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Cobra Fly XL Review

The Cobra Fly XL is a complete set of golf clubs geared towards beginners or the average golfer who only plays a few times a year. Buying a complete setup like this means you won’t have to shop for a bag or try to figure out complicated loft gapping on your set.

Let’s take a look at the Cobra Fly XL set and see if this could be a fit for your game. At the end of the review, we also look at alternatives and help you decide if these are the best complete set for you.

Quick Summary

The Cobra Fly XL are one of the best complete sets on the market for beginner golfers and high-handicappers who play infrequently.

The woods are some of the best performing on the market, the irons are very forgiving. The only small drawback is the chunky wedges that don’t offer great control when chipping. However, this is the only negative we can find – we still rate these as a top choice for those getting into the game.

There are 10 & 12 club sets available (the former only has 1 hybrid and 1 fairway wood, rather than 2 of each). Both are great options but bear this in mind when comparing prices.

The set comes in both graphite and steel options (depending on what retailers have in stock). The hybrids, fairway woods, and driver will always be graphite shafted, but the irons are where you have a choice of shafts.

Cobra Fly XL complete set header

Cobra Fly XL: What’s Included?

Before we get into our review, here is what you will get with the Cobra Fly XL set . . .

  • 10.5º driver
  • 14.5º 3-wood
  • 18.5º 5-wood
  • 20.5º 4-hybrid
  • 24º 5-hybrid
  • 6 iron to Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter
  • Cart bag

Let’s dive into a detailed review of these clubs.

Driver & Woods

Cobra Fly XL Driver and fairway wood

The Cobra Fly XL set comes with a titanium face driver and two stainless-steel fairway woods. The thing that stands out about these drivers and woods is forgiveness. When testing the Cobra Fly XL woods and driver, we found it easy to get a higher ball flight and shots still fly pretty straight when you don’t find the sweet spot.

In addition to good forgiveness, the distance from this Cobra complete set is similar to or better than other complete sets on the market. For instance, we found that we gained more yards with the Cobra Fly XL driver than the Strata driver.

A slight heel bias in the fairway woods and driver can also help golfers who struggle with a bit of a fade or a slice. Finally, the low profile and flat sole on the fairway woods make them super easy to hit from the fairway.

These are some of the best woods you’ll find in a complete beginner’s set.

Hybrids & Irons

Cobra Fly XL Hybrid in 22º loft

Most complete sets do not offer two hybrids, so the set makeup alone helps this set stand out. We found the transition from the irons to the fairway woods to be perfectly loft-gapped with the addition of the 4 hybrid and 5 hybrids.

The irons offer solid distance and forgiveness – expect a powerful, high flight and soft draw. The only downside to these irons is when it comes to shaping shots – they are built for forgiveness and distance, meaning hitting lower shots and fades is more challenging compared to more bladed irons.

However, for most golfers looking for distance, better ball speed, and overall forgiveness, this is a powerful iron head that will likely check all the boxes.

Wedges & Putter

The Cobra Fly XL golf clubs come with two wedges and a putter. The wedges are a 45-degree pitching wedge and a 55-degree sand wedge. Due to the chunky design, you will notice a small drop in control and finesse compared to a one-off $90 wedge. However, the forgiveness in these irons and wedges more than make up for it.

Take a look at that gap between the 45 and 55 degree wedge and consider purchasing a gap wedge. In addition, something with 58 or 60 degrees of loft could make this Cobra XL set an even better solution for your game. The great news is these can be added at any later date, and don’t need to match your iron set.

The blade-style putter is a 34-inch classic-looking putter that can help a golfer of any ability. It has a classical look, a simple line to help you aim up putts and heel-toe weighting to help with any miss-hit putts.

Cobra Fly XL Golf Bag

Cobra Fly XL golf bag in black

There are two different Fly XL sets on the market. One will come with a cart bag in blue and white, and one comes as a stand bag in black (pictured above).

Both will hold all the clubs and plenty of additional gear with ease. However, the cart bag will not be your best friend if you like to walk the golf course. The decision as to which bag is better will likely be a personal one.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you plan to purchase a complete set, this Cobra Fly XL is one of the top picks on the market, it even tops our current list of best golf clubs for beginners. The woods are exceptional, the irons are super forgiving, the only slight drawback is how chunky the wedges are.

Cobra has always done an excellent job appealing to beginners and game improvement players, and this set is no different.

It’s also worth mentioning that many complete set options are explicitly designed for beginners but the technology in this set means you can play with these for many years as you develop as a golfer.

The Cobra Fly XL are a great choice for beginner golfers and casual golfers who want a complete set to help them now, and for many years to come. There are 10 & 12 club sets available (the former only has 1 hybrid and 1 fairway wood, rather than 2 of each). Both are great options but bear this in mind when comparing prices.

Alternatives to the Cobra Fly XL Golf Set

Here are a few of the other complete set options that the Cobra Fly XL is up against.

