Single figure golfer to scratch – How to make it happen

golf practice difficult

How do you become a scratch golfer? If you are reading this and are currently a single figure golfer (or close) then congratulations. Swinging a lump of metal around your body to hit a tiny white ball across a field into a hole is tough. You’re already better than most people will ever be.

However, you’re here for the next step. How do you go from good, to becoming a seriously epic scratch golfer? Many have that dream of becoming a scratch golfer. In this post I’ll talk through my experience of doing it (the hard way) and the great time I’ve had coaching players who have gone from single figures to scratch and beyond.

Grab a pad and pen, I hope this helps.


“One small step in scoring, one giant leap in golfing ability”


Mindset to become a scratch golfer

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