Cross-Handed Putting [Left Hand Low] – A How To Guide

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After 15 years of coaching putting to amateur and professional players I’m very happy to tell you there is no perfect putting stroke. There are many wonderful ways to putt with most allowing you to become a great putter. A cross-handed putting technique (left hand low) is a great option for many players.

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How to Fix a Slice Forever!

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In this article we’ll show you how to fix your slice. We’ll also cover why you slice your driver but not your irons and give you some great ways to practice hitting a draw. After 15 years of coaching golf, the following information is the best approach I’ve found for fixing a slice quickly and effectively.

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Putting Tips to Lower Your Scores

In this article, we’ll cover my top putting tips to help you lower your scores. After 15 years of coaching putting to amateurs and professionals, I’m pretty confident the tips below are the quickest ways to start holing more putts.

Some are easier to implement than others, but if you want to improve your putting they are well worth the effort.


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How to Hit a Bunker Shot – The Ultimate Guide

how to hit a bunker shot sequence

Bunker shots are the nemesis of many golfers, but bunker play is one area of the game where some simple coaching can have a huge impact. In the guide we’ll cover how to hit bunker shots and move onto some advanced tips for controlling distance, accuracy and trajectory.

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Online Golf Lessons – Can You Coach Yourself?

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I can’t overstate the value of great one-to-one coaching for learning any skill, let alone golf, but I realise it is not always possible. In this guide we’ll cover how to coach yourself using online golf lessons and the pitfalls to avoid.

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10 Golf Swing Tips That Work

golf swing tips for tempo

In this article we’ll cover 10 golf swing tips that will help you become a better golfer. As a golf coach this is the best advice I can give you for hitting straighter shots next time you play, but also developing yourself into a great golfer over time.

If you would like more detailed swing guides, check out our articles on the golf backswing, downswing and impact position an this article to learn more about strong, weak and neutral golf grips.

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