Callaway Edge

Callaway Edge Combo Irons

The Callaway Edge set comes very close to the performance of the Cobra Fly XL. The irons have a very similar feel and performance capabilities; players will notice that the wedges are a bit easier to control with the Edge set. However, the driver doesn’t quite have the same level of power and forgiveness as the Cobra Fly XL – we are talking small margins here – both are great options.

Another area where the Callaway Edge stands out is the putter. The putter with the Edge set is an Odyssey blade style design, and it’s one of the best things about the Callaway Edge. For a more detailed review, check out our article on Callaway Edge golf clubs.

Overall, the distance from these clubs will be about the same, but the forgiveness in the Cobra Fly XL is slightly better. For golfers who know consistency will be an issue, the Cobra Fly Xl is the better choice. The Fly XL also promote more of a draw ball flight, whereas the Edge more of a neutral ball flight.

Bottom Line: The Callaway Edge has a better putter, but the Cobra Fly XL has a better driver the irons and woods will have really similar performance. Both are great options for golfers, do note the Edge set does not come with a golf bag.

TaylorMade Complete Set

TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite complete set

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite is another golf club set often compared to the Cobra Fly XL. You will notice that the TaylorMade Complete Set is considerably more expensive than the Cobra FLY XL, almost double the price.

For the additional price, you do get a few upgrades but few that are a game-changer, the putter is a modern mallet and not a blade-style putter and the shafts in the woods are more expensive, but these aren’t things a beginner golfer needs to worry about.

Both are great options, and again we feature the TaylorMade RBZ complete set in our top clubs for beginners.

Our one tip would be for higher swing speed players (hitting a 7-iron +160 yards) to opt for these over the Cobra Fly XL, as the shafts may suit you better. If you hit a 7-iron 130 yards or less, then the TaylorMade RBZ are worth checking out. As they have lighter graphite shafts in the woods and will allow you to generate more club head speed.

For a more detailed review, check out our Taylormade RBZ SpeedLite review.

Bottom Line: The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite are more expensive, slightly better suited to slower swing speeds and has a nice mallet putter, overall forgiveness from both are excellent and both are top picks if you can afford them.

Callaway Strata

Callaway edge vs strata

Where the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite is a more premium-priced option than the Cobra FLY XL, the Callaway Strata complete set is the cheaper alternative. The Callaway Strata is the number one selling complete package set on the market and an option that many beginner golfers go with.

Strata offer a few different club set makeup options for players to choose from (check the link above for a full article).

The performance in the irons and wedges is similar to the Cobra Fly XL. You will notice plenty of forgiveness and average to above-average distance.

With the drivers and woods, the Cobra FLY XL club heads offer more forgiveness and more distance. The main difference in price between these two sets can be seen in the woods and driver.

Cobra Fly XL vs Callaway Strata

Bottom Line: The Callaway Strata complete sets are less expensive than the Cobra Fly XL. However, the performance from the drivers and woods is not quite as good, irons and wedges will have a similar feel and performance, golfers who can afford to spend a little more should look more strongly at the Cobra Fly XL, but as golf coaches, we’d urge you to spend a little more on the Cobra Fly XL for the improved driver and wood performance.

Are the Cobra Fly XL the same as the Cobra Fly Z XL?

The Cobra Fly Z XL irons were a set of golf irons released more than 7 years ago from Cobra. This new Fly XL set is aimed at game improvement just as the Fly Z XL family was, but these clubs are entirely different.

Although the Fly Z XL hybrids and irons were of high quality, technology has come a long way in the last several years. The new Cobra Fly XL range is more forgiving and more powerful than the Z XL clubs.

What degree is Cobra Fly XL sand wedge?

The Cobra Fly XL sand wedge is 55º in loft. This is fine for a beginner set and works well enough out of bunkers and around the green. However, golfers who progress with these golf clubs may want to buy a 56º or 58º wedge to help them hit higher, softer shots around the green.

This can be added at a later date and doesn’t have to match the same Cobra Fly XL brand. You can check out some of the best beginner wedges here.

When were the Cobra Fly XL golf clubs released?

The initial release date for the Cobra Fly XL golf clubs was in 2021. However, since their success, we have seen Cobra fine-tune the set make-up, offering some Fly XL sets with fewer clubs and a women’s Cobra Fly XL set.


Hopefully, you have a better idea of what the Cobra Fly XL golf club set offers. This is a set that we would recommend to a golfer with a medium to slow swing speed who is looking for forgiveness and distance.

For beginner golfers, these are a top pick that will really help you progress as a golfer. As we mentioned above there are now a couple of different set options appearing in retailers (10 & 12 clubs), both will serve you well, but bear this in mind when checking prices.

Happy golfing.

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  1. I bought the Cobra Fly XL full set, cancelled my order, then bought it again after reading your article. It helped to get me over the hump. Am in my mid-60’s now, started golf in my elementary school years, played often through college and after, then raised a family and became an infrequent player. Am recently retired and had to find a new set of clubs to start up again. Thank you for your very helpful information.


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