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Best Women’s Golf Drivers 2024

Getting the ball in play and maximising your distance is a key attribute to scoring. A driver can’t do all the work, but having the right driver for you can really help you play some great golf. Here we review the best women’s drivers currently on the market.

Best golf drivers for women 2023

Callaway Rogue ST Max

Women's callaway rouge max driver

The Callaway Rogue ST Max was a new release for 2022, and although it has the Rogue name, it’s nothing like the original Rogue. We won’t say that the original Rogue driver was bad, but it certainly lacked when it came to feel sound and overall consistency. The new ST Max is entirely different.


For women golfers, forgiveness is going to look like a golf driver that features straighter ball flight, higher ball flight, and stability at impact. The Callaway Rogue ST driver has the highest MOI head that Callaway has developed for a female golfer. This high MOI essentially means that slower swing speeds get the forgiveness they need without sacrificing ball speed.


With all the talk about Tungsten in golf club heads this year, it should come as no surprise that the Callaway Rogue ST Driver features an all new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. This new technology moved 26 grams of weight low and deep in the head.

The result is more speed and great stability at impact. When you put a stable clubface together with a golf club that is swinging fast, the distance results are excellent. To maximize the distance you get. make sure to try out a variety of lofts and shafts. The Rouge comes in 10.5º, 12º of loft, with more adjustability on each thanks to the shaft sleeve (can lower by 1º & increase the loft by 2º).


Callaway has continued with their AI technology in the new Callaway Rogue ST Driver. With AI, the Rogue ST offers lower spin and higher launch. The results are a golf club that feels really consistent. One of the things that helped the Callaway Mavrik stand out was how accurate it was, regardless of your swing speed. The same holds true with the new Rogue ST Max drivers.


This is not an inexpensive golf club. However, when we look at value, we try to consider what the club brings to the table for the next five years or so. Your Callaway Rogue ST Max has plenty of technology to continue to help and improve your game for the next four to five years. This is not a club you will need to replace quickly, which certainly helps improve value.

Golf Insider verdict

We were not the biggest fans of the first Rogue series. The clubs were long, but they lacked forgiveness and feel. However, the new ST Max feels different; its got a pleasing sound, impressive overall distance performance, and strong accuracy for women golfers. We also love the fact that this club truly works for a range of golfers from 0 to 25 handicaps.

TaylorMade Stealth HD

Women's TaylorMade Stealth driver in 10.5 degrees loft

Distance is really important in golf drivers for women. The further you can hit it off the tee, the easier it is to approach the green with a short iron. The new Stealth HD driver from TaylorMade truly brings some new technology to the market, something that women golfers seeking extra distance and ball speed should consider.


This is the TaylorMade Stealth HD driver with the new 60X Carbon Twist Face technology. Twist face technology has made it easier for golfers to benefit from a high MOI and more stability at impact. With the addition of a 60 layer carbon fiber face, players get an 11% larger sweet spot than they did from previous TaylorMade drivers.


One of the best ways to increase ball speed is to decrease the weight in the club head. The Carbon Fiber face is lighter than titanium, allowing TaylorMade to move the Inertia Generator within the clubhead. The movement of this feature of the club has also helped to increase draw bias, provide a higher launch and improve spin characteristics regardless of the playing conditions.

TaylorMade consistently provides some of the higher ball speeds across the market, and that remains true with the Stealth.


The best golf driver for a woman golfer that needs a bit more consistency in their game is a draw-biased golf club. The high draw design improves the ability to keep the driver in the fairway. It’s not our favorite for faster swing speeds that can be a bit better at turning the ball over. The standard TaylorMade Stealth does not have as much draw bias, and this could be a better option for some.


TaylorMade charges quite a bit of money for these Stealth ladies’ golf drivers. However, the technology is good, and it will remain relevant for a long time. If you wait it out, you may find some great deals on these in a few months, but it’s certainly a club built to last.

As a side note, it was really nice to see TaylorMade develop something completely new with this Carbon Face driver. Sometimes it feels like new golf drivers are pushed out just to offer new products. When golf clubs come out that have really big changes in technology, it is exciting.

Golf Insider verdict

The TaylorMade Stealth has already proven itself as a great women’s golf driver. In addition, it is one of the more popular new golf driver options on the PGA Tour this year. Although we rated this the highest for distance, it’s also a really forgiving driver. If you have the money, the Stealth is worth it.

Titleist TSi2

Titleist TSi2

The Titleist TSi2 is a high MOI women’s golf driver with very low dispersion rates, impressive ball speed, and really great feel. If you have never thought of feel as being important in the best drivers, think again.


Titleist has not always been the place to go for extreme forgiveness in a golf club. We know Titleist is one of the best driver brands for feel and some amazing ball speeds, but they now compete from a forgiveness standpoint as well. This is a higher launching model for women with very low spin. If you tend to put unwanted side spin on your drives, the Titleist can help to straighten things out.


