5 Best Office Putting Sets – To Lower Scores

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss or employees if you’re reading this article. If you can squeeze in some extra putting practice while in your office you’re in luck! A great office putting set keeps you engaged, has a true roll, speeds similar to your local golf course and is long enough to help with those scoring range putts in the 6-10 foot range.

Here are five of the best office putting sets in 2023, as always we kept budget and space in mind so there is an option for any office.

Best Office Putting Sets In 2023 Are:

  • Perfect Practice Putting (Best Overall)
  • PuttOut Starter Studio with Pressure Trainer (Best Value Office Putting)
  • ExPutt Golf Simulator (Best High Tech, Premium)
  • WellPutt Mat (Best For Staying Engaged/Putting Games)
  • Me & My Golf Breaking Ball mat (Best For Breaking Putts)

Perfect Practice Putting

Perfect Practice putting mat in green

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is our favorite office putting set. When it comes to putting mats one of the most important features to look for is the trueness of the roll. When we did our own independent testing of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat we rated it a 9.5 out of 10 for true feel.

Essentially if you want a green mat that feels like your actual golf course, this is a good solution.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a portable option that you can roll up and put away when your office putting mat gets in the way of your day job. Dustin Johnson is the PGA Tour pro behind this product, and although we are pretty certain, he has a putting green at his home, for a fairly priced option for an office space we could see Johnson liking this one.

There are two sizes to choose from a 9’6″ long and then the extra large model which is 15 feet. Putting practice in the 10 foot and under range is really important, so if you don’t have room for the extra-large model, don’t be concerned.

Perfect Practice used a crystal velvet material to improve roll and the overall look of the putting mat. When you start far away from it, the coloring and overall style is great, this is a nice addition to the visuals of any office space when rolled out, or rolled up into a corner.

The Perfect Practice Putting mat features a ball return ramp and as long as your floor is flat-ish this works a treat to keep funneling the balls back to your start location.

The clear alignment guides on the Perfect Practice are for both left-handed golfers and they will help with both aiming and distance control. Between the lines and the two different holes (a regulation-size cup and a smaller cup for accuracy), you can set up quite a few different practice games for yourself with these and keep the challenge level appropriate.


  • Very true feel
  • Options for two different sizes to accommodate any office
  • Comes with a golf putting cup (Two different sizes)
  • Automatic ball return feature
  • Alignment lines and guides that work for left and right handed golfers
  • Approximate speed of 10 on stimpmeter


  • Putting surface does not look as premium when up close
  • Priced slightly higher than other options

Who is this best for?

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great solution for serious golfers, and those who are keen to improve. After using this putting mat for over a year it is still our favorite on the market thanks to its true roll, great alignment aids and multi golf holes.

PuttOut with Pressure Trainer

The PuttOut mat is our favorite office putting set for those shopping on a budget. It is simple, true and comes in at a great price. You can also add items like the PuttOut Pressure trainer or putting gates at any time to keep improving your putting setup.

The medium putting mat that comes with this has printed markings up to 6 feet. You will get the opportunity to practice your stroke as well as distance control on the same surface. This not the best tool for lag putting or longer putts as the putting mat is a smaller. In fact, I like it more for stroke development and becoming dialed in on those putts less than 6 feet.

The surface itself is super true, and the mat can be rolled up and back out in seconds. All putting mats seem to claim they roll out to be super true straight away. We’re yet to find this mystical creature, however, the PuttOut is better than nearly any other for trueness after a long time rolled away.

The final speed of any putting mat depends on the surface beneath it (hard floor = faster, thick carpet = slower), however, this is a little slower than the Perfect Practice mat featured above.


  • Good choice for practicing short putts
  • Putting mat has a good feel and trueness of roll
  • Can setup a variety of putting game options for yourself
  • Works for small spaces
  • Option to add other putting aids like the putting gates


  • Not long enough to work on all putting skills
  • Practicing from different angles is difficult
  • No putting cup or putting hole

Who is this best for?

If you have a small office space and want to work on technique, this is a great choice to consider. In addition, the Pressure Trainer can be brought with you out to the real putting greens at the course where you can test it further.

ExPutt Golf Simulator

ExPutt Golf Simulator review header

If you work in technology or have an office setup with a television, this ExPutt Golf Simulator will have everyone in the office a bit jealous. This is a bit more of an investment than other office putting sets, but it also has a lot more to offer. Forget the old auto ball return cup; the world of golf simulators and technology has not ventured into putting mats.

The Exputt RG uses a high-speed camera to track your putting stroke, just the same way that a golf launch monitor would. The product is WiFi enabled, so you can get automatic software updates, and every putting game you play is accurate and up to date.

As you work on your putting stroke in your office, you will see your results on the television in front of you. This is a high-tech office putting set.

When we first tested the ExPutt Golf Simulator I was not expecting much in terms of accuracy and stroke mechanics, however, I was blown away by how accurate it was compared to TrackMan (an $18,000 launch monitor).

There are opportunities to compete online and show off your skill and the mental benefit of practicing on a green that may be one of your favorite courses is really nice. The software is updated often with new course greens so there is plenty of variety.

