Best Women’s Golf Irons 2024

Women’s golf irons make up the majority of your set. If you can rely on your irons when your round of golf gets tough, they can certainly salvage a great round. Many women golfers struggle with confidence when it comes to iron shots. More and more golfers are moving from irons to hybrids, and this really does not need to happen if you find the right irons for you.

With all of the great options on the market, there is no reason why women golfers can’t be amazing iron players. Let’s take a look at the best golf irons for women and which would be the best to add to your golf game this year. 

Best Women’s Golf Irons

Top tips when buying women’s irons

Here are some quick tips when deciding what you should look for:

  • Power vs control – all irons lay on a continuum, you can gain distance, but it usually results in less control and spin. Consider how you play golf and what will benefit you most.
  • Perfect trajectory – do you need more height or lower-flighted iron shots. Forgiving irons distribute more weight low down, often resulting in a higher launch angle.
  • Your golf game – When and how do you use your irons? Are longer irons, mid-irons or short irons most important to you? What clubs do you use the most often?
  • Irons aren’t just for hitting – consider how your pick will help you chip, pitch around the greens as well as full shots.
  • Hybrids & woods – most iron sets run down to a 5-iron, but you can often opt for a 4-iron, and some sets allow you to buy a 6-iron upwards. Decide where your ideal cut-off is and build the perfect blend of fairway woods or hybrids around your irons.
  • Wedges – forgiving irons are great for longer shots, but the wide, chunky soles can make them cumbersome when chipping. This can be overcome by buying a separate sand wedge and gap wedge.

Best Overall – TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Irons 

TaylorMade Stealth Women’s 7-Iron in profile

The TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Irons is the newest release to the market, and they are worth checking out. The bottom line is if you plan on updating and upgrading, you may as well use the technology that will offer your game the most significant advantage. To be terribly honest, many women’s golf irons are not all that good looking but the new Stealth look and feel great. 


The technology offered in the TaylorMade Stealth is impressive, combined with its look is what puts this iron in the top spot. We love the top-down look of the Stealth; it is thin but confidence-inducing, precisely what a woman golfer needs. 

TaylorMade women's iron face down


With the Cap Back design features in the Stealth irons, players can get much more consistently, which leads to increased overall forgiveness. We found that even when missing the center of the clubface, the Stealth women’s irons launched high and stayed relatively straight. 

This is a game-improvement set of irons that features a low center of gravity in each one of the irons. For women golfers that have a hard time launching the ball, Stealth can help produce a higher launch and improved carry. 


For the first time in the history of TaylorMade golf irons, a carbon material was used throughout the entire Stealth golf set. These materials allow for a better feel and higher ball speeds. Combine that with the Thru Slot Speed pocket which aims to maximize ball speed, and you have probably the highest ball speed iron for women on the market. 


Several years ago, TaylorMade released the Echo Damping System to help absorb vibration at impact. The TaylorMade Stealth irons are not forged golf irons, but they do have a very forged like feel at impact. It’s the combination of the carbon material, face flexibility, and the Echo Damping that helps these irons feel more pure.

For women golfers switching from a set of off-brand irons or upgrading from beginner golf clubs, the difference in feel here will be noticeable. 


With game improvement irons like the Stealth, finding that balance between control and forgiveness can be challenging. The TaylorMade Stealth allows you to control the ball flight a bit but expect some of your efforts to be straightened out with the forgiveness that this set offers. 

Golf Insider verdict

We don’t often say this, but the majority of women golfers will feel and notice a difference when switching to the TaylorMade Stealth. We were really impressed with the forgiveness and feel.

Overall the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max were great for ball speed, but the overall club head felt a little clunky and unimpressive. The Stealth changes things up entirely and gives you a pure feel, great looks, and the performance that all women golfers need. 

Best For Forgiveness – Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite 

Callaway Rogue ladies ST Max Lite

If you are looking for forgiveness in your next set of irons, the Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite is a great choice. One of the things we love about Callaway is that they don’t make just one set of ladies irons; they make several. This is a company that pays attention to the needs of women golfers and realizes they can’t all be put into one group. 


The new Rogue ST Max Lite is better looking than the original Rogue. There was some face optimization done, and the club looks a bit more like the Apex than the original Rogue (this is a good thing). The top down view is a bit thick, but this can’t hurt a golfer that needs help with launch and improving turf interaction. 

Callaway Rogue ladies ST Max Lite top down


The forgiveness in the Rogue ST Max can be attributed to the new face technology and also the lighter-weight construction of the iron itself. If you want forgiveness and your swing speed is a little slower, this lightweight club makes it easy. Not only will you feel like you can hit the sweet spot on the first hole but also on the eighteenth. This is important for all golfers to consider. 


It’s easy to get distance on many of the Callaway irons because the lofts are adjusted for distance. The loft of an 8 iron today is several degrees different from the loft that we saw just five years ago. If you thought women’s golf clothing sizes were the only things that were changing, think again! 

We worry more about spin and iron stopability with the Rogue ST max than we do about distance. The distance is there, but control is something you will have to work on a bit. You should note, thanks to the low center of gravity these irons still launch high despite the lower lofts, but backspin is slightly reduced.


