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FlightScope Mevo Plus vs Skytrak

The Flightscope Mevo Plus and SkyTrak are two portable launch monitors that have golfers thinking about making the leap into the golf simulator space. Whether you are in the market for a launch monitor or are ready to put together an entire golf simulator, the Mevo+ and SkyTrak are two options to consider.


  • Both are great options for home simulators.
  • You’ll need more space (16ft/4.8m) for the Mevo Plus to work indoors.
  • Both basic packages offer great ball flight data.
  • The Mevo Plus Pro package is best for working on swing mechanics.
  • The battery life on the SkyTrak is superior.
  • Higher handicappers / more casual use – opt for the SkyTrak.
  • More serious players / lower handicappers – opt for the Mevo Plus.

Flightscpe Mevo Plus buying options:

SkyTrak buying options:

Flightscope Mevo Plus: At A Glance

Two images of Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor. Left image close up of FlightScope box. Right image of FlightScope box with a screen in the back ground which has a virtual golf course displayed.

The Mevo Plus is still a small portable unit and is available for use both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to personal launch monitor setup, ease of use, and accuracy, the Mevo Plus is a good fit. You won’t have to be a club fitting specialist or a tech geek to be able to work the Mevo Plus and it offers you excellent ball flight and now club data (with its add-on package).

Mevo Plus Pro Package

The Mevo Plus Pro Package is an add-on option that Mevo Plus users can download at any time. It gives the unit ability to read club face, club path data along with a whole host of other parameters. The Mevo Plus Pro Package comes at an additional cost, but it brings the technology offered to the level of more premium launch monitors.


  • Wide range of ball data
  • Option for golf club data with the pro package
  • Several simulation software options
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Can record video
  • Several driving range options to choose from
  • Ability to track stats and progress
  • Will work for short game
  • It works well for left-handed players


  • Must ensure you have enough space for Mevo Plus
  • Pro Package adds $1000 to the package price
  • Battery life is not as long as other radar launch monitors

For more you can check out our full Flightscope Mevo Plus review here.

SkyTrak: At A Glance

Left image of SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor. Right image of practice range simulator.

The SkyTrak launch monitor was released in 2014, which was at the beginning of the concept that golfers could have their own home golf simulator. SkyTrak was truly ahead of the game at the time, and they made it possible for golf launch monitors to be portable and affordable.

With the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, the photometric technology records very accurate results for a wide range of golf ball data and a few club head data metrics. One of the things that set the SkyTrak apart from other launch monitors is the fact that it doesn’t need much space for indoor use.

SkyTrak has a long battery life and comes with simulator software to help with bag mapping and creating a wedge matrix. Although there is a few second delay when using the SkyTrak, the overall results are accurate, and the SkyTrak software has a lot to offer.


  • Good data points
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Won’t need much space to set up the SkyTrak
  • Software offers skills challenges and golf courses to play
  • Durable outer cover to protect against missed shots
  • SkyTrak app is easy to work with


  • Difficult for a left-handed and right-handed player to compete against each other; a lot of moving and configuration
  • Two to three second delay that can be longer if your Wifi is a slow connection

Mevo Plus vs. SkyTrak Compared

Now that you have the basics of what SkyTrak and Mevo Plus have to offer let’s break down their functionality into a little more detail. To purchase either one of these models, you will make a financial commitment of around $2000-$3000. Knowing exactly what these launch monitors are capable of will ensure your money is well spent.


The Mevo Plus and SkyTrak have a lot in common, but one thing that is entirely different is the way these launch monitors collect data. The Mevo Plus is a doppler radar-based system. The radar technology records information at impact and converts it into the critical data that players are looking for.

SkyTrak, on the other hand, uses photometric technology to record your golf ball and some golf club data. There are arguments for either of these two launch monitors and which technology is better. The bottom line is, that both collect data that is almost identical.

We tested them at separate locations and at different times, but in the coming months, we’re looking to get them for a side-by-side comparison.

The difference in how this data is collected will be seen quite obviously when you look at how to use the Mevo and the SkyTrak. With SkyTrak and Mevo using different types of technology, their speed is impacted. The Mevo Plus gives faster, almost instantaneous results, whereas the SkyTrak has a short delay.

