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Best Women’s Golf Bags 2024

A great women’s golf bag will protect your golf clubs from damage, organise your gear and make you look even more pulled together while out on the golf course. The best women’s golf bags have really great organisational features and impressive pocket design. In addition, the bags tend to be lightweight enough to use for walking. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Best women’s golf bags in 2023

Best Overall: Sun Mountain Women’s Diva

Sun Mountain Women's Diva golf bag in black and pink

The Sun Mountain golf bags often make the list of the best golf bags for women. Sun Mountain does not make golf clubs, they simply work to make some of the best accessories and gear to support a golfer, and the Women’s Diva is no exception.

Key Features

The Sun Mountain Diva has 14 full length dividers and the Smart Strap System. The bottom line here is that your clubs will not knock into each other when on the cart, and your bag is going to stay securely strapped to the golf cart at all times.

The Diva features a putter compartment if you are a player looking to keep things very organized and ready for your next shot. Many women golfers struggle with loading the golf bags on and off the cart, but the Diva has integrated handles to make this considerably easier.


The weight of the bag is 6.5 pounds, about what you could expect for a golf bag of this size. With the integrated handles, it doesn’t feel all that heavy to lift. The only trouble you can get into here are the eight large pockets and filling them with too much gear.

Our favorite pocket is the velour lined range finder pocket; it fits most standard rangefinders and keeps them from getting scratched or damaged.


Overall the Sun Mountain bags are always priced high. However, they are also the bags that last the longest. This is one of those situations of spending the money upfront or buying a new bag in a few years.

Golf Insider Verdict

Sun Mountain bags are expensive, but there is a reason golfers are so loyal to their products – they are built to a super high spec and just work so well.

Best Cart Bag: TaylorMade CartLite

taylormade cart lite bag in red and black

The TaylorMade CartLite 22 is a golf cart bag with a 14 way top and pretty impressive organization. Golf bags for women that are the best overall choice tend to be slightly lower in weight and a bit easier to maneuver and carry. The CartLite 22 is a perfect option for those that like to walk the golf course, need plenty of storage space but also don’t want to break their back lifting it in and out of the car.

Key Features

The TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag is available in several different colors. Some golf bag manufacturers are making all the women’s golf bag choices very light in color. The problem with this is that the bag gets quite a bit dirtier. With CartLite, you can choose from a number of different options.

There is an insulated water bottle pocket and two valuables pockets to keep your phone or any other important belongings while on the course.

We really like the new top shape and trolley notch that allows the bag to sit well on a golf push cart without any wear or tear.


This is a cart bag, so the weight is slightly higher at 5.5 pounds, but for a bag with a 14 way top and this much storage, we found it to be really easy to maneuver. In addition, the cart strap pass through allows you access to all of your pockets as you are on the golf course.


TaylorMade Cart Lite is actually a bit less expensive than other cart bags as it is slightly lower in weight. When compared to Sun Mountain bags, you may see a slight price decrease going to the TaylorMade.

Golf Insider Verdict

Overall we really like the design and thought that went into this bag. If you are a true walked and carry your bag, stay away from the CartLite 22. In addition, be sure that the Kalea colour option will not get dirty or stained at the courses you play.

Best Stand Bag: Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand

Cobra Golf  Ultralight Pro Stand Bag in pink and black

Stand bags certainly don’t allow you to store quite as much of your gear, but do we really need all of that gear with us on the golf course? The Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand is a solid stand bag that is lightweight, does a decent job projecting clubs, and is incredibly easy to carry.

Key Features

The Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand has a sleek look and several different colors that will likely appeal to the woman golfer. Although stand bags don’t have the same amount of storage, we like the simplicity they offer. This is one of those situations where you, as yourself, if it doesn’t fit in the golf bag, do you really need it with you?

The Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand has 7 pockets, but the magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket is our favorite because of the easy access.

