Strong, Weak & Neutral Golf Grips – Which is Best for You?

strong weak and neutral golf grip header

If you are wondering “what is a strong golf grip”, or “is my weak golf grip causing me to slice?” then you are in the right place. In this article we’ll cover strong, weak and neutral golf grips, explain their impact on your golf game and help you build the best golf grip for you.

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Golf Grip: How To Hold A Golf Club

how to hold a golf club showing left hand golf grip

Your golf grip is the only connection you have with the club – consequently, it is pretty important. Here we’ll walk you through how to hold a golf club and answer all of these little questions players have when learning this important skill.

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How to Hit Your Driver Straight & Long

how to hit driver straight

In this article we’ll look at how you can hit a driver straight and long by building a driver swing that relies less on timing and more on sound mechanics. We’ll start with basic driver swing technique and finish with some more advanced ways to think and practice.

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How to Fix a Slice Forever!

How to fix a slice header

In this article we’ll show you how to fix your slice. We’ll also cover why you slice your driver but not your irons and give you some great ways to practice hitting a draw. After 15 years of coaching golf, the following information is the best approach I’ve found for fixing a slice quickly and effectively.

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How To Control The Flight Of Your Golf Ball

ball flight control

Great golf is all about hitting your golf ball accurately towards your target. What determines your accuracy – your ball flight. In this article, we’ll look at how you can better control your ball flight using a simple practice game.

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10 Golf Swing Tips That Work

golf swing tips for tempo

In this article we’ll cover 10 golf swing tips that will help you become a better golfer. As a golf coach this is the best advice I can give you for hitting straighter shots next time you play, but also developing yourself into a great golfer over time.

If you would like more detailed swing guides, check out our articles on the golf backswing, downswing and impact position an this article to learn more about strong, weak and neutral golf grips.

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Golf Club Distances [Tables & Calculator]

golf club distances header

Knowing your own golf club distances and understanding how to control them is a simple but effective strategy to lower your scores. The first part of this article gives you average golf club distance charts for men, women and senior players.

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