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FlightScope Mevo & Mevo Plus Review

We’re living in a golden age of golf tech. Here we’ll review two great pieces of technology – the FlightScope Mevo and Mevo Plus launch monitors. We’ll explain how well each works and help you decide which one is right for your golf game.

First, a quick rundown of both launch monitors:

Mevo vs Mevo Plus

Launch parameters
Launch parameters
Use indoors
Use indoors
Use outdoors
Use outdoors
Inbuilt camera
Inbuilt camera
Simulated golf courses
Simulated golf courses

Launch parameters measured by the Mevo & Mevo Plus

One key difference between the Mevo and Mevo Plus is the level of ball flight data the launch monitors give you. The Mevo is great for distance control and gapping, the Mevo plus takes the data to a whole new level and gives horizontal launch and spin axis – giving you great insight into your distance control, swing mechanics and accuracy.

flightscope mevo vs mevo plus data table showing the launch metrics each calculates

Let’s get into a detailed review of both devices.

Mevo Plus Review

Flightscope Mevo plus in hand when testing the product

The Mevo Plus is a portable mini launch monitor for all of your practice needs and can even be used to power a home golf simulator. I won’t lie, this is a fair chunk of cash compared to your basic swing speed radars, but the Mevo plus is on a very different level with its offering.

Mevo+ data

The Mevo Plus gives you the most comprehensive ball flight data of any launch monitor under $5k. You can use your phone or iPad to see 3D ball flight data or key metrics for each shot. This data can even be linked to a home simulator to create your very own indoor practice facility.

Mevo plus review images of the ipad and iphone screens displaying 3D ball flight data and launch data

Along with the 3D ball projection, the Mevo Plus breaks down the data to show you ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rate and 13 further launch parameters. Notably, the Mevo Plus gives you spin axis and lateral launch data.

Spin axis and lateral launch are very handy in telling you why your ball starts and curves in a given direction, meaning you can refine your swing path and clubface to perfect your impact position and accuracy. In my opinion, this is the biggest performance and practice benefit of the Mevo Plus compared to other devices on the market.

Usage and setup

The Mevo plus uses a wifi hotspot to create a stable connection with your phone or iPad. Once you’ve downloaded the free FlightScope Mevo app connecting will take seconds. The Mevo plus also contains a rechargeable battery that will last you many hours of practice.

A small but important feature is the inbuilt camera within this device. Meaning you can align the launch monitor perfectly to your target. This is a feature top-end launch monitors have but is often lacking at lower price points.

The Mevo Plus has three modes: short indoor (minimum 8ft ball flight), indoor mode (recommends minimum 14ft ball flight) and outdoor (tracks ball flight for 100m). FlightScope suggests you should use the small metallic discs (included) that attach to your golf ball when using the Mevo+ indoors. This isn’t a must, but does allow better accuracy when tracking spin metrics and consequently improves the distance and accuracy data you will get.

Extra features & software

The Mevo Plus comes complete with 17 practice range setups and five golf course to play on (iOS only). Meaning you can practice your game in a realistic way even when you can’t get to the golf course.

Unlike some of the competing indoor simulator options, the courses are included in the Mevo’s price and the subscription is free for life, with no reoccurring annual fees.

Furthermore, the Mevo Plus has specialist modes to measure your putting and chipping. These do work well, but the data for shorter chip shots doesn’t quite hit the levels of precision seen when hitting full golf shots.

The Mevo+ also has some great hidden gems in its operations. For example, if you are practising outside you can even import the local weather forecast and use the data to normalise the conditions you are hitting in.

Things to know

Despite the exceptional ball flight data the Mevo Plus gives you, there is no club head data. This is still reserved for the $10k+ launch monitors (FlightScope X3, TackMan & GC Quad). However, from the horizontal launch angle and spin axis, you can get a very good idea of your swing path and face relationship.

Also, note that to use inside you will need 8-feet of room in front and behind the golf ball (16-feet total). Taking time to properly align the device with the inbuilt camera to the ball and target will take a minute, but is well worth it if you’re after accurate data.

Flightscope Mevo Plus indoor setup

There are also additional features to help you program the height of your mat, which will further increase the accuracy of your data.

How accurate is the FlightScope Mevo Plus?

Because both the Mevo Plus and FlightScope X3 (top of the range launch monitor) need to be placed on the ball target line, it is impossible to get simultaneous data that is comparable (one would be off-line and contain measurement error).

However, there is an excellent agreement when comparing the averages of shots hit with irons and driver. Furthermore, both displayed the ball flights I expected on good and poor swings.

Setup used when testing the Mevo plus, mevo and flightscope X3 launch monitors all on the ball to target line

Overall, I’m really impressed with the accuracy of the Mevo Plus.

Who will love the Mevo+?

If you’re looking for exceptional feedback during practice and/or want to power of home golf simulator then the Mevo Plus is an exceptional piece of kit. Both the practice and home simulator aspects make it broadly appealing to better golfers wanting great data and club players wanting more golf time away from the course.

Golf Insider verdict

This is an exceptional tool. The extra features, such as the simulated courses and practice ranges are brilliant, but what really impresses me the most is the realism and accuracy of the ball flight data. When also considering how easy this launch monitor is to set up, pack away, and use indoors and outside, you’ve got an exceptional piece of kit to make golf more fun and help you improve your scores.

Flightscope Mevo Review

Mevo launch monitor held in hand face on

At just a third of the price of the Mevo Plus, the Mevo launch monitor, is small in size and small in price (for a launch monitor). It sits as a competitor to the SwingCaddie launch monitor range but comes with more function and pairs with your phone allowing you to track, store and compare data whenever you need it.

