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Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

In this article we’ll cover the best women’s golf clubs on the market for beginners and high-handicap players. These choices are based on my 15 years of coaching, the top three golf sets featured are the ones I would recommend personally to students of mine. The clubs ranked 4th – 6th are some of the best options if you are shopping on a budget.

We’ll also cover some frequently asked questions when buying women’s beginner golf clubs. Below are some top buying tips, but click here if you want to jump to the full reviews of each set.


Ladies Callaway Reva (8 Piece)
Ladies Callaway Reva      (8 Piece)
Ladies Callaway Strata Golf Set (12 piece)
Ladies Callaway Strata Golf Set (12 piece)
Cobra XL Speed Complete golf set
Cobra XL Speed Complete golf set

Quick buying tips for women’s beginner golf clubs:

  • Look for a driver with 13 – 15º of loft
  • Fairway woods and hybrids are more forgiving than long irons
  • Buy irons with a large cavity back design
  • Build quality tends to be better with higher priced clubs

Table of Contents

Best ladies golf club sets for beginners

  1. Callaway REVA Golf Set
  2. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set
  3. Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Golf Set
  4. Cobra Women’s XL
  5. Wilson Women’s Profile Golf Set
  6. Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set
  7. Precise M3 Women’s Complete Set

Finding the best women golf clubs

A golfer should look for golf clubs that are best for them. The right golf clubs should have the following attributes.


Look for golf clubs that are forgiving. The more forgiving the golf club, the easier it is to hit a good swing and still get a decent shot off of it.

All the clubs on this list have a deep centre of gravity, a large club face and a large sweet spot to help you hit it more consistently. One of the most common mistakes golfers make is buying clubs that are too heavy and not forgiving enough. The larger the sweet spot, the better your missed shots will be and the lower your score might appear.


You should also look for golf clubs that offer good distance. If you hit the centre of the club, distance won’t be too much of an issue. But cheaper ladies clubs are made from lower grade materials and can reduce distance even when hit well.

We recommend the Cobra F-Max and Callaway Strata ladies clubs. Both of these brands are known for offering the best women golf clubs on the market in terms of forgiveness, distance, and ease to hit.

Offset vs standard

Offset clubs have the clubhead sat slightly behind the shaft, this gives the clubface slightly longer to square up and also makes clubs more forgiving. Offset clubs can also help reduce your slice.

All beginner clubs in this have offset irons, you can also opt for offset woods in some sets, however, I wouldn’t suggest offset woods is a must, more a preference.

Graphite or steel shafts

Graphite shafts make the overall club weight lighter, this makes the clubs easier to control and allows you to generate more clubhead speed. Generally, you’ll find golf easier to play and more fun with lighter golf clubs.

Steel shafts are stiffer and don’t bend as much, so they’re better for golfers who whack the ball. Some players on the ladies tour play with steel shafted irons, but most ladies (and men) benefit from graphite shafts.

This is a personal preference and you should try both before making your decision.

Number of clubs

The maximum number of golf clubs in a set is 14; most golfers start with an eight or nine iron and then add clubs as they progress. In this roundup, we’ve put together a mix of 8-9 club sets and a few 14 club sets.


Finally, price how much should you pay for golf clubs? Women’s golf clubs are more expensive than men’s due to graphite shafts coming as a standard. It depends on your budget, a good value set at the lower end are the Callaway Strata, you get fewer clubs, but a better quality of club. At the higher end, we have Cobra’s offerings and Callaway’s Reva 11 and eight piece sets.

We wouldn’t recommend you buy a new set for less than $300 as you won’t get a decent quality set of golf clubs.

Golf bags and accessories

The ladies golf sets in this list come with a golf bag, but you may need to buy some other accessories such as gloves and tees. Most come with a cart bag – ideal for a trolly or buggy. However, if you like to carry your golf clubs then try to find one with a stand bag.

Best women’s clubs in 2021

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s get onto the top choices of golf clubs for women in 2021. We’re delighted to say there is now more choice than ever before.

