Freelance work

Will Shaw MSc, BSc, PGA

Practicing each week but not getting the results?

Not sure what you you need to do to win at the highest level?

Is your golf going backwards and you don’t know why?

Do you not have a clear plan of what you’re doing each month or week to improve?

If you’re still reading, then maybe I can help you? 

I specialise in applying the concepts of motor learning, biomechanics and data analytics to optimising your performance.

Previously I have consulted and advised in many elite sport settings including: Golf, Rugby, Soccer &  Athletics. I have also spent the past eight years lecturing and researching at two of England’s top universities.

All of this means I really understand performance and what you need to do to win. You can read more about how a golf performance director works and a modern approach to the golf swing in these two articles.

PGA & European Tour services start from £2,000/month*

* I aim to help you win 8 – 10 times your investment value for the following season in additional Tour earnings.

If you are a Tour Professional (European/US PGA Tour) and would like a free performance consultation get in touch using the form below.

I have a limited amount of time to work with mini-tour players and elite amateurs. Due to demand, I am no long able to provide monthly support. However please click this link to check out the available services.

Current research projects & publications

  • Optimising feedback and practice difficulty in elite performers.
  • Understanding movement variability and golf performance.
  • Within player statistical analysis (Regression, decision trees, markov chains).
  • Novel analysis of performance with Trackman.