These stand bags from Cobra have also come a long way when it comes to stability. You will easily fit 14 women’s golf clubs in the Ultralight Pro Stand, and the four-way top provides some good separation between them.


The total weight of the Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand is 4 pounds. Of course, this is not the lightest stand bag on the market, but we like that fact. Some very lightweight stand bags feel a little flimsy as if they could fall over quite easily. You won’t feel that way with Cobra.

In addition, the stable leg design keeps the bag centered and grounded. This isn’t the best golf bag if all you do is ride on a cart, but it certainly still fits on the cart and stays strapped in quite well.


Cobra wins the value contest almost all the time. They undercut most companies in pricing, but the quality never seems to lack. If you are on a budget but want a golf bag that will perform, we like this choice.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you walk the golf course a lot, the Cobra Ultralight is a perfect choice. We also love this option for the newer player or a more laid back golfer that may play an occasional round every few weeks. There is no real need for a heavy and oversized bag for these golfers.

Best Value: Izzo Ultra Lite Golf Cart Bag

It feels like just yesterday, a great golf cart bag was just $100. My how have things have changed, or have they? The Izzo Ulta Lite Golf Cart Bag is a fair price, and the functionality makes this one of the best women’s golf bag options for the price.

Key Features

The Izzo Ultra Lite Golf Cart bag is easy to use, has a 14 way padded top, and although it may not have some of the premium features found in a Callaway, TaylorMade, or Sun Mountain bag, its actually quite good at carrying golf clubs around.

There are a total of six basic pockets included with this bag; the waterproof valuables pocket probably features the most advanced technology. Everything else here is pretty simple but made with a 4200 polyester fabric.

When pricing a golf bag is lower, except that the detail work on the stitching and the color selections may not look quite as good, the ability to keep clubs protected and balls and tees organized should still be fine.


The Izzo Ultra Lite bag weighs just 3.8 pounds. part of this has to do with the lack of pockets and overall size, but it makes the bag very maneuverable. The 14 full length dividers also increase club protection.


The Izzo is the best value women’s golf bag that we tested. It’s lightweight, functions well, and will save some money in the bank to pay for your next round of golf.

Golf Insider Verdict

Some golfers care about their golf bag matching the clubs in their bag or having custom stitching with their initials. If you don’t care about these things and would rather spend $300 on a new club and not a new bag, the Izzo Ultra Lite does the trick.

Best Pattern Options: Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

Glove It Women's Golf Bag in pink and light blue

Some women golfers are looking for functionality on the golf course, and others want style and a great look. If you want a bag made with durable fabric and a wide range of pattern choices, the Glove It Women’s Golf bags are a great selection.

Key Features

Glove It golf bags offer excellent golf club protection, 14 golf club dividers, and 8 pockets. However, the thing that sets this golf bag apart is the pattern options that they give you. If you want something that stands out on the course, this is the bag.

It’s only 5.5 pounds and has plenty of room for golf balls, your lunch, a water bottle, and an umbrella.

The only thing that we don’t love about a golf bag like this is that you will need to protect it from the sun. Patterned golf bags are known for fading over time, and if you have a blue or a solid gray bag, you may get away with this, but patterns can look pretty washed out when they fade. Having a new golf bag fade is really disappointing.


The total weight of 5.5 pounds makes this one of the more lightweight women’s golf bag options. Just be careful you don’t load it down with too much gear. The attention to detail from a design or style standpoint is quite good.

However, when it comes to pocket design and accessibility, something like the Sun Mountain is a better overall choice.


The Glove It is reasonably priced, considering your golf bag will be unique and stand out from others on the course. In addition, the fabric is durable and holds up just as well as other women’s golf cart bag options that do not have as detailed of a design. Just be sure to protect this bag from the sun when you can.

Golf Insider Verdict

Ladies’ golf bags sometimes look just like men’s golf bags. However, if you want something that stands out from all the other bags at your course, the Glove It does the trick.

