge junior golf club sets should hold up just fine for younger players in this age group, especially those that care about the game and their equipment.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that the 9-12 age is when some young golfers start to get really good, and higher club head speeds can sometimes develop. If your kid is starting to swing it pretty hard, you may need to consider another option.


For the number of clubs included in this golf club set, the overall value is quite good. We love the combination of fairway wood and hybrid as kids have to start making some decisions on the golf course.

Golf Insider Verdict

For young goflers that are serious about the game and enjoy hitting high-flying and strong golf shots, the Tour Edge HLJ is an excellent option to consider. The clubs have a low center of gravity, the bag is light and easy to carry, and the sand wedge and putter set a young golfer up quite well to start scoring.

Alien Junior Golf Set

Alien junior golf set in blue and silver

Alien makes both adult clubs and kids’ golf clubs. If you need a way to get your very young child interested in the golf course, this Alien junior golf set is a great option to consider.

What’s included

  • Driver/Fairway Wood Combo
  • Wedge
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag


The Alien products always do an excellent job of combining performance and value. This is only a three-club set, but as you will read in our guide, very young golfers typically don’t need a large set of golf clubs.

The Titanium Matrix Head is built to give a higher launch and increase overall confidence. Getting the ball off the ground at this age is a major plus. The putter is also a great design in that it is a semi-mallet. Junior players get a stable feel at impact and a strong roll.


The sets you purchase for a child this age do not last simply because junior golfers grow so quickly. You will likely need something like this for less than a 2 year period. As long as you use the included headcover, you should see no issues with wear and tear; the only problem that sometimes comes up is a chip on the driver club head because of poor treatment.


The Alien makes some of the best golf clubs when it comes to value. Junior clubs for this age group should not be too expensive as the idea is really just about exposing kids to the game.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you have a child in the 2-5 age group that likes to follow you around the golf course, these are the best kids’ golf clubs to start with. The bag holds up well, the bright colors are attractive, and the technology gives them some confidence that they can play this game.

Ram Golf Junior G Force

Ram Golf Kids G Force golf set in left handed option

If you are a lefty golfer, you may understand that equipment can sometimes be limited. The same can be said for junior golf clubs for kids. Lefty kids can have a hard time finding clubs, but the Ram Golf Junior G Force can be a great choice.

What’s Included

  • Driver
  • Hybrid
  • 7 iron
  • 9 iron
  • Wedge
  • Putter
  • Golf stand bag


The Ram Golf Junior G Force set changes a bit from one age group to the next the set makeup is quite impressive for most of the sets. We love the addition of the hybrid, as individual hybrids for left handed youngsters can be hard to find.

The clubs have high lofts and are versatile. Players have good success rates with getting the ball up in the air. In addition, the irons come with a lightweight golf shaft and a cavity back design that is easy to work with.

The putter is a pretty straightforward blade style, but it does have good alignment lines. Overall the short game tools that come with the set are pretty impressive. The only thing that is not the best with the Ram set is feel. The feel is a bit harsh, just as you can expect with the adult clubs from Ram. The materials used here are not necessarily premium.


Ram makes a quality set of clubs that should last a year or two, which will be all you need in the individual height ranges. Keep the headcover on the driver and hybrid to make sure they don’t chip or damage.


Ram is a great affordable option for young golfers interested in the game but not quite ready for their pro debut. The equipment holds up well for the price.If you’re after a more premium left-handed set it is also worth checking out the Callaway XJ set below.

Golf Insider Verdict

For a left handed junior, the Ram Golf is a great solution. If you can’t find left handed clubs and you want a strong value, lightweight performance, and an impressive launch, the Ram Golf is a great option.

Precise Golf Co. Precise X7

Precise Golf Junior golf set in blue and white stand bag

Precise Golf Co is a value based golf brand that allows you to purchase junior golf clubs without breaking the bank. Although all of the precise sets are fairly priced, we found the set for the 3-5 year old to be the best overall value.

What’s Included

  • Driver
  • Hybrid
  • 6/7 iron
  • Putter
  • Headcovers
  • Stand Bag


The Precise X7 Junior complete set is a great option for young junior that does not have much experience. These are lightweight golf clubs with impressive performance, great feel, and overall fair value. This is not the set for the kid that’s going to be on the range for a few hours every day, and it has a major flaw in the set makeup, but it’s a good starting point.

The major issue here is that there is no wedge included. To try and teach a young kid how to chip and pitch with a 6/7 iron is a bit tricky. You may also want to avoid teaching any sand trap skills until you get something with a bit higher loft.

However, the rest of the set is excellent, and for kids to see early success with distance using this set is quite easy.


Sometimes when you find a junior golf set that is a bit more fair in the price, you won’t be able to pass it from one kid to the next. However, we found that the Precise X7 actually held up quite well. Several junior camp kids have used this set and passed it down to other siblings with no change in overall performance.


Considering that you get four clubs for the price that many junior golf club manufacturers may only offer a single club, it’s quite fair. The only problem is that you really need to consider adding a wedge to this set, and that will cost you a bit more money.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you are not sure that golf is going to be the game for your kid, then the Precise X7 is a great introductory set of golf clubs. They are easy to carry around, work to help players hit high shots, and can increase your child’s chance of success.

How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs For Junior Golfers

Choosing the best adult clubs and the best golf clubs for kids is a bit different. The choices for kids are much more limited, and they are also typically really similar. You won’t be looking at things like shaft options, kick points, adjustable loft, and tungsten materials. Here are the things you can control when buying a kid’s golf club set and choosing the one that best suits the needs of your child.

