Golf Insider Performance Diary

I’ve spent many years playing golf, coaching and studying how we learn. I’m sad to confirm there are no real secrets in how to become great at golf. Instead, great golfers continually analyse their games and take part in highly effortful, specific practice to help them improve their weaknesses.

On this blog I’ve provided a lot of information about¬†how to practice¬†effectively, and how factors such as practice difficulty and feedback can be used to optimise learning. However, I realise putting this into practice is tricky.

I wanted to create a tool that helps you optimise your rate of learning. To do this I’ve created The Golf Insider Performance Diary.

This book takes the core work I do with golf professionals, and gives it to you in a book that you can keep in your golf bag. Each week you have three pages to fill in to ensure you are progressing your golf.

  1. Playing stats
  2. Technical practice
  3. Skills games

It is that simple.

These are the three areas you need to focus on if you wish to continually improve your golf. These are the lead measures that influence your rate of learning and future golf performance. Keep focused on these and your golf will continually improve.

You can buy your copy of The Golf Insider Performance Diary here.

Or search your national Amazon store for “Golf Insider Performance Diary”.

golf insider performance diary preview