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Welcome to the home for golf instruction and golf coaching at golf insider. Here you will find articles on modern golf instruction, golf coaching and new ways to think about improving your golf game.

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Golf instruction explained

Modern golf instruction is more than just thinking about what positions a golf clubs needs to hit. Great golf instruction needs to consider how to educate players to understand how the golf swing works.

This doesn’t mean we need to over-complicate things, but rather giving meaning behind the positions and feelings that a great golf swing requires. Understanding ball flight, impact and how this links to what a golf swing looks like is a central theme in great golf coaching.

Golf Instruction articles

On this page there is a collection of golf instruction articles. Some are classical in their approach to thinking about the golf stance and how to hold a golf club. Others take a more abstract approach to understanding golf instruction and think about the golf swing.

All the articles aim to improve your understanding of golf instruction, how to swing a golf club and help you make sense of how to play great golf.