1. Callaway REVA Golf Set

The Reva golf club sets are Callaway’s latest offering for beginner golfers. They join the Strata series (featured below) offering a high-end golf set maximising performance and forgiveness. There are two options, an 11-piece and eight-piece set. Here we’ll focus on the latter as the best choice for beginner golfers.


Callaway Reva sets come with a 13.5º, lightweight driver – perfect for golfers who are just starting out. It’s a forgiving, low-spin driver that promotes a high launch. This will make it easier to hit long drives off the tee and the large clubhead maximise forgiveness.

The eight-piece Reva set also comes with a 5-wood and 5-hybrid. The 5-wood and hybrid clubs are perfect for hitting shorter shots off the tee and for hitting second shots from the fairway or rough into the green.

Irons & hybrids

The Reva set comes with 7 iron, 9 iron and sand wedge. Not a full set, but they are top quality and still provide all the tools you’ll need to grow into a consistent golfer. The forgiving irons have a large face and deep cavity back design which makes these irons easy to hit and promotes a high launch.

The rest of the set

The Callaway Reva complete set is topped off with a cart bag and putter. The cart bag has more than enough pockets for storage, a cooler pocket for the drinks and full-length dividers. The putter is has a modern, face-balanced design and has some great alignment aids to help you line up your putts to the hole.


The Callway Reva golf clubs are at the top end in terms of price, but if you’re getting into golf and want the latest, most forgiving gear, they are well worth the price. The eight-piece set is ideal for most beginners and for keen golfers ready to improve check out the 11-piece set.

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set

best women's golf clubs for beginners, the callaway strata golf club set in a black and purple bag

The Callaway’s Strata series has led the way in beginner golf clubs for many years. Although they no longer top our list, they still offer a great set of golf clubs for a great price.

Meaning, the women’s Strata golf club set are an excellent choice for any beginner golfer. If you are an established golfer (a high handicapper) I would probably push you towards the Cobra F-Max or XL sets, but the Callaway Strata set still offer a great deal of value.


The 460cc driver provides great forgiveness and a large sweet spot. With 14º of loft this driver is ideal for beginners and will give you great confidence when teeing off. The women’s Strata set also comes with an oversized 5-wood with will give you a great option when hitting off the fairway on longer holes. Both driver and fairway wood have light weight graphite shafts, making them easy to control.

Irons & hybrids

The women’s Strata set also comes with a 5-hybrid, 7-iron to 9-iron and a Sand Wedge. All the irons have light weight graphite shafts in keeping with the woods and the irons have a large cavity back design which provides great forgiveness.

The rest of the set

The set is finished off with a traditional, bladed putter and a stand bag. Meaning you’ll have everything you need to start playing the game.


This women’s set does come with three fewer golf clubs compared to the Cobra options above. The Strata set only contains one fairway wood and doesn’t come with a 6-iron or Pitching Wedge. The upside is that, as a result, the Callaway Strata sets come in a little cheaper than the Cobra options.

Are the fewer clubs a problem? Not if you are just starting out. These are a great set of clubs for any beginner golfer at a great price.

The Cobra F-Max and Cobra XL sets may offer better longevity but they can’t match the Strata set for the price. This balance of great gear at a great price is why the women’s Strata set have made it in second place in our review.

3. Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Golf Set

Cobra women's F-max complete set in a white and copper cart bag

The women’s F-Max complete set are the lightest and most forgiving clubs Cobra have made to date. The F-Max range is their evolution of the XL Speed range. The F-max uses the advances in technology over the past 5 years, making these clubs faster and more forgiving than ever before.


The F-Max golf club set features a 460cc driver with 15º of loft – which will provide long drives and brilliant levels of forgiveness. The driver also has a small amount of offset which further increases forgiveness and will help you hit a powerful draw off the tee.

The driver is accompanied by a 3, 5 and a 7-wood. Each fairway wood has a large, forgiving club head and ultra-light graphite shafts which makes these clubs ideal for sweeping your shots off the fairway.

