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GoGoGo Rangefinder Review & Discount Code

Gogogo have created a small storm in the rangefinder market and now have several different rangefinder models to choose from. We tested the Gogogo Sport Vpro to see how it performs against some of the top rangefinders on the market and similar-priced rangefinders.

Quick Summary

The Gogogo Sport Vpro has become a well-known option for golfers in search of a budget rangefinder. This model comes with 3 different modes, slope mode that can be toggled on and off and a rechargeable battery.

The usability and build are very impressive considering the price. It is accurate to within 1 yard up to 150 yards and within 2 yards when trying to locate targets up to 200 yards. However, be aware that it will pick up the background now and again and give you a false reading.

This still offers great value and is a fine choice for beginner and infrequent golfers shopping on a budget.

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Gogogo Sport Vpro in white
  • 6X Magnification
  • Rechargeable battery with low battery indicator
  • Slope Mode
  • Water-resistant
  • Flag lock technology (up to 150 yards)
  • Total Range: 5-900 Yards

Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder close up

Gogogo sport Vpro close up


We test every rangefinder for accuracy so you can know ahead of time what to expect. This testing involves measuring four known targets between 50 and 200 yards. Each rangefinder has 3 attempts at each in a randomised order.

The Gogogo Sport VPro is about 99.24% accurate, with an average yardage error of just .89 yards.

Avg. yardage errorAccuracy (%)
A table showing the average error as a yardage and percentage accuracy of the Gogogo Sport Vpro rangefinder.

When we dive a little deeper we see the Gogogo Sport Vpro is very accurate inside of 150 yards. Expect the distances to be off by only about a yard. The error creeps up a bit as we get up to 200 yards to just under 2 yards.

This is good enough for most golfers.

When compared to a premium model, golf rangefinders priced over $400, the accuracy rating is 99.6% or less than 0.3 yards of error.

The only thing to be aware of here is that the Gogogo Sport Vpro sometimes picks up a tree or post behind the pin when we tested this around a tree-lined golf course. It can be hard to lock on to the pin with green surrounds covered in trees and brush as you get up to 180 yards and further away.


There are three modes to choose from:

  • Distance Measure & Normal Scan Mode (M1)
  • Golf Mode (M2)
  • Speed Mode (M3)

The normal scan (M1) allows you to hold down the power button and then scan to see the distance adjust as you scan. The continuous range readings help you scan across trees, bunkers and other obstacles to work out how far to hit it off the tee or when laying up.

Golf mode (M2) contains the slope function, that can be switched on/off using the button on the side of the Gogogo sport Vpro rangefinder. Golf mode shows the real distance and slope-adjusted distance.

Speed Mode gives you the speed of objects moving away or towards you, not too much use for golf here, unless you want to find out the fastest golfer in your group…

Visuals & Optics

The visuals and options from the Gogogo Sport Vpro are good, but you have to keep in mind the price of the unit. The picture is clear and they’ve done a great job fitting all the information onto the screen with slope mode, but it’s just not as clean-looking as the Bushnell V6 rangefinder or other more expensive rangefinder models.

For new rangefinder owners, you’ll likely be really impressed. If you are moving down from a high-end rangefinder just be aware that the savings have to come from somewhere and lenses are expensive!


It’s only going to take you a few seconds to learn how to use the Gogogo Sport Vpro rangefinder. The button allows you to switch between the different modes, and you can also change from yards to meters if necessary.

There is really no learning curve here, it’s a simple model that does what it is supposed to.

The only real reason our scoring went down a little when it came to usability is that some of the buttons feel a little stiff. We would also add that this needs to be charged up, unlike most rangefinders that have a battery.

GoGoGo VPRO Rangefinder Review

However, we are yet to wear the battery down since our first charge. So you can expect this to last you a few rounds of golf between charges.

Build quality

The Gogogo Sport Vpro is lightweight, nicely finished, and feels more expensive than its price tag would suggest. The slope button may not be as easy to click into place as other rangefinders, but for the price, the build feels very impressive.

The build quality won’t keep you from being satisfied with this device.


If you had asked us during testing we’d guess this would be a $199 – $299 rangefinder. We were amazed by how cost-effective this rangefinder is; it has tremendous value when looking at the overall functionality.

