Short Game Practice Plan

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In this article, I’ve put together some of my favourite short game skills games. Together they give you some great strategies to develop a pretty epic short game.

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Golf Chipping Technique & Tips [The Ultimate Guide]

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In this article we’re going to dive into detail to help you build an awesome short game. This is an advanced guide on chipping technique, detailing the chipping tips you’ll need to get to a scratch standard or better. If you are looking for a simpler, beginner friendly guide check out our how to chip article.

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Golf Chipping Drills & Practice Games

realistic golf practice

If you can improve your average distance to the hole from 8-feet to 4-feet when chipping you’ll notice a big difference in your ability to score. In this article I’ve put together my top drills to help you practice your short game and improve your proximity to the hole.

Below we have three great chipping drills, I’ve placed them in order – the first drill is a great option for beginners, high handicappers and refining your basics. The middle drill adds realism to your chipping practice and the final drill is a great way for advanced golfers to sharpen their chipping skills under pressure.

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How to Hit a Bunker Shot – The Ultimate Guide

how to hit a bunker shot sequence

Bunker shots are the nemesis of many golfers, but bunker play is one area of the game where some simple coaching can have a huge impact. In the guide we’ll cover how to hit bunker shots and move onto some advanced tips for controlling distance, accuracy and trajectory.

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The ultimate golf wedge guide

Golf wedge set up. Have your feet a little narrower and hold down the golf grip to give you more control

Great wedge play is a sure way to improve your scoring ability. Whether it is your 2nd, 3rd (or 4th) shot into par 4’s and par 5’s – being a great wedge player will improve your scoring and make golf a lot more fun.

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Golf Pitching Tips, Technique & Drills

In this article we’ll cover the essentials of golf pitching, and give you a plan to build this area of your game. We’ll start off with golf pitching technique and concepts, move onto some pitching tips and finish up with some great pitching drills and practice games.

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