Setup and Functionality

The setup of the Mevo Plus and the SkyTrak is quite different. With the Mevo Plus, you set the launch monitor up behind you, and it needs a certain amount of space between the golfer and the launch monitor and the golfer and the hitting net. You will need 16 feet of space to work with a Flightscope Mevo + launch monitor.

For some indoor golf simulators, this can become a problem. One of the first things to do when comparing the Flightscop Mevo Plus and the SkyTrak is to measure the space you have in your simulator room; the Mevo Plus may be ruled out very early on in this process.

You’ll need 16ft (4.8m) for the Mevo Plus. Whereas the SkyTrak can operate in 12ft of space – although you might find your backswing grazing the back wall.

The SkyTrak sit just forward and outside of the golf ball when you hit. For a left-handed player, simply move the SkyTrak to the other side. You will notice the SkyTrak has a much thicker and more durable cover, and this is related to where it sits when you are swinging.

Data Parameters

The SkyTrak and Mevo+ fall into the category of affordable launch monitors. Of course, there are cheaper versions that you can use for practice, but for a launch monitor for a golf simulator, this is about the range you will need to spend. One of the key things golfers should look for is the amount of data measured for the price.

Remember golf simulators are only as accurate as the launch monitors that power them. Ball data will be used to simulate where each shot goes, whereas club head data will help you work on your swing mechanics and performance.

The SkyTrak and the Mevo+ collect quite a bit of ball data. The Mevo+ Pro Package addition collects club head data as well.

SkyTrak Data Parameters

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Side angle
  • Carry and total distance
  • Club head speed
  • Roll
  • Flight path
  • Offline
  • Angle of Descent

Mevo Plus Data Parameters

  • Ball speed
  • Club head speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Roll Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Spin Loft
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Lateral Landing
  • Angle of Attack
  • Shot Shape

Mevo Plus Pro Package

  • All data with Mevo Plus and . . .
  • Club Path
  • Speed Profile
  • Acceleration Profile
  • Curve
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Vertical Descent Angle
  • Low Point
  • Face To Path
  • Face to Target
  • Vertical Swing Plane
  • Horizontal Swing Plane

As you can see, the primary data from the SkyTrak and the standard Mevo Plus will give you very similar results. The majority of this data is about the golf ball, with the addition of club head speed.

The Pro Package from Mevo Plus adds in the club head data that becomes important for things like club fitting or those working on becoming scratch or professional golfers. In addition, when you add in the Pro Package, you can expect more accuracy with your golf simulator setup.


With the Fligthscope Mevo Plus or the SkyTrak on the driving range, you won’t be able to get any data displayed for you without using the app. The app is what shows you your stats and information.

SkyTrak App

SkyTrak has its own software that should be compatible with your PC, IOS, or Android phone. You can also load up the SkyTrak app on an iPad as long as it is compatible. The SkyTrak App gives you instant access to a virtual practice range.

As part of this practice range, a Shot Optimizer section allows you to get detailed information about your shot and compare different data parameters and results you are getting. For those with no idea what optimal ranges are for specific data parameters, the SkyTrak app has some helpful information.

For instance, if you aren’t sure what the perfect angle of attack is for a 7 iron, the SkyTrak gives you a range to help make this clear.

We liked the ability to adjust the SkyTrak virtual driving range to take into account different conditions in the environment. This made for more realistic results.

For players that struggle to stay motivated to practice, the closest to the pin and long drive contest can motivate and player.

To play golf courses and do more things like bag mapping, wedge matric, and skills assessment, you will have to subscribe to the Game Improvement Plan from Skytrak for an additional fee. The Game Improvement Plan also allows for the play of several golf courses through WGT.

Mevo Plus App

With Mevo Plus, you will pair your launch monitor with the FS golf app. This is not a specific Mevo app like you find with the SkyTrak golf app. However, the FS Golf and FS Skills app has plenty of features for golfers.

