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Callaway Edge vs Strata Golf Clubs

Both Callaway Edge and Callaway Strata are unique, complete set golf set options for the beginner and higher handicapper. Callaway has a very strong history in the golf club industry, and they make a wide range of golf clubs. If you are having a hard time deciding between the Callaway Edge and the Callaway Strata, we have you covered. 

Callaway Edge vs. Callaway Strata Golf Club Set comparison

The Callaway Edge and Callaway Strata are both available on the market right now. Aside from the price of the clubs being considerably different, there are also some differences in the overall performance of the two sets. Here are some things to consider about the performance differences between these sets, as well as whether or not either one would be a good option for your game. 


These are both great options for beginner golfers.

  • Depending on your location and retailers, the Callaway Edge complete set tends to be slightly more expensive.
  • The Driver and woods in the Edge set win in terms of performance. However, the Strata sets with graphite shafted woods are not far behind.
  • The irons and wedges in both sets are very similar.
  • The putter in the Strata set is good, but the Edge putter is excellent.
  • The Callaway Strata set offers more flexibility in terms of number of clubs, meaning you can have less than a full set.
  • The steel shafted Strata set may suit very fast swing speed players.
  • All of the above is based on our analysis as Golf Professionals. In practice, beginner golfers won’t notice substantial differences in performance between the two sets.

Edge complete set

Strata 12 piece set

Strata 14 piece set

Strata 16 piece set

Driver & Woods Performance

The driver and fairway woods of the Callaway Edge set are closer to the performance that you would get from a premium Callaway driver or fairway wood. The Strata woods and driver are still good, but don’t have the same ball speed off the clubface. They also feel a little deader when hit off-centre.

Irons & Wedges Performance

Both the Callaway Edge and Callaway Strata offer a forgiving cavity back iron in the 6-9 iron. The irons are designed with a large cavity and a low centre of gravity that get the ball up into the air with ease.

We found that the Callaway Edge irons were a little less self-correcting and made it easier to hit straight shots, even for the slightly faster swing speed golfers. The Strata irons tend to help those that struggle with a slice. 

Putter Performance

With the Callaway Edge and Callaway Strata set, you get a blade-style putter. However, the Edge set comes with an Odyssey White Hot Pro putter with a SuperStroke grip. These putters were one of the best designs from Callaway, and it has a tremendous feel. 

The Strata putter is a good model to learn to putt; it helps players line up with clean lines and a square face. The overall feel on this putter is nothing that you will be overly thrilled with, but it is also not a hard or stark feeling at impact. 

Rest of the Set

The Callaway Strata set can also come with a sand wedge and a hybrid. The hybrid is extremely forgiving and easy to hit out of the rough. It has a bit of offset to it that will help golfers square the clubface when necessary. 

With the Edge set, there is one hybrid, but this is the only set configuration you can choose. One of the nice things about the Strata sets is the ability to choose from a few different set makeups.

What comes with the Callaway Edge set?

Callaway edge vs Callaway Strata 7 iron

The Callaway Edge set is a 10 piece golf club set that does not come with a golf bag. The standard sets come with steel-shafted irons and graphite shafted woods. Although we have also seen some full graphite shafted sets floating on the market too.

Both will be great options for beginners. If you’re not sure opt for the steel shafted irons with graphite woods.

Woods & hybrids

The set comes with a driver, 3 wood, and a 5 hybrid. The driver was surprisingly long and had plenty of distance. It was hard to believe this was a club sold in a packaged set. The 3 wood and 5 hybrid are very forgiving and helpful for both high handicappers and beginners. 

Irons & wedges

The irons are cavity back style wedges with a bit of offset and a low center of gravity. The overall size of the club head is large but not too big that it looks bulky or oversized. When we tested the wedges, we noticed a soft and workable overall feel. 


The putter in the Callaway Edge is our favorite part of this set. The Odyssey White Hot Pro is a classic blade-style putter with tremendous consistency and a great feel. Even after you move on to your next set of clubs, there is a chance this putter will stay in the bag. 

