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Callaway Supersoft & Max Golf ball Review

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are some of the most popular golf balls for amateur players. Everyone knows the ball for being low compression, affordable and soft feeling around the greens. However, if you want to know the full story on the Callaway Supersoft and the Callaway Supersoft Max, we will fill you in. 

Callaway Supersoft golf ball review

Callaway Chrome Soft 20 Low Compression Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls claim to be one of the lowest compression golf balls on the market. If you have a slower swing speed and are looking for some extra distance, chances are the Callaway Supersoft has been suggested. There is no question that the Supersoft has a low compression and a soft feel around the greens, but is it ideal for your golf game?

Hybrid Cover

The new cover on the Supersoft is a hybrid material made with a Paraloid Impact Modifier that helps to increase overall distance. The other reason the cover of the Supersoft was modified was to bring just a bit more durability to the ball – something we discuss later on. 

A cheap ball that lasts for one round is not all that great of a value. 

Hex Aerodynamics

Like all Callaway golf balls, the Supersoft features the Hex Aerodynamics that will help reduce drag and ensure that your golf shot can cut through even a stiff wind. The Hex Aerodynamics are unique to Callaway.

High Speed Soft Compression Core 

The lower compression core is a great feature for golfers that struggle with a slower swing speed. With the soft compression, core golfers can ensure that their swing speed and power are being transferred to the golf ball. Higher swing speed players won’t benefit from the softer compression core. 


The Callaway Supersoft claims to be one of the longest golf balls on the market; from the testing we did, this is not the case for most golfers. All low compression balls tend to lose distance off the tee when hit with a higher club head speed.

This said, the Supersoft is above average in terms of distance and the lower compression core and low spin allows golfers to get plenty of roll, even if they miss hit their shots. 

If you want a premium distance ball that will maximize your speed, the Callaway Chome Soft is a better overall choice. Higher swing speed players may even lose a few yards switching to the Supersoft. 


Callaway Supersoft golf balls are really low spinning. From the tee, this is a great benefit, around the greens, it is not so great if you’re after lots of wedge control. In fact, when we tested this golf ball, not only was it hard to get a chip and pitch shot to stop on the green, full swing iron approaches were difficult as well. 

For distance seeking golfers that are happy to get a ball to roll up on the greens, this is a great benefit. For those trying to stop the ball next to the hole, it gets a bit frustrating. 


Feel can sometimes be something that changes based on player preferences. From the tee around on approach shots to the green, the feel of the Callaway Supersoft is a bit hard. However, around the greens, it is quite soft. 

When putting the Callaway Supersoft on a fast green, the overall feel is quite good. It makes you feel as though you have control of the ball and how it is going to respond. However, on slower greens, the Supersoft felt a little mushy on the long putts it felt a bit difficult to try and get the ball all the way to the hole. 


The Callaway Supersoft golf balls hold up quite well for the slower swing speed players. Faster swing speeds tend to mark up the Supersoft as it has a bit of a softer cover.

However, the good news is that these marks tend to be more discolorations, rather than scuffs and deep cuts that will affect the performance of the ball for future rounds. For this reason, the Callaway Supersoft golf balls can be used for many rounds, just expect them to not look as new or shiny.

Callaway SuperSoft golf balls lengevity test results
Showing the Callaway Supersoft golf balls after 3 (left) & 4 rounds (right) of golf.


The value of the Supersoft golf balls is quite good. These golf balls are cheap. The fact of the matter is when you purchase cheap golf balls; you have to give up performance somewhere. For the Callaway Supersoft, that performance is sacrificed around the greens. 

Golf Insider Verdict

Golfers on a budget looking for lots of roll, a high ball flight, and a low spin will love the Callaway Supersoft. If you have a slow swing speed and are still working on breaking 100, this may be a good golf ball to consider. For those that want any kind of spin or workability around the greens, look for the Callaway Chrome Soft instead. 

Callaway Supersoft MAX review

Callaway 2021 Supersoft Max Golf Balls 12B PK

In addition to the Callaway Supersoft, there is also the new Callaway Supersoft Max. This golf ball appears a bit larger than the Callaway Supersoft and that’s because it is – 3% bigger to be precise. It has been engineered for maximum distance and forgiveness – but does it work? 

Long Distance For Low Swing Speeds 

The Callaway Supersoft Max has some of the longest distance for slow swing speeds on the market. The idea here was to make a golf ball larger optimize the launch for slower swing speed players. Another small benefit is that if you have a larger target area to hit, its simply easier to make contact. 

Tri Blend Ionomer Cover 

The Tri Blend Ionomer cover is designed to increase launch as well as lower the spin that you get when you make contact with the ball. Overall the cover held up quite well during our product testing and just the right mix of a soft feel with durability. 