The urethane microspheres seem like they are here to stay. This is Callaway’s technology to help lessen vibration at impact, and it works quite well. Overall the Apex irons feel better than the Rogue, but they aren’t as forgiving. 


Callaway included precision tungsten weighting in their new Callaway Rogue ST Irons. This, combined with the new AI Face optimization, is there to help golfers control the ball a bit better. This club will not spin quite as well as a less forgiving iron, but golfers often have to choose between getting the ball to stop quickly or getting the ball to go straight and far. 

Golf Insider verdict

Golfers who need forgiveness and those who can’t sacrifice any distance will enjoy what the Callaway Rogue ST Irons have to offer. We weren’t a big fan of the original Rogue irons, as the feel was just not that impressive. Mavrik improved some of the technology that we saw in the Rogue, but the Rogue ST addressed the forgiveness issues that we found with the Mavrik. 

Best Women’s Player’s Iron – Titleist T300 Irons 

Titliiest T300 women's 7-iron

Despite the great developments we’ve seen in women taking up the game of golf and the professional ladies tour, we still have a slightly limited selection of irons for better players. However, the Titleist T300 women’s irons are perfect for the lower handicap woman golfer. 


If you like a thin top down look, this is the best women’s golf iron out there. A thinner top down look helps this club feel more workable. It is not nearly as thin as a Titleist player’s blade, but with modern feel technology, these players’ blades are really only necessary for a select few players. 


When it comes to a player’s iron, you will not get the same level of forgiveness. We were surprised at how forgiving this set of Titleist golf irons is. If you have not swung a Titleist club in a while, you will see that they have incorporated better forgiveness into the set. 

Overall, we don’t recommend a club like this for a golfer that is more than a 15 handicap. The launch and forgiveness from a difficult lie just won’t be to the level a player needs. 


The T300 irons are good distance irons, but not as long as something like the TaylorMade Stealth or the Callaway Rogue ST. When a clubface gives a player a bit more control over their shots, some distance is lost. 

When we played with these irons, the few yards that we lost felt worth it for the control we received in return. 


We can’t tell you that the T300 feels quite like a Titleist blade, but it also feels quite a bit more solid and pure than a cavity back game improvement club. This is a perfect mix of a golf ion that rewards you for a well hit shot and cuts you a little slack when you miss one a bit. 


The Titleist T300 stands out from a control standpoint. Women golfers that are ready to start hitting draws and fades or increasing or decreasing ball flight will get the performance they need with these clubs. If you are still in the stage of trying to get the ball to launch or land softly on the green, this is not the iron for you. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Titleist T300 golf irons are designed for maximum distance and forgiveness for the better player. Although this is a golf iron that is described as forgiving and long, that can be at times misunderstood. Instead, think of this as a forgiving and long golf iron for the better player. 

Best To Reduce Slice – Callaway Big Bertha Reva

Callaway Big Bertha Reva womens 7-iron

The slice is the most frustrating miss in golf. Not only does the ball travel away from the target, but it also loses distance on the way there. With the women’s Callaway Big Betha Reva irons, the internal draw bias helps to make an impact and straighten things out. 


The Callaway Big Bertha Reva looks like a forgiving cavity back iron built for a high handicapper and beginner. The base of the club is very wide, and there is a lot of offset in the clubhead. It’s not the most refined looking in the Callaway line up, but it oozes forgiveness. 


Forgiveness is a strong point of the Callaway Big Bertha Reva set. With a forgiving golf set like the Reva and the strong heel weighting, any slice spin that you put on the golf ball will be reduced. In addition, the golf clubs have a higher launch, which will help with stopping the ball on the green with your longer irons. 


Callaway Big Bertha Reva irons have an average distance, more backspin keeps your iron shots straighter but will reduce the overall distance they travel. If the distance is your main concern, think about the Rogue irons instead. 


Forgiving irons like the Callaway Big Bertha Reva have the same urethane microsphere technology that we have seen in prior models. These microspheres will reduce vibration and improve the overall sound and feel at impact. The Reva feel good because they are so forgiving, but they won’t provide that buttery soft feel that you get when you hit a pure shot with a forged or blade-style club head. 


Consistency with the Reva irons is excellent. You will get consistently high golf shots that travel relatively straight time after time. However, workability is not great. When you try and hit a little fade, chances are the Reva will correct you to a straight ball flight. For many women golfers, this is entirely acceptable, but bear this in mind if you like to shape golf shots. 

Golf Insider verdict

The Callaway Reva golf irons are perfect for the inconsistent woman golfer who struggles with a slice. If you stand over your iron shots and have no idea where the ball will end up, give this set of golf irons a try. Consistency in the game of golf is a major benefit. 

Best for Beginner – Cleveland Launcher XL Irons

Cleveland Launcher XL womens golf Iron

Irons are not always the favored club when it comes to beginners. However, with the technology incorporated into these new Cleveland XL Irons, women golfers can get a bit of hybrid performance in each of their shots. 