The FS Golf app allows you to take video clips and share them with your coach or friends; there is a customizable overlay on videos as well as the option to view your trajectory from several different angles.

We found that the Mevo Plus app helped us keep our information organized. The info can be stored by clubs, and you can even set margins for certain goals you are trying to reach. If you want swing speed above a certain number, simply set that number, and the FS Golf app will display the results in green when you are within the proper ranges.

With the storage and organization of the data collected, it is easy to get average distances for your clubs and have some extra confidence in which club you should be pulling out of your bag. When you also play with the FS Skills app, you can get involved in different practice sessions and contests at several driving ranges.

The FS Golf app was really entertaining and well laid out regarding the functionality.

Simulation Software

Golf launch monitors will need simulation software for you to have the full indoor golf simulator experience. The SkyTrak will integrate with seven different software options, while the Mevo Plus has six golf simulator software options.

Most people that purchase the SkyTrak will get a subscription to E6 Connect, WGT Golf, or Fitness Golf.

The Mevo Plus works seamlessly with E6 Connect and The Golf Club 2019; in addition, you can use Awesome Golf or GS Pro. Fitness Golf is not an option with the Mevo Plus, but it does seem like Flightscope is continually updating its choices.

You will need a PC to operate most of this simulation software, and it pays to have something with an updated and advanced graphics card. Simulation software adds an additional cost, but with the Mevo Plus, you will get a limited version of E6 Connect that allows golfers to play five golf courses.

Ease of Use

Many golfers are worried about the impact that technology is having on the game. If you are creating a game improvement plan for yourself and ready to take your game to the next level, chances are you will have to incorporate some technology.

What we like about both the SkyTrak and the Mevo Plus is that you won’t have to set up a complete simulator experience if you don’t want to. If you simply want to take these launch monitors to the range and collect ball flight and golf ball data, that is entirely acceptable. The apps are easy to work with, and you get the information you need within seconds.

We found the Mevo Plus to be very easy to work with simply because of its compact size. However, with the SkyTrak, there is much less configuration when it comes to the initial setup. Players simply place it in front of them, even in a small space, and they are ready to go.

Buying Guide: Mevo+ vs. SkyTrak

Now that we have given you some of the more technical information about the Flightscope Mevo+ and the SkyTrak, it’s time to break down our personal experiences.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

If you are only going to use your launch monitor for indoor use, then the SkyTrak tends to be the best version. The Mevo+ requires that you put metallic stickers on the golf ball while hitting. The stickers help the launch monitor pick up the proper spin rates for your shot.

For outdoor use with the Mevo Plus, these stickers are not necessary. In addition, the Mevo Plus is slightly smaller and more portable. Remember, your indoor space will need to be at least 16 feet long for the Mevo Plus to work indoors.

If the thought of fiddly stickers is putting you off buying the Mevo Plus we have good news – Titleist has come to the rescue with their Titleist RCT (Radar capture Technology) Pro V1s. These balls look like a normal Pro V1, but have a reflective cover that means radar–based launch monitors can pick up the spin rate without the need for stickers.

To summarize this section – our advice is to choose a model that works both indoors and outdoor. Even if you think you will never have the space for an indoor golf simulator, you never know if things can change.


The golf simulator software options between the Flightscope Mevo Plus and the SkyTrak are really similar. The bottom line is if you want access to golf courses, driving ranges, and skills challenges, either launch monitor can give you what you need.

However, the Mevo Plus comes with a limited version of the E6 software. This limited version gives you access to five golf courses and more than a dozen driving ranges. If you are trying to decide if a monthly or yearly subscription to a golf simulation software is worth it, this is the perfect way to figure it out.

The SkyTrak can be combined with the E6 software, but there are also 2-3 other software packages that can be purchased, giving you extra freedom to switch and change at a later date. At the time of writing, we’d suggest the E6 is still the leading software package available out of the options avalaible.


The photometric technology used in the SkyTrak allows golfers to use it in a very small space. One of the main differences when making a Skytrak vs. Mevo Plus comparison is the amount of space needed to get the launch monitor to function correctly.

