Golf Impact Position – The Complete Guide

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In this article we’ll explain the ideal golf impact, how to create it and how it will improve your game. We’ll cover the five impact factors that explain every golf shot you can possibly hit first, and we’ll then move on to some tour stats before we finish with 4 key steps to improve your impact position and lower your scores.

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The Golf Downswing Explained

golf downswing sequence of elite players

How do you build the perfect downswing? In this article I’ll provide some key points, a few drills and thoughts to help you improve your downswing and golfing performance. We get a little geeky so if you’re looking for a simpler guide check out this article on how to swing a golf club.

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The Golf Backswing – A How To Guide

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In this article we’re going to break down and explain the backswing. Golfers can frequently get caught up in a black hole of technique, with many golfers looking to perfect their backswing in the hopes it will turn them into a ball-striking machine like Justin Rose. Here we will break down the backswing into some simple movements and explain what is actually important for your golfing performance.

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The Perfect Golf Swing Mechanics

golf swing mechanics sequence

Many golfers are in search of the perfect golf swing. As a golf coach and biomechanist, I’m sad to inform you that one perfect golf swing does not exist. However, the science suggests great golfers’ swings do have many things in common. In this article we’ll cover a quick overview of what we mean when … Read more

The Proper Golf Stance [Videos & Drills]

golf stance for driver

The golf swing is a sequence of events. Your golf stance and set-up are critical in determining the golf swing that follows. In this article we’ll talk through how to create a great golf stance, golf posture and explain the why behind the how. We’ll also cover a couple of great drills to help you set up correctly.

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Too many swing thoughts – What is the answer?

golf swing thoughts

How do you think when you play your best golf? My guess is that you don’t have 92 swing thoughts in the 1.5 seconds it takes to complete your golf swing.

So why do we sometimes think so much about our golf swing?

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