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Cobra F-Max Complete Set Review

The F-Max complete set are Cobra’s offering for beginner golfers and high-handicappers looking for a complete golfing package. In this article, we’ll take you through what the complete set includes and help you decide if they are right for you.

Please note – the F-Max range is still available to buy, but Cobra have a newer offer called the Cobra FLY XL complete set, check out this link to read our full review.

Overview of the F-Max range

The F-Max range is an evolution of the Cobra XL range. That F-Max family of products also contains the F-Max SuperLite and F-Max Airspeed. The F-Max range includes irons sets, drivers, fairway woods and wedges.

Here we will review the Cobra F-Max complete set which comes with all of the above bundled into one complete set.

The F-Max complete set comes in men’s and women’s options. The men’s sets are also available in steel, regular graphite and lite graphite options.

Cobra F-Max complete set review

The F-Max set is Cobra’s lightest, most forgiving set of club. This full set and bag gives you everything you will need for getting into golf and playing for many years thereafter.


Cobra F-max complete set review woods review

The F–Max complete set comes with a 460cc offset driver which offers great distance and forgiveness. The F-Max driver is 13 grams lighter than the previous model, which allows you to generate more club head speed and distance with no extra force.

The F-Max driver features a carbon fibre crown which has attributed to the weight saving but has also allowed the designers to push the centre of mass even lower down and further back from the face. The result is high-launching, power drives and great forgiveness for off-centre hits.

The offset design further increases the driver’s forgiveness and promotes a powerful draw ball flight. Making this ideal if you tend to slice your drives.

The men’s driver comes in 10.5º of loft and the ‘lite’ seniors version comes with 11.5º of loft, the women’s driver has 15º of loft. This is Cobra’s way of optimising driving performance for all players. As swing speed decreases golfers require a little more loft to optimise ball launch.

Impressive work Cobra.

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The men’s complete sets come with an oversized 3 and 5-wood. Again, the F-Max fairway woods have been treated to the weight-saving treatment – a lighter shaft and a carbon fibre crown have created a fairway wood that is both powerful and has a large sweet spot. These fairway woods are ideal for hitting off the tee and sweeping shots off the fairway.

The women’s full set comes with the addition of a 7-wood too, which you’ll find is a great club for hitting high flighted shots into par 3’s and par 4’s.

Irons & hybrids

Cobra F-Max review irons and hybrid

The men’s F-Max complete set comes with a 4-hybrid (22º) and 5-hybrid (25º). These are modern alternatives to traditional long irons and are far easier to hit.

The hybrids have a shallow face and a centre of mass pushed low down towards the heel of the club – this design helps the club face close and promotes a high draw ball flight.

Whilst we are discussing hybrids here is a quick little tip – hybrids are still designed to be struck like an iron. So, remember to strike down on your hybrid shots, rather than sweeping them like a fairway wood.

The irons in the F-Max complete set run from 6-iron through to sand wedge. Each iron has a deep cavity back design allowing weight to be pushed to the perimeter of the club and low down. The result is a very forgiving irons (large sweet spot) and high-launching iron shots.

Another great design feature in the F-Max irons is their progressive design from mid irons to short irons.

Cobra F-Max irons side on showing the progressive hosel design

The longer irons have a short hosel, low centre of gravity and larger offset, which promotes a high, powerful, draw ball flight.

As you move towards the short irons and wedges you’ll notice the hosel length increases. Creating a higher centre of gravity and the short irons have less offset. This design creates more control in the shorter irons and will help produce flighted wedge shots.

The overall result is a set of irons that give you great forgiveness and power in the longer irons and more control in the shorter irons.

The rest of the set

The Cobra F-Max full set is completed with a traditional, blade putter and a cart bag. The cart bag has an abundance of pockets for all of your golfing gear and two rubber handles to help you transport your clubs before and after your rounds.

Cobra F-Max Summary

The Cobra F-Max complete set has given new golfers the ultimate starter set. There is little surprise this complete set has topped our best golf set for beginners review. If you want the ultimate set to get into golf look no further.

Where to buy the Cobra F-Max complete set

I’m delighted to say Golf Insider UK has readers across the world, which can make it tricky to keep up with the best prices and stockists. The links below are some of the top prices I could find on the web, with Global Golf delivering world-wide.

What I can be sure of is that beginner golf clubs are in short supply with the current global situation. If you’re buying these as a gift grab them whilst you can. Or for alternative options check out our Callaway Strata review, Callway Edge golf clubs review or click here to read our review of the Wilson Profile complete set.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK

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