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Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls come in three different versions, the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and X LS. If you are in the market for a premium golf ball that rivals the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x line then the Callaway Chrome Soft could be a good option to consider. We tested each of these golf balls and compared their performance and overall capabilities. Take a look at what we discovered. 

Key features of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, Chrome Soft X and X LS

Even though the performance of the Callaway Chome Soft golf balls will vary from the standard to X and X LS, there are a few key features that you can find in each one of these golf balls. 

Four Piece Construction 

A four-piece golf ball provides feel and performance off the tee and around the greens. With a four-piece golf ball, you won’t have to sacrifice any areas of performance and instead feel confident about the performance from wherever you are on the golf course. Most of the time, golfers consider a four-piece golf ball to be a premium construction. 

Hex Dimple Pattern

It is not rare to find a hex dimple pattern on a Callaway golf ball, but it is unique to this brand. The hex dimple pattern is going to stand out as it helps with aerodynamics and control of ball flight. All golf manufacturers have unique characteristics that will help with ball flight and overall performance, but the Hex technology has done quite well for Callaway. 

Two-Piece Core

The Callaway Chrom Soft golf balls all have a two-piece core. This core is in place to help both the higher and lower swing speed golfers. The initial core is a softer lower compression for the slower swing speeds, and the surrounding of the core has a slightly firmer feel for the higher swing speed players. 

Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball review

Callaway Chrome Soft 20 Low Compression Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a high-speed golf ball with a higher launch and plenty of greenside spin. When you play with the Callaway Chome Soft golf ball, the four layers of technology give you plenty of performance off the tee and around the greens. 


When we tested the Callaway Chrome Soft we were pleasantly surprised by the distance that it can produce, not just for the high swing speed players but for the mid to low as well. In fact, for beginners, seniors, and women golfers, the total distance from the Callaway Chrome Soft ranked among some of the best. 

This often surprises golfers, but low compression golf balls are often slightly shorter than high compression balls like the Chrome Soft, even for slower swing speeds when it comes to driver testing.


The spin from the tee is low. Not the lowest we have seen, and you may give up a few yards because of the higher launch, but not enough to call this a high spin ball from the tee box. Around the greens, however, we found plenty of stopping power with the Chrome Soft, not as high as the X. Irons had good but not excellent stopping power. 


The overall feel of the Chrome Soft golf ball is soft. It is still, however, a four-piece golf ball, so you will feel as though you have to compress it. On the putting the green, the ball still comes off the putter face with a soft feel.


We played several rounds with the Chrome Soft golf ball, and there was one time when a great shot did actually leave a bit of a slice on the face. Overall the durability and longevity seem good, but the really fast swing speed player may see a few cuts from time to time. 


None of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are cheap. However, if you want to really dial in on distance without sacrificing that soft feel, or greenside spin, the Chrome Soft is a pretty good value. 

Golf Insider Verdict

Golfers with the mid swing speed and below would likely find the most success with the Chrome Soft golf ball. The dual-layer core helps players that need that extra speed, and it really does make a difference in total distance. Players that want that extra greenside spin should consider moving to the Chrome Soft X. 

Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball review

The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a four piece golf ball with very fast speed and the highest greenside spin of any of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. The great thing about the Callaway Chrome Soft X is that we found it to be a good solution for the really fast-swinging players. 


When comparing the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball to the Callaway Chrome Soft there is typically just a three or four yard difference in total distances. However, we did find that the Callaway Chrome Soft X was not the longest of these three golf balls. Expect to give up about three or four yards on the driver; when it comes to irons, the distance is quite good.  


The reason the distance on the driver tends to go down a bit with the Chrome Soft X is that this is more of a mid-spin ball from the tee. Mid spin is fine for those that keep it straight and already have relatively fast swing speeds, but if you struggle to get the overall distance you are looking for, the Chrome Soft X may not be the best choice. 


The Chrome Soft X has a firmer feel than the Chrome Soft, and honestly, we liked it a little better. The Chrome Soft is by no means mushy, but the Chrome Soft X just helped us feel as though we could control this ball just a bit more. 


When it comes to longevity, the Callaway Chrome Soft X held up just as well as the Chrome Soft. Truly all three of these golf balls are premium balls that the majority of golfers will be able to play several rounds with without having to replace the golf ball. 


For the faster swinging player that is looking for that extra spin around the greens, the Callaway Chrome Soft X is a great option to consider. Players will be able to get lots of distance from the ball and hit impressive overall shots that really spin. If you want a quality golf ball that flies a long way but still spins, the Chrome Soft X is a great choice. 

Golf Insider Verdict

Overall the Chrome Soft X is our favorite choice for the higher swing speed player. In addition, golfers that want to focus on greenside performance will love what the Chrome Soft X has to offer. Players that are not accurate from the tee box stay away from this golf ball. 

