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Best Putting Mats 2024

Want to work on your putting at home? A good putting mat is a great solution. Here are our favorites.

Are you looking to improve your putting skills without leaving the comfort of your home? Finding the right putting mat can be challenging with so many options available.

The key to selecting the best putting mat lies in understanding your specific needs and preferences. Whether you aim to enhance your alignment, improve your speed control, or simply making sure you are aiming straight, there’s a perfect mat out there for you.

This guide will walk you through our top picks for the best putting mats, highlighting their unique features and benefits to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and discover the best putting mats to elevate your game!

Best indoor putting mat – Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Perfect practice putting mat


High-quality construction

Effective for skill development

Includes helpful alignment aids

Compact and portable design


Slightly pricier than competitors

Minor seam refinement needed

Turf appearance could be improved

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is designed with a realistic putting surface that closely replicates the feel of real grass. This high-quality mat is constructed with premium materials and features alignment aids to help golfers improve their accuracy and consistency.

The mat includes clear markings for distances, targets, swing path, and stroke length, making it an excellent tool for effective putting practice.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat stands out with its accurate roll, fast surface, and compact size, offering a max putting distance of 9 feet. Its wooden construction, ball return feature, and dual-hole design enhance skill development. While slightly pricier than competitors, its quality and design justify the cost. Portability is decent, and it includes helpful alignment aids.


  • Accurate roll and fast surface
  • Max putting distance of 9 feet
  • Wooden construction with ball return feature
  • Dual-hole design
  • Compact and portable
  • Alignment aids

Minor areas for improvement include seam refinement and a more appealing turf look. Overall, it’s highly recommended for serious golfers aiming to improve their putting skills at home.

Ideal for dedicated golfers seeking high-quality practice.

Best for speed control – WellPutt Putting Mat

WellPutt putting mat from low down


Realistic putting experience

Comprehensive training exercises

Immediate usability

Effective alignment and feedback graphics


Lacks a sunken hole

“Good zone” graphics are good but not great

The WellPutt Putting Mat is an excellent alternative to a real practice green, offering a realistic putting experience that can help you improve your putting skills effectively.

The WellPutt Putting Mat is praised for its true roll, smooth surface, and excellent speed, making it feel like a tour-level green. It features detailed graphics for alignment and feedback, and it’s easy to roll out and use immediately. The mat includes access to an app with 54 training exercises, enhancing its value. Though it lacks a sunken hole, the “good zone” graphic helps gauge successful putts.


  • True roll and smooth surface
  • Tour-level green speed
  • Detailed graphics for alignment and feedback
  • Easy to roll out and use
  • Access to an app with 54 training exercises

Ideal for golfers focused on improving technique and control in limited spaces.

Best putting mat for data – ExPutt Golf Simulator

ExPutt RG putting simulator


Provides detailed feedback on putting technique

Effective for skill improvement

Fun and engaging game modes


Less suitable for green reading

No physical putting hole

The ExPutt Golf Simulator is an excellent tool for improving your putting stroke, providing detailed feedback on your putting mechanics.

The ExPutt Putting Simulator excels in providing accurate data on putting mechanics using a high-speed camera and a compact 5ft mat. It’s ideal for serious golfers and families, offering realistic practice and fun game modes. The simulator accurately tracks putter head and ball direction, making it effective for skill improvement.


  • High-speed camera for accurate data on putting mechanics
  • Compact 5ft mat
  • Realistic practice and fun game modes
  • Tracks putter head and ball direction

However, it’s less suitable for green reading and short putts due to the lack of a physical hole. This tool is best for golfers seeking detailed feedback on their putting technique.

For more details, check the full review here.

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Best Value – PuttOut Pro Putting Mat

PuttOut Putting mat alignment guides


Useful alignment aids

Durable construction

Effective for stroke mechanics and alignment practice


Limited to 6-foot putts

Focused more on mechanics than variety

The PuttOut Pro Putting Mat is designed to help golfers improve their putting skills with its alignment aids and true roll surface. Adding a putting mirror to your training routine can further enhance your stance over the putter, making it an essential part of the PuttOut Home Putting Studio.

