What Does Great Practice Feel Like?

How to practice at the driving range

Many golfers spend hours a week trying to get better, but we know from our recent study that more practice time doesn’t guarantee you will actually improve. In this article, we dive into what great practice feels like. We look at this concept during a practice session and over a period of time.

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How To Lower Your Handicap [Data Study]

How To Lower Your Handicap

Playing more golf and practising more are not the key to lowering your handicap

We ran a data study to find out the key differences between golfers who improved their handicaps over 12 months and those who did not. We analysed the change in handicap for 257 golfers over the past 12 months, we also collected data on playing habits, practice habits and wider aspects such as taking golf lessons and keeping stats.

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Does Practicing More Make You Better At Golf?

Is My Practice Working Header

We wanted to create a data study into practice habits and how they linked to golfers getting better. We have 92 golfers at the time of writing, but we need closer to 500 for some good insights (and to break it down by handicap groups). Here are some fun trends and insights so far. We’ll … Read more

Winter Golf Training: How To Practice

Winter golf training plan

If you’re serious about getting your handicap down, winning the club championships or seeing just how good you can get winter training is key for your development. In this article, we’ll cover a simple approach to see how you can optimise your training and progress over the winter.

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How To ACTUALLY Change Your Golf Swing Technique

How to change your golf swing header

There are thousands of videos and articles on golf swing technique, but few cover how to actually change your golf swing in practice. In this article, we’ll cover the six steps I use and share with all the golfers I work with when it comes to making swing changes.

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5 Hidden Skills of Great Practice

Header image for golf range

The general consensus is that practice makes you better at golf, or any given skill. However, seasoned golfers will know this isn’t necessarily true – you can put in hours of work every week and not get better, or in some cases get worse…

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Break X Golf

Break X Golf Header

A big passion of mine is helping golfers get better. We all know a big part of this is practice. But how can you make your practice more effective and fun? I set up Golf Insider UK in 2018, with the aim of creating the golfing resources I wish I had as a 13-year-old kid wanting to get better.

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