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Best Petite Women’s Golf Clubs 2024

Golf club length is one of the most important fitting factors when shopping for new golf clubs. Women’s golf clubs are on average 1/2 inch shorter than standard men’s golf clubs. However, that isn’t ideal for all female golfers. Luckily many women’s golf sets are also offered in a petite or short version. The best petite women’s golf clubs help eliminate the need for a custom set and put some great technology into your hands.

Here are our top picks:

Wilson Profile SGI Petite Golf Clubs

WILSON Women's Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set in green

Set Makeup

The Wilson Profile SGI Petite golf clubs come with a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-SW, and putter. In addition, you will find a stand bag as well as headcovers. All of the golf clubs except for the putter will have lightweight graphite shafts suitable for women’s petite golf clubs. All clubs have a ladies’ grip to accommodate smaller hands.


Wilson is not known for having the best feel, however, we did find these clubs to be relatively consistent. There is a low center of gravity which improves launch and accuracy and if you hit the shot in the center of the clubface, the overall performance is quite good. The sand wedge has a wide sole and more of a blade-style design and had good greenside feel and control.


Overall the distance from the high-lofted driver is solid. Like most ladies golf club set this driver has 15 degrees of loft – this can be a benefit, especially if clubhead speed is lacking, but at times it can create a bit too much launch on the driver. Keep this in mind if you have a higher swing speed, and look for something more like the Cobra Fly XL set.


The Wilson SIG golf irons are really forgiving. Although you don’t always see a 6 iron in a complete golf set for ladies, this 6 iron is higher launching and has a wide sole that can improve overall turf interaction. The perimeter weighting helps with stability at impact, and forgiveness won’t be an issue.

Golf Insider Verdict

For the price, you’ll struggle to find manufacturers that produce specific custom fit options. We like the overall quality and durability for occasional golfers, but the woods aren’t the best on the market. These are a great custom-fit option for occasional petite ladies, but for those who play golf daily, these may not be the best golf clubs.

Callaway REVA

Callaway Reva ladies short complete set in black and grey bag

The Callaway REVA 11 Piece set is a more premium option for golf clubs for petite women. The Callaway Reva takes components from the top Callaway golf clubs on the market and put them into a complete option for the shorter female golfer.

We’ve been a big fan of the REVA set since they came on the scene, so they are a tried and tested option.

Set Makeup

There are two options for REVA golf sets from Callaway. One is the 8-piece set, and the other is the 11. For our review, we chose the 11 as the clubs included here are really necessary for a developing player. The set consists of a driver, 3 wood, 5 & 6 hybids, 7-9 irons, PW, SW, and putter. In addition, there is a cart-style bag and 5 head covers.

When looking at the set makeup here, the putter in this bag is worth mentioning. The putter is a tour-proven Stroke Lab putter. So many complete golf sets for petite ladies skip over the importance of short-game tools, but the REVA does not.


The feel from the REVA 11 Piece set is great. No shortcuts were taken when putting together these petite ladies’ clubs, and players can get incredible feedback when hitting both good and bad shots. One impressive benefit of the REVA set is that the heads, shafts and grips are engineered specifically for the woman player, rather than having to cater for men and women in different sets.


We noticed that the fairway wood was really easy to launch and the ball jumped off the face of the hybrid as well. Distance throughout the iron set was about average when compared to other iron sets from Callaway and other top providers. The overall ball flight, however, was quite high, making it easier to land a shot softly on the green.


The irons are a deep cavity design that helps improve miss hits. You do not need to be the most consistent player to put the REVA golf set to good use. However, with the premium feel and impressive technology, mid-handicappers can also benefit from these women’s golf clubs.

With so many golf club sets geared toward the higher handicapper and beginner women, it’s nice to have sets like the REVA and Cobra Fly XL that can work for better players as well.

Golf Insider Verdict

Callaway had the Solaire set for many years, and it always had an option for a petite length as well. However, the new REVA has better distance technology and improved feel and are indeed some of the best petite golf clubs out there, the downside…cost. If you have the extra money in your budget, you will not regret spending the extra to have these in your golfing locker.