The TSi2 features an ATI 425 high-strength face insert. The face insert is thin and made of a material almost like an elastic. Women golfers find that they get higher ball speeds and more carry distance than previous Titleist drivers.


With the new topline design of the TSi2, the club is considerably easier to line up. There is a TSi visual aid that helps improve overall alignment and makes it easier to set up the clubface. Have you ever had a driver that just sets up like it should and has a nice square and confidence-inducing look to it? There is something to be said for the way the aesthetics on a club are designed, and this is one of the better looking options in the women’s driver market.


Titleist drivers are not the most expensive nor the least expensive on the market. Titleist does not always release a new golf driver as quickly as other manufacturers, and you may find some good used options. One great thing about the Titleist brand is that they hold their value and will last for quite some time.

Golf Insider verdict

We like this driver for women golfers and feel as though it often gets overlooked. Lower handicap women golfers may know to look for Titleist golf clubs, but many mid to high handicappers think there are no options for them. Titleist currently makes clubs for any player on the golf course, and that should be considered.

Cobra LTDx Max

Cobra LDX womens driver in 10.5º loft

The Cobra LTDx is the best women’s golf driver for forgiveness. Regardless of your current handicap level and swing speed, chances are you will be able to adjust the Cobra LTDx to work for your needs and get the ball in play where ever you strike across the club face.


Cobra uses their adjustable weighting technology to help make this one of the best ladies’ golf drivers for forgiveness. The face is designed to maximise ball speed across 15 hitting zones and it does a really solid job of keeping the ball straight from these areas too.


CObra LTDx Max hitting zones

The new HOT Face or Highly Optimized Technology incorporated AI and machine learning to create a really responsive and hot face. The smash factor is considerably higher on the new Cobra LTDx than on previous models. Cobra never gets the credit it deserves when it comes to distance and power, especially for the slower swing speed player.


The Cobra LTDx is a highly accurate driver; using the CNC Milled Inifinty face, you can get a nice visual alignment and premium feel. In addition, positioning the 10-gram and 3-gram weights in the back or heel will help improve your accuracy and fine-tune your desired ball flight.


Cobra and Cleveland are some of the most fair-priced golf drivers for women. To get faster ball speeds and the most forgiving driver on the market, it costs several hundred dollars. However, with the Cobra LTDx, you can make a few quick adjustments to the weighting in the club head and keep this driver in play for a long time.

Golf Insider verdict

When you start looking at the best women’s golf drivers on the market, the technology starts to seem relatively the same from one club head to the next. Aren’t they all fast and forgiving? That’s why we like the Cobra for its unique multi-material weighting system, adjustability, fair pricing, and a club that is built for the woman golfer.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver womens

Anytime Cleveland releases a new driver; you can almost always guess that the pricing will be better than others on the market. Cleveland is always on a mission to be a reasonably priced golf manufacturer with plenty of technology and performance. The new Launcher XL Lite brings some excellent performance for senior women golfers as well.


Cleveland often uses the weight of their driver as a way to bring about extra forgiveness. The new XL Lite is even lighter than we have seen in the past and makes it much easier for golfers that struggle to release and turn the club over at impact. In addition, the head of this driver is huge. If you have ever been concerned about missing the center of the clubface, the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite is a great choice.


One of the most interesting technologies in the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite is the fact that the shaft is .24 inches longer than previous models. In the past, a longer driver for women would have been considered a performance negative. However, with the new bonded hosel and ultra-lightweight performance make it possible for golfers to benefit from added distance on their drives.


With the lower weight of the Cleveland XL Lite, you have a better idea or feel as to where the clubface is. This helps to encourage a more complete and full swing and better overall accuracy. The 8g brass and rubber weight in the end of the grip changes the overall feel of the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite and makes it considerably easier to work with.


Cleveland wins the value content when looking for the best women golf drivers. It’s hard to find something for a lower price with quite this much technology and performance.

Golf Insider verdict

If your driver is more than 7 years old, and you know it’s time for an upgrade but are reluctant to spend more than $500 on your club, think about the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite. The performance you get is impressive, and your results can be just as good as the premium drivers, especially if your swing speed is a little slower.

How To Choose The Best Women’s Golf Drivers

There are plenty of great women’s golf drivers on the market, but the subtle differences between them are what will help you decide which is the best for your game. Here are a few of the things that are worth keeping in mind as you narrow down which golf driver is best for you.


The loft is a big consideration for women golfers. If you are not smart about the loft here, the loss of distance could be significant. Women golf drivers are often made with very high lofts, close to 15 degrees. The high loft and a slight draw bias can be a great thing for players who have a slower swing speed and need a bit of extra help with the launch.

However, there is absolutely a point where you can have too much loft, and it will impact your distance capability. For women golfers with a slightly higher swing speed, think about a driver loft anywhere from 11 to 13 degrees, as this will promote much better ball flight.


