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GForce Golf Training Aid Review

The GForce training aid is a golf tool designed to help players that have trouble with tempo, timing, and swing path. The GForce Training Aid claims to be helpful with rotation and is something that you can legally use on a golf course. The GForce comes in a driver as well as a wedge; we had the 7 iron to try out. 

We took a few weeks of practicing and playing with the GForce 7 iron to give you an idea of whether or not this is a golf club training aid worth investing in. 

What is a GForce training aid?

The GForce Training aid is a hittable swing training aid that has been on the market since 2016. The models have changed slightly in recent years to ensure the GForce matches the mass and swing weight of real clubs, but the overall concept of the club is still the same. With the GForce, you are getting a USGA-approved golf club. For more detailed reviews check out our main article on the best golf training aids.

Training aid claims

  • Eliminates slice by reducing over the top swings
  • Improves transition from the top of the swing 
  • Makes golf swing sequencing easier and more fluid 
  • Helps players develop rhythm and tempo 
  • Improves balance 
  • Built to match the specs of a standard 7 iron 
  • Improves swing path and delivery 
  • Increases ball control 
  • USGA legal for tournament play 
G Force training aid swing sequence

What does it do/what doesn’t it do?

The GForce training aid claims to do quite a bit. When we tested this, we used the 7 NXT Gen model. I’m a 5’2” female scratch golfer with moderate swing speeds. The club I tested was the standard men’s model, as the women’s will not be released until later this year. The rest of the clubs in my bag are standard men’s golf shafts and models with a slightly shorter shaft length. 

Swing Path 

The shaft of the GForce training aid is very flexible; if you are off the path either inside or outside, you will feel it immediately. The feeling is that you lose control of the clubface and clubhead.

Do I think the GForce along could fix all swing path issues that a player has? No. However, for a higher handicapper or beginner with a hard time feeling what inside or outside feels like, the GForce is a good tool. 


I have always felt that the takeaway is an important part of my swing; if I can get the takeaway correct, so much falls into place. When I was teaching golf, I tried to portray this to my students. The GForce doesn’t allow any room for error in the takeaway; whether it’s the speed you struggle with or the path, GForce can help with takeaway issues. 

Rhythm and Tempo 

The GForce claims to help with rhythm and tempo, and it can. However, for players whose rhythm and tempo are pretty good, to begin with, it felt a bit forced. The tempo has to be a little slower than a better player may like when hitting with the GForce, but it can easily be picked back up again when going to your regular golf clubs. 


The GForce will make your golf swing more efficient. This is a great training aid if you know you are capable of more power but don’t know where it’s going. For those that have extra or unnecessary movement, look for the GForce to make things more centered, more controlled, and more balanced. 


The GForce 7 Iron comes with a men’s midsize grip. This is an area I think is a bit of an issue as this is not the size that all players need, and it does not currently have other options for you to consider. 

G Force training aid grip close up

After talking with GForce, they have stated that new models are coming out with varying grip sizes. If you have smaller hands, you will have a hard time squaring the clubface up, making it harder to determine where the swing flaws are coming from. 

Weight Transfer 

The GForce Training Aid does more for path and tempo than anything else. If you struggle with making a great turn or when to transfer your weight and pivot, this training aid isn’t the right tool. As far as being able to load up and feel powerful while your club is on the proper path, the GForce can help. 

How golfers can use this to improve their golf

The founder of GForce recommends taking 20 swings a day with the club to ensure your tempo is in place and your swing is efficient. Here is how we would consider using the GForce to help your game. 

Warm-up before a round

The GForce NXT GEN is a good warm up tool. Taking about ten swings with this club without a golf ball and then hitting ten golf balls on the range before moving to the other clubs in your bag is a good warmup. The GForce sort of forces you to get the club on the path, and it takes out any of this inconsistent swings with varying speeds. 

Mix things up on the range 

Players tend to stand on the range and fire one shot after another with the same club. Instead, take a few drives, and then have a few swings with your GForce. The constant reminder to your muscles and brain as to what it takes to have a proper path and a proper tempo will be helpful. 

Test of swing efficiency 

The GForce can be a great test for players who think they are leaving distance on the table. Since the club is the same weight and the same loft as a standard 7 iron, you can hit shots with this and compare it with a launch monitor. When you get good at the GForce, you will likely see a few extra yards; I did. 

Tempo improvement 

Even the best players can have their tempo thrown off from one day to the next. Since tempo is not a concrete thing, it’s hard for players to feel what they need to do to improve tempo. The GForce Training Aid does force you into a better tempo, and it’s likely been the thing that has helped this tool stand out from others on the market. 

Golf Insider verdict

If you are a great player with a good tempo, the GForce Training Aid may or may not be necessary. Yes, we see the GForce in bags of professionals on the website, but these professionals know how to create this feeling and these positions without the use of the GForce training aid. 

However, the GForce can be helpful for the average player who tends to start a takeaway too quickly or lead from the top of the swing with the arms. Our favorite part of the tool is the fact that you can hit real golf balls with it on the golf course.

In my experience, most amateur golfers can improve by using training aids, but they can’t bring those improvements to the course; the GForce almost forces you to have success on the golf course as well as the driving range.  

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Britt Olizarowicz is a former teaching and Class A PGA professional with more than 25 years spent with a golf club in her hand. Britt is a small business owner, author, and freelance golf expert that knows this game inside and out. She lives in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children.

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