How to practice golf at home

If you’re anything like me, you want to improve your golf, but you find it tough to get to the golf course often enough. With that in mind – what can you do to practice golf at home?

In this article I’ll cover my top ways to max out your golfing progress while you’re stuck at home. This isn’t a lengthy list of how to practice at home, but rather some ideas that, if done right, will move the needle.

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Golf practice – The range vs the course?

A common question golfers ask is – Should I practice on the golf range or the golf course? The swift answer is both, but there are two more interesting questions to answer that can really speed up your golfing development:

Q1: Why are these two environments different in developing your golfing skill?
Q2: How can you make your driving range practice more effective, and how can you make your on-course practice more effective?
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Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this

Golf training aids review – Long game

Golf training aids range from the wacky to the wonderful. In my time as a golf professional I’ve come across a wide range of golf training aids that I’ve used personally and some that my students have rocked up to lessons with.

The key question is: are they worth it? Or are you better off heading to the range without a pink flamingo lodged under your arm. After a little searching I couldn’t find a decent piece written on when and why to use golf training aids. Therefore I wanted to create a proper guide for golf training aids that focuses on what swing faults they will and will not help with. Continue reading “Golf training aids: Don’t buy until you’ve read this”

How to get better at golf – Golf Insider challenge 2/12

After many years coaching, playing and studying I have some sad news for you – There are no true secrets. To get better at golf you do need to invest time.

However, the good news is 99.9% of the golfers I come across are not getting better at golf as quickly as they could. They waste time, practice the wrong things and try to make unnecessary changes. All of these things lead to frustration and them not getting better at golf.

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