Irons & hybrids

The F-Max women’s set also comes with a 5-hybrid and a set of irons that runs from 6-iron through to Sand Wedge. The hybrid and all the irons have light graphite shafts and a thin face which results in long, powerful iron shots.

The irons also have a forgiving cavity back design, which pushes the centre of mass low down in the club head. The result is a larger sweet spot, great forgiveness and high launching iron shots.

The rest of the set

The golf club set is finished off with a mallet putter and a cart bag. The bag has all the room you’ll ever need and some handy rubber grips to help you transport your golf clubs before and after your round.


For many years Callaway was ahead of the game when it came to women’s golf clubs. But the Cobra’s women’s F-Max complete golf set is a worthy contender in this best women’s golf club review – exceptional quality throughout the set.

If you are looking for a set of clubs that offers exceptional quality, forgiveness and distance then look no further the F-Max women’s set are a great buy.

4. Cobra Women’s XL Complete Set

Cobra XL Ladies complete set

The women’s Cobra XL complete set are a few years old, but that doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. Yes, the Cobra F-Max set have evolved to create a lighter driver and even more forgiving irons. But the Cobra XL clubs are still a seriously good set for beginners and high-handicap players. Even better news – they are now available at a much lower price than ever before…while stocks last.

Check out our full article on Cobra F-Max VS Cobra XL golf club sets


The Cobra women’s XL set comes with a lightweight, 15º driver which will make hitting off the tee a breeze. The driver is accompanied by a lightweight, oversized 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood which will give you great options when hitting off the fairways and into longer par 3’s.

Irons & hybrids

The Cobra XL also features a 5-hybrid which is far easier to hit than traditional long irons. The traditional irons then start at a 6-iron and run all the way through to a Sand Wedge.

All the irons have a large cavity back design to increase the size of the sweet spot and help get your iron shots up into the air. The irons and hybrids are also super lightweight and Cobra have a tweaked the swing weight (the balance of the weight within the club) to make the club heads feel even lighter.

The result is a lightweight iron that is easy to control and will generate great distance.

The rest of the set

Similar to the F-max, this set is topped off with a mallet-style putter and a cart bag, with a 14-way top divider, 7 zippered compartments and 1 velour-lined valuables pocket. If you don’t like the look of bag above, don’t worry, there are a range of colour available.


Yes the women’s Cobra XL set are a couple of years old, but they are still brilliantly forgiving and provide a great option for golfers looking for great quality and forgiveness at a great price.

5. Wilson Women’s Profile Golf Set

Wilson Profile women's golf clubs in a green and white cart bag

Next up in the best ladies golf clubs for beginners, we have Wilson’s Profile golf set. Wilson are lesser known brand compared to Cobra and Callaway, but I can tell you they make some great clubs for beginner golfers and offer great value.


Similar to the Strata set, the Wilson Profile set have a high-lofted driver with a 460cc sized head and a light-weight graphite shaft. The result is a highly forgiving driver that is great for hitting off the tee. The Wilson Profile set also comes with an over-sized 5-wood which gives you a great option for hitting long shots from the fairway.

Irons & hybrids

This golf club set comes with a graphite shafted 5-hybrid club, 6, 7, 8, 9-iron, a Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. The irons have a large cavity back design which makes them very forgiving and this extensive range of irons gives you a great selection of options as you approach the green and gives you all the tools you need for chipping and pitching.

The rest of the set

The Wilson Profile women’s set comes complete with a classical, bladed putter and a choice of a cart bag or stand bag.

Check out our full Wilson Profile SGI review


Wilson are a lesser known brand, but they offer great quality clubs at a great price. I would place these clubs just below the Cobra F-Max series in terms of performance, but they do come in considerably cheaper.

If these fit your budget then they will serve you very well. I would be delighted if a beginner golfer turned up with this set of clubs ready for a golf lesson with me.

6. Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire X1 womens complete golf club set in white and red stand bag

Next, we have the Aspire XD1 set in our roundup of the best women’s clubs for beginners. Aspire are owned by Precise Golf, who have created a range of well priced clubs for beginner golfers.


This golf set comes with a 13º oversized driver that will provide good forgiveness off the tee. The driver is accompanied by a 16º fairway wood, which is the loft of a modern ladies 3-wood.

Irons & hybrids

This set also comes with a 4/5 hybrid and irons that run from a 6-iron through to a Pitching Wedge. All woods and irons have graphite shafts and all the irons have a large cavity back design which will help you get the ball up in the air and keep those miss-hit shots as straight as possible.

The rest of the set

This set also comes with a mallet style putter and a nice stand bag. The stand bag has lots of pockets allowing you to pack plenty of balls, accessories and weather gear. The Aspire XD1 ladies complete set comes in a great price, so is it worth considering?


The Aspire XD1’s are great on price, but as a trade-off the build quality of the clubs is a little lower in comparison to the Cobra, Callaway & Wilson clubs reviewed above. If you are planning on playing golf 5-6 times a year then these will serve you well.

However, if this is the start of your golfing quest then I would advise you spend a little more – the higher investment now will give you even more performance and a golf set that will last you longer before you need to upgrade.

Overall, the Aspire XD1 completes set is not a bad option for a beginner golfer shopping on a budget. I should also note these are available in a ‘petite’ option, which are 1″ shorter than standard. Scroll down to the frequently asked questions to find out more about custom fit club lengths.

7. Precise M3 Women’s Complete Set

Precise M3 women's golf clubs in a blue stand bag

The Precise M3 are next in our review of the best ladies golf clubs. If you scroll up and down between this set and the Apsire XD1 golf club set above you’ll notice a lot of similarities. Mainly because these are from the same supplier.


This women’s golf club set comes with a 12º driver and a 3-wood. Both have oversized heads that help increase the size of the sweet spot and both have light weight graphite shafts.

The build quality is okay, but is a little way behind the Cobra and Callaway options featured above. I would also recommend most beginner lady golfers have 13 – 15º on their driver, as this will help generate maximum distance and increase forgiveness.

Irons & hybrids

This women’s set comes with a 21º hybrid and a 7, 8, 9-iron and pitching wedge. This is one less club than the Aspire XD1 set above, and I feel the 21º hybrid has not enough loft for most golfers to consistently hit with.

The rest of the set

The Precision M3 women’s set comes complete with a mallet putter and nifty stand bag. Similar to the Asire XD1’s, you can purchase these clubs in standard women’s length or a petite option which is ideal for golfers who are shorter than 5’3″.


The Precision M3 set is very similar to the Aspire XD1 set above. The lofts are a little stronger in the woods and this set does not come with a 6-iron. The result is an even lower price!

In my humble opinion, these are okay if you are shopping on a very tight budget and/or you plan to only play golf a handful of times a year. If you are more serious about your golf I would opt for one of the women’s sets higher up in this review.

Other ladies beginner golf club sets online

I’ve spent many, many hours sifting through options for buying beginner golf club sets online and there is a common trend – under a certain price threshold you are left with clubs that lack quality.

Top-flight, Ultra, Persimmon all offer women’s beginner clubs along with many more manufactures on Amazon and other online retailers. These clubs didn’t make the short list of the best ladies golf clubs because I can’t happily say they will serve you well as a golfer.

Low quality ladies beginner golf sets often save money on the materials used and the build quality of the clubs. Lower quality materials can lead to the woods denting or cracking. A particular issue to watch out for is sets where the top of the driver (crown) becomes split/cracked.

Another common issue is caused by lower quality graphite shafts being used by producers in the driver, fairway woods and hybrids. The result can be shafts that snap just above the club head when the ball is struck off centre.

The more expensive sets featured in this roundup do use higher quality graphite shafts that are lighter and stronger. The result is golf clubs that are easier to use, make the game more fun and will last you longer.