This is a mix of a putting mat while feeling like you are practicing on a real putting green. If you have trouble converting what you are working on in your office to the golf course, this is a great solution. The instant feedback on ball speed, putter direction, and clubface angle.


  • Great options for a putting game and online tournament
  • Great features to help track putting results
  • Can work with phone or television
  • Allows you to play in online competitions
  • Can choose which golf putting green you practice on virtually


  • Not the best choice for long putts because of the size of the mat
  • Priced higher than other options
  • A Few issues with connection during the initial setup

Who is this best for?

If you like technology, data, and playing putting games this is a great choice. ExPutt pushes this as a great tool to practice long, breaking putts. However, I would argue this is best used for dialing in your stroke mechanics, with data no other putting matt offers, while having all of the lag putting and breaking putts for extra fun.

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WellPutt Mat

The WellPutt Mat is highly rated each year for its training and development that it offers golfers. If your reasoning for practicing golf putting in the office is to try and get better, this may be one of the options you want to look at.

What we like the most about the WellPutt is that it has true feel, is designed to replicate a medium fast green and there are games and training challenges to help keep you engaged year-round.

There are aids and information throughout the entire mat. Golfers can practice things like putter alignment, eye positioning, mental mapping and stroke amplitude. If you putt from one direction on the mat it rolls at a 10 on the stimp and the other is 11.5.

If you play a course with quicker green speeds, this is a great option to consider.

The app however is what really sells the WellPutt. The app has over 50 exercises on three different levels that can help you shave strokes off your game. There are also three sizes to the WellPutt, the 10, 13 or 26 foot option.

My only real complaint about this particular model is the fact that there is no hole. I know it’s a mat and that’s what you get sometimes with these more modern and streamlined putting practice aids, but there is something about a golf ball going in the hole that makes practice that much more fun.

Who Is It For?

If you get bored practicing golf and need to stay engaged when you work on short game, the WellPutt is a great solution. We love the addition of the app and the challenges and you will feel accomplished when practicing them.

Me & My Golf

Me and my golf putting mat review header

Last but not least is the Me & My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat. Through the years when I’ve wanted to work on different angles and reading break I would often try to create my own break on a putting mat. This may include placing something under the mat to create a turn or change in direction.

I’ve never really found an office putting set that did a good job with a mat that had some break. Usually it’s too severe to be effective. However, Me & My Golf went with an entirely different concept and included a ball that breaks. So instead of dealing with a less than ideal putting surface, all you need to do is use the golf balls that are provided.

The breaking balls are weight biased and there is a heavy, medium and slight break included with the set. You also get training videos to understand how to do this. The mat is marked with a start line, apex and perfect putt zone.

Although there is no hole included, the size of a regulation hole is marked on the putting surface.

The speed of the Me & My Golf is abou an 11 and the overall true feel is fine. Now this is a bit of a ‘love it, or hate it product’ and divided our team. Where we all agree is that the actual putting mat is very good and comparable with the PuttOut mats.

We’ll leave you to decide if you feel the breaking balls that accompany the mat are just a gimmik or a real game-changer for your putting practice. You can read our full Me & My Golf putting mat review here.


  • One of the best options on the market for practicing break
  • Ideal gift for the golfer that has everything, its a unique choice
  • Small enough to setup in most offices
  • Portable and rolls up with ease
  • Speed of 11 on the stimpmeter


  • 6 feet is the maximum putt distance you can practice a little more room would be nice
  • The breaking golf balls provide lack a little quality
  • This mat does need so time to lay flat after being rolled up.

Who is this best for?

If you are a newer golfer that struggles to see break and understand how it works, the Me & My Golf is a great tool to consider. Learning about how to combine the speed and line of your putts to create something that is going to fall in the hole, takes a bit of practice and development and this tool helps.

Frequently Asked Questions

An office putting set is a great addition to your workspace, here are a few of the mos commonly asked questions about the best office putting sets in the game.

Are indoor putting mats worth it?

An indoor putting mat allows you to spend time working on your golf game without having to go to the golf course. Overall if you can add just a few minutes of practice to your day, you can become a much more consistent putter.

What’s the best indoor putting green?

The Perfect Practice putting mat is our favorite indoor putting green, the material, speed, and consistently set this apart from other options out there.

What do you put under an indoor putting green?

An indoor putting green can go on top of a hard surface like a floor or on a carpet. The material that is under a putting mat or green can sometimes impact the speed. Look to see the thickness of the matt you purchase and you will have a better idea as to who speed will be impacted.

How long should an indoor putting green be?

An indoor putting green should be at least 7.5 feet long. With a 7.5 foot length you can work on putts that are six feet or less. If you have the space a 10 to 15 foot putting mat can really help with long putts and varying the length that you practice.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a better idea which is the best putting mat for your office The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is something that really won’t lead you in the wrong direction. I like getting to practice to two different holes and the true feel is impressive. Think about who you are as a player and what exactly you need to work on and choose the mat that checks all the boxes.

Happy golfing.

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Britt Olizarowicz is a former teaching and Class A PGA professional with more than 25 years spent with a golf club in her hand. Britt is a small business owner, author, and freelance golf expert that knows this game inside and out. She lives in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children.

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