Best golf ball for seniors

best golf ball for seniors
Best golf ball for distanceSrixon AD333 Tour
Best golf ball for feelCallaway Chrome Soft
Best value golf ballSrixon AD333
Best all-round golf ballTitleist Velocity

If I had a penny for every time a senior golfer came into my Pro Shop and desperately asked for some advice on the best golf ball to fit his game, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now.

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Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this

Golf training aids review – Long game

Golf training aids range from the wacky to the wonderful. In my time as a golf professional I’ve come across a wide range of golf training aids that I’ve used personally and some that my students have rocked up to lessons with.

The key question is: are they worth it? Or are you better off heading to the range without a pink flamingo lodged under your arm. After a little searching I couldn’t find a decent piece written on when and why to use golf training aids. Therefore I wanted to create a proper guide for golf training aids that focuses on what swing faults they will and will not help with. Continue reading “Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this”