What To Look For In A Women’s Golf Bag

As you can see from our list of the best women’s golf bags, some of these focus on technology and functionality, and others on style and design. There is no perfect golf bag for the woman player, but there are some things to look for in a high quality golf bag that will be important features to have.

Stand vs. Carry

The biggest decision to make in choosing a bag for women golfers is the stand vs. carry bag decision. Which one is going to be a better fit for you? Typically speaking, if you walk the course quite a bit, the stand bag or carry bag is a better choice.

Cart bags have great storage, but they can get cumbersome. The best golf bag for women is typically a lightweight cart bag to make sure it’s easy to maneuver.

Storage and Organization

A women’s golf bag should have room for a rangefinder, valuable golf tees, balls, an umbrella, and maybe even a putter well. The biggest thing that golfers have trouble keeping organized is golf balls and golf tees.

An apparel pocket or two can be beneficial to keep your rain gear with you while you are on the golf course. Just take a look at all of the storage and organization that a golf bag has to offer and see if it is a match for what you need on the golf course.


The price of a golf cart bag ranges from around $100 to more than $300; the same can be said for a stand or carry bag.

More expensive golf bags tend to have nicer pattern options, magnetic closures on their pockets, and maybe even waterproof material that the bag is made of. However, these bags also tend to have some extra durability.

We don’t always encourage golfers to choose the most expensive golf bags, but if you play a lot of golf, it makes sense to spend money on the bag. Golf bags experience some wear and tear on the golf course, and choosing a high-quality bag makes sense in the long run.

Coloring and Style

Coloring and style are going to come down to personal preference. However, it is important to remember that colors can fade and that some colors show dirt considerably more.

Some women’s stand bags and cart bags are offered in white, light pink, or light blue colors; although they look great, they will often show dirt considerably more.

Only you know the type of courses you are playing and if they are sandy or dust covered. Always keep this in mind as you search for a new bag.

Brand Name

Some of the best names in golf bags are Callaway, TaylorMade, Sun Mountain, and Ping. Some players like to get a golf bag that will match their clubs. We feel it’s more important to get a great golf bag, regardless of the golf clubs that you are going to keep in it.

Try not to be too loyal to the brand name when choosing a golf bag; you may miss out on some functionality from another brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about a women’s golf bag and which one could be the best for your needs.

Do women golfers need a women’s golf bag?

No, women golfers do not need a women’s golf bag, women’s golf bags are 1/2 shorter than men’s golf bags to match the difference in club length. Manufacturers also tend to focus on lighter-weight carry and cart bags, but this isn’t a must.

Some companies don’t specifically state that their golf bags are for men or women, so don’t feel pressured to find a women’s golf bag.

Who makes the best women’s golf bags?

The best women’s golf bags are made by Sun Mountain. The Sun Mountain name is known for having excellent quality, impressive features, and a strong reputation in the industry. Remember that the features of an individual golf bag are more important than the brand name you choose.

Is a stand bag or a cart bag better for women golfers?

Many women golfers like the cart bag because of its storage, but in the end, the stand bags are the more lightweight golf bags and can be easier for women golfers to work with. If you can do without a huge insulated cooler pocket, or an apparel pocket to fit a good portion of your wardrobe, the stand bag is really practical.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s golf bags?

As stated above, women’s golf bags are 1/2 inch shorter in height to match the change in club length between men’s and women’s club length. However, your clubs will fit just fine in men’s and women’s golf bags.

Most golf manufacturers will offer a line of golf bags in different colors with no real distinction as to which is for women and which is for men. The main difference between these types of golf bags is the color and style. Some manufacturers make a specific women’s golf bag, and it is typically just a bit more lightweight and has some additional design features.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which golf bags for women are the best on the market. The best women’s golf bag on the market is the Sun Mountain Diva because of its functionality, design, and overall great looks. If you play a lot of golf, the Sun Mountain Diva holds up well and is resistant to fading. Remember that choosing a great golf bag is important to protect your golf clubs from damage.

Happy golfing.

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