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Golf Insider UK was founded in 2018 to provide golfers with great content on how to get better at golf. In 2019 we had over 1.1 million reads from ~600,000 golfers. We’re growing year on year.

We create unique content based on the principles of golf coaching and sport science. All of our content is created by PGA qualified golf professionals and/or individuals who have a MSc or PhD in related sport science or coaching fields.

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Will Shaw golf insider uk founder

Founder – Will Shaw PhD, MSc, PGA Pro

Will is a PGA golf professional who provides golf coaching and sport science services for elite players.

Alongside his applied work, Will lectures at Leeds Beckett University on the topics of sports biomechanics and skill acquisition. Will completed his Masters degree in Sport & Exercise Science at Leeds Beckett University, and in 2020 completed his PhD at the University of Leeds in Biomedical Science. He is also the co-founder of Sport Science Insider.

Please use the form below to contact Will about applied coaching or sport science work.

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