I can’t promise all the ladies golf clubs in this review a free from fault, but after many years working with these manufactures I can report that problems are highly infrequent and when there are problems Cobra, Callaway, Wilson & Tour Edge are very good at responding and replacing the faulty gear.

Further issues with low quality clubs

The poor build quality will make little difference when you strike the clubs in the sweet spot, but you will find a considerable distance in the performance of your golf shots when you miss the sweet spot.

Build quality relates to the engineering and design of the clubs and the assembly process. Cheaper golf clubs often copy design ideas, rather than test and develop their own. The result is golf clubs that don’t feel pure when you strike golf shots and wedges and putters that feel ‘clunky’ when you hit shots, rather than soft.

For this reason, this review cut off any women’s beginner complete golf sets that didn’t meet a minimum requirement for build quality.

Questions to ask before purchasing beginner golf clubs

Below is a list of commonly asked questions when buying beginner golf clubs. If you have a question that hasn’t been covered please leave a comment at the end of the article and I shall get back to you.

What is the difference between men’s and ladies golf clubs?

There are two key differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs – length and weight. ladies golf clubs are 1/2″ shorter than men’s and tend to have a lighter shaft, making the overall golf club lighter.

This design creates more control and the shorter club length are generally more suited to female golfers who, on average, are shorter.

Some golfers are surprised to learn women’s clubs are only 1/2″ shorter. However, the key measure for club length is wrist distance to the ground. Shorter individuals (men and women) tend to have shorter arms, meaning golf club length doesn’t have to vary as much as you might think.

Check out our article on the best men’s beginner golf clubs

Do I need to buy custom fit golf clubs?

Stock golf clubs cater well for 90% of golfers. However if you are taller than 5’11” or shorter than 5’3″ then you may wish to look at buying custom fit women’s clubs. This is not a given. As discussed above, wrist distance to the floor is the best metric to decide the ideal golf club length.

Some clubs within this review do also offer custom fit options. Such as petite options for golfers under 5’3″.

Should I buy a golf club starter set or separate golf clubs?

You can buy woods, irons and putters all from different manufacturers, however it is ideal for all of your irons to match. Different iron makes and models have varying swing weights and can even vary in loft. For this reason ensure your irons are all part of the same set.

In this review we’ve featured complete golf sets, generally, these offer better value than buying golf clubs separately. It is fine to buy a complete set then add a new driver or a different putter at a later date. Just try to keep matching irons for the reasons discussed above.

Do I need to get fitted before buying a new set of beginner golf clubs?

If your height is between 5’2″ and 6’0″ you’ll likely be well suited to standard golf clubs. As discussed, under this height you may wish to opt for custom fit women’s golf clubs.

If you are 6’0″ or taller, consider buying beginner senior golf clubs. Senior golf clubs are the same length as men’s golf clubs but come with lighter graphite shafts, which is a great benefit and will allow you to generate more speed whilst maintaining control.

How do I choose between the different golf club sets as a new golfer?

As with many pieces of golfing gear, when buying women’s golf clubs there is a trade-off between quality and budget. The Cobra F-Max golf clubs offer you an exceptional set of clubs to play with but they do come at a price. As a golf coach, I would be delighted if any of my beginner players brought the top four sets featured in this review and came along for a golf lesson.

The last two sets we’ve featured will work well if you are only playing 4-5 times a year, but I feel they are not as forgiving as the top four options and are limited in quality.

Here are some further points to help you decide when buying:

  • Price – Prices vary by almost $1,000 in this range of women’s golf clubs. The biggest gain with higher priced golf clubs is increased forgiveness and build quality. When you hit the lower priced clubs perfectly you will not notice a big difference, however the more expensive clubs do provide better performance for off-centre strike.
  • What does each set include – when comparing new sets of golf clubs be sure to compare what is included. Some sets come with one fairway wood, some with two, some sets include a sand wedge, others don’t. Make sure you buy a set with a driver, at least one hybrid / fairway wood and ideally upwards of four irons. Any other clubs on top of this base will be a bonus.
  • Bag type – all the women’s golf clubs in this review come with a bag. Some come with a cart bag, others come with a stand bag. A stand bag is ideal if you wish to carry your clubs, whereas a cart bag is best for buggy golf or using a trolley. You can always buy a new or separate golf bag.
  • Shafts – all the women’s golf club sets in this review have light-weight graphite shafts. This is important as it makes the overall club weight lighter, easier to control and allows you to generate higher club head speeds.