Golf Insider Verdict

If you want a low-cost rangefinder that gives you a really solid idea of distances, the Gogogo Sport Vpro is well worth your money. You are going to get an obscure reading from time to time; to avoid that you’ll need to spend $200+ on a rangefinder. However, if you can live with that, the overall pricing, usability and accuracy make this rangefinder one of the best options on the market.

A great buy for beginner golfers, infrequent golfers and golfers that like a no-frills laser rangefinder at a great price.

Accuracy (%): 99.24/100
Features: 90/100
Speed: 91/100
Visuals and Optics: 75/100
Usability: 68/100
Build Quality: 72/100
Value: 92/100

Golf Insider Verdict 83.9

Gogogo Discount code: GOLFINSIDERUK


The GolfBuddy rangefinders tend to be a good alternative to the Gogogo Sport Vpro, but they are going to come at a higher cost. The GolfBuddy has the LaserLite is one of the best we’ve tested for accurate readings if you have a little more cash to spare.

GolfBuddy have recently brought out the Laser Lite 2, which is again a great option if you are looking for accuracy in a great value rangefinder.

Frequently asked questions

What is the warranty on Gogogo rangefinders?

The standard warranty on a Gogogo rangefinder is one year from the date of purchase. Check the fine print of any rangefinder you choose to ensure the warranty is at least one year.

Can you turn slope mode off on Gogogo Sport Vpro?

There are three modes on the Gogogo Sport Vpro, the Golf Mode with slope is just one of the three functions. Simply turn that off to benefit from no slope readings.

How To Switch Gogogo Sport Vpro from meters to yards?

To switch the Gogogo Sport Vpro from meters to yards hold down the M button for approximately three seconds and you should see it switch to the measurement that works best for you.

Below we have a review of the older Gogogo VPro GS24 for those who are interested. the key difference is that this runs off replaceable batteries rather than a rechargeable battery.

GoGoGo Rangefinder review

In this GoGoGo rangefinder review, we will focus on the functionality and accuracy of the GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 MTL. The GoGoGo golf rangefinder is a budget-friendly golf tool that packs a surprising amount for its price features compared to a high-end Bushnell or Nikon device. However, if you are curious as to if this is enough technology for your needs as a player, we have you covered. 


The accuracy of the GoGoGo Sport GS24 MTL is quite good, considering the price range. If you are within 150 yards, there is a Flagpole Locking mechanism that ensures you are properly locked into the target. When the flagpole is locked, the device will vibrate to inform golfers. 

When testing this unit, we found the accuracy was within the +/- 1m that GoGoGo Sport claims. Compared to another rangefinder at a higher price point, the accuracy was the same from 150 yards and in. 

Outside of the 150-yard range, the flagpole locking technology has a reduced capacity, and this has some impact on the overall accuracy of the rangefinder. Golfers that have a really steady hand, may not notice too much of a difference in performance, but now and again you may have to check you have your target and not the backdrop. 


The GoGoGo Sport Vpro has slope functionality, and the TL and MTL models are also tournament legal model, as you are able to turn the slope function on and off with the flick of a switch.

Many amateur golfers get excited to find out that a budget rangefinder has slope technology. Some of these budget laser rangefinders don’t allow you to turn the slope off. This is one of the main features that golfers need to look out for when choosing their rangefinder. 

The slope mode is just as accurate compared to more expensive rangefinders; expect the slope readings to take a fraction longer to load up as they do their calculations to help improve accuracy. Overall having the option to switch from one mode to the next is the most important feature and there has to be some trade-off for what you save in terms of price. 

The mode button on the top of the GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 MTL allows you to switch between the slope and non-slope modes. In addition, you can use the modes button to toggle between meters and yards. 

Visuals & Optics

Of the three rangefinders in the GoGoGo Golf Sport Vpro lineup, the GS24 MTL has the best optics. There is a high-performance lens that helps reduce reflected light and gives you a really clear image of the hole. We didn’t notice this lens being any clearer than others we tested; however, it is effortless and easy to see your yardages in all light conditions. 

In addition, the diopter (twisty eyepiece) can be adjusted to ensure that you are focused to the exact level you need for your vision. For those with vision problems, the GoGoGo Sport Vpro lineup is a good choice. However, if you have a really shaky hand, you may still struggle to get accurate yardage. 


From 150 yards and in, the GoGoGo Sport VPro makes it really easy to get a yardage. The Pin Seeking technology locks into the flag, and it will vibrate to let you know you are on target. We found this to happen really quickly, and the accuracy was great. 