The Cleveland Launcher XL Irons are large hollow, hybrid style irons. If you like a clean, refined look, this is not it. The irons are a bit chunky, but they absolutely increase confidence, especially out of a difficult lie. 

Cleveland golf irons hybrid profile from side


The massive head design truly makes these golf irons hard to miss. The new Action Mass CB weighting helps players feel the clubhead a bit more, and it has improved overall consistently at impact. Forgiveness from the rough or the short grass is ideal with the Cleveland Launcher XL. 


Even though these are hybrid irons, and you expect them to fly as far as hybrids, the short irons don’t go any further than traditional iron. Getting a higher launch and increasing overall time in the air is easy with the Launcher XL, but overall distances is still comparable to other irons that’s to their high launch.


When it comes to mid and long irons, the feel of the Cleveland Launcher XL irons are excellent. The short irons take a bit of time to get used to. With the short irons, golfers have to adjust to looking at a rather large clubhead to go a short distance. The good news is that the grooves are specifically engineered and placed in these irons to help improve short game spin, even with hybrid clubhead design. 


It’s very easy to hit the Cleveland Launcher XL irons straight and to get them up high in the air. Shaping the shorter irons is a bit difficult, but we could pull it off with the mid and long irons. When it comes to spin, the Cleveland Launcher XL irons actually stop rather quickly on the greens thanks to their high launch and steep decent angle. 

Golf Insider verdict

If you are a new player that wants to give yourself a really good chance of liking the game of golf, the Cleveland Launcher XL irons are a smart choice. The clubs have a good feel, fair pricing, and technology that will help you get the ball up into the air. The hardest part about hybrid irons is adjusting to the short game, but as a beginner, this may be not you biggest concern.

Frequently asked questions when buying ladies golf clubs

When purchasing a set of golf clubs, you have to be ready to make some big decisions. There are factors regarding the clubhead, shaft, and even set makeup that will make this a difficult decision for some woman players. Luckily there are some key facts that you can keep in mind while you shop that will help to make this decision a bit easier. 

How do you choose women’s golf clubs?

Women’s golf clubs should be chosen by a player’s current playing ability, their physical power and their goals for the future of their game. If you are making a major commitment to your game this year and want to put in the time to improve, invest the money into a set of irons that will give you the feel and precision that you desire as you improve.

For players that are new to the game and plan on picking up their clubs once or twice a month, be mindful of the amount of forgiveness that you get with your golf irons. 

What are the most forgiving ladies’ irons?

The most forgiving ladies’ irons are the Callaway Big Bertha Reva irons or the Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite. These irons are not forgiving by accident; they were designed with ultimate forgiveness in mind. The Big Bertha Reva irons are slightly offset and have an internal draw bias to help golfers straighten out their golf shots. The new Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite has that lightweight feel and technology that increases a golfer’s ability to launch the irons and get that ball up off the ground. 

What height are women’s golf clubs designed for?

Women’s golf irons are designed for those between 5’4” and 5’9” tall. If you fall outside of this height range, there is a chance that you could need a custom set of golf irons. However, there are other factors like swing speed, athletic ability, and arm length that will factor into this decision.

If you are new to the game of golf and looking for your first set, a custom fitting may help you figure out what you need. 

What club should a female beginner use in golf?

Not all women beginners need a complete set of golf clubs. In fact, most women beginners should leave anything that has a lower loft than a 7 iron out of the bag for some time. If you purchase a set of golf irons for a woman that has just a 7, 9, and PW, this is a good start. 

It will take some time for a player’s game to develop enough that there will be unique distances between each of the club heads that are used in the set. 

What size golf clubs should a 5-foot woman use?

Golf club fitting is something that is specific to the needs of an individual player; however, most women that are 5 feet tall will need a golf iron that is approximately ½ inch shorter than the standard women’s golf club. 

What size golf clubs should a 6-foot woman use?

A woman golfer that is 6 feet tall can use a men’s standard length golf iron, usually with senior flex shafts. It is crucial to ensure that the shaft is the right flex, but standard length men’s clubs should have the right specifications for a taller woman player. Men’s clubs are 1/2 inch longer than a standard women’s golf iron. 

Do women’s golf balls go further?

If a woman golfer chooses a golf ball that is a good fit for her needs as a player, there is an excellent chance that distance will increase. Women’s golf balls tend to go a bit further because they are lower compression and easier for slower swing speeds to launch. 

The best golf balls for women are not always specifically designed for the woman golfer. Women need to analyze the distance, spin and feel they are looking for in a golf ball and find a match for their game. 

Best Women’s Golf Irons – Summary

We hope that our list of the best women’s golf irons has helped you find an option that could work for your needs. The TaylorMade Stealth irons stand out as the best overall option for women golfers.

These clubs have a great feel, a clean and modern look, plenty of distance, and forgiveness that can help any player. We don’t get excited about every new release that comes to the market, but the Stealth women’s irons from TaylorMade are something that women golfers should take a look at. 

For more equipment reviews check out our article on the best women’s drivers on the market.

Happy golfing.

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