We see adjustability as a positive almost all of the time in a women’s driver. From season to season, our games change, and based on our loft discussion above, adjustability often allows you to add/subtract 3 to 4º of loft to a driver.

The only negative to adjustability that some golfers need to consider is the weight that it adds to a club. Some adjustable drivers are a bit heavier, and this can create issues with club head speed. If you have ever felt like your driver is a bit too heavy, consider a more lightweight, non adjustable driver.


Due to the women’s golf market still not being the size of the men’s market, most golf retailers hold smaller stocks of women’s driver shaft options. It is getting better, but there is still a lot of progress needed. As standard, women’s drivers will come with a light-weight, high flex shaft.

For most this is a great option, but if you are a lower handicap golfer, or you generate high club head speed go for a custom fitting session.

A custom golf club fitting can help you determine which type of golf shaft is best for your needs. If you are going to spend $500 on a new golf driver, get a shaft that works for your game.


The first time a golf driver was sold for $300, golfers couldn’t believe it. As we inch closer to $600, some players are going to continue to be shocked, while others learn to expect that this is related to increases in technology.

If you are on a budget, think about Cobra of Cleveland, as they tend to have reasonable pricing. It’s also smart to consider shopping for different types of clubs each year. It’s costly to replace an entire set all at once. If you invest in a new driver one year, new wedges the next, and continue in this way to update your clubs, you will have a really nice mix of technology.

Swing Speed

The average women golfer has a swing speed of around 75 mph. An LPGA Professional has a swing speed closer to 95 mph. The speed with which you swing the club can impact which golf driver is the best for your game.

It’s a good idea for all golfers to have a general idea of what their swing speed is. The swing speed is a major determining factor in which golf shaft is the best for your game. A portable golf launch monitor can give you a really good insight into your game, and it’s become affordable through the years.

Complete Set Driver Upgrade

Many women golfers have a complete golf set that they play with. This set comes with a stock-style driver, and although some of this technology can be good, they are very often not the best golf drivers on the market.

If you are questioning if it’s time to upgrade from this set, try to consider the distances that you are getting as well as the confidence you have with the club. Typically speaking, the complete set drivers lack some of the modern adjustability, distance, and overall forgiveness you find in our top golf drivers for women.

Sometimes changing just the driver can give you a few more years on the set and help you feel like you have great technology all around. As most beginners progress, the driver and the putter are the clubs they need to replace first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that are most frequently asked by women golfers looking for a new driver. The driver is an important club, and for some women golfers, it is used on par 5s, par 4’s, and par 3s. Investing in something that is a good fit for your game will be well worth the money.

Can women golfers use a senior driver?

Women golfers can use a senior driver, and those with faster swing speeds will benefit from it greatly. However, it is important to note that the senior driver is typically about an inch longer than the men’s driver.

Women golfers that do well with a senior golf driver are typically a little taller and have a slightly faster swing speed. Senior drivers can be an excellent option for women as they are typically lightweight and easier to swing than a men’s regular or stiff golf driver.

What is the main difference between women’s drivers and men’s drivers?

The main difference between a woman’s driver and a men’s driver is the length of the shaft and loft. In addition, there are times when the shaft will have different flexes, and the men’s golf shafts are slightly stiffer than the women’s.

Women can play with men’s drivers if they have faster swing speed and are a bit taller. These things will be measured at a golf club fitting. There are times that when women use a women’s driver, it can actually hold them back from hitting their full potential.

How much should a woman spend on a golf driver?

Women can expect to spend between $350 and $550 on a new women’s golf driver in 2020. This is the going rate for a driver at this point. One of the best ways to find a deal on a golf driver is to look at something that was last year’s model. Typically there is plenty of stock, and the technology is still relevant.

When should I replace my ladies’ golf driver?

Typically speaking, we are seeing that technology is very much upgraded about every five years. Some manufacturers have a product that comes out that really changes the market, but most significant advancements are seen every five years or so. Something like the TaylorMade Stealth would be a good example, as the Carbon face is nothing like what we have seen from TaylorMade over the last few years.

Do women golfers need a driver?

The driver is the longest golf club in the bag. For some women, this can mean that it is difficult to swing the driver and still get a straight and high flying golf shot. Luckily with the huge sweet spot, maximum forgiveness, and offset driver technology we see in today’s clubs, it is much easier for women golfers to achieve maximum distance and fast ball speeds from their driver.

If you have steered away from the driver for years because of a slow swing speed, the technology on the market for female golfers is greatly improved and should be considered. Don’t leave this extra yardage on the table; it’s worth at least swinging a few clubs to see if you can find a match for your golf game.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel more confident in choosing a women’s golf driver that will work for your needs. More distance, straight flight technology, and a better feel are all things you can find in the latest releases for women drivers.

For more equipment reviews, check out our articles on the best women’s irons and complete women’s beginner sets.

Happy golfing.

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