Is My Practice Working?

Is My Practice Working Header

One of the toughest aspects of golf is knowing if you are on the right path. We all have good and bad days, and times where our swing just leaves us. So when do you stick to your guns and at what point should you try something else?

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How To Prepare For A Golf Tournament

How to prepare for a golf tournament

In this article, we’ll explain how to prepare for a golf tournament. We cover the exact approach I take with the elite players and outline some top tips to help you optimise your performance – I hope it serves you well.

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The Real Reason Golfers Don’t Get Better

Let’s start with two questions:

Q1: How effectively do you think when you practice?

Q2: Have you ever considered that changing the way you think during practice could accelerate your learning?

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Annual Golf Training Program – How To Build Yours

Golf training programme

In this article we’re going to look at how to build an annual golf training program to improve your game and reach your golfing goals. The details in this article are what I’ve found works best after many years of building and refining training programs for elite players.

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Golf Course Management & Strategy Tips

Golf course management header

Improving your golf course management is one of the easiest ways to improve your golf – no gym sessions, no expensive clubs, no hours at the range, just thinking a little differently about how you play golf and score.

First, let’s explain two key concepts:

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Golf practice – The range vs the course?

Golf practice matrix for golf practice on the range vs the golf course

A common question golfers ask is – Should I practice on the golf range or the golf course? The swift answer is both, but there are two more interesting questions to answer that can really speed up your golfing development:

Q1: Why are these two environments different in developing your golfing skill?

Q2: How can you make your driving range practice more effective, and how can you make your on-course practice more effective?

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