The PuttOut Mat & Pressure Trainer combo is excellent for golfers aiming to improve their putting skills at home. The mat, measuring 7.9 x 1.64 feet, features useful alignment aids for ball position and putter face, and maintains a true roll thanks to its heavy-duty rubber base.


  • Mat size: 7.9 x 1.64 feet
  • Alignment aids for ball position and putter face
  • Heavy-duty rubber base
  • True roll surface
  • Pressure Trainer for putt feedback (sold separately)

The Pressure Trainer mimics real golf hole interactions, providing feedback on putt speed and accuracy. Though limited to 6-foot putts, this set is perfect for focused practice on stroke mechanics and alignment.

For more details, check the full review here.

Best outdoor putting mat – Prime Putt Putting Mat

PrimePutt putting mat review Header


Realistic and consistent performance

Durable and aesthetically appealing

Ideal for serious practice


Lacks alignment lines

Slower roll speed compared to some other mats

Heavy and difficult to move

The Prime Putt Putting Mat is designed to replicate the feel of professional putting greens, offering a realistic and consistent performance for golfers of all levels.

The PrimePutt Putting Mat offers a realistic, true-rolling surface made from premium 1/2″ nylon turf, featuring roll-flat technology for consistent performance on any surface. Available in various sizes, it provides a slower roll speed (around 8.5-9 on a Stimpmeter) compared to other mats.


  • 1/2″ nylon turf for true-rolling surface
  • Roll-flat technology
  • Available in various sizes
  • Roll speed of 8.5-9 on a Stimpmeter

While it lacks alignment lines for technical practice, it excels in durability and aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for serious golfers seeking a quality practice experience at home.

Best mat for breaking putts – Me & My Golf Putting Mat

breaking ball putting mat header


Durable and portable

Effective for practicing breaking putts


Less effective for fundamental skills improvement

Higher price point for its features

The Me & My Golf Putting Mat is one of the best indoor putting mats designed for practicing breaking putts.

The Me and My Golf Putting Mat features true roll quality and a medium-to-quick speed (9-11 on the Stimp meter). It’s designed for practicing breaking putts with weighted balls that simulate various break levels. While the mat is durable and portable, it’s less effective for improving fundamental skills due to the lack of alignment aids and realistic green reading.


  • True roll quality
  • Medium-to-quick speed (9-11 on the Stimp meter)
  • Designed for breaking putts with weighted balls

Given its higher price and limited technical development features, it’s an okay putting mat, but we’d suggest there are better options listed above.

What is the best office putting set?

The best office putting set is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. When it comes to golf equipment, using high-quality products is essential for effective practice. Its high-quality construction, compact size, and portability make it ideal for office environments. The mat features a fast, true roll surface and helpful alignment aids, allowing for effective skill development during breaks.

The wooden construction and ball return feature add to its appeal, making it a stylish and functional addition to any office space. While slightly pricier, its benefits justify the investment for serious golfers looking to practice at work.

I’m looking for an indoor putting green with ball return

For an indoor putting green with a ball return, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is an excellent choice. It features a rubber backing that ensures the mat lays flat, rolls out smoothly, and provides good grip, preventing slipping or shifting. It also features a wooden construction with a built-in ball return system, making practice sessions seamless and efficient.

The mat offers a true roll surface and includes alignment aids to enhance your putting skills. Its compact and portable design allows for easy setup and storage, making it ideal for home use. While it is slightly more expensive than some competitors, the quality and convenience of the ball return system make it worth the investment.

Is it worth buying a putting mat?

If you find time to use it, buying a putting mat is a worthwhile investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. Putting mats with alignment aids, like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat or the PuttOut Pro Putting Mat, are particularly beneficial.

These alignment aids help to maintain the fundamentals of putting by ensuring consistent ball position and putter face alignment. Additionally, they provide valuable feedback on the start direction of your putts, allowing you to correct any issues and develop a more reliable stroke.

Practicing on a high-quality putting mat can significantly enhance your confidence and performance on the greens, making it a smart choice for serious golfers.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

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