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Welcome to the golf equipment hub. Here to can find golf equipment reviews, such as the best golf training aids, putting aids, and a whole host of guides on the best golf balls and best golf clubs to buy for your stage in the game.

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Best Golf Simulator Screen

Impact screens and enclosures can make a big difference to the realism and enjoyment of any golf simulator, and they are often overlooked! In this comprehensive guide, we will review some of the best impact screens and enclosures to create an awesome golf simulator for your indoor golf studio. Whether you are a professional golfer…

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HackMotion Golf Review – With Data & Testing

For many years wrist mechanics were poorly understood and there was no simple way to measure them, despite their importance for accuracy and distance. However, we now have HackMotion that specifically focuses on wrist mechanics – applying their tagline “Measure, don’t guess”. Here we review the HackMotion sensor, test HackMotion’s accuracy and discuss who will…

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Cobra Fly XL Review

The Cobra Fly XL is a complete set of golf clubs geared towards beginners or the average golfer who only plays a few times a year. Buying a complete setup like this means you won’t have to shop for a bag or try to figure out complicated loft gapping on your set. Let’s take a…

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Blades vs Cavity Back vs Muscle Back Irons – Differences, Pros & Cons

Blades, cavity backs, and muscle backs are the three main golf irons that players can choose from. However, most golfers aren’t sure what the differences are or how each impacts their performance. Keep reading if you are ready to understand what a blade, muscle back, and cavity back are and which one you should play. …

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