Cobra Women’s FLY XL

Cobra Fly XL womens petite set in pink and white

The women’s Cobra FLY XL almost took our top spot for the best ladies’ petite golf clubs on the market. The only thing that held us back was that they are almost twice the price of the Wilson’s and depending what country you are in, the petite options do come in and out of stock.

Set Makeup

The Cobra FLY XL ladies petite golf clubs come with a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-PW, SW, and a putter and cart bag. The set also includes a few headcovers. All clubs feature lightweight graphite shafts that can help to increase club head speed and give shorter women golfers the distance they need.

Of all the sets on our list of the best petite golf clubs, the Cobra FLY XL is our favorite set makeup. The fact that you will get three fairway woods is of tremendous value. In addition, the women’s golf bag is very easy to maneuver (super light weight) and has excellent storage capacity. If you are looking for performance and a set that will grow with you as a golfer, the Cobra FLY XL is a good option.


The feel of the Cobra FLY XL is quite good. In fact, when comparing the Cobra FLY XL ladies’ petite clubs to the standard women’s golf clubs available right now like the Radspeed, LTDx, or even the TRail, the feel is relatively consistent. It will be stable, with plenty of jump off the clubface and a softer feel.


Distances are strong from the Cobra FLY XL. This is actually one of the best women’s petite golf club sets for women golfers that have a little extra club head speed. If you are more of an aggressive women golfer and want to go after the ball a bit more, the Cobra FLY XL is a smart choice.


This set has plenty of forgiveness, the chunky cavity back irons give you every chance to get the golf ball up in the air, the driver is a large 460cc size, with great forgiveness across the face, and the hybrids are just brilliant fun to hit – the ball flys off the face.

Golf Insider Verdict

The Cobra Fly XL is truly one of our favorite golf sets for women. If you do well with fairway woods you will love the fact that three are included with these petite clubs. In addition, the distance and overall feel of the Cobra FLY XL are quite impressive.

Confidence Golf Lady Petite

Confidence Golf Petite Lady Power V3 Club

If you are on a budget, the Confidence Golf Lady Petite golf clubs can be a smart choice. The pricing of custom petite golf clubs is high, but Confidence created an option for lady golfers who want equipment that fits them for a fair price.

Set Makeup

When you see a golf set drop in price, you typically lose the number of golf clubs included in the price. This is precisely what happened with the Confidence Lady Petitte golf clubs. The pricing is lower, so you won’t get as many clubs.

The set comes with a driver, hybrid, 6-PW, and a putter. The putter is a blade-style putter and the irons are all cavity back design. You can see by the club set makeup that this is a set geared towards the beginner or the more recreational golfer.


The feel of the Confidence Golf Petite Power set is about average. The overall forgiveness is good with a large sweet spot, so even if you miss the center of the face, you won’t have a terrible feeling result. Keep in mind this set does not come with a sand wedge, so greenside control and feel are going to be tough with just the pitching wedge.


Iron distance from the Confidence set is fine, and the hybrid was lightweight, making it easier to generate more clubhead speed. Even though the driver is a 460cc clubhead (the current legal limit with the USGA), it does not have the premium materials we see used in the Cobra or Callaway model. Don’t expect to lose distance when switching to the Confidence Golf Lady Petite, but you might not gain much.


Overall the forgiveness from the Confidence Lady Petite is quite good. Petite ladies seem to have no trouble getting the ball up in the air and hitting shots out of the rough. Again, this is a set geared towards the petite golfers that also lack a bit of clubhead speed, and sometimes the extra forgiveness of the lightweight graphite shafts is necessary.

Golf Insider Verdict

The Confidence Golf Petite Power set is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. The set does not come with a sand wedge or a fairway wood, so you may have to add in some other clubs. For women golfers just starting out in the game that doesn’t want to purchase a custom length petite golf set, the Confidence ladies petite does an excellent job.

Complete Sets For Petite Golfers vs. Custom Golf Clubs

All of the options in our review of the best petite ladies’ golf clubs are complete set options. Each golf club in the set is made for women, typically 5’3″ and shorter. However, this is not the only choice that shorter women golfers have.