Mevo launch monitor data

The Mevo launch monitor measures eight data points:

  • Carry distance
  • Clubhead speed
  • Smash factor
  • Apex height
  • Flight time
  • Ball speed
  • Spin rate
  • Vertical launch angle

Smash factors and clubhead speed gives you a great insight into your ball striking and helps you develop consistency. While the ball speed, launch angle and spin rate will allow you to work on distance control and give you great feedback on how to gain distance.

Usage and setup

Just like the Mevo Plus, this is placed on your ball-target line behind the ball and can be used indoor or outside during practice. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or iPad and gives you quick feedback on any of the eight ball flight variables you want to look at after every shot (6 can be shown on the screen at any one time).

There is no inbuilt camera for perfectly aligning the direction, but you’ll get very good data on all eight parameters if you put 30 seconds into the setup and double-check your settings (mat height and distance from the ball) in the Mevo app.

Within one minute of turning the Mevo on you will be set up and ready to start hitting shots. Check out the short video below for how this works in practice.

Things to know

Similar to the Mevo Plus, this launch monitor can be used indoor and outside. Both require you to set up the device 6 to 7-feet behind the ball. Flightscope says this distance can be reduced to 4-feet behind the ball if needed, but the data will be most accurate and consistent from 6 to 7-feet away.

Sadly, no fancy simulator modes are compatible with the smaller Mevo, as there are no measures of lateral error. However, in the app, you can pinpoint data from each shot, look at a whole practice session and even analyse your data and averages for each club.

How accurate is the FlightScope Mevo?

As we outlined above, there is no perfect way to test side-by-side, but the average data from the Mevo compares very well to hitting with the Mevo Plus and FlightScope X3.

I found that one in 20 shots you may have a shot where the spin hasn’t recorded properly, meaning your ball has magically flown another 15-yards. But these are pretty easy to spot and remove, and to be clear, we still had this problem now and again using $20k launch monitors in our biomechanics labs at university.

Similar to the Mevo Plus, this device is very good at accurately capturing long shots, but doesn’t perform so well with smaller pitches (10 – 25 yards).

Who will love the Mevo?

This is a great option for golfers wanting to work on consistency of strike, distance control and/or improving distance. It will also level up your indoor net training when you can’t get to the golf course.

Golf Insider verdict

If you’re after data to aid your practice and are less concerned with spin axis and lateral error the Mevo is a great piece of kit.

The functionality the Mevo offers means it is competing more with the lower-priced swing radars like the SwingCaddie SC200. What do you get compared to the lower-priced options? More data points, possibly a little more precision, but definitely a far better user experience – this for me is the big win. The Mevo itself is a cool piece of kit but the in-app experience is what really sets it above its competitors.

Should I buy the Mevo, Mevo Plus or another launch monitor?

If you’re serious about your practice and/or want to set up a home practice area I would opt for the Mevo Plus time and time again. The closest competitor is the SkyTrak, which is also a great buy, but I feel the Mevo Plus’ portability, and great interface for practice and play edges it as the best choice.

If you’re more after distance and consistency and/or have a more limited budget the Mevo is a great tool. The lack of accuracy (lateral) data makes it a very different tool to the Mevo Plus and SkyTrack.

Nevertheless, the Mevo will add better feedback to your outdoor sessions and offer you the chance to practice indoors with better feedback and far more enjoyment.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the batteries last?

FlightScope suggests the Mevo Plus will last for 2 hours use or 1.5 hours on simulator mode. However, in testing the devices seem to outperform these limits.

How can I use the Mevo Plus to power a home simulator?

The home sim package can be run off an iPhone or iPad and connected to a home simulator via an HDMI cable. Check out this link to see some complete Mevo+ home simulator options.

Where can I find more information?

You can find the full Mevo Plus manual here and Mevo manual here. Both are very useful resources.


It is an exciting time in the golf world. Golfers can now start to access the same kind of data that elite coaches and tour pros use to hone their game. The Flightscope Mevo and Mevo+ are both great tools. For accuracy and precision opt for the Mevo+, for distance control and better striking the Mevo is ideal.

For more on the best golf launch monitors, check out this roundup review. Or for a swing training aid roundup click here and for more on golf tech, check out our article on the best golf swing analyzers.

Happy Golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK

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  1. Great article. It has me thinking about how I would love one of these. Now, can you post a tip about how to break the news to my wife that I want to buy one?

    • This did make me chuckle. I would advise against the Breaking Bad approach of telling more and more lies until you find yourself in serious trouble. Consider any other innovative ways it can be used outside golf? Kids parties? Science lessons?

      All the best with that.


  2. hi I’m looking for a device to do speed training on will the regular mevo be accurate enough and will it capture data without a ball? chrs

    • Hi Peter,

      The ball speed data is excellent for accuracy compared to the Mevo+ and full Flightscope X3. The Mevo is triggered when the ball is hit, so I don’t think there is a way of using it with practice swings. Also, club head velocity data is calculated from ball data, it was representative during our testing, but that’s another consideration if your main goal is measuring club head speed, over ball speed and distance.

      The Mevo is a great little tool, but it sounds like you might be looking for something like a swing radar. You could check out the Swing Caddy range. I’m afraid I’ve not done any detailed testing in that area, but I have heard they are good for swing speed measurements, less accurate for distances and ball speed (as they track the club head directly and estimate ball flight).

      Long answer, but hopefully that helps with your decision.

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