USGA Conforming 

Don’t worry about the USGA rejecting this golf ball because it is slightly larger. As long as golf balls are not smaller (because they would fit in the hole easier, and have less drag on longer shots), you will not have to worry about USGA compliance. In addition, the Callaway Supersoft will not impact your ability to fit the golf ball in the hole in any way as it is not that much larger than standard. More than anything, the design of this “larger” golf ball has to do with the visual optics and the launch is creates at slower swing speeds.


When we tested the Callaway Supersoft Max against the Supersoft, the overall distance was marginally longer for the slower swing speed golfers (2-3 yards carry and roll).

It’s important to note that higher swing speed players lose some yardage, as the improved launch conditions are no longer created and the slightly larger size increases drag through the air. Both the Max and the traditional Supersoft can be restricting for the higher swing speed golfers, due to their low compression cores. 


Spin from the tee is great with the Max, very similar to the Supersoft standard. If you make great contact, the ball will roll a long way when it hits the ground. 

Around the green, we again struggled to get the ball to stop. You must use high spinning wedges with lots of swing speed if you are going to be able to control the Supersoft around the greens. If you are used to playing with something like a Pro V1, this will be frustrating for you switching to the Supersoft Max. 


The feel of the Supersoft Max is very soft. Expect it to feel slightly softer than the Supersoft standard. Once you get used to playing with this golf ball, you can expect to have more control around the greens.

Similar to the putting with the Supersoft, on the faster speed putting greens, the soft feel is a nice feature. 


Similar to Supersoft, the Supersoft Max holds up quite well. Even though the larger surface area of the ball tends to make contact with more of the face than the Supersoft. There was some minor discoloring after a few rounds play, but no major issues with the overall longevity. 

Callaway SuperSoft Max golf balls lengevity test results
Showing the Callaway Supersoft Max after 3 rounds of golf.


Callaway Supersoft golf balls are on the low end of the price range for golfers. If you need to keep pricing down to keep your golf budget in check, Supersoft can be a great fit. However, it may make sense to consider something like the Vice Pro Soft that is affordable but offers a bit more greenside performance. 

Golf Insider Verdict

The Supersoft Max is a two piece distance golf ball that offers plenty of forgiveness. Simply put, if you make the target easier to hit, the game becomes a bit easier. However, with this being a two piece value type ball, you should likely consider the performance that it will lack around the greens. 

Alternative golf balls to consider

The Callaway Supersoft is not a bad golf ball given the price, but they are also not our favorite when considering performance. Par to the problem here is that because of the pricing, they are recommended to so many players. However, the technology and performance are not the perfect fit for all golfers. 

  • TaylorMade Tour Response: We notice significantly higher ball speeds when using the TaylorMade Tour Response as compared to the Callaway Supersoft; this is especially the case for the mid swing speed player. 
  • Vice Pro Soft: With the Vice Pro Soft, you can get the same soft feel that you get with Callaway, but the greenside performance is noticeably better. 
  • Callaway Chrome Soft: If you have a bit more money in your budget but want to stick with the Callaway brand, the Callaway Chrome Soft could be the best option to consider; this is a premium golf ball with plenty of distance and greenside spin. 

What about the Callaway Supersoft Matte golf balls?

The Callaway Supersoft Matte golf balls have almost identical performance to the Supersoft; they are simply a bit easier to see when playing in the bright sun. Overall the Matte golf balls would be our personal preference for bright golfing conditions, they didn’t change spin, launch, or distance, but they simply made it easier to focus at address. 

Are Callaway Supersoft balls any good?

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have very high ratings and are one of the most popular golf balls sold; however, their performance is not ideal for all players. The slower swinging players looking for plenty of roll and distance will enjoy what the Supersoft has to offer, but there are three and four-piece golf balls on the market with a lot more performance in terms of spin and control. 

Who should play the Callaway Supersoft ball?

Slow swing speed players (less than 95 mph) that want a higher launch, and a bit more forgiveness from the tee should play the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

Who should play the Callaway Supersoft MAX ball?

The Callaway Supersoft Max ball should be played by seniors with slower swing speeds who are looking for a larger, legal golf ball with maximum distance and forgiveness. 

Are Callaway Supersoft balls good for beginners?

The Callaway Supersoft balls are often said to be some of the best golf balls for beginners, but we would encourage beginners to look for a comparable three piece golf ball. Some of the best golf balls for beginners include the TaylorMade Tour Response or the Maxfli Tour CG

What compression is a Callaway Supersoft ball?

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball has a low overall compression and a very low compression core.

Are Supersoft golf balls good for distance?

Supersoft golf balls are good for distance if you have a swing speed of below 85mph with driver. However, if you have a higher swing speed you will find other golf balls that will give you more distance off the tee.

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Summary – Callaway Supersoft Golf ball Review

Hopefully, you have a more clear understanding of Callaway Supersoft. We won’t say that the Supersoft is a bad golf ball, however the trade-off for its great price is less control and spin with irons shots and around the green.

If you have a slower swing speed and you are on a budget, the Supersoft is a good option to consider.

Happy golfing.

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