What are the best brands for women’s beginner golf clubs?

There are many great brands for women’s golf clubs. However, not all manufacturers make complete golf sets. Instead, they sell drivers, woods, irons and wedges separately. We’ve done our best to hunt out the best golf clubs in this review.

How long will a starter golf club set last for?

If you buy a higher quality golf club set there is little reason why they won’t last for 10, 15-years or longer. The main reason for changing your starter set is that technology continues to make clubs more forgiving and/or you progress to a mid-handicap golfer and want different clubs.

Most starter sets will suit you well until you reach a 20 – 24 handicap. At this point you may find that there are clubs that better suit your style of play and swing.

Should I buy a new or used women’s golf club set?

A used golf club set will save you money and clubs don’t wear out (though wedges need replacing every few years).

However, please don’t save yourself $100-200 if the clubs aren’t suited for ladies beginner golfers. All of the clubs in this review are ideal for ladies beginner golfers. If you can find a second hand set with the ideal set up then go for it!

Some great options for second hand golf clubs are Global Golf, who offer a great selection of used and new women’s complete sets.

Callaway also run a pre-owned service which again has some great ladies beginner sets from time to time.

Why do I need all of these different golf clubs?

A complete golf set generally comes with 14 clubs. Each club is a different length and has a different shaped head and loft. The idea in golf is to make the same golf swing each time and let the club alter the height and distance of your golf shots.

A complete golf set comes with large-headed woods which are used for longer shots. Fairway woods and hybrids, irons and wedges and putters. Below is a quick summary of each club and its role when playing golf.

What do the different clubs do for a beginner?


Your driver is a big, low-lofted club that you hit off longer holes. Unless you are Tour Pro, it’s probably best to only hit a driver off a tee. Having the ball tee’d up off the ground allows you to make an upward swing sending the ball high into the air and hopefully a long way down the fairway.

Drivers tend to hit the ball a long way, and are forgiving if you miss-hit them due to their big club head size and sweet spot.

Women’s drivers tend to range from 10.5º – 15º of loft. I would recommend most beginner golfers buy a driver with 12º – 14º of loft. A driver with a loft below 12º is slighter harder to hit and can lead to shots that hook and slice more than higher lofted drivers.

Fairway woods & hybrids

These clubs are really useful for beginner ladies. They are used to hit the ball a long way off the ground (generally for the 2nd or 3rd shots on par 4’s and par 5’s). They can also be used off the tee as an alternative to hitting driver.

As you improve as a golfer you’ll likely find fairway woods and hybrids are a more accurate choice off the tee. Fairways and hybrids tend to crossover with regards loft and how far they hit the golf ball. Some complete golf sets favour more fairway woods, others will give you more hybrids.

What is the difference between fairway woods and hybrids?

Fairway woods are a little longer than hybrids and have slightly bigger club heads, but essentially these both do a very similar job. 

The key detail to look for is the loft of each club. Most beginners will only need one or two of each. I would recommend one club around 15-16 degrees and another between 19 – 24 degrees for an ideal beginner set.

What are the best fairway woods and hybrids for beginners?

Many of the golf clubs set in our review come with fairway woods and/or hybrids included. However, you can also add fairway woods and hybrids later on.

Some of the better value golf club sets have fewer clubs – hence the lower cost. You can purchase a hybrid or fairway wood later to fill in a distance gap you might have in your set.

A new fairway wood or hybrid doesn’t have to match the make and model of the rest of your golf clubs.