Rest of the set

The Callaway Edge does not come with a golf bag, but it does have a headcover for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. Although some will no longer consider this a complete package set because of the missing bag. However, this should not be a deal-breaker; it’s easy to find a bag to put these clubs in. For more detail on Callaway Edge golf clubs, check out our main review article for more information.

Pros of the Callaway Edge set

  • Great performance across all clubs for the price
  • Softer feel in the wedges
  • Good distance from the driver and fairway woods
  • Impressive launch and ball flight, even for faster swinging players
  • Available in both graphite and steel shafts 

Cons of the Callaway Edge set

  • Doesn’t come with a golf bag
  • Cannot change the set makeup 

Who Should buy the Callaway Edge complete set?

Beginners and higher handicappers that still need some forgiveness and distance will love the Callaway Edge complete set. The overall value here is incredible. Although we can’t tell you that these will feel like the Apex or the Rogue ST irons, they certainly don’t feel like budget beginner golf clubs. 

What comes with the Callaway Strata set?

Callaway Strata 2019 12-Piece Club Set Golf Clubs

The Callaway Strata Set comes in a 12, 14, and 16 piece set. Don’t let these sets confuse you; they do not have 12, 14, or 16 clubs. The number of pieces includes the golf bag and the headcovers as well. This flexibility is great if you don’t want as many clubs or are shopping on a budget.

Woods & hybrids

The Callaway Strata set always comes with one driver, one fairway wood, and one hybrid. However, as you move up to the 16 piece set, you will get two hybrids. The hybrids and fairway woods are lightweight, easy to launch, and tend to stay on line quite well. 

The one area that we felt the Callaway Strata woods and hybrids were lacking was in the total distance. It’s hard to carry these clubs quite as far as you can carry top of the line technology, and this likely has to do with clubhead design and cheaper materials in the shaft and clubhead. 

Irons & wedges

The Strata sets come with a 6-9 iron in a forgiving cavity back with a low center of gravity. In addition, the set will have a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge in the 16 piece set. The wedges are not overly workable, so you won’t feel as though you can get spin and a lot of control, but you will get forgiveness. 


The putter is a standard blade style putter that is forgiving and a good option for distance control. For players that struggle with determining how hard or how soft to hit a putt, the Callaway Strata putter can be a good choice. 

As your game progresses and you start to see and feel the importance of a putter in your golf game, then the Strata putter will likely need to be replaced. This is one of those clubs that does a good job for the time being, but the technology is not all that impressive. 

Rest of the set

The Callaway Strata Set has a really lightweight and easy to carry golf bag. You won’t get to choose the color of your golf bag as the color will match the 12, 14, or 16-piece design, but you can choose the golf set configuration that works well for you. 

With the Callaway Strata set, also expect to get a few headcovers to help keep the clubs protected. Remember that this is a budget golf set, and using those headcovers will help prevent paint from chipping as you continue to use the set. For a more detail on Callaway Strata golf clubs, check out our main review article for more information.

Pros of the Callaway Strata set

  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a few different set configurations
  • Lightweight carry bag makes walking the golf course an option 
  • Good mix of golf clubs for the beginner and higher handicappers
  • Available in a women’s length as well 

Cons of the Callaway Strata set

  • No options for golf shaft configuration
  • The woods don’t perform as well as more expensive beginner golf clubs

Who Should buy the Callaway Strata complete set?

The Callaway Strata set is the perfect beginner golf set for the beginner on a budget. If you are a beginner that wants to get started but is worried about the overall costs associated with becoming a golfer, the Callaway Strata has you covered. If your game progresses quickly, you will have to change to something like the Callaway Mavrik or Apex line of clubs, but this is a good problem to have! 

12 piece set

14 piece set

16 piece set

Summary – Callaway Edge vs. Strata

The Callaway Edge is slightly better than the Callaway Strata from a performance standpoint. However, the Edge also comes at a slightly higher price point. If you are an occasional golfer or a brand new player, the Strata will be a perfect fit.

For the golfer that has been around a while or is starting with a bit more skill and understanding of the game, the Callaway Edge will traditionally be the better choice. Either way, these are both budget-friendly golf sets that offer great golf clubs when buying your first set.

Happy golfing.

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