Single figure golfer to scratch – How to make it happen

golf practice difficult

How do you become a scratch golfer? If you are reading this and are currently a single figure golfer (or close) then congratulations. Swinging a lump of metal around your body to hit a tiny white ball across a field into a hole is tough. You’re already better than most people will ever be.

However, you’re here for the next step. How do you go from good, to becoming a seriously epic scratch golfer? Many have that dream of becoming a scratch golfer. In this post I’ll talk through my experience of doing it (the hard way) and the great time I’ve had coaching players who have gone from single figures to scratch and beyond.

Grab a pad and pen, I hope this helps.


“One small step in scoring, one giant leap in golfing ability”


Mindset to become a scratch golfer

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Tiger Woods’ golf in 2018 – How close is he?

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I for one am delighted to see Tiger Woods making his way back to form. He brings something special to the world of professional golf. A great example is this bunker shot from the final round of the British Open in 2018.

However, how close is he to his dominating play of the early 2000’s? Can he get back there, and if so how? In this post we’ll take a look at his current form and stats from the 2018 season. We’ll then explore if, and how, he may get back to the top. Continue reading “Tiger Woods’ golf in 2018 – How close is he?”

Golf Insider Challenge 1 / 12 – How to achieve your golfing dreams

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I’ve worked in elite sport for many years. Now I want to know how great you can become at golf with 2, 5, 10 or 15 hours a week. I’m not talking about dedicating every waking hour to practice, but rather – how great can you become around the workings of a job and general life. This is article part one of 12 in The Golf Insider Challenge and I’d like to invite you all to take part.

I’ve set a wild dream to see how good I can become at golf in the next 12 months, and as you’ll read in this post, I’d like you to join me by chasing your own wild golfing dream. Continue reading “Golf Insider Challenge 1 / 12 – How to achieve your golfing dreams”

Golf tournament preparation – 3 tips from the world’s best golfers

golf tournament British open practice

At the time of writing this I have just returned from the British Open. How a player prepares for a golf tournament is a key factor in determining their final performance.

However, many amateurs overlook this simple area.  Great golf tournament preparation is a quick win for boosting performance and saving a couple of shots each round. In this post I will cover some simple tips you can steal from the world’s best players on great golf tournament preparation. Continue reading “Golf tournament preparation – 3 tips from the world’s best golfers”

What causes us to play bad golf?

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We all have them, we all dread them. Those days on the golf course where we feel utterly useless. Our golfing skill leaves us and we’re left flailing a lump of metal at the golf ball. No one likes playing bad golf, but what causes us to have a bad day on the golf couse?

In this article I’m going to explore three factors that might causes us to play bad golf and consider what we can do to minimise our bad golfing days in the future. Continue reading “What causes us to play bad golf?”

Golf club distances – How to work yours out (free download)

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Golf is a game of precision, therefore knowing how far you hit each golf club is key. Many newbie golfers ask – “how far should I hit each golf club?”. The honest answer is that it depends. However, whatever your current golfing standard, knowing your golf club distances is a simple and easy way to lower your scores. Continue reading “Golf club distances – How to work yours out (free download)”

What is a golf performance director?

Golf performance director

What is a golf performance director? A clue is in the name. Their focus is on performance, their role is to direct athletes, coaches and support staff towards optimising an athletes performance.

A great performance director takes the complex topic of sport performance and makes it simple. They set clear goals, they ensure everyone is on the same page, they provide the athlete with data and clear goals to optimise their rate of learning. Continue reading “What is a golf performance director?”