Why Practice Difficulty is Important for Golfers

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Learning is expensive, you have to give the human body good reason to make all of the physiological and neural adaptions required to become more skilful. Golfers who want to get better at golf should take note of practice difficulty – it is a key reason why golfers stop getting better.

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Golf Practice Plan

In this article, we’ll cover a simple golf practice plan to help you lower your scores. The plan includes three skills games that you can implement into your practice routine straight away.

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Golf Chipping Drills & Practice Games

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If you can improve your average distance to the hole from 8-feet to 4-feet when chipping you’ll notice a big difference in your ability to score. In this article I’ve put together my top drills to help you practice your short game and improve your proximity to the hole.

Below we have three great chipping drills, I’ve placed them in an order – the first drill is a great option for beginners, high handicappers and refining your basics. The middle drill adds realism to your chipping practice and the final drill is a great way for advanced golfers to sharpen their chipping skills under pressure.

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The Real Reason Golfers Don’t Get Better

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Let’s start with two questions:

Q1: How effectively do you think when you practice?

Q2: Have you ever considered that changing the way you think during practice could accelerate your learning?

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Golf Practice – 3 Types You Should Use

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We all want to get better at golf and we know the importance great golf practice plays in our development, but few golfers know the best way to go about this process. In this article we’ll cover three types of golf practice you should use. We’ll explain when to use each and how to master each type of practice.

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How to Practice Golf at Home

If you’re anything like me, you want to improve your golf, but you find it tough to get to the golf course often enough. With this in mind – what can you do to practice golf at home?

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Golf Driving Range – How to Optimise Your Learning

We all spend time at our local golf driving range – we’re there because we want to get better at golf. But how should you spend your time at the golf driving range to optimise your learning?

In this article I’m going to break down the perfect golf driving range routine to help you super-charge your golfing progress.

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