With the Mevo Plus, you will have to set the unit up behind you so that it can record your golf swing with its doppler radar system. With the SkyTrak, the launch monitor sits directly in front of you, and you won’t need anything larger than a standard simulator room (10x10x8.5ft) note a larger room is ideal – this will be a squeeze!


The base Mevo Plus and the SkyTrak are essentially the exact same price. When you add the club data in from Mevo with the Pro Package, you will add an additional $1000 to the cost of the launch monitor.

It’s really hard to choose the SkyTrak vs. Mevo Plus based on cost alone. The Mevo Plus with the Pro Package is obviously superior in terms of the data it can collect, but paying $1000 more is also a lot to spend.

We highly recommend taking the cost off the table and instead looking at features and functionality when comparing these two units.

Player Handicap/Golf Goals

Why are you purchasing a launch monitor?

Are you trying to get an idea of the issues you have in your golf game? Are you trying to become a professional golfer? Are you looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon with friends?

There are many different reasons to purchase a launch monitor, and considering these can help you choose the SkyTrak or the Mevo Plus. For those who want an indoor setup where you will play many rounds of golf at courses worldwide, the SkyTrak is the way to go. Mevo Plus can be a little finicky with the putting, and SkyTrak picks it up quite well and requires much less space.

For golfers that want a wide range of functionality and versatility from a launch monitor, the Mevo Plus is the better choice.

Shot Delay

The SkyTrak has a slight shot delay. The shot delay is about three seconds, and it is because of the type of technology and the fact that SkyTrak was developed in 2014 and Mevo Plus in 2020. We all know that golf technology has come a long way in this time period.

In the course of a full round of simulator golf, this shot delay is probably not going to add up to more than a minute of waiting for your data to display. However, when comparing the SkyTrak to the Mevo Plus head to head, the short delay is noticeable. Something to keep in mind if you are in a hurry.

Club Fitting?

Many golfers want to know if either of these models can be used for club fitting. The Mevo Plus Pro Package would be the only package that we would suggest doing professional club fitting with. If you don’t have the club head data, it’s hard to get the perfect set of clubs in a person’s hand.

However, for your own game, if you are looking for some loft gapping help, the SkyTrak app does an excellent job. The wedge matrix helps you see which wedges give you those difficult yardages like 50,60,70, and 80 yards that can be hard to narrow down.

If you are looking to start a club fitting business, we would recommend the Foresight GC Quad or Trackman launch monitors instead of these more affordable options. To find out more on best budget launch monitors and best golf simulators check our latest articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered a lot of information about the Mevo Plus vs. Skytrak. It is no surprise that these two units are compared so frequently; they have a lot in common. Here are some things to think about before you purchase.

Is Mevo Plus better than SkyTrak?

After our thorough testing of the Mevo Plus and the SkyTrak, we found the Mevo Plus to be a bit better. The newer technology, the ease of use of the app, and the extreme portability just made it a better fit, especially for those that are new to the golf launch monitor space. The Mevo Plus still has some negatives, like the space it needs indoors, but it still stands out as being slightly better.

Can you use Mevo Plus as a simulator?

Mevo Plus can be used as part of a golf simulator package; you will need to purchase the golf simulator software or use the trial E6 connect that comes with the Mevo Plus. The Mevo Plus simulator software options will not work with Android.

Does Mevo plus have club path?

The Mevo Plus will not record club path, but the Mevo Plus Pro Package will. The Mevo Plus Pro Package allows golfers to capture club path, speed profile, acceleration profile, curve, dynamic loft, vertical descent angle, low point, face to path, face to target, vertical swing plane, and horizontal swing plane.

Golf Insider Verdict: Which One To Buy?

We’ve covered a lot. Both are great options and the only real choices at this price point. If you are short on indoor space, your decision is made, go for the SkyTrak. If space isn’t an issue we’d suggest the SkyTrak for more casual golfers wanting a fun playing experience.

For more serious golfers, or those wanting to work on their swing we’d say the Meco Plus edges it, particularly if you upgrade to their Pro package for club data.

Flightscpe Mevo Plus buying options:

SkyTrak buying options:

Happy golfing.

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