A picture of a women's 7-iron and women's hybrid club

Irons & wedges

Your irons are used to hit shots off the ground towards the green. They don’t go as far as your driver but have more control. They are numbered 3-iron up to a 9-iron, then the wedges run from a pitching wedge, sand wedge and sometimes an additional wedge. Most ladies golf sets start from a 5-iron and offer fairway woods or hybrids instead of a 3 and 4-iron.

The number of the iron tells you the loft on the golf club – the higher the number, the more loft a golf club has.

  • 5-iron (~27-degrees loft) goes low and will travel a long way.
  • 7-iron (~34-degrees loft) goes mid-height, and doesn’t roll as much on landing.
  • Sand wedge (~56-degrees loft) goes high, not very far, stops quickly.

Here is an example set of clubs and their loft

The idea is to make roughly the same golf swing with each golf club and the ball will automatically go varying trajectories and distances. Check out this article for the best women’s golf irons.

Do I need to buy a 3 or 4-iron?

No, is the short answer. Most beginner golfers and experienced golfers find these clubs tough to use, and actually, only require them one or two times a round. These days you’ll find 5-woods, 7-woods and hybrids are better replacements, as they are easier to hit.

Your woods and hybrids don’t have to match your irons or other woods, so feel free to mix and match these when adding to your golf club set at a later date.

What is a gap wedge / approach wedge?

Modern golf club sets have stronger lofts compared to historical set (from the 1970’s and 1980’s). This issue is that golfers still want high lofts on their wedges. The result was a 8-10º gap between manufacturers’ 9-iron and pitching wedge.

Most manufacturers solution was to create a new club to sell – called a gap wedge or approach wedge. Click here to read more about wedge lofts.

When should I use a Putter?

A putter is a flat-faced club that is used for rolling the ball into the hole once you are near or on the golf green.

Many golfers think putters have no loft, but putters actually have 2 – 6º of loft to help get the ball up above the grass and begin rolling. Cheaper ladies beginner sets often save money by including a putter that has little engineering and design. The result is a putter that has limited feel and ability to roll the golf ball on the greens.

If you after buying a lower cost ladies golf set you may wish to consider buying a new putter as you advance as a player.

What types of beginner putters are there?

Beginner putters tend to come in a classical blade design or a mallet design. Both are ideal for golfers who are new to the game. Bladed putters have more weight in the toe and help the club face open and close throughout your putting stroke.

Mallet putters are also called face-balanced putters. These putters are suited to a straight back and through putting style. Both bladed and mallet designs are highly forgiving.

As you progress you may want to switch your putter to suit your preferred putting style. You may also find a style of putter easier to aim.

Why do I need a golf club set specifically aimed at beginners?

The short answer is you don’t, you could pick up any set of clubs. However, there are two advantages of buying a complete ladies beginner golf club set.

Firstly, golf club sets contain all the clubs you need to begin and often come with a golf bag. Buying the golf bag, irons, woods, driver and putter separately can get expensive.

Secondly, if you buy a set aimed at beginners you know the clubs will be made with forgiveness in mind. There are many other forgiving drivers and irons, but there are also clubs that are harder to hit.

Sticking to beginner sets should ensure you’ve got the right gear, making the game as fun as possible. the complete sets at the top of this review offer you exceptional equipment that will likely serve you well for many years as you progress as a golfer.

Summary – Best women’s golf clubs

I hope this review has been useful. After many years of coaching beginner players, I can safely say that investing in some great golf clubs will really help your progress and enjoyment of golf. For more equipment insights check out this article on the best women’s golf balls.

Do leave any comments or questions you have below – I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Also, if you want a free weekly email with some golfing tips check out the Golf Insider weekly post.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK

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Will is a PGA golf professional, with a PhD in Biomedical Science and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology. He spent 10 years lecturing part-time at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds in Biomechanics and Motor Control before becoming the Head of Golf for the University of Exeter. He currently runs Golf Insider UK, Sport Science Insider around wider consulting and academic roles in sport performance and motor control.

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