Golf clubs that are not a part of a complete set can be ordered to a custom length and lie angle to fit the height of any player. Petite ladies can go for a custom fitting to determine which length golf club is best for them and then have sets made by the manufacturer to match their specifications.

The great thing about custom golf club sets is that golfers can play around with different lengths for their irons, hybrids, and drivers. For example, some ladies with faster swing speeds might want shorter clubs, but still with regular flex or stiff flex shafts.

There is, however, one major downside to custom golf clubs, and that is the price. Custom golf clubs have a much higher price tag than complete golf set like this for women. If you are not worried about the budget, schedule a time for a custom golf fitting and have clubs made specifically for you.

How can women golfers find the proper club length?

The first step is to complete a static fitting, this sounds fancy but is actually just about measuring your wrist distance to the ground. Your height minus your arm length is the biggest determinant in deciding club length. These can then be read against a fitting chart to determine your required club length.

As great as these charts can be in helping you determine the length of your ladies’ golf clubs, they don’t always give the full story. To know which golf clubs are the best fit for your game, a custom fitting using a high-quality launch monitor is ideal.

The launch monitor can record things like carrying distance, total distance, spin, and even launch angle to help you find clubs that are the ideal length. Most of the time a petite set of golf clubs works for players that are less than about 5’4,” but custom fitting does give you more personalised information.

Should drivers and woods be customized as well as irons?

Sometimes golfers find that they do not need the length of their drivers adjusted. For instance, I play with standard women’s length irons, but for the driver and fairway woods, I play with men’s length golf clubs. The swing speed I have seems to be enough to get the club around, despite my height of 5’2″.

This is why it’s sometimes beneficial to go to those club fittings and see how your golf swing speed compares to the clubs you are using and how that will impact total length. However, for women who are just starting or know they have standard golf club head speed, the complete set option could be a perfect fit.

Sometimes you will go for a complete custom fitting and find out that the stock set is the right choice for you. The good news about this is that you can have full confidence in the equipment you are playing with.

What about putter length for petite women golfers?

Women golfers that are petite often need a custom putter length. Petite ladies should start with something like a 33-inch putter.

Many petite ladies find that the 32-inch putter is a better fit and will help with improved consistency in the putting stroke. Some Ping putters for women come with an adjustable putter length, and this can be an excellent way to see where you feel comfortable when it comes to putter length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked about golf clubs for petite women. Although options may be a little more limited than they are for standard golf clubs, there are still options out there to consider.

What is the difference between standard and petite ladies’ golf clubs?

The main difference between standard and petite ladies’ golf clubs is typically about a half inch of club length. Most women’s golf clubs are already one inch shorter than men’s golf clubs; the petite ones are an extra half inch shorter. However, not all golf club manufacturers have the same exact measurements for their clubs. You can look at the individual specifications to be sure the golf clubs are the right length for you.

What size golf clubs should a 5-foot woman use?

A 5-foot woman should use golf clubs for petite ladies. If you do not use a golf club that is the right length for your game, expect to have trouble hitting the ball straight and being consistent on the golf course. Most women golfers who play with clubs that are too long will struggle with turf interaction and also have a hard time straightening out a slice or fade.

How tall are petite women’s clubs?

The petite women’s golf clubs will vary from one manufacturer to another but typically are about one and a half to two inches shorter than a men’s standard lengths. For example, the women’s standard length for a 7 iron in the Cobra FLY XL set is 36.25 and the petite version is 35.25.

What is the proper club set makeup for a petite women golfer?

Since petite women golfers are not tall, they tend to struggle to gain as much clubhead speed as the taller player. This creates issues with distance. Make sure that any set for petite women golfers has a good mix of both fairway woods and hybrids. These clubs can increase total length and help make those longer par 4 golf holes a bit more reachable in two shots.


Women golfers that are petite should be pleased with the selections on the market. The Callaway REVA, Wilson SGI, and the Cobra FLY XL are all high-quality women’s petite golf clubs that can help players looking to play better golf this year. Keep in mind that club length is one of the most critical features of the golf fitting process, and you must find a set that is the proper length for your game.

Happy golfing.

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