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball review

Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is a really impressive distance golf ball. There are other positive attributes to the Chrome Soft X LS, but when you compare these three golf balls, this one is the longest from the tee and with the iron shots, regardless of your swing speed. 


The distance from the Chrome Soft X LS is quite impressive. Overall we noticed that the ball flight was just a little higher, but the low spin still allowed for the golf ball to roll a long way when it did hit the ground. If you lack distance in your game, we would recommend this golf ball. 


Spin rates from the tee with the Chrome Soft X LS are low; around the greens, they are high. This is pretty much all a golfer can ask for in a premium golf ball. The Chrome Soft X spins a bit more on those greenside chips but not enough to say that the Chrome Soft X LS lacks spin. 


The Chome Soft X LS and the Chrome Soft X have a very similar feel, slightly harder than the Chrome Soft. Overall the ball will perform the way you need it to, and the overall workability is fine. 


Again, longevity here was not a problem, even four rounds in with the same golf ball in play. 


The Chrome Soft X LS is one of the best distance golf balls that we found. If you are a golfer that doesn’t mind paying for yardage, the value here is good. 

Golf Insider Verdict

Overall the Chrome Soft X LS was a ball we were a little sceptical about. We wondered how the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X really needed a third golf ball to go with this group, but the X LS has found its place. The golfer that wants plenty of distance regardless of swing speed will like the X LS. In addition, the spin around the greens and the low spin from the tee form a nice combination of performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I play the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, or X LS?

The Callaway Chrome Soft is for the player that needs a high ball flight but still wants some help keeping the ball straight and spinning shots around the green. The Chrome Soft X allows for more spin around the greens and increased workability in the golf shots. The Chrome Shot X LS provides a very low spin off the tee and increases the overall distances that golfers can get. 

Is Callaway Chrome Soft good for high handicappers?

Callaway Chrome Soft is a good golf ball for high handicappers and mid handicappers that are looking for a higher ball flight, distance from the tee, and a decent amount of spin around the greens. High handicappers that have a hard time keeping the ball straight may want to look for a more budget-friendly golf ball. 

Is Callaway Chrome Soft a good ball for seniors?

The Callaway Chrome Soft was not our favorite golf ball for the senior player, but this shouldn’t put you off. Low compression golf balls might give slower swing speed players slightly more carry distance across their bag (2-4 yards), but if you love the feel of the Chrome Soft, stick with it. Our current preferred choice for seniors is the Vice Pro Plus

Which is better, Chrome Soft or Supersoft?

The Chrome Soft is a better golf ball than the Supersoft in that it offers a broader range of performance and functionality. With the Chrome Soft, you get a four-piece construction that has some impressive feel, low spin from the tee, and high spin around the greens.

The Supersoft is a very low compression golf ball that is easy on the budget but won’t have the same functionality that you see from other Callaway Golf Balls. For a more detailed review check out our main article on the Callaway Supersoft golf ball Review.

What balls are similar to Chrome Soft?

The Titleist Pro V1 and the TaylorMade TP5 offer very similar performance to the Chrome Soft. All golf ball manufacturers will have their own unique manufacturing style, but these golf balls are all in the same category and will have similar performance. 

Check out this link for a data-driven review of the Callaway Chrome Soft vs the Titleist Pro V1.

What swing speed is needed for Chrome Soft?

Even though the Chome Soft is a tour level golf ball, those with 85 mph and up swing speeds can really benefit from the performance. Once the swing speed gets above 105 mph consistently, then the Chrome Soft X tends to be a better option. 

Is Chrome soft a 3 piece ball?

Chrome Soft is not a 3-piece golf ball; it is a 4-piece golf ball. With a 4 piece golf ball, the performance from the tee and the green will be a bit more advanced. 

Alternatives to consider

Another lineup of premium balls worth considering is the Bridgestone Tour B. Click here to read our article about these balls and how they stack up against the Titleist Pro V1.


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the Chrome Soft golf ball range (Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS). Although all three golf balls have some similarities, there is enough of a performance difference between these three golf balls that you must be careful to choose the proper one for your golf game. Narrow down if it is spin, distance, or feel you are looking for and choose a golf ball accordingly. 

Happy golfing.

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Britt Olizarowicz is a former teaching and Class A PGA professional with more than 25 years spent with a golf club in her hand. Britt is a small business owner, author, and freelance golf expert that knows this game inside and out. She lives in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children.

4 thoughts on “Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review”

  1. Currently I prefer the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. It seems to provide the best overall feel and distance for a senior (74) golfer with a 10 handicap. Most of the 2 piece “soft” golf balls feel mushy to me. However, I am open to considering other golf balls.
    I was surprised that you recommended the Vice Pro Plus golf ball for seniors as I understood it to be for higher swing speed golfers (have not tried it).
    Would you please comment on that and any comments on similar golf balls to the Chrome Soft (especially less expensive!).
    Thank you kindly.


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