Player Age/Height

Some golf manufacturers will sell their golf clubs based on a child age. However, you must look at the fine print with something like this. The player’s age is not always a good indicator of their height. For instance, I have one kid that is really tall and needs the next size up, outside of his age range. My other child fits perfectly within the recommended age.

These age ranges are based on a kid’s average height, so if you know your kid is 15th percentile in height, make sure to look at the total length of the club, as opposed to just the recommended age.

I have always found that golf club fitting for junior golf clubs is difficult. The kids change the height so quickly that it seems as though they are always having to choke up slightly or bend over a little more than we would like to reach the ball. Just try to manage this as best as possible and talk to a local professional if you are struggling to make a decision.

Golf Bag

Most junior golf clubs come with a small stand bag. The lightweight stand bag has some great pockets and organization to ensure that you can fit all of your young golfer’s gear. Walking the golf course is an excellent thing for juniors, and many of them take great pride in carrying their clubs around. Just make sure the bag has a good strap and strong stand.

Short Game Tools

Kids are small, and they can’t generate all that much club head speed. Even kids that start to get some decent distance will still struggle with it for years to come. However, the short game is an area that junior golfers can compete.

Stay away from junior golf clubs for kids that do not come with a great wedge. The Wilson JGI that we reviewed has a blade style wedge that actually allows for a bit of spin and feel. Think about how much better your game would be right now if you learned how to spin a wedge when you were 7 years old!

The putter is another important consideration, as you should be looking for a putter with great alignment lines and the perfect height to allow a child’s eyes to see down the line.


On average, kids are going to outgrow their clubs within about two years. If golf club sets last your child more than two years, chances are at some point; the set was not the proper length for them.

When choosing which golf club set for kids, make sure you consider how much your child will use the set in a two year period. A value set is good for an occasional trip to the driving range or a junior camp.

More premium junior golf club sets are better for kids that are already regular golfers, and they tend to hold more resale value.

Set Makeup

The set makeup of a junior golf club set is typically anywhere from 3 to 7 golf clubs. Most juniors don’t generate enough clubhead speed to be able to do much with more than 7 golf clubs in the bag.

Our favorite sets have a combination of short game clubs as well as distance golf clubs. Your set makeup should have some type of a driver or fairway wood, a hybrid, an iron or two, a wedge, and a putter. The cheaper sets will eliminate the hybrid and likely only include one iron.

Sometimes you can find individual clubs for kids that can be added to a set, but there is sometimes inconsistency in feel and overall performance.


Golf shafts in junior golf clubs are almost always graphite shafts. The lightweight graphite makes it considerably easier to get the golf ball up in the air. Lightweight clubs are undoubtedly the best for beginner golfers who are new to the game, but they also help the more experienced player start to gain more distance.

If you see a junior golf club set that has steel in the iron shafts and your child is a little older, it can work out just fine. However, in those first few years, try to stick with graphite when possible.

Top Tips For Buying Junior Golf Equipment

Some of the best golf clubs for juniors are not the brand names we know for adult golf clubs. Since you may be dealing with products and brands that you are not familiar with, here are a few of the top tips for buying junior golf equipment.

  • Consider used equipment if you have a kid in the neighborhood that tried the game and then quit; however, take a close look at the condition of the clubface and the shaft to make sure it’s in good condition; kids can be rough on golf equipment.
  • Don’t be concerned with a set that has just three clubs. In fact, this is much easier for kids to manage and learn, and some of the best kid’s golf clubs will only have three or four clubs.
  • Pay close attention to the height of your child and the set that you purchase; if the clubs are too long, the success rate with this equipment will be low.
  • A fairway wood/driver combination is often better than the standard driver; kids can learn to hit off of a tee but also hit longer fairway wood shots with this club in their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best junior golf clubs on the market. When your kids decide they are ready to play the game, it’s an exciting time, but you have to be smart about what you purchase.

What clubs should a junior golfer have?

A junior golfer should have some type of a fairway wood/driver, an iron, a wedge, and a putter. Very young kids need just an iron, a fairway wood, and a putter. As kids get older, they may start to hit their shots at different lengths, therefore increasing the need to add in other golf clubs, especially wedges, hybrids, and additional irons.

What size golf clubs should a 10-year-old use?

The driver length for the 10-year-old child is usually around 39″. Most ten years old will fit in a set that is for height range 54″ to 57″. The best golf clubs for kids will give not only a recommended age but also a recommended height to ensure that the clubs are a proper fit.

What age do kids need golf clubs?

Kids can start golfing at any age, but most have plenty of coordination and strength to be able to hit real golf shots around the age of 4. Some very young golfers that are two years old can get the ball airborne, and some kids may not take to the game until they are teenagers.

Can I cut down my old clubs for my kid?

Many parents feel like junior clubs are unnecessary because the kids outgrow them so fast. We can certainly understand your concept here, but junior clubs are well worth it. When a kid plays with a golf club that is a proper fit for their game, they will have much better initial success. As soon as a piece of equipment is too heavy or too long, the interest will die down considerably and it can cause bad swing habits.

Your golf clubs are too heavy and too stiff for your kids. When you cut them down, they only get stiffer, making it really hard for your child to get the ball up in the air. Make the investment into kids’ golf clubs; it will be worth it.


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more confident in the junior golf club market. Although these decisions regarding the best junior clubs may seem like big ones, the good news is that your kid wants to play.

We like the Wilson SGI junior set as well as the Callaway Junior golf club set. Each of these opinions will help you inspire younger kids and even older kids to take more of an interest in the game. If you want to increase the excitement level, be sure to include a couple of colored golf balls in the golf bag!

Happy golfing.

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