In the 150 to 250 yard range, you can zero in on the flag, and it should pick up without any trouble or confusion. With the 150 to 250 yard range, the unit will not vibrate. 

Overall, golfers need to remember this is a very budget-friendly rangefinder. The usability is good, but it does not have all of the high-end pin locking technology that premium units will have. However, we did trust the yardages we got with this model. 

Build Quality

The GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 MTL has a slightly cheap feeling compared to premium models. This is not a very heavy rangefinder, and it doesn’t have the same tactile feel that a premium model will have. The compact size is nice as you can use it comfortably with just one hand. 

The MTL model is our favorite of the three because of the magnetic cart mount. The magnet is actually quite strong, and it is a great place to keep your rangefinder as you travel from one hole of the golf course to another. 


When it comes to the overall pricing for this unit, it’s going to be hard to beat. The functionality that the model provides for a fair price makes it a solid investment. A higher-priced model would give you more accuracy in the 150 yards and up range and more speed with slope readings. All of the GoGoGo Golf Rangefinders come with a one-year warranty. 


The GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 has three different models for golfers to choose from. The price difference between each of the models is just $10. Try not to let the price come into play when the difference is so small; instead, choose the rangefinder model that is the best overall fit for your needs as a player. 

All models come with a carry case featuring a quick-access elastic strap, cleaning cloth and manual.

GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 (Base Model)

This is the basic model and the cheapest of the three. The GoGoGo Sport GS24 does have slope technology which is rather impressive for its price. However, the issue is that the slope cannot be turned on and off; therefore, this is not tournament-legal. 

You may want to check out the GoGoGo VPro GS19 if you are after a rangefinder where you can toggle slope on/off.

Use the promo code: GOLFINSIDERUK at checkout for 5% off at GoGoGo Sport.

GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 TL (Tournament Legal) 

The GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 TL is the most popular model as it has all the functionality found in the base model with the ability to turn slope on and off. Even if you don’t think you are going to compete in a tournament at this stage in your game, having the option to turn this on and off is nice. 

GoGoGo Sport Vpo GS24 MTL (Magnetic & Tournament Legal) 

The only difference between the TL and the MTL is the fact that the MTL features the magnetic cart mount. For a few extra dollars, you can save yourself from having to buy a cart mount or worry about where you may store your rangefinder. 

Golf Insider verdict

This GoGoGo model topped our list of the best rangefinders under $100/£100. If you consider yourself an average golfer who wants a simple and accurate yardage to a pin, the GoGoGo Sport Vpro GS24 is a perfect fit for your needs.

For frequently playing golfers wanting exceptional accuracy and ease of use from outside of 150-yards, the GoGoGo Sport Vpro is still an option, but we’d recommend spending a little more for improved usability.

Frequently asked questions

In this next section, we’ll try and clear up any outstanding questions that you may have about the GoGoGo Golf rangefinders. 

How do you use a GoGoGo rangefinder?

The GoGoGo rangefinders are extremely user friendly and are built for the average golfer. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to work a GoGoGo rangefinder. Simply set your GoGoGo rangefinder to meter or yards, hold the unit up to the target and press the button on the rangefinder. The yardage will appear within a second and will be displayed in the rangefinder scope. 

How do I change my Gogogo rangefinder from meters to yards?

To switch your GoGoGo rangefinder from meters to yards hold down the mode button on the top of the unit for two seconds to switch between meters and yards. This model does come from the manufacturer set for meters. 

What battery type do the GoGoGo rangefinders use?

The GoGoGo Sport rangefinders use two AAA batteries. These batteries are easy to source, and you can keep a few extras in your golf bag. We found that the batteries lasted for quite some time as the unit will automatically shut off when not in use. 

Is Gogogo a good rangefinder?

The Gogogo is a low-cost rangefinder that includes the slope function, relatively quick readings, and a very clear view of the Pin. There are several different GoGoGo rangefinders for golfers, and they all have the same baseline accuracy. The main differences from one to the next will be the ability to turn the slope on and off and the additional features like magnetic cart mount or Pin Lock technology. 

Summary – GoGoGo Rangefinder Review

If you are an average golfer on a budget, the GoGoGo Sport Vpro should be on your list. Avid golfers looking for premium technology and incredible accuracy should consider something like a Bushnell rangefinder instead. In addition, the GolfBuddy Laser Lite is an excellent alternative to the GoGoGo if you want a compact model with lots of reliability. 

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